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The Tech Demo
After releasing Kara, the operator thought over the situation calmly
Then he tracked to which shop she would be brought and bought her.

The Video is set In a World... where there has been a Gendercide of Women

Everything we see is standard operating procedure
  • Adaptive AI on a scale that allows it to perform all the tasks required by this android inevitably comes with sentience. The whole back and forth between the operator and Kara happens with every android, it's just the most efficient way to keep them subservient.

In the game you will be able to play as more than just Kara (whether literally or in the physical sense).
  • Either going in a Heavy Rain sense in being multiple characters (either all different androids or both human and androids) or in a Beyond Two Souls kind of sense Kara can possess other androids a la Aiden to control them for certain parts of the game.


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