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Bach left the "Art of the Fugue" incomplete on purpose
Since it would have been a perfect piece of music and instead wrote a small, humble Chorale about God and the Heaven to complete his Opus and musical life in a sign of humility, knowing that his life was going to end soon and that he was nothing to the mighty of God.

It also may be that Bach left the final fugue incomplete on purpose as an exercise for the reader: Now that you've seen what the Art of the Fugue is, try finishing it yourself!

God didn't allow Bach to complete "The Art of the Fugue"
No mere mortal can create anything perfect; only God may do that. But if Bach had completed "The Art of the Fugue," it would unquestionably have been a perfect piece of music. Bach died before "The Art of the Fugue" could be completed. Q.E.D.

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