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Arpegius used to be a member of the planet's army
He's always doing the actual salute, while the rest of the band waves or looks at things respectfully.
  • Makes sense. He's the most competent in a fight and even seemed to fly Shep's ship for a bit at the end.

Shep and Stella were together before the events of the film
Shep isn't really an Ascended Fan Boy. Rather he and Stella were a couple before the abduction happened. That would explain why, compared to the rest of their native planet, it seemed personal for him. Also, it would explain why Stella snapped into a Dream Sequence when she held his hand as he was dying, and why she was devastated when he died. Love at First Sight can obviously still be an option, but I think it's actually believable this way.
  • ... I actually really love this WMG. Makes a lot of sense really, and makes Stella, the titular character, seem a lot less two-dimensional.
  • I'm not sure about that. In the Digital Love section he seems too happy for someone longing for an ex.
    • How about thinking of them still being a couple?
      • Maybe they're not former lovers. As a spaceship pilot, Shep needs to stay away from the planet for long periods of time, just like any other soldier. They could be away from each other, but still be a couple.
  • I assumed this, partially because I missed the beginning.
  • I've always assumed this, since Stella tends to look wistfully at the sky whenever she should be enjoying herself. In the bridge of "One More Time", everyone else looks rather self-satisfied and revelling in the moment. Stella, on the other hand, is clearly missing someone.
  • It would also explain the bit at the end of Face-To-Face where she sees an image of him in the front seat looking back at her. She may have been remembering past trips in the ship with him.

It wasn't all a dream.
The story of the Crescendolls is so famous that they have a tremendous amount of merchandise. Note that the kid in the epilogue lives in a plain Earth home, but his clothes look... whatever-planet-the-Crescendolls-are-from-ese. After Interstella 5555 the two cultures began to intermingle... WPTCA Fese fashion became popular on Earth.

The only hiccup is the fact it is a Daft Punk record... my theory is that "One More Time" and "Too Long" are not actually Crescendoll songs, but Daft Punk songs, and are only used as part of the narrative. After all, if Daft Punk does exist in this universe... what did they put out if their (arguably) most famous album is from another band?

  • That brings up another thought, if Daft Punk exists in the movie's 'verse, it's hinted at, if not flat out stated that the Cresendoll's were not the first alien band that had been kidnapped, what if Daft Punk themselves are from another planet....that would actually explain a lot
  • Not really, in this movie's universe Daft Punk are probably earthlings and after the Gold Record Awards they heard about what happened to the Crescendolls and decided to tell their (Crescendolls) story to future generations, starting with their (the Crescendolls) song "One More Time". much of the music from "Aerodynamic" to face to face could be Daft Punk's songs inspired by the events told. While "Too Long" was another Crescendolls song they covered as the closing narration.
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  • Daft Punk did all their songs in Homework up until Discovery. which was, In-Universe, released as the Creschendolls' One More Time album. Their most famous in story album was whichever album came before Discovery.

Octave was a member of the planet's stealth/intelligence force.
Related to the WMG above about Arpegius. Octave is the one that they use to get the memory discs back, and he's also seen doing the military salute at the unveiling of Shep's statue, when the vast majority of the crowd was not.

  • And, surprisingly, a friendly jam during their free-time would make an awesome "how did they met" idea.

The movie takes place in the same universe as Cyborg 009
The character designs, kidnapping/brainwashing by badguys, and the fact that there are cyborgs just screams Cyborg 009. Hell, "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" sounds like they're being remodeled into cyborgs as well

Shep used to be or still was the lead guitar/singer of the Crescendolls
His ship is shaped like a guitar. The shape and color is also different from Apregerius. The reason why Earl didn't get him was because either he left the band before Earl caught wind of them; or he took a vacation. While buffing his ship he sings "Digital Love" in a style similar but not the same as Octave when he sang "One More Time". To top it off he happens to know Stella and vise versa. If he was just a fan they both wouldn't be dreaming about each other.

The kid's father is Thomas Bangalter.
Think about it, the face of the father is not to be seen yet the mother is. He has all this Daft Punk and Crescendoll Memrobillia in his room, some of which looks more expensive than a single poster. According to articles, he has fathered a son. To top it off in the brief moment the mother is seen she looks exactly like Elodie Bouchez.
  • If that's the case, then the entire movie was a dream or the kid was imagining what happened based on what his parents told him, from listening to their music, from watching documentaries, and reading from newspaper clips and biographies.

There will be a sequel some time in the near future
  • They'll use Homework, Human After All, or Random Access Memories. They might make a different story with different set of characters, probably unrelated to Interstella 5555 making it more of a Spiritual Successor or Stealth Sequel.

Arpegius and Stella Are Brother and Sister
They share the same hair color both in their alien form and in their humanized guise and in "Something About Us", he seems extra-comforting to her compared to the others.
  • That would also make them a military family, if the first two WMG's on the list are true.

The Crescendolls are from Gamilas.
And Serizawa is Darkwood who was about to restart his business, and started the war because he believed the Gamilas were about to make him pay for what he did to the Crescendolls.

Earl de Darkwood is trying to become a Warhammer 40k Daemon Prince.
And either Tzeentch or Slaanesh is the entity he made the deal with to begin with.
  • He's using golden records that are implied to need to have been genuinely earned... He's not just sacrificing the musicians for his Deal with the Devil, he's sacrificing the emotions and adoration that they gathered, and that would appeal to either of the two.

In-universe, the Cresendolls went on to record the Human After All and Random Access Memories albums.
Or Daft Punk went on to create Discovery, Human After All and Random Access Memories, inspired by the Cresendolls.

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