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Freesia's Talking Animals are Youkai.
Who felt a connection to her since she was a product of the old world. They took a form she would be comfortable with.

Jiyu had a magical origin even before she got the Lovely Eyepatch, via her mother.
We find out that Jiyu inherited her magically hot fever from her mother; a fever so hot that it boils icepacks. Her father wasn't even surprised at this. He also knew how to cure these fevers, via Intimate Healing. Her mother died from a similar fever, implying it has nothing to do with the Lovely Eyepatch. Traditional origin of a Magical Girl. This is the real reason Jiyu was a candidate for it, not her "Juicy Bon-Bons". Her "magical girlness" mixed with the Eyepatch's power, which resulted in her being a kind of hybrid Magical Girl Ninja.

Many of the cast are Half Human Hybrids
Mostly ghosts and spirits.
  • See the above explanation of Jiyu.
  • Freesia may be something similar, it would explain her ability to speak with forest animals and ability to cure Jiyu's magical fevers just by snuggling up. (When Jiyu's father did this he dumped ice-water on himself and still got blisters.)
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  • The Daidoji Twins. Half-ghost. Defeat by Jiyu turned them fully human.
  • Ayunosuke - Half-Tree Spirit.

Koinosuke was seduced by a Tree Spirit, who used magic to temporarily overcome his Geas
Hence Ayunosuke being born.

Bantarou is Ash's father
Take a good look at Batarou. Take a good look at Ash. I caught on to this resemblance the first time I watched an episode of Jubei.

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