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Sutter Cane didn't actually write the events of the movie.
While John Trent goes off the deep end after discovering that he is a fictional character written by Sutter Cane, he is only half right, and the truth is far worse: Sutter Cane is also a fictional character, written by an Eldritch Abomination to write the gateway into our world for its kind. This means that John Trent is a fiction written by a fiction, and his whole world is even less real than he thinks he's discovered.
  • According to The Other Wiki, Michael De Luca wrote it. Trent is the fictional being created by a fictional insane author who sold his soul and all of fictional reality to a fictional Eldritch Abomination all because of Michael De Luca, who proved thoroughly that The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You certainly swings both ways, if it exists at all. I wonder if Trent is aware of the existence of Sam Neill portraying/living out his life?
    • Interestingly, you can see the poster for the movie-within-the-movie when Trent goes to see it. It lists John Trent and Linda Styles, as if they themselves were the In-Universe actors portraying their characters...but it also lists John Carpenter as the director, suggesting he exists within the fictional world of the movie.

This movie is the demise of the last dimension Bill Cipher managed to get into.

Bill is a Reality Warper who acts as his pawns' muses by speaking to them in their mindscape. Sutter Cane, being an author, was a perfect medium to work through. Why he didn't repeat this to enact Weirdmageddon is anyone's guess.

Every horror movie by John Carpenter is based on a Sutter Kane novel.

Especially the Apocalypse Trilogy, but being such a famous, prolific author he has definitely inspired the works of others.

And yes, that means Christine is a Sutter Kane novel too. Did you know my favorite color is Autumn Red?


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