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Yusuke "Yuseless" Onodera will turn out a Lethal Joke Character
Three words: Rising Ultimate Kuuga.
  • More like black eyes Ultimate Kuuga. Whatever the case he's brainwashed.
  • This is confirmed by the revelation that Yusuke will KILL Decade in the upcoming Double/Decade movie.
    • He ultimately failed. But Natsumi did it as Kivala. Yes, Natsumi.

Decade lost his memory after getting into a fight with Gackt.
(Note well: This theory came from someone on YouTube.)

In the PV for the opening "Journey Through the Decade," toward the end, Gackt shoots a white energy at Decade. That was how Tsukasa lost his memory. Gackt wiped it.


  • GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKT!! Gackt is slowly becoming the Big Bad of... Well, everything!
  • Gackt mentioned at the launch of the series that he wanted to be a Kamen Rider villain if he could, and that his power would be "Flying Kiss." "Flying Kiss" must look like white energy.
  • Well,when you lose to a bunch of mermaids that sing you into submission as your first go as Big Bad, you ether become the Badassest Big Bad or you become Team Rocket.
  • Actually, the full video shows that Gackt was throwing Tsukasa a KamenRide Gackt card.
    • Clearly, that card is designed to erase Tsukasa's memories when he activates it. It was to make Tsukasa think he would transform into Gackt, but was just a memory wiping card instead.
      • If that's the case, then Gackt's actions at the end of the Stay the Ride Alive PV were done with remorse. The card he gave also powered up the Deca Driver at the cost of Tsukasa's life energy. Which explains why the picture was completely drained. He gave the card to Double to repeat the process.
      • The guy who posted the above entry is obviously a Cowboy BeBop at His Computer, because it was obviously the card for Kamen Rider Skull, not the Gackt card.

Saban will adapt Kamen Rider Decade to air alongside Power Rangers Samurai on Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon currently airs Power Rangers Samurai, which is based off Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. One of the more notable episodes was when the Shinkengers team up with Decade, which Saban is trying to get rights for the episode's footage from Toei. Should they be given the go ahead, the Power Rangers would be teaming up with Decade, so Kamen Rider Decade could be well on its way to becoming a new series for Nick. Perhaps Third Time's the Charm...

  • Jossed. Samurai has ended, Super Samurai has ended, and there has been no adaptation of Decade. Which makes sense, considering how much research they would have to do on the respective series for the worlds he travels to.

The entire series is The Plan on the part of Yusuke, Shoichi, Shinji, Takumi, Kazuma, Hibiki, Tendou, Ryotaro and Wataru.

Or, to explain further: the nine universes merging on top of Tsukasa and the Hikari family's home universe ARE the universes of Kuuga through Kiva, but they aren't the ones Tsukasa is visiting. Instead, he's being sent to Alternate Universe versions of them to build up Decade's power. The real Heisei Riders are Stalling for time against the Big Bad until Tsukasa becomes powerful enough to ensure their victory; this explains how they could somehow delay the merger (as the real Wataru says in the first episode) even though such abilities should have been beyond all of them.

  • Jossed. It was a Gambit Roulette by Waturu; Decade became the Spanner in the Works. Wataru (original) wanted Decade to destroy the Riders in the other worlds, but instead he became comrades with them. There's also no sign of Yusuke (original) although Kazuma (original) does show up and the other riders are implied to be the originals.

Yusuke Godai was killed fighting the Big Bad, and Yusuke Onodera will replace him.

How else can they get around Joe Odagiri's well-documented feelings of Old Shame towards his time in Kamen Rider?

  • Maybe a broken belt?
    • Actually, Odagiri's feelings of Old Shame are a myth; his feelings towards Kuuga specifically are neutral at worse (he didn't mind the role in the TV series, and he was on board to reprise his role in the summer movie for Kuuga had it not been canceled).

Yusuke has been replaced by a Worm.

However, it can't transform because it wasn't able to copy the part of his belt that starts transformation sequences.

  • Apparently not. He was going to transform into Kuuga in episode 13, but he was interrupted.
    • Clearly he did that to fool the viewers.
  • Jossed, he transformed while in Den-o's World.

After the final world, the group is going to go through the worlds (which have decayed) in reverse order.

After putting down the last mural, the old man is going to have to turn the chain the other way to put them back up again. They will go up one at a time and when that happens the group will end up visiting the other Rider Worlds again in reverse order. Only to find that things have got worse.

Why worse? In the second Ryuki World episode, Narutaki tells Decade that this world has been destroyed as well. Whenever Decade leaves a world, he destroys it.

  • Jossed (the traveling part): they started traveling to other worlds. But things did indeed get worse.

Decade's Complete Form is the Demon that Narutaki talks about.

And then he starts destroyin' shit for real. Alternatively, eats sea cucumber.

  • Complete form is confirmed to be the "Devil". Tsukasa has no control of himself during this form.
  • Complete Form's debut shows Tsukasa to be in complete control. We'll see how long that lasts.

So...what happened to this "confirmed" business?

  • Pretty much debunked at this point, as the movie reveals why Narutaki refers to Decade as the Devil. Before he lost his memories, Tsukasa was the leader of Great Shocker. It is not his complete form — it is he.
  • Decade Fury Form, a more evil helmet Decade, becomes Tsukasa's Rider form when he fatalistically accepts he is the Destroyer of Worlds.

Narutaki is an older Yuuto Sakurai

They both wear long coats and cloth caps.

Narutaki is linked to the Great Leader (of Showa Rider series) help tie the Showa and Heisei rider series together! Decade's main movie is a team-up movie containing all the riders.

  • Well... Tsukasa is the Great Leader. So confirmed.
    • The original great leader, the reason why he doesn't accept Tsukasa is because he knew that having another set of worlds to take will make it harder to control

The Shocker Orgnisation (of the original Kamen Rider series) is the real reason the nine worlds are merging

The Heisei and Showa Riders will be appearing in a team-up together, and Shocker will be among the enemies. The Shocker wants to destroy every rider at once, so they're destroying their worlds all at once by merging them together.

  • Semi-confirmed In-Universe. According to Kazuma (the original Kamen Rider Blade), the worlds started merging when Decade was born. Apollo Geist accelerated it to allow Dai Shocker to gain power.

Kivaara's change in appearance is because she has been away from her own world for too long

In the same manner Digimon (in season 2) got weak if they were away from the Digital World for too long, Kivaara has been away from her own world for too long and is beginning to resemble a toy.

The red shoes system exists in Kabuto's world

Souji became aware of the red shoes system and decided to remove it from his Zecter; however, while doing so, he unwittingly destroyed the system that causes Clock Over.

Tsukasa will Face–Heel Turn (possibly against his will)

Based on how his actor was wearing a DaiShocker jacket in the movie press conference. In the picture where the Shocker generals are posing, you can see the Shocker logo with the letters DCD in it. Why "possibly agaisnt his will"? See "Decade's Complete Form is the Demon etc." above, given that (apparently) he'll be out of control.

  • More like Keiaku Doori (Just as planned) as the original Tsukasa is a Lelouch level bastard. But making comrades with the riders he met did affect him. With Riderman Gackt beating sense into him towards redemption... He HeelFaceTurned!

There are only two real Riders in the movie preview scene.

They are Decade and DiEnd. Rest of them are copies summoned by DiEnd.

  • Rather fortunately Jossed. Many of the Showa Riders' original actors have been confirmed to be in the movie.
    • What does that have to do with anything? They could just be near-exact copies.
  • New promo material depicts Showa Riders fighting against Decade.
    • In the end they weren't Diend summons.

Gackt, not DiEnd is making the Showa Riders beat up Decade.

Gackt has been confirmed to play Riderman in a magazine scan. In a last ditch attempt to make sure Tsukasa doesn't regain his memories, he convinces the other Showa Riders that Decade will destroy their world as well. This is why they're beating him up in the promo material.

There is a painting of the Power Rangers Universe in the photo studio

The painting consists of six streaks of colored light heading out of the Command Center, and heading towards the Astro Megaship. but it is not hanging in the rotation.

  • It could be considered an A.R. World because of the existence of Dex. That's assuming that you want to admit the existence of Dex.

There are paintings of every single universe ever made in fiction in the photo studio.
However, they are taken off the rotation when the group learns in the Shinkenger world to not let a non-Kamen Rider character get their hands on a Transformation Trinket, lest they transform into a super-powerful, distorted Rider and that world gets sent to hell by the ensuing distortions.

(This is an easy premise for fanfic writers to abuse. If you want a Kamen Rider crossover, this is how to do it!)

Tsukasa has been visiting the original universe for each series.
The episodes of Kamen Rider Decade that take place in Shinkenger's world are shown to take place in the same universe as Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. However, it still has slight differences from what is shown in Shinkenger (i.e. the roll call is different). Thus, all of the differences between the worlds Tsukasa visits and those shown in the original series are due to his very presence altering reality.
  • That particular Butterfly of Doom is unnecessary. The crossover is canon in both Decade and Shinkenger. The eight Hesei Riders from Agito to Kiva knows who Tsukasa is, as they have likely fought him in the Rider War in episode 1; the effect of that war resulted to the altered 9 AR Worlds.

The reason Daiki knows all about the worlds and their treasures is that he's seen them on TV.
The worlds everyone have been visiting are shows within shows in the other worlds (in the same manner Doctor Who is a fictional television programme in EastEnders and vice versa). Daiki watches the shows and then goes to the worlds to steal the stuff.

Natsumi will become a rider.
Having been infused with Tsukasa's life energy.
  • More likely Kivarra will be Natsumi's henshin device and become Kamen Rider Kivarra in the Decade and Double movie.
    • Confirmed.

Narutaki will also become a rider.
It is rumored that the Dark Decade in the Climax Heroes game is implied to be Narutaki.
  • In the scene at the end of the episode before the Hibiki World arc he does use a henshin device resembling Hibiki's, but we don't see him transform.
  • Rumors state that Narutaki will transform into Showa era Kaijin using Kaijin Rides.
    • It has been confirmed that he can transform into Kaijin. And he's also Colonel Zol.
      • Jossed as he only puts on a costume.

Another Tsukasa will be Dark Decade as he declares he is the real Tsukasa.
Sort of true. He's not Dark Decade, but he is indeed an evil version of Decade. His eyes look different.

Decade is an Uchuu Keiji
  • Tsukasa is the latest Uchuu Keiji disguised as a Kamen Rider sent to prevent DaiShocker from merging all KR dimensions by sending the universes into the Strange Dimension.

In the finale the riders beating up Decade were not Kamen Riders for real.
A Kamen Rider would never seek to kill another rider in order to save the multiverse, so the Riders who beat up Decade in the finale weren't the real Wataru or Kazuma etc. They're clones made by DaiShocker to get Decade out of the way of their plans of destruction.
  • More complicated than that They are attacking Decade to force him to fulfill his destiny as the Destroyer of Worlds. For there to be creation there must be destruction. It gets a little metafictional in explanation. All the Original Riders stories are finished. The AR Rider's stories are just beginning. Decade has no story. Thus Decade being rejected by those realities. Only when he is defeated will the Worlds stabilize - and everyone would get better. They also knew that part, that it'd be okay in the end. Decade surviving, they didn't... but sacrificing one person to save everyone in every world... good guys have made decisions like that before with less at stake and remained good guys. Nowhere did we hear Wataru or Kazuma say they liked having to make that choice.

One of the "New worlds" (non-heisei worlds like Nega, DiEnd and Shinkenger) would be The World of Knight

Tsukasa, Natsumi and Onodera Yusuke are all Singularity Points.
Partially evidenced by the fact that they were all possessed by Imagin at varying points, but also evidenced in Yusuke's case in particular because he is the only alt-world Rider shown in the finale to have survived the merging of the worlds.

The Kuuga World containing Yusuke Godai was the first to be destroyed by Decade's creation.
This is why he didn't show up among Wataru and Kazuma's comrades. He was killed prior to the start of the series, prompting the remaining Heisei Riders to band together.

Dai Shocker is made up of the remaining members of the organization that menaced the Showa Riders, and Tsukasa is an officer who was promoted to the leader of Dai Shocker.
Shocker's great leader had a completely different type of voice and appearance, and in Black RX he was finally defeated. So Tsukasa is not that great leader, but a new one created from a fringe group of the remaining members of the organization. The recreated villains (Shinigami Hakase, Apollo Geist, etc...) are all clones or replacements of the originals.
  • Not exactly. Dai-Shocker is an organization composed of evil organizations and races among the AR Worlds with DCD World as the main headquarters. Tsukasa is the Great Leader of the DCD World and the organization he founded,Dai-Shocker. Also Tsukasa is responsible for bridging the Rider Worlds.

The merging of worlds wasn't Decade's fault, it was 2003 Shredder's fault.
To reiterate: In Turtles Forever, 2003 Shredder learns about the existence of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles multiverse and then attempts to erase all of it from reality. This has nothing to do with Kamen Rider at first glance, no?

Well, there's one single link to it all: Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. As much as Peter Laird hates it, the reveal of the TMNT multiverse effectively allows it to still exist somewhere in that cosmos.

With that in mind, remember the Next Mutation crossover episode of Power Rangers in Space? Now that we've linked TMNT to PR, note that Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers had a three-part Poorly Disguised Pilot for... Masked Rider. That show, while being a hackjob, is nevertheless a Kamen Rider series, and so part of the multiverse etablished by Decade. Therefore, when Utrom Shredder began the destruction of reality...


(And if you bring up the argument that Masked Rider became a Show Within a Show in Power Rangers Time Force, there's still another backdoor: the Rangers' connection to Super Sentai, which leads to the Shinkenger crossover in Decade...)

  • And here's where I gotta stop you. The Dino Thunder episode in question makes it so that Super Sentai is a Show Within a Show in the Power Rangers universe, and not even the same Super Sentai we know. It's exposited to be a show a Japanese television studio produced based on news reports of the Dino Thunder Rangers' activity, so all bets are off as to how similar their Abaranger is to the one Dino Thunder's based on. This theory is easier to go by with the claim that (as far as I know), Time Force's Masked Rider nod doesn't actually ret-con the events of A Friend in Need.

Kamen Rider BLACK / Black RX was the Showa Era Decade.
In the beginning there was only one world where all the Showa Era Riders existed. Unfortunately, having so much power concentrated in one place threatened to cause a Spiral Nemesis-like catastrophe. The only way to avert it was to split the world into multiple parallel worlds. Over the course of about a decade the worlds continued to drift and split apart, eventually create the independant worlds of the Heisei Era Riders.

It eventually got to the point where those Heisei worlds began splitting apart, creating the AR worlds. These Riders turned out to be weaker than the originals, indicating that as the worlds continued to split, the Riders in each individual world would grow progressively weaker, causing those worlds to be overrun by monsters (as evidenced in the worlds of Nega, Diend, and Amazon). The solution? Smoosh the world's back together. Enter Kadoya Tsukasa.

Assuming you don't think my explanation is complete BS, you may be asking yourself 'Why Black?'

First: Cannonically, Black/Black RX is the last of the Showa Riders.

Second: His lack of a scarf and ability to change forms indicate he has more in common with Heisei Era Riders than Showa Era.

Third: In canon his powers came from an evil cult that wanted him to become the 'Creator King'. That title could be considered the counterpart of Decade's 'Destroyer Of Worlds'. Black's the creator because he took one world and made many, and Decade's the destroyer because he's taking many worlds and reducing them to one, which segways nicely into my next theory...

  • Pretty much jossed as Kamen Rider Spirits' main villain Judo also known as the Great Leader can transform into the nine Showa Kamen Riders before Kamen Rider ZX. Displaying also powers seen in Decade's Rider War prologue dream. Judo is the prototype of Decade. Decade is the Heisei era's Great Leader. Also if you believe in the JAKQ vs. Goranger movie, the original Kamen Riders, V3 and Amazon exist in the same world along with Kikaider.

Decade will end up destroying all the worlds, and in the process create the World of Double.
The reason Double contains so many shout outs to the original is because it's actually the reincarnation of the original Kamen Rider.

His appearance in the movies seem to counteract this, but considering how the last three series (Kabuto, Den-O, and Kiva) all featured time travel in some way, how he got there could be semi-reasonably justified. Rather, the fact that he just randomly appears, kicks Shadow Moon's ass, and leaves seem to indicate two things.

One: He seems to know what's going on despite having never met Decade or any other Riders. He's one of the few Rider's that don't outright attack Decade or call him a destroyer. That's because from his point of view, Decade's the one who created the world.

Two: He's much stronger than the other riders. Shadow Moon could fend off Decade, the Double Riders, and Kuuga Rising Ultimate, but got totally curb-stomped by Double. Why is this? Simply put, if all the other Showa and Heisei Riders belong to one universe, and Double is the sole Rider in another universe, then conservation of ninjutsu dictates that Kamen Rider Double must be as powerful as EVERY OTHER RIDER IN THE UNIVERSE PUT TOGETHER.

  • Jossed. Every worlds of riders was restored when Decade was killed for reasons mentioned above.

The Diendriver was created for recon purposes.
Think about this for a second. The reason why Daiki acts like a coward is because the Diendriver was not made for battle. This explains why it has an attack ride card made for the purpose of cloaking the user. It also explains why the driver summons riders. To distract any unwanted attention while the user escapes. It has a Final Attack Ride card for the purpose of dispatching said unwanted attention.
  • A big hole in the theory is that Decade also has an invisible card, he just only used it once or twice. A better idea is that Diend is a prototype, since he originally lacked the Illusion card -a card decade started with.
    • Perhaps Decade gained the invisible card when he went into a Violent Emotion. As we only saw him use it once.

Since Natsumi's grandfather was a Dai Shocker kaijin, and is really her biological grandfather, she is exempted from the dreaded Epileptic Trees that befell female Kamen Riders.
  • The fact that she survived the ending in the movie as a Kamen Rider is a proof of that.
  • And having kaijin blood somewhat helped Natsumi, since Kivala's power wasn't intended for humans.
    • Or perhaps not really; Movie War 2010 reveals that Doctor Shinigami himself (and by proxy, his Ikadevil form) is really a Dopant. Yes, Natsumi's grandfather was somehow turned into a cosplaying junkie.
  • And Tsukasa's life force may have something to do with her survival as well as she is being charged with life force of a male.

Dai-Shocker reverse-engineered the technology from the Gosei World
It wouldn't be above Shocker to steal from the gods (or the nearest equivalent). The technology was modified slightly so that it worked across multiple dimensions rather than multiple "planes" of a world. Perhaps karmically, in stealing the power of the gods, they ended up creating a devil.
  • This could also explain the card-based systems.

The Epileptic Trees already got to Natsumi.
She was Den-o so the Trees had enough of an excuse to do away with her.

The Hikari Studio was one giant shoutout to Super Mario 64
In Super Mario 64, paintings are used to depict the worlds, much like the studio. There was about 16 worlds in the game. Tsukasa and the gang traveled through 16 worlds in the show.

The title Destroyer Of Worlds is not referring to Decade himself, but the thing Dai-Shocker reversed engineered.
Yes, Another "Dai-Shocker reverse engineered this" WMG. This time, they RE'd a Bokurano robot. Hence the title.

The merging of worlds was actually caused by the Crisis on Infinite Earths.
At the end of Co IE we are told that the multiverse which was supposed to contain every universe was destroyed with the exception of a single world which was made of several other worlds fused together. In reality only universes possesing related sets of heroes were merged, the related DC Universe worlds became New Earth, the fused world of Decade was the result of the related Kamen Rider universes.

Decade would have these cards for W and OOO, if gained
W: CycloneJoker (or W card), LunaTrigger, and HeatMetal (Diend stole FangJoker for himself)Alternatively: Decade can't copy W directly, instead to become for example HeatJoker he'd first use "Kamen Ride Joker" and then "Form Ride Heat".

OOO: TaToBa (OOO card), GataKiriBa, RaToraTah, SaGoZo, etc. TaJaDoru and PuToTyra would both be Final Kamen Rides. The Decadriver would only sound off the TaToBa TaToBa TaToBa part of the form cue, as the Taka Tora Batta sounding would be replaced by the Decadriver system. His Final Form Ride splits OOO into super-powerful Taka, Tora, and Batta Candroids- the Taka and Batta Candroids gang up on the enemy while the Tora lets Decade get on the ToRideVendor. Diend steals the Kamen Ride - Birth card and Final Form Ride (CLAWS Scorpion), but Decade manages to get Date on his side and the Proto Birth's Final Form Ride (an oversized Birth Buster).

  • The Final Form Ride for OOO is Jossed by the "World of OOO" SIC Hero Saga - OOO's final form basically turns him into Armor for Decade to wear. The one for Proto Birth's Final Form Ride is pre-emptively jossed, as secondary riders don't get Final Form Rides.
    • Maybe the official version could be the candroids, or him turning into Ankh's hand.

Kamen Rider Fourze: Kamen Ride - Fourze, Form Ride - Elec, Fire, Attack Ride - Rocket, Drill, Launcher, Billy the Rod, Hi-Hack Gunnote , Final Form Ride (Rocket Drill) and Final Attack Ridenote . The DecaDriver basically repeats the phrases from the Fourze Driver in its own voice and timing. Final Kamen Ride will be Cosmic States.

  • How about this? Along the same vein as what happened with Ryuki, the initial activation of the Final Form Ride Card, causes Fourze’s Switch loadout to change back to the basic lineupnote  (if it isn’t like that already), and then all 4 spontaneously and simultaneously activate. Then Decade slaps Fourze’s head down and then the latter transforms into a fighter drone bearing characteristics of Fourze’s four Switchesnote , that can attack with missiles alongside Decade if Decade uses Attack Ride: Blast. The Final Attack Ride causes the Fighter to dock onto Decade’s right arm and allow Decade to pull off his own version of Fourze Rocket Drill States’note  Rider Rocket Drill Blastnote 

For Wizard, Please is added after "_____ Ride" to use magic. Kamen Ride Please - Wizard Flame, Form Ride Please - Land, Water, Hurricane. His Final Form Ride is the Wizar Dragon. Yeah. As in Decade pulls out the Dragon Phantom from Haruto's body, while the body forms the wingtips and tail. Final Kamen Rider is Infinity Form.

  • Hmm. Since the Dragon Phantom is the source of Haruto’s powernote , how about this: activating the Final Form Ride causes Wizard to change into his All Dragon Special Rush Stylesnote . Pushing Wizard’s head back causes him to into a pure red version of the Wizar Dragon. The Final Attack Ride allows Decade to use Wizard’s Machinewinger and the red Wizar Dragon to pull off his version of the Strike End.

Gaim: Kamen Ride - Gaim (Orange Arms), Form Ride - Pine, Ichigo. To transform into the Jinba forms, Decade has to scan both the Gaim card and one of the Energy Rider cards in quick succession. Final Form Ride would be Gaim transforming into a giant orange that functions like the Suika Arms for Decade to pilot. Final Kamen Ride would both be Kachidoki and Kiwami Arms.

  • Now this idea I like: an orange-colored stripeless Suika Arms Yoroi Mode with a Gaim-styled helmet and a Suika Soujintou with blades akin to that of a giant Daidaimaru.

Drive: Kamen Ride - Drive (Type Speed), Form Ride - Wild, Technic, Deadheat(Drive card). Machine Decader supplies the tire for the Drive suit. Decade as Drive can use Drive's existing shift cars with the Shift Brace (modified to match the DecaDriver). Final Form Ride has Drive transforming into a giant Handle-ken (Steering Sword).

  • …a giant Handle-ken? Really? Why not transform Drive into another Tridoron? Yes, I know, that would mean Decade would do the exact same thing Ghost and Ex-Aid have already done: rip off Drive’s Spee Drop.

"Ghost": Kamen Ride - Ghost (Ore Damashi), Form Ride - Musashi, Edison, Robin, Newton, Beethoven, Billy theKid, Benkei, Toucan Goemon, Ryoma and Himiko. Final Form Ride has Takeru transform into the Great Eye.

  • The Great Eye? Ignoring the $#!+storm that would cause, why not something Decade can use in battle? Like say…Ghost being Final Form Rode into the Ghost Parka, which places itself upon Decade, giving him what basically amounts to the Danny Phantom package, only without the invisibilitynote , energy blasts or that Ghostly Wail…or whatever it’s called.

"Ex-Aid": Kamen Ride - Mighty Action X(level 2), Form Ride - Gekitotsu Robots, Ju Ju Burger, Mighty Brothers XX, Maximum Mighty X. Final Form Ride turns him into a game-controller to control the opponent.

  • …sounds more like something a Final Form Ride for Genm would produce…I’m just going to put my suggestion: Final Form Ride causes Ex-Aid’s body to retract into the face on his back, like he’s changing back into Level 1, but the face attaches into Decade’s back, then Decade shifts the core of the Decadriver off to the right side of the belt like in Complete Form, and the rest of said Driver pixelates out and is replaced by Ex-Aid’s Gamer Driver. This allows Decade to use Ex-Aid’s Level Up forms: Level 3, Level 5, Level Xnote , Level 99 and even (theoretically) Muteki.

What this means of course is that the K-Touch will need a new card - instead of the 10 Heisei Rider symbols, it's a "kataka-numerical" keypad that lets Decade punch in the first syllable of each Rider's name, letting Autocomplete save him some time.

DiEnd's Final Form Ride is a gigantic Diendriver
This didn't happen in All Riders vs. Daishocker because there was no one to trigger his transformation. That, and having a gigantic Decade wielding a gigantic Diendriver and assisted by all of the other riders would be the Rider equivalent of a Reality-Breaking Paradox.
  • Pre-emptively jossed - secondary riders don't get final form rides, otherwise we would've seen at least one of them used in the show.

The Kamen Rider Decade story is an alternate universe of the Pokemon Colosseum universe
Tsukasa is Wes. Natsumi is Rui. Diend is Gonzap. Dai-Shocker is Cipher. Apollo Geist is the Shadow Tyranitar. The AU Riders are the ordinary trainers using Shadow Pokemon. Narutaki is Miror B. Ambassador Hell is Ein. General Jark is Venus. King Dark is Dakim. The Combatmen are Cipher Peons. Evice is Shadow Moon. Nascour is Colonel Zol.

Natsumi Hikari is the alter-ego of [[Manga/Squid Girl Ika-Musume

There is a running gag in 2ch and Pixiv that Ika-Musume is the daughter or the granddaughter of Ikadevil, so if Eijiro is Ikadevil, then Natsumi is Ikamusume.

In the 40th anniversary movie Tsukasa will be the one who will bring all the riders to the final fight

Since he can cross through the worlds he's the most efficient way of getting them all at the same place.

  • Jossed. Den-O and OOO will be gathering the Riders using the Den Liner.
  • I hope at least her gets a out of suit shot...I like Kamen Rider Decade, but I guess that won't happened.

The DC and Marvel universes are A.R. worlds.

Jaime Reyes (a young man who was meant to be part of a conspiracy to take over the world uses his powers to turn into a bug like robot to fight the conspiracy) is the DC Rider. Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch (brother bikers who were given dark powers that allow them to transform into superpowered forms with which to fight evil) are the Marvel Riders. Since they are both B-List heroes in their own world, live in the US and don't speak Japanese they along with Drex and Kit Taylor never attracted the attention of the major players in the Dai-Shocker/Decade/Rider conflict.

A American Adaptation of Kamen Rider Decade would have a guest appearance in Power Rangers Samurai (Which is the American Adaption of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger which has Tsukasa and Kaito appearing in at least one episode of Shinkenger)

Tsukasa gave himself amnesia.

He did it in order to befriend the riders and, when he regained his memory, convince them to fight each other. This plan, oddly enough, worked out spectacularly.

Kaito's stealing is to create an army to save his world.

Notice how most of his treasures are weapons and/or Transformation Trinkets. Things that wouldn't have any reconized value on worlds other than where he stole them from (and could be potentially dangerous since riders crossing worlds apparently destroys them) and even then they couldn't just be sold on the standard black market. He wanted to create an army of Kamen Riders to fight the Roaches and free the brainwashed masses of his world. It wasn't until after Tsukasa had helped him kill 14 that he realized that brute force couldn't save his world and he became less focused on stealing and more focused on messing with Tsukasa.

  • That probably just explains why he wanted the Perfecter and Tsukasa's Friendship, but doesn't explain why he went after the Origami and the Bracelet.
    • Amazon's braclet was a Transformation Trinket and when building an army a hand portable mecha could be very useful.
      • But that was after Diend's world. After the point where he decided "screw it" and decided to troll Tsukasa.

Natsumi's dream in the first episode wan't a future dream about the rider war, she was seeing a rider war that already happened.

She's not seeing the AR world riders fighting each other and the Tsukasa from the series, she's seeing the original nine Heisei Riders and allies fighting Great Leader Tsukasa. The nine of them got wind of Daishocker's schemes and teamed up to stop him. Unfortunatley Tsukasa curbstomped them all, though they all survived. Except for Yusuke Godai, who is the Kuuga we see go Ultimate and fight Decade. When their two rider punches clash, Godai is killed and Tsukasa's decadriver and ridebooker are thrown into a different world, while Tsukasa himself is hurt badly enough to get thrown into Natsumi's world and loose his memories. The surviving eight Heisei Riders decide to take advantage of Tsukasa's amnesia and manipulate him into saving all the worlds and alternate riders, getting himself offed in the process. Thus they save the worlds and get rid of a major threat in the process. They just didn't count on amnesiac Tsukasa legitimatley turning good and still viewed him as the guy who kicked their asses and killed Godai. That's why they were fine with Tsukasa kicking the bucket for their plan.

  • Still something of a What the Hell, Hero? for the original riders since their plans still hinge on Tsukasa killing alternate versions of themselves and countless innocent civilians in the copy AR worlds.
    • Oh, without a doubt it was a dick plan. But they probably figured tons of people dying and coming back later is better than tons of people dying and staying dead.

Decade failed the worlds all merged anyways.

Let's Go Kamen Riders shows no alternate world traveling needed to bring together all of the Kamen Riders just forty years worth of time travel. This means that by the time of this movie all of the AR worlds have been pulled together into one single world. They just happened to be mistaken that the worlds merging would destroy them, it just allows for bigger Rider Kicks.

  • Then how did Team Decade keep traveling to other worlds at the end of Movie war 2010? After all it was implied that all worlds, not just the first nine AR worlds, were being threatened. Any combined world caused by the Decade situation would have included the Shikengers, and by extention all the other Sentai.
    • The sentai worlds have also merged, as to explain how Gokaiger can exist when all previous series took place in their own worlds. They weren't able to do anything about Shocker in Let's Go Kamen Riders because they had all been depowered in the Legends War and it takes place before the Gokaigers arrived on Earth.
      • That doesn't, however, explain why the riders weren't there to help in the Legendary War. If all worlds had been merged, then there should've been at least 1-2 riders there to help all the sentai teams.

Nega World is really the Mirror World from Ryuki.
Pretty obvious, Nega World had Ryuki mooks all over the place, and Decade could use Ryuki's mirror-diving ability out of Ryuki World, so Mirror World isn't restricted to the Ryuki-verse because it's a legitimate world on its own.
  • Jossed by the fact that Natsumi, Yusuke and Tsukasa were all walking around outside of Rider form and perfectly fine, i.e. not dying like they would have been were they in Ryuki's Mirror World.

Natsumi is the most powerful Rider ever.
Why yes, I did just claim that, in Kamen Rider's forty-year history and notorious track record with female Riders, the strongest Rider ever is a woman.On what grounds, you may ask, do I make this bold claim? It's quite simple.Name one fight, one single, solitary fight, that she's lost after becoming a Rider all her own (i.e. not just being body-jacked by Den-O's Imagin.).
  • This WMG was likely made because Natsumi, as Kivala, was able to kill Decade in "Movie War 2010". However, that's not very solid evidence, since Decade basically let Natsumi kill him in that case; if she had been able to defeat Decade when he was fighting with all of his might, in his complete form, then that would be a valid argument, but that's not what happened.

Narutaki is Tsukasa's Enemy Without
More specifically, he's Tsukasa's guilt and self-doubt, for both his actions as Dai-Shocker's leader and his inevitable role as the "destroyer of worlds". Narutaki blames Tsukasa for everything and tries to push his friends (or at least Natsumi) away from him because part of Tsukasa feels the exact same way, even if he's too cocky to really admit it.
  • Supposedly, Narutaki claims that he can't stop his journey so long as Decade is still alive in Super Hero Taisen - that's because he is Decade.
    • This video (skip to about 1:19) shows scans of the original version of Movie War 2010 (Known as Kamen Rider Decade vs. All Riders). Some of these scans involve Narutaki wearing Tsukasa's iconic camera, which makes this theory even more likely.

Decade visiting the remaining Showa Rider worlds makes his hair resemble all the members of One Direction.

The Worlds of Masked Rider and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight are A.R. Worlds.

The Rider Trial in Ryuki's world is really a Minority Report style setting

Remember when the Judge declared the Rider Trial was a logical system? He wasn't talking about the constant in-fighting where the winner would decide the fate of the person on Trial, he was talking about how it would lead into the trial not even taking place at all. Why? One word: Odin. Odin possesses the Time Vent card, roams around waiting for a Rider to fight him, and gives them the card upon defeat. Using the Time Vent card, they could go back in time and, with the evidence they're given during the trial, are able to stop whatever happened in the first place, or mess things up and cause the trial to repeat with different outcomes. And it's inevitable that they will have to fight Odin, since it's still There Can Be Only One and Odin is one of the participants.

Decades World of Fourze

Would be a world where the other riders existed, but now Fourze, Meteor and Nadeshiko are the only ones left. Meteor is Fourze's senpai as a rider. Instead of the modules and switches of the show, this world's Fourze has the Legend Rider switches, though he does also have access to the Fusion States and a Cosmic States which uses all the Legend Rider switches. If they want to be more referential the Fourze technology can be developed by the same people as Super-1, and the Kyodain of this world can be more like the originals.

Tsukasa did something to Narutaki while he was the Great Leader

Narutaki is shown to not be too bad of a guy when Decade isn't around and generally only joins villains when Decade is his enemy. Tsukasa did something horrible to him during his time as Dai-Shocker's Great Leader and now Revenge Before Reason drives the guy.

Narutaki was Misaki's father and her death is what caused Narutaki to oppose Tsukasa.

Tsukasa Kadoya is a troper.

He reads this site, and knows about the weaknesses and strengths about his opponents, and always ends up right

Adaptation Ideas: Kamen Rider D-X
Yes, I know, "A Decade Adaptation? But the only Heisei show that was adapted is Ryuki into Dragon Knight!", but that's the point.Kamen Rider D-X is a new Rider made to travel the world and help others. The show would be made of Decade footage coupled with footages of the other shows (sans Ryuki), and would be about how D-X goes around the world, helping other riders. In order:
- Dragon Knight, the American Kamen Rider. A new rider appears, and they beat him.
- Ark, an archeologist who found his belt in Egypt. Ever since, he's been attacked by monsters.
- Cyber, the Canadian Kamen Rider. Strange ashy monsters appear in highschool, and they beat them. Features the first appearance of D-X's Rival, Kamen Rider D-End
- Shade, the British Kamen Rider. They fight against the stainglass monsters of the Fang organization. A French rider named Kamen Rider Paladin wants to kill Shade because he's an Ex-Fang member. Fights ensue.
- Drake, the German Rider. He fights monsters alongside the law-enforcing G3-X and the Phlebotinum Rebel Lizard, but the latter seems to have Phlebotinum Overload.
- Beet, the Mexican Rider. Beet and his pals fight bug-like monsters. D-X shows up and helps. D-End starts becoming a bit more important.
- Ace, the Russian Rider. He and the others fight weird card-based monsters, and another Rider on occasion.
- Express and Ogre, the two Japanese Riders. Express is a completely insane but fun guy that really likes trains and fights sand-monsters, while Hibiki is a disciple of a forest spirit and he and his friends use disc-animals to fight monsters.
- D-End, who is hunted by some new Riders (The three Cerberus riders and the various Dark Riders from all shows]] back in America. D-X gets his final form.
- Jungler, an older Rider from Brazil. He fights for nature. The only one to not use footage from his original show.
- Masked Rider, aka Dex Stewart, from the original Masked Rider series. Hopefully saved from the Scrappy heap.
Afterwards, the main riders from each country start fighting each other for reasons unknown. As it turns out, D-X's power to turn into them and summon them for his final form is slowly making them lose their power. So D-X has to fight to save himself and everyone

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