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Sakaido and Hondomachi go head to head.
Hondomachi is recommended as a great detective by Matsuoka in episode 6 and a prototype version of the Mizuhanome system is suggested to exist around the same time. If two brilliant detectives could be put in at the same time, then there could be a "who finds the murderer first?" battle.
  • Jossed: They don't compete after meeting because of circumstances, and Sakaido and Anaido quickly turn to cooperation.

Sakaido (酒井戸) has the character for "alcohol" in it, like Anaido (穴井戸) has the character for "hole" in it. note  Therefore, Sakaido's crime could be to do with alcohol.
  • Seemingly jossed as of episode 7.
    • Likewise, Miyo Hijiriido (聖井戸 御代) could be interpreted as a "great detective [to usher in a] new reign". Not only does the non-ido component of the surname mean "saint/holy", the name "Miyo" is used to refer to a ruler's reign.
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    • Jossed: He revenged his family while being perfectly sober.

John Walker
As noted on the main page, John Walker is a homage to an alcohol mascot. It could be that John Walker is an anomaly created by Sakaido's presence in the wells.
  • As of episode 7, that seems to be jossed. Momoki is John Walker.
    • Judging by episode 8, all this is far more convoluted, and, apparently Momoki was set up. Also deserves mention is that Chief greatly resembles aged version of John. But theory itself is jossed: John Walker, or whoever is behind that image, is very real, and was spying on everyone who manifested him in the well.
    • John Walker is indeed the chief Hayaseura.

Narihisago may or may not be Muku's biological father
  • Muku got her looks from her mother, but she didn't inherit her mother or father's eye colors. It is possible Muku either inherits her blue eyes from one of her parent's relatives or she might be Momoki's biological daughter because they both have blue eyes. It would mean that Narihisago's wife, Ayako had affair with Momoki before or after she married her husband. It implied from Episode 7 where he speak fondly of Muku.
    • In #BRAKE BROKEN, where Sakaido somehow enters Ayako's ID well, where Narihisago's wife commit suicide, there's a room completely block and seal from the outside. It presumably that not only Momoki doesn't want Sakaido to remember who he is in the real world, but he doesn't want him to learn the truth about Ayako's dark secret she never told Narihisago before her death.

The reason why Anaido hasn't bring Saikaido back from Kiki's ID well in Episode 9
  • Since Sakaido told Anaido to wait for 10 minutes and then reject him, and ten minutes has already passed and he still in Kiki's ID Well. There are two possible theories:
    • 1) Time runs differently inside of Kiki's ID Well and that's why Anaido haven't pull him out yet.
    • 2)Anaido died of dehydration and he didn't know what time to pull Sakaido out of Kiki's ID Well.
    • 3) "Eject" button does nothing, since the whole thing is a trap.
      • The first one confirmed since Narihisago was inside of Kiki's ID well for two years, while Anaido waited for him for 10 minutes.

Kiki might still be very much alive and will eventually be rescued by Narihisago
  • Kiki's connection to the ID Well might be the reason for keeping her alive and if Narihisago is able to find clues to her location, he might have a chance to rescue Kiki once and for all.
    • Confirmed: Kiki, or at least her body, is alive and is part of Mizuhanome. She's awakened by John Walker in episode 11 when his cover is blown. As for saving Kiki, it was actually Momoki who came to Kiki's aid.

The reason why Hondomachi's appearance hasn't change inside Kiki's ID well
  • It strange that Hondomachi looks exactly the same and she still has a hole in her head. It's possible she never encounter Kiki or her well doesn't have a record of her.
    • Jossed. The reason why she looks the same because it took place in the year of Episode 1 and 2.

    Bets on episode 11 events 

The next episode have Inami to dive in and reject Hijiriido inside Narihisago's ID well
  • Since all three Mizuhanome pilot are trapped in the ID well, there's a chance the members of Kura has no choice to send Inami to Narihisago's ID well to save Hijiriido since she's the only killer Narihisago hasn't talk into commit suicide yet. However, if Kura doesn't have a fourth Mizuhanome cockpit, there's a chance they have no choice to remove of the current pilots in Mizuhanome.
    • Jossed. Inami didn't appear in this episode.

Mizuhanome will suffer BSOD in episode 11
  • The team and divers violated or subverted almost all existing diving rules (diving in one's own well, retaining memory, encountering a single well in two different samples, second layer well), and now Sakaido meets John Walker with his memory restored and full of clues. It'll be such a Mind Screw that machine will overload and shut down. It is unknown if Mizuhanome shut down forcing Sakaido and the other two return to their bodies or lose their conscious forever.
    • Jossed.

Sakaido or Anaido will receive a permanent death in Episode 11
  • Since the Wellside members are unable to pull them out of the end stage of Narihisago's ID well, there's a chance one of them will be kill permanent. Their ID well avatars will either disappear into nothing or remain the same. As the result, their real bodies will result a comatose or vegetable state.
    • Jossed.

  • Jossed, jossed and also jossed: all detectives unite their efforts, figure out John Walker's id and manage to exit all wells safely without outside help (not counting pressing the "Eject" button).

Kiki Asukai's profile image from Episode 7 was doctored/alter or continuity error
  • Since Kiki's current fate was revealed in Episode 11, it's possible the image of her from Episode 7 was doctored by John Walker so the people of Kura won't know that Kaeru is Kiki Asukai.

In the final episode, Narihisago's body dies in the real world
  • There is a chance Narihisago won't be able to return to his real body due to gun shot wound in the stomach. The series will end with Narihisago living on as Sakaido in the Id well forever and Hondomachi will be his successor.
    • Jossed.

Narihisago will make a heroic sacrifice in the final episode
  • There is one of the possibilities Narihisago will sacrifice his life to protect Hondomachi and destroy Hayaseura's conscious in the ID well. He will die afterwards since there won't be any way to bring him back because his body has already died in the real world.
    • Jossed. He survive his gun shot wound.

Kiki Asukai will be kill by Momoki in the final episode.
  • Since putting Kiki back in the Mizuhanome won't bring people back from their comatose state. The only way to wake the people from their comatose state and people who were kill in a ID well by killing her.
    • Jossed.

Alternatively, Kiki Asukai will survive in the final episode.
  • If Momoki is successful in reasoning with Kiki, he might be able to save her as well as the comatose people. Plus, it would be wholesome to finally give Kiki a happy ending after all of the trauma that she experienced.
    • Semi-Confirmed. Kiki is put back in the Mizuhanome and hopeful one day Kura will find a way to suppressed or rid of her powers and free her.

Inami and Fukuta's fates reveal in the final episode
  • It is currently unknown if their bodies dies when their subconscious was kill inside an Id well or will they be revive once Kiki is kill or put back in the Mizuhanome.
    • Jossed. It is revealed both Fukuta and Inami stay comatose as the result of their conscious killed in the ID well after Kiki is put back in Mizuhanome.

The fate of the people who fall into a coma by Kiki's powers will be revealed in the final episode
  • It is currently unknown if the victims who fall into a coma will regain or stay dead after being killed inside an ID well. There are two possible theories:
    • 1) They will be revive if they were killed inside a Id well due to their bodies haven't harm in the real world.
    • 2) Their bodies die out or fall into a vegetable state due to their minds/conscious killed inside an Id well.
      • Confirmed. Most of the members of Kura regain conscious except Fukuta and Inami, who are still in comatose state.

The #BRAKE BROKEN took place in-between after John Walker case and Narihisago and Hondomachi start their mission in new ID well
  • Since it's been confirmed the manga is sequel after the series finale, for some reason, Hondomachi went back her original position as a field operative instead of being Mizuhanome pilot. It possible she went back her original position temporarily to help Fukusen with the investigation.

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