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Ray dies
The closing scene, in which Ray is put into the ambulance, looks remarkably like a wake/funeral scene. All of the characters who are alive at the end of the movie (Marie, Eirik and Chloe) look over Ray on the stretcher(/coffin?). Although Chloe's emotional reaction makes sense for the scene, Marie is unusually calm, considering what's just happened.

Most, if not all, of the characters featured in the film are guilty of some sin or another. Ken, Ray, and Harry are all killers (Ken and Ray are drug users besides), Chloe is a drug dealer and robber, Eirik is a robber, Jimmy an addict and a racist, the Americans are Prideful and (evidently) gluttons, the Canadian is kind of a dick. One of the only speaking characters that comes to mind who doesn't commit some immediate sin or another in the film is Marie, the Innkeeper. Then again, since she was paid to house Ken and Ray during their stay, maybe she's just the ferryman on the River Styx.

Ray lives and the voice over is him telling the story of the movie to the mother of the boy he killed

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