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     The meaning behind Booster Gold’s ramblings 
Some of them are very easy to decipher but others are more ambiguous. Here are some guesses for the not so obvious ones.
  • The War In The Heavens- Could deal with Lucifer or Mephisto getting up to something, Could introduce Ghost Rider to the stories, Could introduce Spawn, Could introduce the Spectre or show the Day of Judgement story
    • It could be A Day in the Limelight for the Spectre, showing him interacting with angels and demons from various properties.
  • The Great Darkness- Could show the Blackest Night story, Could introduce Darkseid, Could introduce the Darkness from Witchblade and other associated characters
  • Magic Under Siege- Could show the Day of Vengeance story, Could follow up on Amora's schemes, Could show the Doctor Strange story about magic being destroyed
  • Paradise No More- A Wonder Woman focused story
    • It could be a sort of adaptation of the Justice League episode of the same name, where the Amazons are turned to stone by Felix Faust. In this case though, the DCEU Diana could receive help from the Gargoyles, who are mentioned below.
  • The Future Is Metal- Could show the Dark Nights Metal story, Could focus on the Transformers
    • It could bring the Metal Men into the story, and possibly crossover with a future and robot/cyborg focused franchise such as The Terminator, RoboCop, or Astro Boy.
    • It could also refer to Ultron’s current status inTomorrow’s Guardians.
  • Stone Comes Alive- Could introduce Gargoyles, Could show the Medusa story from Wonder Woman
  • Excalibur Returns- Could follow up on the Merlin characters, could introduce the Excalibur team
  • Hell on Earth- Could show the Inferno story, Could feature Spawn, Could introduce Hellboy
  • The Ghost Walks Again- Could feature Ghost Rider, Could introduce The Phantom or Deadman, Gentleman Ghost, and the Spectre.
  • No Defense- Focuses on the Defenders
  • The Great Hunt Is On- Could feature Kraven the Hunter, Could introduce the world of The Witcher

     Future character appearances and interactions 
  • Doctor Manhattan being the one to inform everyone about the Villain Team-Up between Thanos, Darkseid and Zod.
  • Lex Luthor Jr. of Earth-51 visits Earth-38 and meets a still living version of his father (Lex Luthor of Earth-38) and aunt (Lena).
  • Dimitri Smerdyakov is a mole for Norman Osborn inside S.H.E.L.D.
  • Potencial members of the Sinister Six- Adrian Toomes/Vulture and Quinton Beck/Mysterio are 100% confirmed so that leaves four empty spaces:
    • Norman Osborn/Green Goblin- Maybe, Michael’s certainly stetting up Norman’s future Supervillain identity but (for now at least) it seems like he’ll take more of a “mission control” position.
    • Herman Schultz/Shocker
    • Mac Gargan/Scorpion
    • Phineas Mason/Tinkerer
    • Dimitri Smerdyakov/Chameleon
    • Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus
  • Captain Jack Harkness’s reintroduction from Fugitive of the Judoon will play out except he’ll warn about the Anti-Monitor. Also instead of grabbing and kissing Graham, it’s Oliver.
  • Missy is holding back her regeneration for as long as she can but will eventually be forced to go through with it. The first thing the new Master does is travel to Earth-19999 and Kill and Replace Davos.
  • Lena will take a temporary leave of absence of Earth-38 to move to Earth-19999 and learn magic under Dr Strange.
     Future Series Additions 
     The Dark Multiverse will show up 
  • Possible inclusions
    • Brightburn- Come on, the universe the film introduced is absolutely perfect for the Dark Multiverse, plus Brandon could serve as a Composite Character of Superboy Prime and King Hyperion.
    • Wonder Woman (2011 pilot)- Take her out of a world where she’s the Designated Hero and people will see the monster she truly is.
    • A Bruce Wayne similar to the one seen in seen in Crisis on Infinite Earths (2019)- He already has a few things in common with the Batmen from Dark Knights: Metal so he’d be right at home.
      • While this Batman has appeared in Counterpart Conferences, it doesn't rule out the possibility of him coming back when he's released from the Phantom Zone.
    • Marvel Zombies- Could serve as the main conflict of future crisis while also introducing our heroes to the Dark Multiverse. Would have a few elements from DCeased and the original plague carrier would be Superman as a Fandom Nod
    • The Hulk storyline Future Imperfect- it would be the result of Bruce Banner’s fear of becoming a true monster and being exactly like his father.
    • A twisted version of Captain America: The Winter Soldier where Project Insight succeeded.- Citizens would live in a constant state of fear, Steve Rodgers would revive the same brainwashing treatment as Bucky, and Black Widow would be a mole for HYDRA and has quite a few character traits from her Ultimate Marvel counterpart.
    • As mentioned above, the universe of Shin Godzilla could serve as this to the MonsterVerse.
    • A version of Transformers: Shattered Glass could be this to the Hasbro properties' universe, with an increased presence for the non-Transformers stuff like G.I. Joe.

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