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The Narrator is Dinah, Joseph's sister.
She's the only major female role aside from Potiphar's wife, and she's not involved in the plot to sell Joseph into slavery but, as an Interactive Narrator, she seems to know Joseph and his family. It makes sense.

The Narrator is Asenath, Joseph's wife.
She and Joseph seem a bit flirty now and then in the film version, and near the end she seems to quietly urge the still-conflicted Joseph to forgive his brothers, just like Asenath does in some other adaptations of the story (e.g. Joseph: King of Dreams). If this guess is true, we can assume her narration in the first half is based on what Joseph has told her about his life before they met, while for the second half she's an eyewitness.

The Narrator is Serah, Joseph's niece.
Serah (also spelled Sera or Serach) was the daughter of Joseph's brother Asher, and the only granddaughter of Jacob mentioned in the Bible. According to an old Jewish legend, she was the one to inform Jacob that Joseph was alive in Egypt. The brothers were worried that the shock would kill him, so they had Serah compose a little song to give him the message, hoping that she could let him know gently. It worked. Likewise, the Narrator tells the audience (and sometimes the characters) everything via song.

The Narrator is God.
Unlike the above guesses, this works if the part is cast with either a man or a woman. Telling a Bible story? Omniscient knowledge? Always with Joseph, giving him words of encouragement? It fits.

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