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     The meaning behind Booster Gold's ramblings 
Some of them are very easy to decipher but others are more ambiguous. Here are some guesses for the not so obvious ones.
  • The War In The Heavens- Could deal with Lucifer or Mephisto getting up to something, Could introduce Ghost Rider to the stories, Could introduce Spawn, Could introduce the Spectre or show the Day of Judgement story
    • It could be A Day in the Limelight for the Spectre, showing him interacting with angels and demons from various properties.
  • The Great Darkness- Could show the Blackest Night story, Could introduce Darkseid, Could introduce the Darkness from Witchblade and other associated characters
  • Magic Under Siege- Could show the Day of Vengeance story, Could follow up on Amora's schemes, Could show the Doctor Strange story about magic being destroyed
  • Paradise No More- A Wonder Woman focused story
    • It could be a sort of adaptation of the Justice League episode of the same name, where the Amazons are turned to stone by Felix Faust.
  • The Future Is Metal- Could show the Dark Nights Metal story, Could focus on the Transformers
    • It could bring the Metal Men into the story, and possibly crossover with a future and robot/cyborg focused franchise such as The Terminator, RoboCop, or Astro Boy.
    • It could also refer to Ultron's current status in Tomorrow's Guardians.
  • Excalibur Returns- Could follow up on the Merlin characters, could introduce the Excalibur team
  • Hell on Earth- Could show the Inferno story, Could feature Spawn, Could introduce Hellboy
  • The Ghost Walks Again- Could feature Ghost Rider, Could introduce The Phantom or Deadman, Gentleman Ghost, and the Spectre.
  • No Defense- Focuses on the Defenders
  • The Great Hunt Is On- Could feature Kraven the Hunter, Could introduce the world of The Witcher

     Future character appearances and interactions 
  • Doctor Manhattan being the one to inform everyone about the Villain Team-Up between Thanos, Darkseid and Zod.
  • Lex Luthor Jr. of Earth-51 visits Earth-38 and meets a still living version of his father (Lex Luthor of Earth-38) and aunt (Lena).
  • Dimitri Smerdyakov is a mole for Norman Osborn inside S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Potential members of the Sinister Six- Adrian Toomes/Vulture and Quinton Beck/Mysterio are 100% confirmed so that leaves four empty spaces:
    • Norman Osborn/Green Goblin- Maybe, Michael's certainly setting up Norman’s future Supervillain identity but (for now at least) it seems like he'll take more of a "mission control" position.
    • Herman Schultz/Shocker
    • Mac Gargan/Scorpion
    • Phineas Mason/Tinkerer
    • Dimitri Smerdyakov/Chameleon
    • Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus
  • Captain Jack Harkness's reintroduction from Fugitive of the Judoon will play out except he'll warn about the Anti-Monitor. Also instead of grabbing and kissing Graham, it's Oliver.
  • Missy is holding back her regeneration for as long as she can but will eventually be forced to go through with it. The first thing the new Master does is travel to Earth-19999 and Kill and Replace Davos.
  • Lena will take a temporary leave of absence of Earth-38 to move to Earth-19999 and learn magic under Dr. Strange.
  • The Justice Lords.
  • The Justice Guild of Earth-11. We already have Earth-911111, which is a Gender-Bent Alternate Universe of Earth-199999.
  • The Daimyo, Ultimate Ninja, and the Battle Nexus. The heroes from Earth-1, Earth-38, and/or Earth-199999 might participate in the tournament, and help the Turtles and Splinter stop the Ultimate Ninja and Drako from usurping the Daimyo. The Monitor would be in the audience, and is an acquaintance of the Daimyo.
  • An Anti-Hero Team similar to the Suicide Squad or the Thunderbolts is formed out of various former villains from across the universes introduced.
  • Earth-51 Harley convincing her Earth-1992 counterpart to finally ditch the Joker.
  • The Earth-51 version of Hank Henshaw and his crew are doublegangers of the Earth-19999 version of the Fantastic Four, referencing their Captain Ersatz nature in Henshaw's first appearance.
    • Alternatively, they'll look like the actual actors who end up portraying them in the canon MCU. Now that'd be "meta".
  • Steve Rogers found out about Isaiah Bradley. Not only does this slightly strain his friendship with Bucky, he has a Crisis of Faith over whether or not the country he dedicated his life to is truly Beyond Redemption. As for Steve and Isaiah's interation:
Sam: Have you talked to him?
Steve: I tried. Let's just say it's best to keep my distance.

     Future Series Additions 
  • The DCU
    • Young Justice- Weyer's not afraid to bring in multiple versions of the same characters so it wouldn't be too far to see the Team and the Justice League here join in events. Plus more young heroes are a plus, especially if the Titans are established beforehand.
    • Titans (2018)
    • Doom Patrol (2019)- Like Titans above it would work pretty well with the multiverse concept and it would be fun to see how the weird heroes get along with others.
    • Swamp Thing- This would work extremely well with the mystic elements in the narrative. Plus the story should see some continuation after a Screwed by the Lawyers cancellation.
    • DC Animated Movie Universe- It would be interesting to see the established heroes and their allies meet versions based more on their New 52 iterations
    • Batman: Arkham Series- Seeing a version of Batman that's an Adaptational Badass that hails from a world that's a bit of a mix of several other ones would be a delight. Bonus point if it actually shows what happened after Arkham Knight.
    • Gen¹³: The Movie- Extreme longshot here, but who knows?
    • Superman Lives- The infamous cancelled movie could be a part of Earth-89 as both projects share a director and Michael Keaton was set to cameo as Bruce Wayne.
    • DC Super Hero Girls - Both the web series and the reboot Cartoon Network show.
    • Super Friends- Just imagine the fun if the Arrowverse characters met the Silver Age inspired much more lighthearted take on the Justice League. Bonus points if someone notes how Batman sounds like Adam West.
    • Krypton- Another cancelled show that could get some kind of continuation. Think of the fun to be had with Kara and Earth-51 Supes meeting a version of their grandfather.
    • The Adventures of Superman
    • Batman (1966): Seeing the 60's Batman interact with more serious versions of the DC Universe, like the Arrowverse would be humorous. It can even be in the same world as Wonder Woman '77.
    • Harley Quinn: Seeing Harley interact with one of the many infinite versions of herself would be interesting.
      • Also after seeing how far this version of Gordon has fallen into insanity, the other Batmen and Batgirls will probably try harder to keep their Gordons from going insane from stress.
    • Injustice: Gods Among Us

  • Marvel Universe

  • Other (Comics)

  • Other (Film)
    • Kingsman - a potential clash between superhero movie tropes and spy movie tropes could be awesome.
    • Pacific Rim - The Jaegars would likely be a welcome help against the Titans of the MonsterVerse.
    • A Nightmare on Elm Street - Freddy would get a kick if he could torment literal superheroes in their dreams.
    • Shin Godzilla - This Godzilla is an antagonistic monster, a perfect candidate for an evil counterpart to the Godzilla of the MonsterVerse.
    • Darkman
    • Men in Black - Almost everything comes from the movies of course, but there will also be hints of the animated series sprinkled in as well.
      • Some elements from the original comics could be added, like them policing supernatural creatures like demons and mutants, in additions to aliens. There will also some agents who would use murder and intimidation to keep the supernatural hidden, just like in the comics, but those are against protocols for the movie/cartoon version.
    • Ghostbusters - possibly focusing on the characters of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, in order to have kid characters.
    • The Universal Horror universe - This was one of the very first shared universes on the big screen and the monsters are iconic, having influenced various characters to this day.
    • Star Wars- This is just one step away from being a full blown superhero universe in its own right. Plus they could make jokes about Mark Hamill and how the MCU and this brand are owned by Disney.
    • Planet of the Apes- There have been some comic book crossovers for the property, one of which was Green Lantern, so it might have some potential.
    • Mad Max- Like Lord of the Rings the setting could be a fun one to have superheroes in.
    • Indiana Jones
    • Pirates of the Caribbean
    • Bill & Ted- Bill and Ted (or Billie and Thea) meet the Legends of Tomorrow, and Hilarity Ensues.
    • The Rocketeer - It'd be fun to have Cliff flying around during a big battle trying to help. Plus, the sequel The Rocketeers is apparently still going to be made for Disney+, so it'd be cool to play into that.
    • Killer Klowns from Outer Space
      • The Guardians of the Galaxy will run into them.
    • Cloverfield
      • Clover (or a member of his species) ends up in the MonsterVerse or the Pacific Rim universe. If it's an adult (which are even larger), all the Kaijus will be forced to team-up to destroy it. In the latter, it'll take every Jaegars to destroy it or send it to "the Breach".
    • Pan's Labyrinth
    • Slither
    • District 9
      • A villain will try to weaponize the human-to-prawn transformation process to create a horde of monstrous minions. It'll backfire on them for various reasons, such as the transformed humans hating them for doing it to them or the transformed humans ignoring the villain's commands to instead loot stores for cat food to eat.
    • Species - The alien race that gave the secret government group their alien DNA to create a Half-Human Hybrid find themselves on Earth-1, Earth-38 or Earth-199999.

  • Other (Live-Action Series)

  • Other (Western Animated Series)
    • Avatar: The Last Airbender
      • While farfetched, we could have a Villain Team-Up between Ozai, Earth-1992 Joker, and Earth-1 Trickster. Anyone else this troper's missing?
    • Danny Phantom- It would interesting for the titular character to meet the various of superheroes that he was inspired by, especially for him to meet a version of Spider-Man.
    • Biker Mice from Mars - Imagine the jokes that could be made if these guys were used.
    • Scooby-Doo - They've crossed over with Batman and DC so many times, it would be weird if they weren't added.
    • Villainous - Bonus points if Darkseid being affiliated with Black Hat is referenced.
    • RWBY - Salem would definitely be open to the concept of wiping out humanity on other worlds. It is easy to see her ally with the Heartless.
    • Freakazoid!: The antics Freakazoid would get up to if he met The Mask would be humorous to read and witness.
    • Bravestarr, who could be from He-Man's universe.
    • Miraculous Ladybug
      • Marinette and Adrien will end up on different worlds, meaning that they'll still be the dark about each others' true identities even if they explain their origins to other characters.
    • Steven Universe
    • Spongebob Squarepants- If Nicktoons are being included then why not the most iconic one of them.
    • The Fairly OddParents- Given the three crossover episodes this show had with Jimmy Neutron its gotta be guaranteed.
    • Courage the Cowardly Dog
    • Samurai Jack
    • Codename: Kids Next Door- An adventure series with some cosmic themes would work well with the stories.
    • Ben 10- A superhero series that hits on the same cosmic ideas commonly seen in the Arrowverse and MCU.
      • We'll see Vilgax team up with the likes of Thanos or Darkseid.
      • They can take elements from the reboot as well.
      • It would be nice to see Paradox team-up with the Doctor.
      • There is also the whole wanting to see Ben transform into aliens that aren't in his universe, like Kryptonians and Saiyans.
    • Adventure Time
    • Gravity Falls - During his multiversal travels, Ford possibly ran into John Constantine.
      • Bill Cipher has ended up in the Phantom Zone.
      • Ford Pines will be revealed to have met some of the cosmic beings.
    • Rick and Morty - Rick will refuse to work with the Avengers because he's already met a team like them (the Vindicators).
      • It would also be interesting to see the Citadel of Ricks reaction to the Dusting, as well as how it affects Evil Morty's plan.
    • Star vs. the Forces of Evil - As a result of Star's Grand Finale, villains from other Earths will try to take advantage of the destruction of magic by either enslaving or killing the now powerless Mewmans.
    • DuckTales (2017)- The series has become a fully realized universe of Disney Afternoon shows and has world building and lore on par with that of the MCU and Arrowverse. Plus it would give a chance for the Doctor and Scrooge to meet each other and poke fun at Scrooge's current voice.
    • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power - Could potentially crossover with He-Man's world.
      • Also, seeing Adora and Catra meeting Wonder Woman and Cheetah respectively, and developing a master and pupil relationship with them would be nice.
      • Horde Prime could potentially come back and ally with Darkseid, and possibly receive the Kick the Son of a Bitch moments he richly deserves at the hands of the superior villain.
    • OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes- Fits well with the superhero theme and did touch on the multiverse.
      • If this and the Scooby Doo one above happen we might get the Ghoul School girls involved.
    • Any Hanna-Barbera superhero, like Space Ghost or Birdman (probably mixed with their Coast to Coast and Harvey Birdman versions for the sake of laughs)
      • Space Ghost will be based on the DC comics version. Birdman's secret identity is Harvey R. Randallnote , Attorney at Law.
    • Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - Almost everyone will have a habit of screwing up the Overly Long Name while the Power Rangers will be surprised at a copy of them made up of monkeys.
    • The Owl House - Imagine Doctor Strange engaging in Snark-to-Snark Combat with Eda.
      • Bellos would be very excited to ally with villains that would help him with invading earth after Luz destroyed his portal.
    • The Venture Bros.- Just imagine the comedy gold of characters from this series finding their way to worlds where the sci-fi and superhero conventions they mock and subvert are played straight.
    • Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts - The Snap occurred sometime between the Time Skip in the final episode. Dr. Emilia, Fun Gus, or both were affected as well, and Emilia is freed upon the Snap being undone and plans to resume her mission to cure the Mutes. Presumably with the help of some villain(s) from another series.
    • South Park- Might be a stretch, but since the show has parodied everything (including superheroes and sci-fi) it might be hilarious for the characters of that show to interact with characters from the Arrowverse, MCU, and various of other franchises.
      • Also it be cool for the Coon & Friends interacting with actual superheroes, especially Mysterion meeting a version of Batman.
    • Totally Spies!: People would love to see a crossover between this and Charlie's Angels and/or Kim Possible.
    • Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss: Charlie would like the chance to reform sinners from other realities.
      • There are also a fair amount of people who would like to use I.M.P's services to kill heroes that killed them.
    • Winx Club

  • Other (Video Games)
    • Mario - The most famous video game character would be a nice addition to the cast.
    • Legend of Zelda - Could be set in any of the timelines or maybe an Ultimate Universe to prevent confusion.
    • Street Fighter
    • Resident Evil - Man-Made Zombies vs. Superheroes. Epic.
    • Sonic the Hedgehog - Possibly using recent film incarnation.
    • Metroid - Samus would be a great addition to the Action Girl cast.
      • Samus will be a doppelgänger of Carol Danvers, as a reference to Brie Larson's open love of the Metroid franchise.
    • Mega Man
    • Metal Gear
    • Castlevania - Possibly using the animated series.
    • Fire Emblem
    • Persona- People would love a crossover between this and JoJo.
    • Devil May Cry
    • Tekken
    • Soul Series - Nightmare would love the chance to find a suitable host for him.
    • God of War- Seeing how Kratos handles heroes like Wonder Woman and Thor, who either serve or are benevolent gods would be intriguing.
    • Final Fantasy- Would be from the more story driven games (4 and 6, 7-10, 13 and 15 are all possibilities but likely only one) and the established characters therein are a few steps short of being superheroes to start with. Plus the extensive lore of whichever game is chosen creates a lot of story possibilities.
    • Kingdom Hearts- Owned by Disney like the MCU, has traveling to other worlds as a key part of the mythos, and Disney worlds are starting to appear in the stories. Yeah this one seems too good to pass up.
    • Infamous- Fits well with the superhero themes.
    • Assassin's Creed- This universe would be a pretty left field turn for the heroes to have to deal with.
    • Halo- Seeing superheroes in a futuristic military setting such as this would be fun. It would be fun if Star Wars was also involved.
    • The King of Fighters
    • Killer Instinct
    • Mortal Kombat - Could either take place after the movie or Mortal Kombat 11.
    • Fate Series- Magic and the Arthurian Mythos are on track to play a big role so this would fit. Nimue did bring up the idea of Arthur as woman after all. It would also be intriguing to see how Shirou would respond to meeting actual superheroes.
    • Overwatch
    • NieR: Automata
    • The Witcher
    • The Wonderful 101: Seeing this group of heroes join forces with their fellow heroes would be nice. Seeing them recruit civilians from other earths would be awesome.

  • Other (Literature)
    • Harry Potter- The series is still going strong to this day and it does fall under the Warner Bros umbrella. Plus it could be a lot of fun seeing the wizarding world interact with superheroes.
    • The Dresden Files
    • Lord of the Rings- One of the most iconic fantasy settings in fiction which would be fun to see superheroes be part of. Plus some possible LEGO Dimensions references.
    • It - Either the book, the 1990 movie, the 2-part remake, or a combination of all three. Taking place after his death at the end, Pennywise not only still lives but has somehow ended up in one of the other universes. He might try to menace the Kid Heroes from other series, which will be his big mistake.
    • NOS4A2- Charlie Manx will begin abducting children from Earth-199999, prompting Blade to venture to Christmasland to stop him.
    • The War of the Worlds - The Martians' pods crash-land on one of the other Earths.

  • Other (Manga, Anime, & Light Novels)

     The Dark Multiverse will show up 
  • Possible inclusions
    • Brightburn- Come on, the universe the film introduced is absolutely perfect for the Dark Multiverse, plus Brandon could serve as a Composite Character of Superboy Prime and King Hyperion.
      • Superman would likely attempt to reform Brandon or at least stop him.
    • Wonder Woman (2011 pilot)- Take her out of a world where she’s the Designated Hero and people will see the monster she truly is.
    • A Bruce Wayne similar to the one seen in seen in Crisis on Infinite Earths (2019)- He already has a few things in common with the Batmen from Dark Knights: Metal so he’d be right at home.
      • While this Batman has appeared in Counterpart Conferences, it doesn't rule out the possibility of him coming back when he's released from the Phantom Zone.
    • Marvel Zombies- Could serve as the main conflict of future crisis while also introducing our heroes to the Dark Multiverse. Would have a few elements from DCeased and the original plague carrier would be Superman as a Fandom Nod.
    • The Hulk storyline Future Imperfect- it would be the result of Bruce Banner's fear of becoming a true monster and being exactly like his father.
    • Secret Empire.
    • As mentioned above, the universe of Shin Godzilla could serve as this to the MonsterVerse.
    • A version of Transformers: Shattered Glass could be this to the Hasbro properties' universe, with an increased presence for the non-Transformers stuff like G.I. Joe.
    • The Boys- It's easy to imagine that group jumping to the assumption the Avengers and the Justice League are just like the scumbag "heroes" they usually deal with and simply hide it better. However later on some characters will come to generally respect and even admire Superman. (A real life reference to Garth Ennis' own feelings towards the Man of Steel.)
      • Plus it would be very cathartic to see Homelander beaten by a version of Superman or Supergirl.
      • It would also be cathartic to see Charles Xavier and the X-men defeat John Godolkin and give his victims the help they need.
      • It can take elements from the comic and the live action tv series.
      • It would also be nice to see Starlight get to join a real superhero team like the Avengers instead of a group of rapist and hedonists.
    • SCP Foundation - Seeing SCPs like 682 and 106 fight Superman and Batman would be epic.
      • It would also be interesting to see the Foundation conflict with Men In Black or the Plumbers, who would disapprove of their methods, like their treatment of D-Class.
      • There is also the potential Villain Team-Up between Bobble and Pennywise.
    • Fantastic Four (2015)- Based on that version of Reed's behavior in that film (such as abandoning his friends right after they are transformed), it's a very good possibly that Fant4stic Reed could easily become the Infinity Crisis version of the Maker.
    • Irredeemable- Although the Plutonian is still very much dead, Earth is still liable to be invaded by the Vespa and the remaining Superheroes are in no shape to protect the planet. Qubit journeys into the Multiverse to seek help only to discover three horrifying things: First, for all the Supermen and Supremes that came to be because of Tony's "redemption" there was just as many Public Spirits and Alpha Ones, second his very universe is literally the stuff nightmares are made of and third, he is not real person and actually a physic manifestation of everything the Doctor secretly hate about themselves. (Mercy and Thou Shalt Not Kill being more of a hindrance than a virtue, the constant hypocrisy, and favoring Earth and humanity over the rest of the universe)
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin - It's already Bad Future where Michelangelo is a brutal, emotionally broken, possibly mentally ill Sole Survivor. I'd say it fits the criteria.
    • Tales from the Dark Multiverse - A series of oneshots where Tempest Fuginaut once again guides us though familiar movies and TV episodes but, in typical Dark Multiverse fashion, something goes horribly horribly wrong.
      • Iron Man - Rather than than having a Heel Realization Tony instead becomes inspired by his near death experience and mass produces the Iron Man armor and even more dangerous weapons and deliberately slowly poisons the world. Now society is totally dependent on Stark Industries products and Tony doesn't even has an once of regret.
      • Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Project Insight succeeded. Citizens now live in a constant state of fear, Steve Rodgers would receive the same brainwashing treatment as Bucky, and Black Widow would be a mole for HYDRA and has quite a few character traits from her Ultimate Marvel counterpart.
      • Wonder Woman (2017) - Instead of destroying him, Wonder Woman joined up with Ares and allied with him to end humanity. That, or she became the god of war herself and going on a rampage.
      • Spider-Man: Homecoming - Peter accidentally used the "Instant Kill" function of his suit, resulting in it killing Adrian Toomes/The Vulture. This lead Liz down a dark path of revenge, resulting in her killing Peter, who refused to fight back. Liz stole his suit and, with help from the Tinkerer, has become the most powerful super-criminal figure in New York City, with a massive network of Chitauri and Stark Industries tech-based enforcers.
      • Labyrinth (because why just stick to the superhero movies?) - Sarah ended up succumbing to her temptations and let herself be fully seduced by Jareth. The Goblin King managed to fuck it all up when his negligence resulted in the apparent death of Toby. An enraged Sarah killed Jareth and fully became the ruler of the realm, descending into her worst impulses as time passed and becoming a childish tyrant. Toby is in fact alive, but transformed into a monstrous beast that's trapped in the Labyrinth.

     Altered Events 
With the changes brought on by the dusting some events (movies and TV shows) will still happen but differently.

  • Marvel Cinematic Universe
    • Spiderman Far From Home- Peter still goes on his class trip but instead of Fury/Talos hijacking the trip Tony Stark/Iron Man who suggests the trip would be a good opportunity for Peter to check out some foreign superheroes. A certain someone however isn’t gonna make things easy for him.
    • WandaVision- Wanda and Vision build their house in Westview and use it as a retreat to take a break from the stress of heroics, with Pietro joining them (to their occasional reluctance). Wanda however would still like nothing more than to live a normal life with her loved ones and raise a family with Vision and thus still ends up creating the sitcom. This time it’s a series of shared dreams with her family and the residents of Westview that only she fully remembers. She still ends up attracting Agatha’s attention when WandaVision somehow ends up airing in different parts of the world, Billy and Tommy end up escaping the dreams to be with their real parents and the king of dreams himself has grown curious of these events.
      • Tyler Hayward is still working on Project Cataract in secret from most of S.W.O.R.D. but as he was only able to steal a few pieces of Vision without the Avengers noticing he probably has to wait until Maria‘s cancer kills her to make any progress.
    • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - Steve suddenly goes missing for weeks or months, and is presume dead (when he's actually stuck on another universe). So the U.S. government appoints John Walker as the new Captain America. This prompt Sam and Bucky to work together to find Steve while also dealing with the new Cap and the newly-emerging Flag Smashers, with the help of recent Thunderbolts member Helmut Zemo.
  • Arrowverse
    • Crisis on Infinite Earths (2019)
      • One of the major changes would be Green Arrow surviving, just like with Earth-199999 Iron Man.
      • Earth-38 will still be merged with Earth-1, which already had Black Lightning taking place here.
      • Earth-199999 might merge with other live-action Marvel universes as well. If it hadn't already as mentioned below.
      • The non-DC universes will also be hit by the anti-matter waves.
    • Batwoman (2019)
      • Ryan Wilder will still end up becoming Batwoman, but under different circumstances stemming from either the events of Infinity Crisis II or another Earth-1 based story.
  • DC Extended Universe

Dr. Strange gave the Time Stone a power boost.
When he looked into the 14 million futures he saw the canon Endgame ending and decided that the 5 years of pain and Tony's death wasn't worth it so added something to the Time Stone that spread to the other stones. This caused all of the multiverse to be affected by the Snap and while things seemed to have worked out, in the long run he may have caused irreparable damage to the multiverse.
He also unknowingly changed the timeline of his universe such as Tony still having an arc reactor in his chest, causing people to change appearances (Jennifer Walters), Shang Chi's father to split into two separate people (The Mandarin and Zheng Zu), more superheroes to show up early (Fantastic Four), and even merged his universe with a dying one (X-Men Film Series).

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