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2020 Film

    Pre-release theories 

"Weird Al" Yankovic will have a cameo

As an Actor Allusion to his Affectionate Parody of the ride, "Skipper Dan."

The movie will be a springboard for a cinematic universe based on the Society of Explorers and Adventurers

This will result in new movies based on other Disney rides such as The Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

The movie ends with a post-credits scene where Frank quits his job
He moves to the American South and takes a job as a riverboat captain. His last line is "This is so much nicer. Nothing weird ever happens around here" as he sails past a familiar looking mansion.

Lily will die and be brought back to life by the Tree
Lily will die and Frank will carry her body to the Tree. Once she's back, he'll say she owes him $15,000.

In The Stinger, Frank is visited by Davis Okoye.
"I'm here to talk to you about the Maui initiative." (shows footage of Black Adam destroying a city)

The Tree itself is Tangaroa.
The flowers that dangle from the branches of the tree give it a very strong resemblance to the tiki god from The Enchanted Tiki Room, who appeared outside the attraction at Disneyland as a mighty tree with many brightly-colored flowers hanging from his branches. As a Mythology Gag, the Tree itself will be revealed to be physical form of Tangaroa.

    Post-release theories 



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