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Uncle's real name is Shendu.
As we know, the tiger talisman creates balance between a person's good and evil sides. Thus, theoretically, if Shendu is in fact using all of the twelve talismans, he should be incapable of being evil... unless, of course, the talisman had already been broken many years ago and Shendu is in fact already a separated evil side. This would also explain how a talisman could seemingly be broken by an old man's dentures. The only question, then, is what happened to Shendu's good side. If it was still around, it would probably be very old, well-versed in Ancient Chinese magic, extremely moralistic, a nearly unbeatable fighter who doesn't fight very often, and One more thing: would avoid his real name from shame, but wouldn't make a false one out of honesty. Sound like anybody we know?
  • The talisman is used to unify his powers. Even if he was the evil side he should go back to being unified when the talisman was connected like what happened to the Jackies. Also Hak Foo had the talisman but was still evil.
    • But Hak Foo never actually activated the talisman.
  • I know this theory isn't supposed to be serious, but if Uncle really was half of Shendu, wouldn't he look more, you know, reptilian?
    • Perhaps he got use of the Monkey Talisman at some point? Not likely, given that he, like everybody else, has no idea where it is at the start of the show, but it's a theory...

Drago is the son of future Jade and Shendu's good side.
Shendu manages to become corporeal again, regaining the Monkey and Tiger powers. His good side stays at Section 13 while shaped like a human, helping to keep his evil half contained. Considering that he's a demon warlock, instead of being a wimpy do-gooder guy like Jackie's good side, he's just unselfish and with morals not obscured by the demonic aspects of his personality. With future Jade as head of Section 13, you can see where this is going.
  • This is probably not true; for one thing, Drago is implied to be fairly old. And one more thing: if Jade really was Drago's mom, his attempts at killing her in the past wouldn't end well for him.

Drago is a human imbued with the Fire Demon Chi contained in the sword used to banish Shendu.
The sword is mentioned in "The Eighth Door" and is never discovered in Season 5. This would explain his more humanoid appearance compared with Shendu, his knowledge of the other Demon Chi relics, and why Uncle is able to strip his power from him.
  • Then what explains Drago not looking more human while powerless?
    • Maybe because he inherited the powers of the future Dragon Talisman when he destroyed it.
  • If Drago is explicitly called the son of the demon Shendu, then how can Drago be human? Unless maybe he's a Half-Human Hybrid...

Tony Stark based his repulsor-firing in the Iron Man movie on how the Dragon Talisman is used in this show.
Look at the way the Dragon Talisman is wielded, then compare with how Tony was using his repulsors in the film. It matches more than needed for a coincidence...

Uncle really is everyone's uncle.
Even yours. ☺
  • So he's one-half of Uncle Grandpa?
    • Don't you dare mention that filth here.

Uncle is nobody's uncle.
He's everybody's Honorary Uncle, and may have been so to Jackie's ancestors for generations.

He even calls himself uncle.

Astral Projection, Balance, and Motion to the Motionless are the recipe for creating a clone army and becoming immortal.
Use the sheep power to move out of your body, tiger/balance to duplicate into good (which will have no mind anyway) and evil (again, no mind, so only the body splits), then after doing this as many times as you want, use the rat to bring the duplicates to life, and move back into one after the battle. Caveats: Only works with the intangible powers, not the talismans, and if all your bodies die, you die. Horse and dog are unnecessary.
  • Other caveats include: the Tiger talisman divides itself when used in anyone but Shendu(if it has any effect at all on him) and the Rat talisman does not work on more than one thing at a time.
    • The split Tiger talisman is a non-issue for Shendu; its power seems to be merging the Talismans to him in a more permanent fashion than simply holding them. You can consider the talismans to simply not exist when that is effect, unless you use the spell that re-creates them.

The real Jackie Chan really did have all these adventures.
This all is based on real life events that secretly happened to Jackie Chan. Everyone else who witnessed these events had their minds scrubbed. (Yes, that's why you can't remember where you put your keys, too.) You might be wondering: If it's all supposed to be so secret, then how come he's got a cartoon about it? The answer? Nobody takes cartoons seriously, anyway!

Jade was secretly being used as a Section 13 'special project'
Two sides to it:
  1. Once the government learned of just what Jade was capable of, they secretly used Section 13 as a testing ground, allowing Jade to expose any overlooked flaws in newly designed security systems and such before fully implementing them.
  2. The government thought that by allowing Jade and her incredible spy aptitude to be exposed to the right environment at an early age, it would eventually allow her to become an unrivaled super agent (kind of like the JCA version of Project Christmas). Which, if her future as director of Section 13 still comes true, actually worked.

  • Sounds like someone has been reading the Evil Overlord List
  • Secret nothing. We see Jade sparring with Section 13 agents in season 2. They've been grooming her to be a special agent since at least the first season.
  • Building on the first part of the guess, there will soon be a new rating system for security systems used by the government. A "1 Jade" is the lowest level (which would take her thirty seconds or less to get through). A "2 Jade" takes up to five minutes. A "3 Jade" takes her up to fifteen minutes and will stump most intruders. A "4 Jade" would take her half an hour and is considered unbreachable. A "5 Jade" would take her a whole hour and has never been discovered yet. No one outside of Section 13 knows why the rating system is referred to as Jades for obvious reasons.

Jackie is related to Charlie Chan.
He comes from a long line of ass-kicking detectives.

Jade is the Chosen One, and Tohru is her Champion.
In the episode "The Chosen One," some monks mistake Tohru for the reincarnation of their leader, the Chosen One. (Turns out it's Jade.) They also think that Jackie is the Champion. But they were wrong on both counts. Jade is the Chosen One, and Tohru is the Champion.

Tohru states in that episode that he enjoys serving others. Part of the Champion's duty is service. He also is very protective of Jade and willing to give his life to protect her. The Champion is also the protector of the Chosen One. Jade and Tohru share a very close friendship. Only natural, given the roles of Champion and Chosen One.

That's why the monks mistook him for the Chosen One in the first place: they sensed that something was special about him and assumed that meant he was the Chosen One. In reality, he was the Champion.

  • That explains why the magic walking stick hit Jackie when he tried to summon it. He's just a mere mortal so the stick rejected him.
  • This is basically how the episode ended with the bald little monk asking if they should see if she remembers the Yak. However there wasn't any hint Tohru was suppose to be her champion (it's implied the stick didn't work because the Monks didn't actually know it could react to chi and was going for "they're using chi to make magic weapons so maybe we can use chi to make the stick a weapon?").

Section 13 is working on a Subspace Transport via Ansible-Interactive Radiation system.
Only certain people such as Captain Black are authorized as test subjects, due to the new and not-fully-tested technology. They placed one transport point at the top of Section 13, one at the main area of Section 13, and targets at high-interest points across the city, which is how Jade and Captain Black were able to use the S.T.A.I.R.S. to get to the Section 13 HQ and Uncle's shop before Jackie. This is never mentioned again because the S.T.A.I.R. system has unpleasant side-effects that increase with use, and testing was discontinued around the end of Episode 2.
  • Also, Captain Black's attempts to make his superiors believe magic and demons are real made them believe the system caused delusions as a side effect.

Valmont's Villain Decay was almost(?) entirely a result of a Villainous Breakdown in response to having lost his chance at regaining his fortune one time too many.
When a gentleman is accustomed to a certain lifestyle, the idea of becoming a hobo thanks to the failed machinations of the ghost of a dragon statue would tend to wear on his sanity. When one's sanity is compromised, one's villainous panache and effectuality tend to follow.
  • There was also Shendu apparently transporting the entirety of his castle's possessions to Valmont's fish harbor hideout without actually making any money for his organization for the duration of the portal hunt.

El Toro is Paco's father.
That's why Paco is always following him around. He calls El Toro by his wrestling name because he's just that much of a wrestling fanboy.
  • Alternately neither of them are aware of the relationship because Paco is the result of an affair or a drunken one night stand that El Toro doesn't remember. But he was friends with Paco's mother and after she died along with the man Paco believed to be his father, began looking after the kid out of respect for her, further fueling the kid's Hero Worship.

Neither version of future Jade from the J2 episodes will come to pass.
At least not as she is portrayed in either episode. In the Grand Finale, Shendu and Drago, along with the talismans are sent into the demon netherworld by Uncle and Tohru. This means, that unless these two are brought back to life somehow, the talismans are out of the picture, which means Jade can’t destroy the donut shop with the Dragon Talisman and get in trouble. Likewise, Drago cannot appear in the future to become the main threat to Section 13, which means he can’t go back in time with Jade and so on.

Ultimately, with the events of the Grand Finale, the two J2 episodes cease to exist in the actual timeline. Though, with the comment from Captain Black at the end of the Grand Finale it would be safe to say Jade will likely still end up an agent someday and may still be captain of Section 13.

  • Unless Drago has already been born in the present by whatever means. He's probably out there incubating somewhere.

Had the series continued there would've been an episode titled "The Rushed Hour"
With Phil LaMarr voicing Agent Chris Tucker

Captain Black is from the American branch of the Black Family
Augustus Black doesn't sound that far off after all. Based on that, one can guess:

  • Captain Black grew up hearing about the Wizarding World but without seeing any magic, which made him stop believing magic was real until he saw Shendu at the end of Season 1.
  • Alternatively, he knew magic was real but feigned skepticism in front of his "muggle" allies until seeing Shendu in front of Jade made it impossible. Also, he wants nothing with a world so prejudiced against his family they'd keep one of them wrongfully imprisoned for over ten years without even allowing him a trial. Or with magical relations who'd treat him as less than nothing for being a "squib".
    • There is a disowned Black named Marius Black due to being a squib. Captain Black could be his son.
    • Considering that Marius is supposed to be Sirius' granduncle, Marius and Augustus must be at least one more generation apart from each other than a father and his son.

Going on with the idea of Jackie Chan Adventures and Harry Potter being on the same universe...
Chi-wizards like Uncle refuse to buy wands so they won't be officially a part of the Wizarding World and therefore won't be forced to conform to the Statute of Secrecy. Dark Chi Wizards also catch on the fact the Wizarding World is too arrogant to perceive them as a threat until it's too late.Jade will be offered a chance to enroll in at least one Wizarding school but Uncle will oppose because Jade would need a wand.Pure-blood bigots like Lucius Malfoy despise chi-wizards because of their refusal to join the Wizarding World.The American branch of the Black Family started with a Black who fled England for either rejecting the family's Dark values and/or being a squib.
  • Also: Harry Potter-magic can only be learned by those born with the ability to do so, while Chi magic can evidently be learned by muggles as well. So maybe the Wizarding World shuns chi-wizards because they don't consider them to be "true" wizards.

Suggestions of Uncle's real name.
  • Charles.
  • Chin.
  • Or Uncle's real name would start with a J, like Jackie and Jade.

Valmont stopped training in martial arts by season 3.
That would explain of he's going to run and not doing any physical harm.
  • It happened because he no longer could afford a sensei.

Jade wasn’t sent to America because she was doing poorly in school.
This was the excuse given in the first episode for Jade’s arrival at Uncle’s shop. It’s been questioned why California public schools would be better than what Jade was getting in Hong Kong and the main reason likely was that her grades was never a reason for her moving. Simply put, her parents probably felt that Jackie was the BEST person to raise Jade at this point in her life. With the way she behaves during the show, her parents likely knew that they weren't the best suited to raise their daughter, not that they couldn't do it, but that they needed the RIGHT kind of person to raise Jade. Jackie, with his wisdom and martial arts skills would be viewed as the most appropriate to raise someone like Jade. Therefore, they sent her to America (regardless of her school grades) because they wanted Jade to get the best kind of upbringing that they could provide for her. It’s also implied that Jackie was sent himself to America to be trained by Uncle, and quite possibly for the same reasons as Jade.
  • Alternatively, Jade was doing poorly in school and her parents sent her to California because they had relatives living there.
  • Or, to look at it in another way, the series started in the same year that Hong Kong was transferred from British to Chinese authority. Maybe her parents didn't want their daughter to grow up in a communist regime.
    • But never mind the fact that Hong Kong is still autonomous from Beijing.

Jade actually was sent to America because she was doing poorly in school; it's just the reason was because her magic potential kicking in made her turn into a trouble maker.
Magical creatures tend to have a natural Weirdness Censor aura, fooling most normals and keeping them safe. The problem for Jade came when she started seeing through said censors and her focus went out the window. And when she tried to explain, no one believed her, even punishing her for lying/making excuses. Eventually she decided that if adults were going to call her a troublemaker anyway, she might as well just make trouble so there was at least a reason for the punishment that made sense to her. Unfortunately, even though Jackie and Uncle understand and believe her, habits are hard to break hence why she behaves in such an immoral manner.

Jade's evil side is not any more evil; it just is stupider with different values.
Jade normally is shown to be ethically on par with the worst of the villains in what she will do without blinking; she just values different things. This is why she protects the world, Jackie and animals she likes but can in "Day of the Dragon" coldbloodedly destroy Shendu. At the time, she had no way to know that she would not actually kill him. She has also been shown to be willing to do things with the talismans that cause grave injury with full knowledge of what they would do and she probably lies, cheats and steals more than any other character including the villains. One of Section 13's primary goals seems to be keeping her from deciding that she wants to rule the world or something because she would most likely succeed.
  • Then what her good side would be like? A wimp like Jackie's?
    • Her good side would be every bit as active as her bad side... with the exception of being The Voiceless, and possibly more skilled and disciplined than her evil side. See, that'd be the side that actually DOES show respect for her elders, restrain herself, and so forth, but since it doesn't come through that often (and very subtly when it does), it would make complete sense for her not to talk (or, at least, not talk often), hence why Jade as a whole doesn't seem to listen to it. She'd also have everything Jackie, Uncle and Section 13 have been trying to teach her, which would ultimately be beneficial to her skill set. The one issue would be that she's not very big on communication, hence why the darker half of Jade is more prominent and necessary in the first place to balance her out.
      • An interesting take on Jade's good side's possible behaviour. It makes sense that both Good Jade and Evil Jade would share Normal Jade's independence. Yin and Yang are opposites, but not totally unable to coexist. They are opposites in a complementary manner. This was shown with a split Jackie. Despite their differences, Tiger and Pussycat had in common their capability and willingness to fight, even if they fought for different reasons. Tiger was a Blood Knight and Pussycat fought only when necessary, and even then very reluctantly. They both also shared Jackie's concern for Jade, Uncle and others, though Tiger showed it much less than Pussycat.

Drago doubled his powers by destroying the dragon talisman that Future!Jade brought back.
When a talisman is destroyed, its power seeks out a creature of that species to inhabit and the only living dragons at that time were Drago and possibly Shendu.

The Chosen One of the Ben Shui Order is responsible for Uncle’s magic.
Considering the events of the episodes “Through the Rabbit Hole” and “The Chosen One,” Jade deliberately orchestrated the time travel in the former episode because of her association in the latter. The previous Chosen One had seen Uncle’s rise as a chi wizard on the side of good and it’s potential as a tool against the forces of darkness (namely Dalong Wong) and had subconsciously through his chi commanded Jade to travel back in time to ensure that Uncle would walk that path. Using the rabbit talisman and properly getting it zapped by Kepler’s time gun thing she purposefully travels back in time to find Uncle and spark his interest in magic, showing him the power of the talisman and name-dropping Chi Master Fong, who Uncle is said to have been trained by later on. The events of that episode have a profound impact on Uncle who seeks out Fong to begin his training as one of the most powerful chi wizards, giving the Chosen One a weapon to fight against bad chi without having to fight herself. At the very least Jade is responsible for Uncle’s accent as a powerful chi wizard and the magic he performs throughout the series, perhaps another WMG topic in and of itself.

Daolon Wong is Really 700 Years Old.
Think about it, he seems to be even older than Uncle (who seems about 70-80), his skin is greyish white, and he has knowledge about ancient spells that Uncle didn't even know about. Add this to the fact that he defeated Uncle's previous master who was probably many years older than Uncle, this establishes Wong as a capable wizard far longer than Uncle. My theory is that he's an ancient human who's using magic to keep himself alive, he may even have been alive when Lo Pei turned Shendu into a statue, which would explain why he knows of the talismans and the spell used to defeat Shendu.
  • This theory creates a great Actor Allusion regarding Daolon Wong's voice actor, James Hong, who has played an ancient wizard known as Lo Pan with a few similar qualities, and was the direct inspiration for Shang Tsung, who has some of Wong's traits.
  • A related theory: Daolon Wong kept extending his lifespan by using the mouths on his hands to drain chi from unlucky people. Being an evil wizard, it would sound like the kind of spell he would use.

Shendu lied that the demon chis couldn't be removed from Drago.
He just needed some way to persuade Uncle to release him from the statue again. Besides, the Demon Sorcerers will probably want to regain that stolen chi from Drago, now that all of them are trapped together in the Netherworld.

Uncle and Tohru banishing Shendu and the Chi-empowered Drago will turn out to be a huge mistake
Think about it. Drago has the Chi of all of the demons. The others may very well be able to draw that excess Chi back to them. You think it's possible to use that extra Chi to help them escape the Netherworld once more?
  • One theory is in the chaos they bring, the humans will no doubt fight back, unaware that thanks to the Chans' previous campaigns against evil, the void that evil is required to fill is getting so large that only the combined might of the entire demon clan can occupy it. One demon ultimately falls, and the void grows far enough to release an even worse evil unto Earth who happens to be a much bigger Omnicidal Maniac than Shendu or Tso Lan. If that maniac turns out to be Vaatu, that would be freaky and create quite the series connection.

The masquerade was broken at the end of the series.
Just how many times could they get away with having magic and demons running around, out in the open daylight of a big city like San Francisco? Especially when a really big demon almost destroyed it in the end.

Magic cults will form.
In response to these new developments, some cults practicing dark magic will begin appearing. Eight cults, each worshiping one of the Demon Sorcerers, will seek to communicate with them a la Daolon Wong. If it DOES appear that they are trapped in the Netherworld forever (or at least indefinitely), the cults will perform their wishes in their stead, and allow the demons to somewhat control things from the void.

The Demon Sorcerers are half-siblings.
Their father probably had several wives who came from different races of demons.

Like his father, Drago was also turned into stone at one point.
He was probably around way back in medieval times, but was trapped in the form of a statue until he was revived some time in the 21st century. Either that, or his youthful and adolescent appearance could be explained by being an immortal demon (and thus aging more slowly).

Drago is a Half-Human Hybrid.
He looks more humanoid than his dad, isn't explicitly described as being immortal, and he seems to understand human culture very well. Maybe the reason he pursued the demon chis wasn't only just for the sake of gaining power, but also so he could enhance his demonic side; perhaps he felt an inferiority complex for being part human?

Future Jade and Drago were friends, or even lovers.
For some reason, Drago doesn't give the impression of being just as evil as his father. As someone suggested above, he wants to establish himself as a new demonic ruler because of an inferiority complex rather than simple lust for power.

Maybe Drago was imprisoned in some way, and freed by Jade somewhere in the future. Maybe she saw in him potential to be more than an evil troublemaker and took him under her wing. It might explain how he seems to be more familiar with human culture than the other shown demons. But his father tempted him to aid his kin.

Even after being left to the present, Drago acts more familiar with present-Jade than with the other heroes. That's because of his common time with future-Jade.

In the following address, suggests what I'm about to suggest, but since no has yet brought it up here, I'll do it myself.

Simone Magus, a descendant of the famous wizard Simon Magus, says that her mother had told her about Spring-Heel Jack. And the ravenous troll says that Simone is a full-blooded Magus. Perhaps he's referring to the magic genes inherited from Simon Magus?

If Simone's family is conscious of their history, they may reveal everything to her, deeming her to be ready for it after her encounter with Jack. And if they believe it to be just a fairy-tale, curiosity may nonetheless overwhelm Simone, leading her to discover some relic of her family's past.

Uncle Chan is Ambiguously Gay.
Just to play off some cliched gay stereotypes, Uncle likes musical/opera theater, and the old man never mentions dating or marrying any women in his long life. Also, Uncle's voice actor Sab Shimono is gay in real life.

But of course, this is just wild speculation with no basis in any real evidence. One could alternately argue that Uncle is asexual, and that he considered antiques and sorcery to be more important than romance and sexuality. Or, Uncle could simply just be a straight nerd who was always unlucky with the opposite sex.

Tohru wasn't really about to cut Jade open.
In the first season, back when Tohru was working for the Dark Hand, there was an episode where Jade swallowed the Rooster Talisman and Tohru was ordered to cut her open to retrieve it. Coming back to this episode after Tohru joins the team (and is arguably the nicest, most good-natured character in the entire series), it's pretty jarring.

This scene can be interpreted in a few different ways, but I call attention to the fact that once he had Jade tied down, he spent quite a bit of time sharpening that scimitar. It could be that he was doing this in order to draw things out, hoping to terrify Jade enough to lose her lunch on her own.

When actually ordered to do the deed, his reply of "I understand" seemed rather stilted and forced. He may well have been forcing himself to look compliant while his mind desperately searched for ways to get out of having to cut open a child.

Hsi Wu the Sky Demon has a creepy fetish for female humans.
While it may have been a sinister manipulation, when Hsi Wu was disguised as a human boy, he asked Jade if she wanted to dance with him. Later in the alternate reality of "Demon World", he keeps Viper as a caged prisoner, and asks for her to sing for him.

In addition to leaving them behind, another reason Shendu's siblings hate him is because he used to bully THEM.
It seems that whenever Shendu has his physical body, he's the most powerful of the Demon Sorcerers (his 12 Talismans certainly help). His abuse by the other 7 siblings could be seen as karma/revenge for doing the same to them centuries ago.

Individuals who become the Lotus Temple's guardians stop aging.
When Xu Lin tells Jade about how she became the guardian five years earlier, she looks in the flashback exactly the same as she does in the present. And she looks as old as Jade. While she is timid (who wouldn't be if they were trapped inside for years), she acts more politely than Jade and seems more content to be uninvolved with magical world.

The Monkey King is not Sun Wukong.
The psycho prankster has merely adopted the trickster hero's title. Or perhaps it's the other way around. Either way, people (even Uncle) mix these two individuals.

Demons are omnilingual.
Hence why really old demons from ancient China and Japan are able to fluently speak modern English without any difficulty.

The Chan family do speak to each other in Chinese sometimes.
But due to Translation Convention, it sounds like they're speaking English for the audience's convenience. And after Tohru (who of course is Japanese) moved in with them, they all speak English because it's a common tongue they can all understand.

Jade had lived in both China and America throughout her life.
She was born in Hong Kong, but partially raised in the United States, moved back to Hong Kong, before her parents sent her off to San Francisco to live with her uncles. This could explain why Jade can fluently speak English with an American accent. But it still doesn't explain why Jackie and Uncle still have noticeable Chinese accents, despite both of them having lived in the United States for decades.

The Dark Hand we see in the show are only a very small faction of a much larger gang.
In the first episode, Captain Black describes the Dark Hand as a powerful international crime syndicate, and thus worthy of Section 13's attention. However from what we have seen, the Dark Hand only had about several members (Valmont, Finn, Ratso, Chow, Hak Foo, Tohru, and some unnamed henchmen who disappeared after Season 1). So my first theory is that Valmont merely led the San Francisco chapter of the Dark Hand, and for various reasons, he had to break off ties with other Dark Hand gangs elsewhere...

Or more likely, Valmont was just a rich guy who led a bunch of wannabe gangsters, who merely pretended to be (or were very loosely affiliated with) the "real" Dark Hand. If they were really an organized crime syndicate, then how come we never get to see them actually commit any serious crimes like gambling, prostitution, murder, arms/drug/human trafficking, etc.? Because this show was a Saturday morning cartoon aimed at kids, and censorship likely forced them to use "fake" gangsters.

Jackie Chan Adventures takes place in the same universe as Big Trouble in Little China.
Both series deal with some form of dark magic and demons.

Alternatively, the Jackie Chan in Jackie Chan Adventures is the same one from the Armour of God films.
That Jackie Chan happens to be an explorer and treasure hunter along the lines of Indiana Jones, and has dealt with sacred artifacts and cults. It's possible he is younger than the real Chan, and therefore the same one as the one in this show.

The character of Jackie Chan from JCA is the same one from Kung Fu Yoga.
This film also depicts Jackie Chan as an Adventurer Archaeologist in a similar vein to Indiana Jones.

Or, Jackie Chan Adventures takes place a few years after Old Rose's recording in Titanic (1997).
With the movie the Leonardo DiCaprio expy was getting a footprint for before Tchang Zu stole the show being this universe's version of that film, with it based off of Rose's recording, meaning both JCA and the story of James Cameron's Titanic took place in the same universe.

One of the reasons Lo Pei was the hero who sealed Shendu in stone was for atonement, for he was also the one who accidentally released Shendu from the Demon Netherworld.
As a young man, Lo Pei could have been an artifact/treasure hunter a la Jackie Chan, and came across the Pan'ku Box. Discovering it was a puzzle, he solved the Trigram sequence related to Shendu's Trigram, which gave him the map to what he may have thought was treasure. Only the map led to Shendu's Portal, and he accidentally unleashed the Fire Demon back on China.

Lo Pei would then spend the next few decades secretly learning magic and martial arts, so he could become a badass Kung-Fu Wizard strong enough to defeat Shendu.

Jade's brief time as the Queen of the Shadowkhan has left a permanent taint in her, and it's bound to reappear in the future.
It might be so that after her brief time under the influence of the Mark of the Beast, Jade (the possible Chosen One) is bound to be further involved with the Shadowkhan or a related, but as-of-yet-unseen faction of Darkness sooner or later.

Tarakudo (whose face is depicted in the Mark of the Beast) is probably aware of this. When he first sees Jade, he instantly recognizes her as the former Queen of the Shadowkhan and asks if she wants to reclaim her title. When he's repudiated in response, he takes it calmly and says "In time. You're young." When he reiterates his offer in the Halloween Episode, he asks Jade if she's cosplaying as an Oni in order to rehearse her "inevitable return to the dark side".

Emphasis on the word inevitable. He's not attempting to force Jade to join him, figuring that she will do that later when the remnants of his mark's bad chi slowly but surely corrupt her. After all, those who switch sides out of their own will can be more useful than those who are robbed out of their skills along with their will.

The reason why Tohru is afraid of Oni...
Tohru's father is never seen nor even mentioned. And Tohru is descended from samurai. Going off this, Tohru's father was part of a long line of badass Japanese warriors who secretly fought Oni and other demons.

He would tell his wife about his adventures, who in turn used them as boogeyman stories to keep Tohru in line when he was a kid. Tohru never really knew about his dad's secret life, but one day he mysteriously (suspiciously) disappeared, so Tohru feared that the Oni came after him.

As an adult, Tohru grew out of his seemingly childish fears of these monsters, until he eventually discovered they were real. Now poor Tohru is again pondering about all this possible Fridge Horror regarding his father's fate...

This would also add on to a bit of Fridge Logic as to why Tohru's mother is so protective and wants what's best for her son, especially in the episodes "The Mother of All Battles" and "The Invisible Mom".

In the latter episode, Tohru's mother's reaction to seeing the Dark Chi Enforcers went from surprised to immediate protective mode. She's not a non-believer like Season 1 Captain Black, and she's definitely not so intimidated by the Dark Chi Warriors, which means that Tohru's mother had some previous experiences with the world of magic, maybe even with her husband.

Not only does Tohru's mother not want her son to be injured by the dark forces, she doesn't want Tohru to end up just like his father did, which would leave her to be the only one in the family alive.

Tohru's ancestor is Samurai Jack.
It would seem to explain how Tohru's bravery seems to run in his blood.
  • Also, the Oni and Shadowkhan are (approximately) contemporaries of Jack and Aku.

The J-Team are the new Eight Immortals.
Jackie, Jade, Uncle, Tohru, Captain Black, El Toro, Paco, and Viper make up the J-Team. If you don't take into account members added to the team through the use of Talisman abilities (Super Moose, Mordecai and Eggbert), that makes eight. Also, each of them have aspects of The Eight Immortals of legend. Captain Black is Zhongli, Tohru is Zhang, Jackie is Han, Uncle is Cao, Jade is He, Paco is Lu, El Toro is Li, thus leaving Viper to be Lan.

Captain Black is the General (leader of Section 13); Tohru is the Alchemist (apprentice, technically); Jackie is the Philosopher (has a lesson with every episode); Uncle is the Actor (literally was an actor at one point in his life); Jade is the Maiden (because of course she is); El Toro is the Cripple (he lost his mask the first time he appeared, "crippling" him), Paco is the Scholar (he records the tales of El Toro, and thus the J-Team as well), and Viper is... well, let's just assume she has good taste in wine.

Drago's name is actually a nickname.
Coming from a Chinese demon family, it would make sense if he had a Chinese name. However, whether due to inexperience with English at the time, a need to stand out among his family members, or Just for Pun, he picked up "Drago" as his go-to nickname, and it stuck. Note how he introduces himself in his debut episode as, "Please, call me Drago." He might even think cracking jokes and bad puns makes him intimidating, considering how often he uses them.
  • Interestingly enough, the Chinese dub Drago is called 'Xiaolong', which means 'small dragon'.

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