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Straightforward thinking is a problem. Daemonia will not be defeated by KILLING.
One has to wonder on the number and survivability of the Tarot cards. We've seen one of Diabolus Tarots destroyed by piercing. Next one appeared less than a week later. And Daemonia would destroy Elemental Tarot cards if they could. It is possible that any Tarot card reforms after a cooldown period, and there is a limited number of both Diabolus and Elemental Tarots. Therefore, imprisoning/sealing the active Daemonia might be a method to stop the killings for good. While Fridge Horror dictates that it's because the hosts keep being killed that the war goes on.
  • An additional theory could be that Daemonia die if they don't kill anyone within a certain time period thus making sealing them impossible. A forever war.
  • Nope. Diabolos Tarot divide

Akari is also host to a Daemonia
It's obviously not normal that Akari can hear the voice of the possessed. While dormant, it still lets her "communicate" with the Daemonia, which is why she can hear the possessed. Eventually it will rear its ugly head and she will have to confront her inner demon.
  • Episode 4 has some evidence for this: Ginka specifically notes that hearing daemonia isn't known to happen with elemental tarot. And Akari notes that she never heard Fuyuna... and it's killing Fuyuna that made Sephiro Fiore worry about her getting possessed.
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  • Sorta confirmed. Akari is half-Daemonia by birth.

The series takes the same universe with Persona Series
Akari's father turned into a Daemonia and died
This would explain why she remembers nothing about him.
  • Confirmed... that he turned into a Daemonia, at least.
  • Alternatively , her father is Cerebrum. In the flashback , the scientist has bluish hair, and it would explain why he wants her.
    • Confirmed. Her father is Cerebrum, and is Daemonia.
      • Not confirmed. Hinted at as a possibility, but not stated either way. This Troper found it to be more aiming toward Cerebrum being her sibling.
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