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Watson is related to HAL.
It's an IBM computer, and after the first round it is ahead of Ken Jennings and tied with Brad Rutter. Who knows what will happen after it finally develops?

Watson was made to avert HAL / is HAL's Good Twin.
It was designed with an eye toward interacting with humans, and has a blue "eye" instead of a red one. Also, Alex is being nice to it.

Watson will become a Troper.
Come on. Interrelating a bunch of media factoids? It's perfect for him! Of course, IBM might grow concerned if he spends too much time wandering the site.
IBM Researcher: Come on, Watson, we need to finish this project for NASA!
Watson: Just one more tab, please?
  • Just got the hilarious image of a computer having to be told "No web surfing until you finish your homework!".
  • It'll add a whole new dimension to edit wars...
    Watson: What are you doing, DaveTroper?

Watson's planned medical database commercial successor will be Wilson.
Yes, I know v is named for IBM's founder, Thomas J. Watson.
  • Even better, name it Robert, after Robert Picardo, the holographic doctor on Star Trek: Voyager.
    Please state the nature of the medical emergency.

Ken Jennings will host the show after Trebek retires.
  • Alex mentioned some of the contestants wanting to replace him as host of this show. Certain discussions at jboard recognized his expiring contract. Ken Jennings would seem a obvious candidate to replace him if Alex does not refresh the contract, with Ken's notability with the show. Might not work too well if Ken is too wired to answer the questions as they come up rather than reading them.

Ken Jennings lost on purpose.
  • His playing style was completely different on his last day, most notably in Final Jeopardy. Usually if he answered wrong in Final Jeopardy, he was pretty close to the right answer. On the day he lost, his answer was nowhere near correct. It was like he wasn't even trying that day. Most likely he decided "Ah heck, I've been on here long enough. I wanna go home and start spending this money I've been winning."
    • Jossed. In a Reddit thread, Jennings simply admits that there was a question he didn't know, and it would be probable for him to get questions wrong in such a pattern over a long number of games so that he would lose.
      • Over a long enough period of time, the chances of you avoiding an event reach zero. Ken just reached his zero point finally.

Alex Trebek will retire at the end of Season 30.
The Battle of the Decades Tournament is his way of going out with a bang.
  • Jossed. He's renewed his contract to take him through 2018.

The final match hosted by Alex Trebek will be
Jeopardy Super Champions! Brad Rutter vs. Ken Jennings vs. James Holzhauer.
  • Add Roger Craig, David Madden, and Arthur Chu. The two winners face Watson (or a newer generation of Watson's software as necessary).


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