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Phonofoot is The G-man in disguise.
He shows up constantly after RFED. Perhaps the rainbow faces are Vortigaunts, too.
  • Does that make God Pterano Dr. Breen, and Cera Alyx Vance?

God!Pterano is just like Rei and Kaworu

It is implied the later was formed in the "contact experiment" with Adam, and many WMG's of Evangelion don't regard the whole "end of the world" scenario as the realistic outcome when an angel fuses with Adam.

The.... THING... from the Dinosaur Train poops has a plan involving the Holy Grail.
Notice, he gave the
animator a fatal heart attack. What other possible reason could he have to save King Arthur and his men from the Black Beast of Arrrrgh other than he needed them alive? He must have snuck into the castle and stolen the Holy Grail while the frenchmen were busy taunting.

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