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     Pre-Release Theories 

The still operational City Destroyer originally deployed to Africa will be commandeered by the heroes to great effect in the climax
  • The latest trailer shows an undamaged Destroyer from the first war, landed in Congo. In the Climax, IDR will one-up the original, by having the heroes use the City Destroyer supposedly responsible for sending the SOS, to infiltrate the gigantic Mothership... And unleashing hell with the Wave Motion Gun - while inside.
  • Jossed. The African Mothership only serves to set up the fact that the aliens are returning.

In the sequel, the president will have a romance with an alien princess
  • Why? Because that's the stereotype and the previous film was full of stereotypes. Also, he has to overcome his wife's death in some point.
    • Just so long as the princess is from Druidia.
      • Jossed. The only other alien who appears in the movie is a smooth white ball.

Post war Earth is under the rule of a single world state, the Aliens living in District Nine Ghettos.
  • Overall casualties are relatively low because the Cities where mostly evacuated. The surviving human governments band together in a loose federation to maintain order, rebuild, deal with the refugee crisis, and prepare for the next alien attack (this never comes as the Aliens where an autonomous migrant fleet which invade a planet, loot it and then take off.) Meanwhile not all the aliens died when their ships went down, so the new Earth Government is forced to do something about this new minority, and not willing to commit total genocide, build various ghettos around the world.
  • Partially Jossed, partially confirmed.
    • Confirmed: Earth seems to be governed by the United Nations, is preparing for another invasion, and is fighting bush wars in the Congo against surviving alien combatants.
    • Jossed: Another alien attack does occur.

Postwar Earth, most of humanity is still alive

The aliens managed to destroy the first set of cities and most of their population because of the small window of time people had to escape. However, they apparently don't get to the next set of cities (which include Chicago and Houston in the Director's Cut) till the next day, giving citizens in most major cities time to escape.

In the United States in particular, New York, D.C., LA, Houston, and Chicago are confirmed to be destroyed, but as far as we know Phoenix, either San Francisco or San Diego (depending on which California city the aliens chose to target first after LA), Dallas, and Miami are all probably still intact.

Within the USA, Florida might be the best place to live if Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, and Tampa are still intact.

It's possible also that Canada is doing relatively well. We don't know if the aliens targeted Toronto, but even if Toronto is gone, most of the rest of Canada could still be intact.

  • And it wasn't like people weren't making a beeline out of their cities in the HOURS they had to do so. If Jeff Goldblum's character and his Dad were able to get out of New York and drive to Washington, millions must have gotten out of New York alone.
    • I always figured that the Dad lived outside NYC (New Jersey maybe?) and David was only able to leave NYC because he used a bike to reach his Dad.
    • The novel actually includes their escape from New York. Julius lives in Brooklyn, but David knew all the shortcuts in the city having spent a lot of time in the backseat of a taxi. They were able to get out of the city in less than half an hour.
    • This makes a lot of sense. Not only should a decent number of people have been able to get out of NYC by the highway, but (turning into a rail geek for a moment) presuming that Rudy Giuliani (or his equivalent) was able to push the commuter railroads and PATH to run a "peak-hour level" evacuation service in the hours leading up to the attack you could easily pump at least a million people out of the city proper (possibly two million or more depending on timeframes, where you drop people, etc.) that way.

Post-invasion Europe is dominated by the French-Italian Empire
Italy and France have a huge dose of resentment against anyone who believes them cowards unable to fight, and their relationship tend to be that of Vitriolic Best Friends.

Assuming the aliens attacked nuclear powers first due the results of nuking ground troops and lack of knowledge on their ships' ability to survive nukes, France was hit hard but in the end triumphed on their attacker with German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swiss help... And then most of the world believed it was the everybody but the French and the Italians who did all the job. A few months later Louis, Prince Napoléon is elected Napoleon VI, Emperor of the French and the Italians to serve as a common leader.

Immediately after, Switzerland is crushed by the sudden attack coming from East and South, Austria surrender to the Italians when they bomb Vienna, Germany is overran by the French (with the Italians clearing the mountains after they crossed the Alps), Spain and Portugal get spared because they publicly admitted the French and Italian valour from the beginning, the conquered populations are so stunned and terrified by having their armed forces utterly crushed by the military Butt Monkeys of Europe that they join the Empire, and the rest of the world stop making Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey jokes for fear of being next on the list.

Then they conquer Libya because Gaddafi tried to get compensations for the Italian occupation and swears when the Empire replies he still owe them money for the nationalized Italian industries, and retake the rest of the Italian colonial empire because Eritrea joins the Empire, Ethiopia tries to stop Eritrea and Somalian pirates mistook the carrier Garibaldi for a tanker and attacked.

  • Jossed. The War of 1996 website shows that humanity put aside its differences and united in the wake of the attack. In addition, it's shown that Switzerland and Portugal are the only European countries which didn't suffer any losses in the attack. With the loss of Brussels, Geneva probably became the new center of the European Union.
    • Switzerland is not a EU country.
    • In real life. In an alternate history where Earth was attacked by aliens, they likely joined.

If the sequels happen, the destroyed cities will be at least partially rebuilt

If, as theorized above, we reverse-engineer the alien tech, it's not hard to imagine gigantic construction robots being developed to help with the rebuilding efforts.

  • The "cities rebuilt" part is confirmed by the War of 1996 website. The only one that wasn't rebuilt was Las Vegas, which serves as a memorial.

In the sequel, the remaining aliens and humans must work to fight together against the zombies created by the nuclear waste created when they nuked Houston.

Forced into an alliance by the swarms of zombies, can they overcome the previous epic battle?

  • Independence Day 2: Aliens vs Zombies
  • The title is Jossed as is the plot. There are no zombies to be found, human or otherwise.
The aliens are a different faction than those in the first movie.

Explaining why their giant spaceship looks different. They are actually there to wipe out the surviving aliens on Earth.

  • Jossed. The spaceship looks different because it belongs to a higher ranking Queen.

Whitmore will become an acting president

At some point in the film, President Lanford will be incapacitated (most likely inside the control room seen in the first trailer) and either killed, taken prisoner, or mind-controlled and thus give false orders to the armed forces to give the aliens an advantage (similar to how Okun was used as a body puppet in the first film). When the truth emerges, everyone will turn to the man who helped lead Earth to victory 20 years earlier, and Whitmore will step up and lead humanity into battle once again.

  • Jossed. General Adams becomes president after the Cheyenne bunker is raided and destroyed.

The aliens will win

While humanity has had 20 years to prepare for another attack, as the poster points out, so have the aliens. The force coming after us this time heard the emergency broadcast their predecessors sent, and know that humans, despite our technological inferiority, are ''not'' to be taken lightly, and have been upgrading their own technology accordingly. We've managed to claw our way up to where we could defend and fight against a force comparable to the first film, but the newest invasion fleet is decades beyond that, and our new defense force is still obsolete.

This newest force has invaded not to consume the Earth's resources, but to wipe out humanity so that we can't threaten their civilization. To accomplish that, they've brought in an enormous machine designed to eradicate all organic life (that giant vacuum cleaner/tripod thing we see in the first trailer). Once it slams into the earth, it sets itself up and begins a planet-wide sterilization process. Humanity fights back with everything we have, and there are two possible outcomes:

1. We fail, and the Earth is glassed, and the only humans still alive are those who fled the planet, or who are in bases throughout the solar system.

2. We manage to disable/destroy the weapon and stop the invaders, but the damage inflicted is so catastrophic that our victory is almost meaningless. The damage caused to the planet is so severe that the majority of humanity is dead, and the earth is almost uninhabitable. However, we're resilient and refuse to give in, and either:

  • 1. Start to rebuild.
  • 2. Take the remaining alien ships, load up what's rest of humanity, and head off to find a new home.

Dean Devlin revealed in an interview that while two sequels were originally planned, they were scaled back to one to see what the audience reaction will be, suggesting that the sequel's story is self-contained, but with a possible thread that could be picked up in a third film

  • Jossed. Humanity triumphs and drives away the Aliens again. However... if the Sphere had been allowed to follow its original plan of evacuating a small percentage of Humanity and then running, the end result would've been the destruction of the Earth.

The movie is the sequel to a won game of XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • The similarities with it and XCOM 2 have already been noted but here's how it happened:
    After the assault on the Temple Ship XCOM's action were revealed, leading to a technologic boom for the entire world. However, due to the very limited supplies of Elerium and Alien Alloys, after a few years, Titan and Archangel armors had almost dissapeared, same for the plasma weapons. As for why there aren't any psionics ? Either XCOM considere them too dangerous to become widespread, or some nasty side effects of becoming one lead to them dissapearing.

There will be a reference to how much America Saves the Day was in the original
  • Considering the blatant use of this trope is the main reason the film is considered Snark Bait internationally, it would be odd if there wasn't even a reference to it. Might be something like mentioning that, despite America being the major player in the aliens' defeat, other countries had won some battles.
  • Jossed. There isn't any real discussion of the politics of the first film (it actually makes a point of noting how the alien invasion unified humanity), and the second film has a more diverse set of heros (including a French woman, an African warlord, and a Chinese fighter pilot).
The saga will end ala Ender's Game
  • Considering revelations by the director on originally the story was going to make use of wormholes, and the fact that even if this invasion is repelled the aliens are still out there, the only possible way for humanity to survive is to stage a counterattack to the alien's homeworld. Imagine: Getting a glimpse of a Type II civilization and then the humans destroy it by somehow destabilizing their star and making it go supernova!

Hiller will turn up at the end.
  • They're making a big deal about him being dead. It's been suggested in the YMMV page that this was done to trick audiences and leaves the door open for his return in a sequel. Who's to say that he doesn't appear in this at all. Sure, Will Smith said he was done with science fiction, but then again, Mark Hamill said he was done with the Joker after Batman: Arkham City outside of Batman: The Killing Joke and we know how that turned out.
    • OP here. From the sounds of it, Jossed

     Post-Release Theories 
The alien glyph system will now get a symbol which imitates Earth or humanity somehow.
  • And it will stand for "WTF!".
    • Even better: the glyph will be the human skull and crossbones that Levinson and Hiller broadcast to the Mothership in the first movie before firing off the nuclear missile.

Should a sequel be made, this would be a prequel to Star Wars.
  • Humans will be going to space for an interstellar travel and leading the resistance against the aliens. The same said group of humans and the surviving aliens that are aligned to them will create a state that is a prologue of the Galactic Republic.

The Stargate reboot is actually just the new ID 4 films.
  • As of the second film, the humans make a practice of adopting any alien technology they can find, and as of the film's climax, they now have an advanced alien benefactor who wants the Earthlings to lead a resistance against the evil aliens. The younger generation of heroes from the second film will take the place of Colonel O'Neil's team from Stargate.

With the science from The Sphere, they will learn to open portals to another universes.
  • In the final, climatic battle of ID 4-]|[ when everything seems lost, in the darkest hour for terrans, David and His father will open a portal and gather the greatest champion that mankind could offer.
From the portal would rise Gipsy Danger, piloted by Chuck Norris and Bruce Campbell, and it will deliver the mother of all curbstomp battles to the Alien Empress

This movie and Back to the Future Part II take place in the same universe.
  • The first part of BTTF2 was set on October 21, 2015. The date of this movie (July 4, 2016) is close enough. Both movies show a planet Earth with hover technology, cold fusion technology and a female United States President before the end of 2016. So the answer to "why don't we have hoverboards?" is "because we haven't been invaded by aliens".

Humanity ends up evacuating Earth almost entirely after stopping the second invasion.
Leaving aside the fact that the effects of the Harvester Ship's landing will likely result in an extinction event unlike any seen since the Permian Extinction, the narrow margin of our victory even after all our efforts to prepare will have proven that Earth is not safe. We've managed to pull the proverbial rug out from under them twice now through guile, guts, and sheer dumb luck, and they will be taking no chances next time around.

Anyone dumb or stubborn enough to still be around when they come back for round three will be going down with the ship, and there's likely very little that can be done to stop it.

  • Not unless humanity leading the attack against the harvesters before they could even try to go for round three.

The sequel will involve space battles.

The sequel will have the harvesters unleash some Eldritch Abomination to destroy the resistance.
The Resistance are winning the war, thanks to humanity. The harvesters' numbers are slowly dwindling, leaving them so desperate to try anything to survive. They'll end up creating or freeing some creature that might turn against the harvesters, leading to an Enemy Mine situation. The sequel will have some Cosmic Horror Story vibe.