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After all, Jenny's quite keen on adventuring, right? And she frequently shift between dimensions, right? So maybe the aviator goggles aren't merely a style accessory (nor the scarf)- they're just her being Crazy-Prepared in case she has to fly an old-style plane or something like that.

There is a Jenny Everywhere in Real Life.
She's supposed to exist in every possible universe, right? So why shouldn't this include our own? Except she wasn't necessarily meant to have all the dimension-shifting abilities- she could just be some random Asian or Native American looking girl who happens to be called Jenny, likes wearing goggles and a scarf, eating toast and getting into all sorts of adventures.

If there's ever a female incarnation of Doctor Who, she'll resemble Jenny.
Travels around a lot having adventures, is slightly crazy, known for wearing a scarf... they sound similar to you?
  • Recent episodes (as of around 2015) have confirmed that regenerating Time Lords can change sex, so it's possible...
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  • The Thirteenth Doctor (actually the fifteenth, but it's complicated) is female, but doesn't resemble Jenny. Given that the Doctor seems thrilled by the change, she may still regenerate into a Jenny-alike.

Alternatively, Jenny is an incarnation of Jenny, the Doctor's daughter from the eponymous episode.
  • Or vice versa. Jenny the Doctor's daughter is in fact a manifestation of the multiversal Jenny Everywhere being that hasn't quite "matured" into the stock character type by way of her only recently having been spawned.


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