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Biscuit is an in-universe Eldritch Abomination
Her "real" form was of an extremely muscular woman, and she said she was 50-something, but just a little girl becoming a muscular, middle-aged woman wouldn't impose that much fear as she did, to make the guys almost crap themselves in the pants, as it wouldn't be that abnormal in that part of HxH's universe. She could probably that world's version of Cthulhu, and could release an even more firghtening form. But unlike Lovecraft's Cthulhu, she's endearing with most kids, and disguises as a cute little girl. Perhaps she's over 1000 years as well, and the whole universe is The Plan of her to make kids rule, as they seem to make more sense than the adults in such place.
  • Or it could be her true form is 10+ ft tall and covered in muscles, and more than double the size of her opponent. Heck, even Ubogvin probably wasn't that big.

Genetic and body modification technology is well understood and relatively easy to obtain.
  • Explains the circumstances behind some of the more "unusual" Hunters.
    • Practically Confirmed with the statement that most members of the Zodiac got body modification to more closely resemble the animals Netero assigned them.

Knuckle is Kuawabara's brother, who fell into an alternate universe as an infant.
  • Put simply this is mostly just for fun, but they're so freaking similar I couldn't NOT think it.

Hisoka arranged Bodoro's death.
  • We know Hisoka convinced Bodoro to surrender in their fight during the Hunter Exam. Maybe after the fight, he and Illumi coordinated to hypnotize and disqualify Killua, using the old man as a sacrificial lamb. Perhaps the reason Hisoka marked Bodoro for death in particular is because he didn't see much potential in him, and he obviously didn't want to bloody his hands and disqualify himself.

Tompa is another secret test
because he can easily pass the exam if he wanted, and sadism seems like an odd reason to pass up the immense amount of cash you could get as a hunter, or even just selling the card, its possible he was hired by a hunter, or assigned himself to be, a secret test, after all hunter regularly have to deal with outside sources of conflict, being able to achieve your goal is not enough, you must do it while dealing with a traitor, or some other third party interference, this also explains why he would help gon and the others dig threw the wall between the easy and long paths, even though since they barely made it WITH his help they would have failed if he had just sat down doing nothing, and he doesent actually want to pass himself, he saw gons clever thinking as something truly worthy of a hunter and thus helped for once, it also explains why most of his ire is focused on rookies and among the main cast he focused on leorio and mostly ignored the others in later parts of the exam, because he was the only one who hadent proved himself in tonpas eyes

Tonpa really is that massive of a jerk, and someone will get their revenge by...
...Being a Hunter Examiner towards the end of the exam and allowing him to pass. This will render him unable to ever take the Hunter Exam again, and by extension, he will never be able to bully rookie examinees again.

    WMGs about Gon's mom 
Biscuit is Gon's mother.
The main, concealed reason she participated in Greed Island and helped Gon and Killua was to see how her son was doing. Remember, Greed Island is over a decade old and Biscuit is in her late 50s; if she really wanted that gem so badly, wouldn't she have gone after it sooner? That she waited until Gon entered the game, and then proceeded to help him and his friend, is pretty suspicious! She acted like she wasn't familiar with Ging, but she's a natural liar and for whatever reason decided to conceal her relation to him and Gon. Of course if I'm right this raises some questions about Ging's sexual preferences...
  • Problem: Gon should've inherited something from Biscuit genetically, yet the two don't have any traits - Biscuit is a blonde (brunette in the OV As), while Gon has greenish black hair; Biscuit has either pink or blue eyes (depending on if you're going by the 2011 anime or the OVA), but Gon has brown eyes.

'Aunt' Mito is Gon's Mom.
When we get peeks into Gign's childhood, there's a few things to it that seem just a little 'off.' Mito seems to care for Ging A LOT, and appears to have had that kind of nervous crush attitude around him in flashbacks. What little interactions we see between them give off this sense of a very deep sense of connection between the two, with an odd sort of attempted distance that seems to imply romantic feelings one or both of them is afraid to pursue. She gets VERY distant and evasive when the subject of Gon's mother is brought up, and in general it feels like there's something she and her mother just aren't telling us.
  • Considering that they were the only kids on the island it isn't odd that they would be really close. Also it's pretty much hinted that Mito has never left the island. And Ging brought infant Gon back years later, long after since becoming a hunter.
  • It wasn't 'just' that they were close, there were just a lot of odd subtleties to their interactions that seemed to indicate some sort of possible forbidden love, or the makings of one in the future. And as for Ging bringing Gon back, we only have Mito's word on that, she could easily have lied about it.
  • Mito starts the series at 25 years old, meaning she would have had to have gotten pregnant at around age 12 to be Gon's biological mother. It's not impossible, but very improbable. Also, we know from the Greed Island arc (the presence of a name in Gon's book before he'd encountered another player) that, at the very least, Gon was somewhere besides Whale Island at some point in his early childhood.
    • Also making it improbable: while we could assume that Gon got his eye color from his dad, his green highlights seem to come from his mom. If Mito was his mom, then he should have red or orange highlights, not green.

Gon's mother does not exist.
Ging accidentally (or was pranked into) carried a pregnancy stone from Greed Island around and got pregnant with Gon.
  • That would make him a trans man, wouldn't it? It's not unlikely that he went off and did the business on his grand adventure without expecting to get pregnant with a child.
    • The pregnancy stone works regardless of gender (likely meaning assigned gender, as well), so probably not. How the actual birth works out, though, is anyone's guess...
  • It's strongly implied that Greed Island was created for the sole purpose of training Gon. If this is the case, the pregnancy stones would not have existed until Gon had been born, since they're an in-game item.

Cheadle Yorkshire of Zodiacs is Gon's mother
When together she and Ging argue like an old married couple. Also Ging has purely black hair while Gon has green highlights in his.

Gon's Mother will be an analogue of Botan.
Gon's mother will be an analogue of a YYH character and Keiko doesn't fit the relationship Ging has with Gon's mother while Botan does while also having an "Enhancer" personality similar to Gon's. She will also have green hair and be a non-human humanoid from the Dark continent that will parallel Botan's nature as a grim reaper from spirit world.

What could have been Ging's cassette message to Gon about his mother
Ging warns Gon to stop the recording if he doesn't want to know about his mother, but the cassette is promptly deleted afterwards. Leading to various possible scenarios:
  • He just tells him where she is. Straightforward and simple. Although being Ging, it's fair to doubt it.
  • There's a hidden clue about her location. If Ging was going to give Gon an elaborate puzzle to find her, the only clues he could have left would be in the cassette itself or in Greed island, but Gon haven't figured it out yet.
However, there are some things that make me believe that the message wouldn't have lead him anywhere. Mostly the fact that when the two finally meet each other, Ging isn't bothered to ask him if he found her yet or to even refer to her at all:
  • Gon's mom is dead. And Ging's warning was an attempt to stop him from knowing the truth.
  • She's alive, but Ging doesn't want Gon to find her for whatever reason.
  • She's alive, but Ging doesn't know where.


    WMGs about Kurapika and his revenge, the Scarlet Eyes, and the Kurta clan and the massacre thereof 
In at least the first anime, Kurapika is a survivor of at least a sexual assault, and probably longer-term sexual abuse.
The scene on the Filler Ship Hotel where Leorio walks out of the bathroom naked after a shower and Kurapika flips out on him is probably meant to be Played for Laughs, but this troper finds it absolutely chilling. In Leorio's angry grumblings later, it's even spelled out that Kurapika was "assuming weird things" and thought that Leorio was planning to "attack" him.

Think about what it means, that Kurapika's automatic first interpretation of the situation of Leorio (who is his friend, and someone he trusts) walking into his bedroom naked as being a sign that 1) Leorio intends to rape him, and 2) he must defend himself by punching Leorio in the face until this is no longer true. That is an extreme enough reaction to the situation that it's probably a learned behavior, meaning that, at some point in Kurapika's life, a man walking into his room naked did mean that he was about to get raped.

It also puts Kurapika's apparent preference for sleeping either in a hammock or sitting up with his back to something solid (even when there was a perfectly good couch available, as in when they were waiting in that room for 50 hours) in a disturbing new light: When sleeping sitting up like that or sleeping in a hammock, it's very difficult for someone to climb on top of you without waking you up first.

The Scarlet Eyes are actually an entirely ordinary shade of red. Their supposed beauty is entirely supernatural in origin.
It's stated in canon that the colour of them is considered the most beautiful shade of red in the world, and this is treated as an objective fact, or at the very least a universal consensus. That in itself is bizarre; beauty is supposed to be something subjective, and eyes are a body part that humans are supposed to instinctively find disturbing by themselves (e.g., floating in jars, as they're usually sold). Severed heads (the other form of 'packaging' for them) have the same problem, and yet the appreciation for them isn't as fringe as you'd expect from that. Quite to the contrary, the Scarlet Eyes are considered one of the seven wonders of the world for their beauty. Even though the Hunterverse is a Crapsaccharine World, this is a huge departure from what would be expected, all things being mundane. Therefore, there must be something else about them that's strong enough to universally shift people's perception of them towards "Wow, that's gorgeous," even when a pair of normal eyes in the same context would evoke revulsion.

It's also stated elsewhere that they're the same colour as flames, but fire isn't really given any special significance re: beauty outside of that comparison, and if fire had the same visual appeal as the Scarlet Eyes, Kurapika's clan wouldn't have died. While it could be argued that looking at a fire isn't the same as looking at someone's eyes, that would be ignoring that, every time the beauty of the Scarlet Eyes comes up, it's always stated that it's the colour that's so attractive. Yet, there's no significant trade in other items of the same or similar colour, and the salamander charm Kurapika found in the filler ship test (which, admittedly, is of dubious canonical status) was a very similar colour to the Scarlet Eyes, but was not considered very valuable. If it was the colour itself that made the Scarlet Eyes so precious, so worth killing for, then any other object that same shade should evoke the same effect, but that's not what we see at all.

Therefore, I think the best conclusion is that there is something inherently preternatural about the Scarlet Eyes' beauty.

Kurapika's natural eye color is scarlet.
Kurapika (and of course the rest of the late Kurtas') eyes are actually naturally red. The other, more 'usual' colors bleed forward when not in a state of extreme agitation, and then fade when a Kurta gets royally pissed off. This could explain why the eyes remain red in death and do not revert back to their original color(s). Whatever hormone or enzyme controlling the color-change is no longer active, and so the eyes remain scarlet. Kurapika is also seen wih a variety of different eye colors in series. In fact, the only color and shade that's constant IS the red one. We could blame this on the animators, but we all KNOW there's something more going on here.
  • Kurapika explicitly starts wearing colored contacts from the Yorkshin arc onward, which explains the different colors.

How Kurapika's quest for revenge will end...
Kurapika, as it is know, uses chains for attacks. The thing is, these chains are attached to his fingers, except his thumb index finger. For now, there are only 4 chains (in one hand), but it is entirely feasible that he will get more 4 chains, or 8 in total. I think that, in his final battle with Kuroro Lucifer (by then, the last spider), there will be a scene where Kurapika looks like a spider, with his arms outstretched and eight chains (metaphorical legs) fully extended. Even his outfit looks like a spider's main body!

Kurapika is a really flat-chested girl
At least, "his" disguise as a girl was too much effective.
  • And his voice in the anime. That's not a guy's voice. Not even a guy with a female voice actor. That's a girl's voice and this troper will not be convinced otherwise.
    • Also the way he covers himself when he shares that room with Leorio. Then there's that Train scene on their way to the Zoledick mansion.
    • Or at the very least female-assigned. The cover for the 14th volume of the manga shows Kurapika-from-the-hips-up, naked, and looking nothing like the way Togashi-sensei usally draws guys. There's no definition to the chest, and very womanly hips.
  • Kurapika's mother is either completely flatchested or wearing the best binder in the world. Make of that what you will.
  • Female-assigned is very possible - it certainly wouldn't be the first character Togashi created that was transgender.

The Kurta clan was so reclusive because they were afraid.

The world of Hx H is very nasty just under the shiny surface, and it would be surprising if human trafficking wasn't an active and highly lucrative market, even if it's underground. A pair of their eyes preserved in jars are worth billions. Think how much a pair still in a living, emotive head would be. The reason there aren't more, enslaved Kurta around that weren't there during the massacre is probably because of how many generations they'd been in hiding, and how difficult it potentially is to subjugate someone who has access to Emperor Time (breaking them emotionally would risk them becoming too numb to activate the Scarlet Eyes anymore).

The Scarlet Eyes have always been seen as a commodity; Kuroro was just the first person to realise that slaughtering the Kurta the eyes are attached to is a lot less of a hassle.

  • As chapters 340.5 and 340.6 reveal, this is surprisingly accurate, the Kurtas went into hiding and seclusion because their eyes and the power they grant led to them being horribly vilified as monsters, demons, spawns of Satan, and so forth, but it's also mentioned that they were occasionally hunted for their eyes.

The reason overusing the Scarlet Eyes causes Kurapika to pass out is because their "fire" is fueled by burning nen.
There was just nothing left to burn.

Not sure how much of this counts as spoilers for the Kurapika extra chapters and how much falls under Foregone Conclusion, so spoilering the whole thing to be safe.The note left behind by the Ryodan reads "We reject no-one, so take nothing from us." That's almost the same as the note left by Meteor City's suicide bombers over one of theirs being falsely imprisoned, and it's just as over-the-top Disproportionate Retribution. The Ryodan has acted as enforcers for the Meteor City elders before against outsiders too powerful for the regular militia to handle, and a clan of alleged devilspawn infamous for their berserker rages sound pretty well out of the normals' league.

Nobunaga will be the one to take down Kurapika.
Think about it. Out of all the Genei Ryodan members, Nobunaga is the only one who we don't know what his nen abilities are. It's probably something Nobunaga doesn't like to use but might be something that can stop Kurapika's chains. Also he is still upset over Ubo's death. Kurapika might make his revenge worse if he takes out Franklin, who knew about Nobunaga and Ubo's close friendship and knew the two before joining the group, implies he is also somewhat close to Nobunaga.

The Genei Ryodan didn't kill the Kurta clan—at least not in the way Kurapika assumes they did.
The only thing placing the blame on them is a note that could easily have been faked by any enemy of the Genei Ryodan. This troper is relatively new to the series so apologies if she's forgotten anything—but was there any direct evidence tying them to the crime? Did any of them mention the Kurta clan "onscreen," and were any of them specifically identified as trafficking the Eyes (aside from what could be explained by them being a powerful gang of thieves that normally distribute such expensive goods, no matter where they came from)?We only have Kurapika's biased word for it that the Ryodan don't bother keeping track of their kills, and we haven't seen them go to such lengths of cruelty otherwise. (They steal and kill when they need to, but they don't go around murdering innocents by the hundreds.)Maybe one or two members were in on it, but the whole group seems more like "ragtag group of chaos-neutral characters" than anything as overtly evil like Kurapika describes them as being.
  • You've forgotten some things:
    • Both Uvo and Feitan cop to it once their memory is refreshed about the Scarlet Eyes (they both specifically have an "Oh, right! Those guys were pretty strong" reaction), and Uvo at least had every opportunity to tell Kurapika what really happened if he was actually mistaken. He likes fighting avenger types because he looks down on them, and telling Kurapika that he's not even going after the right guys would be a nice verbal punch in the gut whether or not Kurapika believed it.
    • They absolutely do go about murdering innocents by the hundreds, and they steal and kill on principle (see Feitan chiding Shizuku for trying to win that diamond legitimately). That's why they're The Dreaded in the first place. They didn't need to kill everyone at the auction, but they did it because that's what Uvo most likely would have wanted. If Machi's going rates and Shalnark's easy throwing cash at the Hunter website are anything to go by, they are filthy rich from their exploits and could just, for example, buy all of that beer, or even just steal it without killing the person tending the store (they're bulletproof; what could he or the cops he could have called have done to stop them?), but they didn't. They killed the guy and stole the beer, because killing and stealing is what they do. A one-off character whose thoughts we only were briefly made privy to in order to exposit about the Ryodan mindset (so, while he could, in theory, be an Unreliable Expositor, he has the Law of Conservation of Detail on his side) described at least Chrollo as being addicted to murder, and the characterisation of the majority of the ones we've seen is consistent with them being Blood Knights looking for a fix. They have their Pet the Dog moments, but their level of Moral Myopia is explicitly lampshaded. Even Shalnark, who is one of the most superficially normal-seeming of the lot, is more upset about not remembering all the violence he inflicts in his Autopilot mode than he is about the pain that mode leaves him in for days afterward. And due to how nen works? Not remembering how he brutally murdered whatever it was has to actually be a significant downside from his point of view in order to be useful. They're Chaotic Neutral around each other and other folks from Meteor City, but if you're not in either of those groups, you're nothing to them beyond maybe being their next murder fix.
    • As for the note, however, that is less indicative of the Genei Ryodan specifically and more indicative of their hometown, Meteor City, in general, since the only other time we've seen a note like that didn't involve the Ryodan at all, and was just Meteor City dealing out its own incredibly lethal sense of justice to the outside world.

Shalnark is related to the Kurta clan in some way.
One of Shalnark's parents was exiled from the clan for breaking the "no outside contact" rules, possibly because they fell in love with an outsider. Ending up in Meteor City, this exiled Kurta would go on to have Shalnark and start a new life - but they never forgot the grudge they held against their clan, and passed on the negative emotions to their child. When Shalnark later joined up with the already-formed Troupe (we know from flashbacks that he is not a founding member, though he was presumably born in Meteor City), it gave them a solid link to the Kurta clan's existence, and Shalnark didn't care enough about the estranged family who rejected his parents to protest the slaughter. Additionally, while Shalnark's current clothing is slightly evocative of Kurta dress, the clothing he's seen wearing in material from the (admittedly arguably-canon) movie Phantom Rouge is strikingly similar to the point of being downright suspicious.

The Kurata clan and the Dark Continent .
It's been mentioned that different humanities (whatever that means) live on the Dark Continent and it will turn out that the Kurata Clan is one of those humanities, and just left for the Known World a long time ago. After all things other than the five Great Calamities should be able to leave it. Might even mean Kurapika isn't the Last of His Kind.

    WMGs about the Genei Ryodan, its members, Meteor City, etc., not relating to Kurapika or the Kurta clan 
Chrollo is a Death Seeker
  • The powers he stole came with a curious side-effect. It forces him to experience the feelings of whoever he stole powers from. The feelings overload has caused him to be so numb, that he cannot experience joy or sadness or anger or love. Acquiring new powers imparts a small measure of satisfaction, which is why he persists in stealing new ones, but otherwise anything he feels is either very muted, or non-existent.
  • That why is he has the Spiders act like they do. He hopes that that somehow he'll piss off someone strong enough to put him down.
  • His relationship with the Spiders is that they used to be his friends, and any action he takes on their behalf is to honor the memories of what they once had.

Chrollo believes he inside a computer game
  • Where he's the PC, and everyone else is an NPC.
  • Or it could be just a case of Beware the Superman.
  • If the "Chrollo is Satan" WMG below is true, it's entirely possible that he can somehow reincarnate himself if killed.

Chrollo is the Antichrist.
Think about it. He's got that inverted cross motif going on, along with that tattoo/birthmark on his forehead, he's got 12 followers, his organization is made up of a total of 13 people, he has a positive opinion of Judas, his book has a Red Right Handprint on the cover, and he's an Expy of Sensui, whom we know Togashi-sensei piled tons of religious symbolism and numerology onto (special thanks goes to Sir Psycho Sexy for his essays on the subject, without which this Epileptic Tree might never have been grown).
  • We also have evidence of there being a "Devil" of some kind in the HxHverse, who penned the sheet music for the Dark Sonata, which cursed Senritsu after having heard just one note/verse, and killed the man who played it.
    • Speaking of said Dark Sonata, it's worth noting that Senritsu was completely freaked out by the sound of Chrollo's heartbeat.

Extension of above WMG: Chrollo wrote the Dark Sonata.
He's covered in antichrist symbolism and he is shown faux-conducting Uvo's "requiem". Who's to say he doesn't compose as well?

Machi isn't allowed to call coin flips, because she always gets them right.
I know that we've only seen her participate in one coin flip, but it would make sense, what with her "intuition".

Shizuku suffers from mental retardation.
Now, before any of ya'll give a knee-jerk "WTFNO!" reaction, let this troper explain herself. This epileptic tree isn't supposing that Shizuku is an idiot, only that her mental/emotional age appears to be much lower than her physical one, which fits the medical definition of retardation. Behold my reasoning:
  • Okay, so, first, I'd like to say that this condition of hers is probably largely contributable to the fact that, if she grew up in Shooting Star City/Meteor City/whatever the hell you wish to call it, there's a good chance that she did not have access to a wide variety of safe-to-eat foods (since the whole place is, you know, a giant landfill), and various nutritional deficiencies are known to cause/contribute to cognitive impairment, especially if experienced in early life.
  • Shizuku is probably best known for her tendency to irretrievably forget things, and slightly less well-known for her (distinctly child-like) straightforwardness/earnestness/sincerity/etc. in basically all she does. She has a tendency to take things at face-value, without noticing many of the subtleties, contingencies, and alternative courses of action that would — and do — occur and seem obvious to the other, more "adult" members of the team.
  • She also chose a very specific restriction for her vacuum cleaner: it can't suck up anything that she perceives to be alive, but it can do things like drain blood out of a person from an open wound, which strikes me as the kind of restriction a little kid who likes animals would use for that ability, and the kind of work-around a kid might come up with, to make something be not alive anymore.
  • Speaking of, let's look at Deme-chan, the vacuum cleaner in question:
    • It has a cutesy name and an assigned gender (female, by the way, but I'll continue to use "it" here for consistency's sake).
    • It has huge, googly eyes.
    • It has a goofy grin and a long, comically-lolling tongue.
    • It makes cute/funny nonsense noises when spoken to.
    • Overall, it looks and acts like it came out of some demented children's cartoon.
  • On top of all of this, Franklin seems to be acting as a caregiver/guardian for Shizuku, even though she's 19 and should, theoretically, be capable of taking care of herself at that age, without the need for a stand-in "parent".
  • There's also the fact that she seems to be the only person who doesn't appear to notice at all the Aura of Molestation that Hisoka radiates, which tends to make everyone around him want to keep at least two arms' length away. In most group shots of the Ryodan hanging out in the York Shin arc, Shizuku is usually drawn sitting next to Hisoka, completely unbothered, and giving the book she's reading her full attention, but no one else will sit anywhere near him.
    • About the Hisoka part, maybe she likes him, in a romantic sense; you know, 13 years olds can have such feeling, if that's her mental age.
      • Actually, my estimates would have put her somewhere at the lower end of the the 6-9 range, probably 7. Kids start getting much craftier after 8.
  • I had the idea kicking around that her Nen ability is removing her memories. Rather, the stuff Deme-chan sucks up, where does it go? The object is turned into a memory and placed in her brain. This pushes out other memories, and the more she uses her ability, the more memory loss she has.
  • I don't think Shizuku is retarded, just eccentric - in the same vein as other powerful Nen-users like Komugi and Alluka. It seems to be commonplace in Hunter-world, the more disjointed you are the more amazing your abilities.

The "official" religion of Meteor City is Satanism
Almost all first-generation citizens of Meteor City are people who have been literally thrown away and left to die by someone from the outside world. They're unwanted by anyone except as anonymous (and disposable) black ops. It's no small stretch of the imagination that they might decide that the God that's all-powerful and loves the world that threw them away doesn't want them, either. Literally every single person living in Meteor City who didn't run away there themselves has an entirely valid reason to be a bitter misotheist.

It's also easy to posit that the general view on outsiders (soon-to-be-ex-outsiders nonwithstanding) is probably something along the lines of "They didn't care if we died; why should we care if they do?". . . which possibly gives the Ryodan members from Meteor City the mother of all Freudian Excuses.

Most of the Ryodan's profits go to making Meteor City more livable.
Those occasional acts of philanthropy Hisoka spoke of? All in the name of helping the Ryodan's home town.

As they've reiterated themselves many a time, "[They]'re thieves. [They] steal." The Ryodan lifestyle, by all appearances, seems to be that they steal everything they need in their day-to-day lives. Except for things like services that can't really be "stolen", they don't actually need money for anything, because they don't buy anything. So where does that money go? The creed of Meteor City dictates that they never give anything back to the outside world, and also supreme cooperation and kinship. Most of that money probably goes into getting fresh food and vital medicine for the less fortunate back home.

Disclaimer: Not intending to Draco in Leather Pants the Ryodan here, or to try to justify their (incredibly heinous) crimes. This is just my headcanon.

    WMGs about the Zoldyck family and members thereof. 
Killua's grandmother is a nekomimi, a bakeneko, or some combination of the two. By extension, Zeno Zaoldyeck is a furry.
  • Killua's grandmother was mentioned once in canon, but has never been shown, thus allowing WMG to occur.
  • Zeno has round pupils. His son, Silva, has slitted, catlike pupils. Therefore, Silva's catlike pupils probably came from his mother.
  • Killua will, in lighthearted scenes, sometimes spontaneously sprout cat ears on his head, a 3-shaped mouth, and his hands will turn into cat paws.
  • In the anime, at least, during the scene during the Hunter's Exam where they're waiting fifty hours in that room, there's one of those bird-things that keeps tipping its beak into a glass of water, and Killua is shown watching it with an expression just like a cat watching birds from behind a window.
  • Killua and Illumi both have what are functionally retractable claws.
  • Don't Illumi's eyes remind you of those creepy cat clocks, except that they don't go back-and-forth all the time?

Milluki and Ickshonpe are rivals.
  • Milluki is the premier cybercriminal of the Hunter x Hunter universe (from what we've seen, and among other things), and Ickshonpe is the premier white hat. Both use nen-enhanced computers. Both are reclusive and mysterious, and neither show their faces in public under any circumstance. Both are also quite famous for what they've done. It is almost certain that the two of them have run into each other online and tried to get rid of the other but are too evenly matched to inflict any permanent damage.

Illumi is a Stalker with/without a crush.
  • Initially Illumi wanted his transgender sister Alluka dead because her powers could kill the entire Zoldyck family. When he figured out how to control Alluka's abilities, he became obsessed with controlling her.
  • Delusional Stalker: Illumi told Hisoka that he believed he was Killua's most beloved person instead of Gon, which Hisoka replied "I'm fucked up, but you're a piece of work, too."
  • Simple Obsession Stalker/Intimate Partner Stalker: A relationship between people who know eachother well, a relationship revolving entirely around domination and intimidation. He won't let Killua have friends & sees Killua's relationship with Gon as a threat, threatening to kill Gon if Killua didn't leave him. The suicidal tendency; willing to die if it will "make Killua suffer, and he can live on forever in Killua's heart."

Killua is the Zoldyck heir because he inherited Silva's looks.
  • Out of all his siblings, Killua is the only one that resembles the Zoldyck side of the family. Illumi, Milluki, Alluka, and Kalluto share their mother's dark hair and eyes. Killua, on the other hand, has the same white hair as both Silva and Zeno. So, even though Illumi and Kalluto developed their nen first, Killua gets to inherit leadership of the family.
    • It may also be that Killua is the only one who inherited Silva's nen type - all of the other Zoldyck children are manipulators, except for Alluka whose type is unknown. Of course, how they would know Killua was a transmuter as a young child is more of a mystery, but certainly not impossible for a family like the Zoldycks.
      • Maybe perhaps when a child is a certain age, they determine if he's the heir in a way similar to how the next Avatar is chosen - they give him a bunch of toys, and if he chooses at least a few that were favored by the previous heir, he's the next heir.

The Zoldycks were originally from Meteor City.
The place has been the source of anonymous killers for the underworld for a long time. But, not all will have stayed anonymous over their careers: take the Phantom Troupe as an example. People who the Zoldycks incidentally care to maintain links with, even though they'll also accept contracts against them. The family also tends to hire staff and choose spouses from Meteor City, suggesting strong connections with the place.

Killua can't actually transmute his aura into electricity
Its stated that doing so would be extremely difficult and while he is a protege it would make more sense for him to figure out a simpler shortcut rather then waste time trying to do the near-impossible, namely to give his aura property's he is already intimately familiar with, the ability to absorb electricity, for all intents and purposes he could still guide and use the electricity while being much easier to accomplish(arguably even easier then trying to tame raw lightning) with the only downside being he can only manipulate, not create, electricity, hence why we see him having to recharge himself

    WMGs about the Chimera Ants. 
Ging Freecss brought the Chimera Ant Queen where she was.
Chimera Ants are normally under the strictest quarantine, yet one not only broke loose, but washed up on shore of the country least prepared for such a threat. This couldn't have been accidental; someone must have taken the Chimera Ant Queen to Neo Green Life. I suspect Ging Freecss. He may be testing Gon the way he did with Greed Island or allowing him to become stronger, and he is also the only character seen thus far who can take on the King in his current state in case something goes wrong. Seeing the way Greed Island works, he seems to be either extremely confident in Gon or somewhat reckless, and considering the nature of Greed Island, he has little to no concern for human life. Unleashing the worst Chimera Ant outbreak ever would be perfectly in-character for Ging, as much as we know about him.

At the end of the Chimera Ant arc, it will be revealed that Komugi is pregnant with the Ant King's child.
(I've been sitting on this one for a while, but I want to get it up here now, just in case I'm right, because this is probably going to be either Jossed or confirmed in a few chapters)
  • You know how they were in that tower, alone, and she was only wearing a nightgown when Zeno's dragon barrage hit?
  • And you know how they mentioned way earlier that a Chimera Ant King can impregnate females of any species?
  • And you know how it's been pretty obvious for a couple chapters that the Ant King is probably not going to survive this arc, despite having become a reasonably sympathetic character, in a Blue-and-Orange Morality sort of way?
  • And you know how those two have been having subtext almost since she was introduced?
  • And there's still time, by the looks of it.
  • Looks like this one is officially Jossed now, since the last we saw of them they were dying together.

How the fight with the Chimera Ant King will end...
Netero is losing. There is only one person more powerful than Netero...ergo, Ging appears, kills the King, and leaves.
  • That'd be horribly anticlimactic, if you ask me. I'm hoping that the rose thing does the job.
  • Oh come on, every important fight Yoshihiro Togashi has ever written played out that way until the end. He'll pull it off.
  • The rose did work.
    WMGs about the nature of the Hunter world, characters being characters from other series, and other Grand Unifying Guesses. 
The Hunter world is a distant past version of YuYu Hakusho's demon world.
The surviving Chimera Ants lived peacefully with the humans of the NGL, then eventually the rest of the world. Interbreeding produced children with interesting non-human features such as horns or scales. They also possessed a ridiculous amount of Nen which was later called Youki when the Spirit World branded the residents as "Youkai" or "demons." This also explains why some demons have a preference for human meat, and why more powerful demons have longer lifespans (Nen practice could lengthen longevity).

The Hunter world is a distant future version of YuYu Hakusho's world.
Sometime after the end of YYH, a massive disaster occurred that merged the parallel planes of Human and Demon world into a single state of being. This completely rearranged the map, merged demons with humans and wildlife, and turned the world in to a much more wild and dangerous place where human and monsters lived side-by-side. Only the very strongest, like Yusuke, managed to survive and remain the way they'd always been.

Fast-forward a few hundred years. Society's rebuilt itself around the new wildness of the world, with those who can stand up to monsters - the Hunters - taking a position of power in the world government. And on isolated Whale Island, Yusuke Urameshi's decendent is born...

The "Other World" they refer to is the Human World. Oh, and Raizen was descended from Gon and Palm. Yuusuke's atavism made him look like his ancestor's ancestor, Gon Freecs.

The Hunter World is actually The past version of the Gourmet world.

Since, like With Toriko, the Human world of Hunter × Hunter covers only 30% of the planets surface.

Gon's father, Ging Freecs, is actually Yuusuke Urameshi from YuYu Hakusho
Yuusuke stumbled through a dimensional timespace vortex post-YYH, got de-aged, lost his memory, wound up on Whale Island in the Hunter x Hunterverse (which is arguably an alternate Earth with fudged-around geography, if you look at its world map sideways), got adopted by Mito's parents, and renamed Ging. He then proceeded to be too awesome to make a manga about (especially since Togashi-sensei had already done so once before), and so Togashi-sensei defaulted to making a manga about Yuusuke's sprog, Gon. This was probably a good idea.
  • Look at Ging's face in Razor's expository flashback after the dodgeball game on Greed Island. That's Yuusuke's face; he's just got different hair.
  • Didn't it say somewhere that Gon, while definitely of the Reinforcement nen, was aligned a little bit off-center in the Emission direction? Yuusuke's signature move was the Spirit Gun/Reigan, which would translate to being Emission-type in HxH, but that was a technique that Koenma taught him, and both Yuusuke and his youkai ancestor Raizen seem to be much more naturally suited for brawling than point-and-shoot. Nen-types tend to run in families, and Yuusuke would most probably fall between the Reinforcement and Emission types, more towards Reinforcement than Emission, if someone were to plot him on the nen alignment chart.
    • As an extension of this, Gon's biological mother is probably Reinforcement type, too, which would slant Gon's nen alignment much more strongly towards Reinforcement, and also would probably be something Yuusuke would find attractive in a woman, considering how much of a "battle junkie" he is. They could beat each other up all day. ~w~
  • This explains why Gon is so insanely prodigious; he's got the blood of a youkai battle god running through his veins.
    • This also explains why Yuusuke/Ging was so 100% confident that sending Gon to Greed Island was a good idea, and why he told Razor to go all-out, even though he'd presumably never seen Gon since leaving the baby boy at Mito's place. He knew that there was no way Gon could ever turn out weak. This assumes that Yuusuke started to get his memories back at some point, which might have been the reason he decided to wander in the first place.
  • Gon inherited his uncanny knack for coming up with serendipitous, out-of-the-box solutions from his father.
  • An alternative theory is that because they're written by the same author, there were some unintentional similarities in abilities and character designs.
    • Well, yes, but that's not nearly as fun an epileptic tree, now, is it? ;P
  • An alternate alternate theory is that Ging is this world's Star System equivalent of Yusuke. Which would make Gon's mother (most likely) the Star System equivalent of Keiko.

Shaiapouf used to be at least partially Yaminade no Itsuki.

It's pretty complicated, and involves Sensui's body being one of the components of the Ant King. But really, it'd be the ultimate in Togashi storyline Plans were it true. The whole theory (pictures included!)is here. (WARNING: SPOILERS for both Hunter × Hunter AND YuYu Hakusho)

Crack extension theory of the "Killua's grandmother is a cat creature" WMG above: Killua's grandmother is Botan
She does the cat thing, too.

The Naruto World shares the same planet as Hunter x Hunter.
  • The similarities between Nen and Naruto Chakra might be enough, but the Hunters bear an uncanny similarity to ninja villages, if far more overt. The Zoldycks seem to be closer to Naruto-ninja, and very might well be immigrants. Naturally, we only see portions of both worlds, so it's entirely possible that the explored portions of the Hunterx Hunter world do not contain the Ninja part, and vice-versa. One of the more difficult points is that nen is more limited in many ways than chakra; people learn very few moves that use nen, as opposed to ninja. Of course, ninja are taught from a very young age to manipulate chakra, but I think the differences can be explained by the presence of immense creatures made entirely out of nen — "radiant" nen (much like radiant body heat) could accumulate in their surroundings and affect the creatures that live there.
    • We're forgetting about Hanzo, who lives in a village that shares the theme naming with the Naruto world.
    • How is Nen more than superficially similar to Chakra? They're both Rule Magic systems of Ki Manipulation, but the similarities end there. The rules — the defining characteristic of any Rule Magic system — are completely different for Chakra and Nen. And I'm not sure about the anime, but the manga of Hunter x Hunter does show a world map on at least one occasion.
      • Nen and Chakra in fact don't even work in a similar narrative way: Chakra relies on New Powers as the Plot Demands, with new types of chakras, jutsus or hereditary capacities/mutations being frequently introduced. Nen relies on Magic A Is Magic A, being initially presented with 4 principles and 6 schools, and every single nen ability or power introduced after that point is constructed out of these basic elements. Another problem about having Naruto and Hunter × Hunter be in the same universe is that, in the Narutoverse, guns do not apparently exist, whereas they do in the Hunterverse (and when ordinary guns won't do, Nen-powered guns using Abnormal Ammo are used).
      • It could be that Chakra-usage uses the same power source as Nen-usage, but uses less refined techniques to harness it. Or it could be that Naruto takes places before Netero trained in the mountains and setup his martial-art school. It would be the same difference as as D&D Ninja Wizards to Hunter Sorcerors. Applying the same energy in different ways.
      • Except that chakra is first shaped within the body, stored within chakra coils, and distributed around the body by a series of small tubes. Nen is generated inside the body at a constant rate, and then pumped out of it at a constant pressure, unless one uses ren to accelerate that. There is no indication that nen production is centralised in any way, and you can't do anything with nen until it's exited the body through your shouko. You can put nen back into the body and have it do things (e.g. healing, Kurapika's Judgement Chain), but it has to come out first.
      • TL;DR version: In order to use chakra, you first start with the energy inside you and bring it out. In order to use nen, you first start by keeping the energy outside of you from escaping into the air.
The world of hunter x hunter has a ridiculous high population and a larger planet
The number of people that make it to the Hunter Exam first official phase are 1 in 10000 and meaning over 4500000 people tried the first hunter exams and people are still doing normal jobs and after that only less than 9 will pass yet being a pro Hunter is just like reaching level 200 in heaven's arena which has thousands of fighters and there are also still thousands of high level fighters like those stronger than Gon and there are many forests and land completely over taken by magical beasts or just plain inaccessible and which such a large population more land is needed as we can see with the strain of handling 7.4billion people also the richest man in Hx H bought seven greed island copies ranging from 20 to 80 billion at least that has to be 250 billion which is half his wealth it is easier to acquire wealth with a larger population and even Gon and Killua became billionaires without even trying to make money

Pariston is an older Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club)
They look similar and could damn well have the same personality. Pariston's been subdued (compared to Tamaki I mean) so far, but most of his scenes take place at official meetings. Maybe when we see him in a more casual setting his inner retard will finally let loose.

Hunter x Hunter is the distant future of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Nen is Hamon after centuries of analysis and refinement, and stands are a type of proto-hatsu.

WMGs beyond this point contain significant spoilers for the manga beyond the end of the most recent anime episode available to English audiences
    Here be spoilers 
Hisoka will kill Ging

Up until now, Hisoka's role in Hunter has been pretty ambiguous - Being some kind of mentor to Gon more often than not. Knowing about the limitations Gon imposed on himself in order to defeat Neferpitou, how could it not be tempting for Hisoka to push Gon over the edge - giving Gon the highest possible level of resolve, making him into the perfect opponent?

Nanika's requests aren't part of its ability.
For an ordinary person to have a wish granted by Nanika, they must fulfill three of its requests. If they fail four times, they and at least one other person will die instantly. If the previously granted wish was particularly difficult, hundreds or thousands or more people may die as well. This happens even if the person is unaware of the ability and the consequences of failing the requests.

While Nanika's ability is highly unusual in the first place, it seems too strange that Nanika can freely kill these people with its ability even if they are ignorant of it. It would be believable if the people made a contract with Nanika and fully understood what they were consenting to. It's completely unlike the similar type of imposed restriction ability we've seen (Kurapika's Judgment Chain) that requires the target understand what they must do to avoid the consequences.

That Killua can make Nanika do anything at no cost to himself is also strange. In what way could a close relationship balance the vast potential cost of a wish, or as Killua puts it, an "order"? It would seem Nanika doesn't need the requests to use its power.

If this is true, then perhaps Alluka, the one who actually makes requests, is just a sadist who enjoys tormenting people with her requests. Note she immediately makes a painful request of Tsubone after she scolded Killua, and seems to have a dark sense of humor - jokingly asking Killua to die for her.

  • It's not actually stated that Kurapika's required to tell people what the conditions of the Judgement Chain are. It's plausible that he's only doing it as a formality/because he doesn't actually like killing people/because the times we've seen him use it he was doing so strategically in a context where it's better for the target to know the condition than not.
  • Alluka is not making the requests - though it's easy to assume this is the case, Nanika's face only changes when she enters "wishmaking" mode or Killua asks for her (which primes her to grant a request). Killua states himself that "once a request is made", Alluka is asleep until a third request is granted and a wish is granted. Because people miss this fact, a lot of actions that are performed by Nanika during the election arc are mis-attributed to Alluka. (Additionally, Alluka's "die" request feels to me more like a kid going "bang you're dead!!!!" while playing - it's normal behavior for a child her age, especially given she's part of a family of assassins, and only the context of Nanika and her requests makes it anything else.)

Ging's target is Nanika.
It's hinted he at least knows about Nanika, as he was certain Gon would recover. Nanika could supply him with whatever he is looking for. Notably, the word Ging uses to describe what he wants - in quotes - "something," is nanika (何か) in the original Japanese. However, Ging has said he wants to have fun on his journey and having his wish granted instantly might not be his style.
  • The use of "nanika" is likely coincidental, seeing as despite being used as a name for the character Nanika the word is literally Japanese for "something". It being in quotes isn't even necessarily the case either - the Japanese equivalent to quotation marks are a kind of bracket, but they're also used the way English uses italics and it's up to context to figure out which applies. In this case, it seems more like the brackets are being used to accentuate the word, not to give an implication of something else.

The manga is an attempt to create a reasonably realistic fantasy world
Almost everyone has freudian excuses and realistic psychology,the balance of power is based on hunters and assassins who are badass enough to always get what they want,most of the laws of physics apply when nen is not involved(except some of the biology things,like how chimera ants are impossible to exist,and some charles atlas superpower details)and are even acting in accordance to physical laws when nen is involved(miniature sun anyone?)the nen is very well explained compared to every other fictional functional magic,to the point of being realistic and most of battles are won by compromise,rather than with a absolute victory for the heroes(Gon is not the strongest guy in the exam,they do not manage to completely beat the tournament arc,or to collect the money needed to buy greed island themselves,nor did they manage to decimate the Spider,and the arcs that they did uncompromisingly win were the greed island,in which basically they did not manage to complete their objective of meeting Gin and the chimera ants arc which was a huge pile of grey and grey morality they did win only with massive sacrifices.)Many things end up with anticlimaxes ([[spoiler:Meruem's cause of death(not the death itself,which was a tear jerker mind you)and the scene whenGon finds Ging)as it is fit for real life,while climaxes do exist.

The Outside/Dark Continent will be shaped like Antarctica

That's the one and only real continent not shown on the HXH world map. Adding to this concept, Antarctica was shrouded in mystery for centuries similar to the Outside.

At least one known character is from the Outside/Dark Continent

It was said that other types of humans do indeed live there. The first guess that comes to mind is... Pariston. It was already foreshadowed that he's not someone from normal society, and now it's been revealed he's part of a team planning to go to the Outside.

  • Kurapika's clan could also be from the Outside. No other people in the series have eyes quite like Kurapika's people, and he showed a scary powerful Nen with his "Emperor Time", matching and exceeding a Genei Ryodan member even though he only had around six months to develop and perfect his Nen ability.
  • Part of this is confirmed by extras from volume 33 - as suspected by many, Nanika is from the Dark Continent.

Pariston is going to use the Chimera Ants for the expedition to the Outside

Given the fact he was seen in Beyond Netero's group, it means he knew about him long before anyone else. The entire election could have just been away for him to get out of the Twelve Zodiacs, so he could join Beyond's expedition, taking the Chimera Ants with him as an army to conquer the Outside, due to being naturally proficient in using Nen.

Netero was a beneficiary of the life extending all-curing herb found in the Dark Continent

He may have come in contact with it during his trip to the Dark Continent. It would explain why he lived so long and remained so powerful up to the point of his death.

Zzigg Zoldyck became the host of an "Ai" during the trip to the Dark Continent

Which then reincarnated itself in each following generation of the Zoldyck family. Its latest host is Alluka and currently goes by the name "Nanika".

  • Essentially confirmed by volume 33 extras stating Nanika is from the Dark Continent. Her being an Ai is heavily implied but not outright stated.

Don Freecs is the reason Ging became a Hunter

Ging became a Hunter because he wanted to find Don, just like how his own son Gon became a Hunter so he could find Ging. The reasons he spent years doing other things were because 1) it was fun, 2) training for his inevitable expedition to the Dark Continent, and 3) he was biding his time until other people decided to launch an expedition (again for fun).

Ging's doesn't have an ability

Being versatile and having control of your aura flow has proven to be the most basic, most difficult, and most useful side of Nen fights. More often than not it's not the exact ability, but how it's used, that decides the outcome of a battle. This is the case with Gon and his Ja Jan Ken, firstly thought to be mundane to use. Ging must have come to this conclusion a long time ago, and has decided to focus only on perfecting his aura flow for basic use. As long as he doesn't set on one ability, he is not limiting himself to only one side of Nen use. Proof: the useless trick game of moving your aura like bubbles is not an interludium - it's foreshadowing his superb control. He also admits that "as long as he's hit with a Nen strike, he can pretty much imitate it". The rest of his formidability is just his wit, intelligence, and care-free character.

Kurapika will get closer to the Fourth Prince by cross-dressing again.

Tserriednich's Establishing Character Moment showed him having attractive women sent to his apartment, then (after killing them) complaining about how ignorant and superficial (which he despises more than anything) they were. In his quest to make an "inspiring piece of art", he's looking for women who are highly cultured and knowledgeable, traits that Kurapika (the "walking encyclopedia", as he has been called in this very wiki) clearly has. Kurapika could easily get advantage of this; it's not the first or second time he has used crossdressing as a tactic, after all. The tricky part would be surviving the ordeal.

The head shown in Chapter 349 behind Tserriednich is Pairo's. Alternately (though less likely), it's Kurapika's mother's.

Throwing this here after seeing it suggested by the Mangahere community (the Pairo part, that is). Going by pure resemblance, the head, while blurred, looks similar to both him and Kurapika himself (who looks a lot like his mother). After all, it's stated during the Yorkshin arc that the Scarlet Eyes have more value with the head attached. The Genei Ryodan could have managed to preserve one head, which seems to be harder to do than just the eyes.They managed this possibly by taking one of the Kurta as a prisoner (maybe one who wasn't as able to fight back as the others) to behead them later in better conditions. Pairo could have remained hidden or wandering obliviously somewhere in the forest during the massacre, only to return and get caught during or right after that by the Ryodan. So, taking in account Pairo's condition...
This also means that Kurapika will inevitably find it. This could lead to some combination of the following situations:

  • Kurapika having a massive breakdown, leaving him unable to go on during or after his mission and possibly leaving him vulnerable to the Fourth Prince or other enemies, or
  • Kurapika completely losing it causing him to become extremely reckless and murderous (even more than usual), possibly endangering himself and others, as well as the mission. Worst case scenario, Kurapika might even attempt to betray his own oath by trying to use Chain Jail on the Fourth Prince.

The incident with Pairo and Kurapika led the Genei Ryodan towards the Kurta village, indirectly causing the massacre.

Put here because it centers exclusively around the Special Chapters:

News of the massacre spread six weeks after Kurapika's departure. It's far from unlikely that the incident with Kurapika (which probably hadn't left people's minds at the time) brought attention and made people spread the word, information that would inevitably get to the Genei Ryodan. How exactly did they find the village, though?

Right before Kurapika left, Pairo promised him that he'd take the test to go to the outside in the former's absence. Considering that Pairo had studied and learned the outsider's language together with Kurapika, it wouldn't be strange if sometime in between he had managed to pass every phase of the test to the point of being sent again to test his self-control. However, after the incident, it was easier for him to attract attention, no matter how well he behaved. People's attitude towards him would help the Genei Ryodan identify him as a Kurta, using Pairo to find the hidden village either by following him or by something much worse.

Alternatively, the Genei Ryodan found the Kurta village because of Sheila, the female would-be hunter.

She either came back to meet Kurapika and Pairo (before finding the village's remains, anyway) or she was found and kidnapped by the Genei Ryodan, giving an entire new meaning to her farewell note.

Pairo is alive.

This definitely comes off as He's Just Hiding!, but it's not impossible (though this is mainly to get this theory out of the way). Whether Pairo was used to find the village or not, Pairo could have been outside of the village (either in his test or having met Sheila again) while the Phantom Troupe attacked. Maybe that's how Sheila found the massacred village despite not actually being there before; Pairo found the village destroyed, called her, and she spread the news while hiding his Kurta descent from the world to protect him, but with no means to contact Kurapika or know where he was (and if he was alive in the first place).

Gon is a Decoy Protagonist and the entire manga is a giant Genre Deconstruction of shounen. The true protagonist is Kurapika.

We already know that Togashi uses Gon as a Deconstruction of typical "live by their own code", super energetic, "win them over by talking" shounen main characters like Naruto. The manga shows in great depth how actually being that kind of character is far stranger than most shounen like to make it seem and ultimately suggests that someone like that is a person to be afraid of because of their high unpredictable. However, the Chimera Ant arc made it brutally clear that a character like this is destined to be their own demise. Gon, like many shounen leads, has a lot of potential and gets stronger by fighting people that are stronger than him. Typically this leads to a power upgrade of some sort in battle which allows the main character to defeat their adversary. However, in the Hunter X Hunter universe, that does not work. Gon wins his major "fight" with Hanzo only because Hanzo forfeits. When it actually comes to fighting people who are significantly stronger than him, Gon would most likely lose due to his lack of experience and training. The one time Gon wins in a true fight, Ging later explains that it was because Gon, in a rage, unknowingly made a Nen conditional that allowed him to fully tap into his potential at the cost of almost his life and all of his Nen capabilities. Therefore Gon's heroic rage and blind desire to get stronger regardless of the consequences is just that: blind and ultimately a one way ticket to getting good and dead at an accelerated rate.

Kurapika, on the other hand, is far more shrewd than Gon and while he does have a sense of justice, he does not have the same Blueand Orange Morality that Gon does, which allows him to better assess situations and make less decisions that are purely based off of emotion. And it is Kurapika who has actually taken down two of the Phantom Troupe members: one by outright killing him and the other by making him incapable of using Nen. It has been noted that Kurapika's story is almost a waste since it could stand alone as its own manga and be equally as compelling. But that's the Fridge Brilliance of it. Togashi intentionally put Killua on a bus and depowered Gon because Gon's story is finished as he was never truly the main protagonist. Kurapika will now take up the mantle as being the true protagonist and the story will focus more on him.

Togashi deconstructs the archetypal shounen hero by playing it straight and showing what kind of person you'd need to be to act in the typical "heroic" way. He therefore is trying to make the argument that the best hero for the shounen genre is not the archetypal hero as we have come to identify. The best hero is the more antihero like Kurapika.

Hisoka is killing off the Spiders one by one for a reason other then revenge and in a specific order.
All is fair in a fight between Nen users, so no, I don't think Hisoka killed them in vengeance in response to losing to Chrollo because he finds it unfair for Chrollo to win by borrowing abilities from other people. I mean, how was Chrollo supposed to fight "fair" when he is a self admitted thief whose sole ability is able to steal powers from others? Fairness is an absurd concept in the world of Hunter X Hunter, and no one knows it better than Hisoka himself. Hisoka does not kill out of hatred, he kills either out of boredom because his opponent displays no redeeming features (such as promising potential for growth) to him, or that the death of the character will create a chain reaction leading stronger opportunities to manifest themselves (such as the time when he genuinely contemplates killing Alluka then Killua then Illumi to maximize the amount and quality of good fights out of the situation). Also, he does not kill his worthy opponents: death is only a side effect of the brutal fight for survival itself.

Rather than kill in anger, I find it more in line with his character to kill in excitement and anticipation. He is ecstatic that Chrollo could turn out to be better than he could ever imagine. This is actually very important and more complex than it first appears, for as a chronic manipulator Hisoka prides himself as a master in reading people, and as one can deduce from past events, rated the spider organization as a whole as beneath The Zodiacs (think: why didn't he pursue anyone else in the spider after Chrollo has been disabled and instead turned his attention to the Zodiacs in the election arc?) excluding Chrollo (and maybe Machi).

This view could stem from two reasons: first, as an egotist himself, he feels that the family/friendly dynamics of the Spider makes for weak individuals. Some members of the Spider are relatively weak if working solo, reliance on backup and complementary powers makes them inflexible when someone gets the drop on them (this is proven with Machi's quick defeat along with Shalnark and Kortopi's quick demise), and thus uninteresting as opponents for duels; second, the Spider as a whole lacks something that almost all strong people in this world have in common "want", and the will to achieve them in "life", although seemingly hedonistic, their core belief was still derivative of their Meteor City origin, while they expanded their ideology from being "pariahs" who only retaliate to "bandits" who take what they can from others. Their will is still reactive rather than a primary urge to "want" (they want what was taken from them, rather than what they don't have), evidence being that they usually steal things on a whim and then get bored with them soon later, and that everyone, including the leadership, place no value on their very lives and were ready to die anytime without regret.

They as a group have gotten so far on resentments of those outsider their group and massive talents of their leadership and members, but they will always be at a disadvantage when fighting someone with pure intent like a true Hunter like Ging (the first rule of being a pro Hunter is that a Hunter must "Hunt" something) or Hisoka himself (anyone who read JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run will know this as the concept of "dark will"). Chrollo, by all intents and purposes, should fit in to the mold of this lesser tier, so it makes sense for Hisoka's early interest in fighting him as he believed back then Chrollo is already the strongest he can be due to him having seemingly no drive to get stronger. However, after fighting and losing to Chrollo's new and improved abilities first hand, something clicked in Hisoka's mind. He would simply have to force a reason out of Chrollo to make him give the fight of a lifetime, by pressing his berserk button through killing his true companions. Being the father to his men he is, Chrollo will advance his abilities beyond Hisoka's wildest dreams, with the bonus that every time one is dead the next one will advance accordingly in power due to hatred stacking.

Next, we analyze how he plans to do it: remember that there is a risk that for every member he kills, he is actually limiting Chrollo's options as it may render the ability Chrollo borrowed lost forever, which I can't imagine Hisoka will be pleased by. However, there is always the exciting possibility of it getting more powerful after the death of the original, so I think there is an element of gambling on Hisoka's part, but hey, desperation is a great motivator in and of itself so Hisoka can't lose either way.

Machi is safe for now as a witness (they need to know whom to direct their anger at) and great potential for growth (due to possible hidden feelings for Chrollo). Kortopi goes first because his ability is not suited for combat by itself. He will always be the first choice because his Nen is only useful in combat when combined with Chrollo's other powers. Next is Shalnark because his ability is useless in a meaningful duel. By his own explanation any one on one fight is over once he sticks an antenna into his opponent, not to mention his natural speed without using his ability on himself is never going to be able to catch a high level nen user off guard to stick it in their body in the first place. Also worth considering is that Hisoka may not even be aware of this ability to self buff, so all in all, he is going to be on top of Hisoka's hit list.

At the end there is probably a meta reason as well. People get killed because their narrative potential is exhausted. The introduction of the Dark Continent sees a potential for an overwhelming increase of narrative scope in character number and power level, so it makes sense for some much needed house cleaning. Those who don't make the cut are going to fall wholesale from this point on.

Now for a last prediction, these are just for fun guesses by me using what we know so far: the next to go is most likely Shizuku (weakest), follow by Franklin (bland overall), Nobunaga (loss of purpose after Uvogin's death), Bonolenov (versatile ability yet still bland background), Phinks (basic ability, but connected with Feitan), Feitan (versatile, similarity to Hiei), Machi (versatile, hidden drive connected to Chrollo), Chrollo (versatile, great characterization, yet lacking a connection to the Dark Continent makes him temporarily important at best for now. Of course, there is the possibility of him linking to the grand narrative through Hisoka's actions: maybe simply for revenge or searching for something outside to revive his dead companions). Kalluto will probably survive due to being too young to reach maximum potential, not to mention his connection to the Zoldycks makes the storyline too entangled for narrative purpose.

  • My impression is that Hisoka seeked out Kortopi and Shalnark simply because they were in Zetsu due to Chrollo acquiring their abilities and thus were easy targets. (Though it IS possible they had their curses removed via Abengane's powers.)

The real background of the Sonata of Darkness
It wasn't just made (whether by the Devil or not it not relevant) to harm people out of spite, but as a sacrificial power ritual. It both the musician (with his life) and the listener (with his appearance) would pay so that the listener would gain superpowers.

One of the liars Kurapika identified in the Hunter Exam will be important later on.
Specifically, the man in the business suit and short mustache seen for one panel in which Kurapika fails him for outright lying. Why do I think he'll be important? It may sound crazy, but it's because he resembles Gomez Addams. This is because there has been a series of characters in Hunter X Hunter who look like main characters from The Addams Family, in particular the Hanna-Barbera cartoon, all of which have had plot significance. In order of how certain I am of them being based on The Addams Family characters:
  • Kortopi -> Cousin It
  • Geru -> Morticia
  • Franklin -> Lurch note 
  • Shoot's floating hands -> Thing
  • Palm -> Wednesday
Or maybe it's all one massive coincidence. But it's fun for me to hope.

Kurapika will have to choose between revenge and protecting his client.
Given the fact that this is the last pair of Scarlet Eyes that needs to be recovered, a significant roadblock is sure to show up. In the end, Kurapika will be forced into a situation where he can only choose one - his target and the man who owns them, or the defenseless Prince Woble. Bonus points if it crosses over with the theory above re: Pairo's head, making the choice over the only thing that remains of his dearest friend or the life of an innocent infant more agonizing.

Shalnark is still able to use Black Voice.
Chrollo has access to Black Voice in his book, which most certainly means he had managed to steal it from Shalnark. The nature of Chrollo's book would have robbed Shalnark of not only his abilities, but all his means to use nen. Why would Chrollo do such a thing to someone he treats as his friend? Because the Phantom Troupe still has access to Abengane, or at least his curse-removal powers (as it's also possible Chrollo subsequently stole these powers and put them in his book). Since Abengane was able to cure Chrollo of Kurapika's curse, which blocked his ability to use nen, logically he could do the same to Shalnark, as Chrollo's curse would have the very same effect on him. The result is that both of them can use Black Voice, planned out between the two of them (and possibly other Phantom Troupe members) to have duplicate abilities. It is possible that Chrollo has two receivers because the second one was lent from Shalnark—he cannot use the second one, and he was clearly treating it as a bluff to make Hisoka nervous.
  • Chrollo has since used the second antennae. Presumably if Chrollo's Skill Hunter technique was removed from Shalnark via nen exorcism, Chrollo would not be able to access the technique as it would have been returned to Shalnark. The nature of Skill Hunter being taking and not copying means that the ability is not being duplicated. As for why Chrollo would do such a thing (stealing from the rest of the Troupe)? How do we know he actually stole the powers? The Troupe is loyal to him. It's likely that Chrollo's "theft" was actual consensual and the members of the Troupe whose powers Chrollo has used in his fight against Hisoka (Shalnark, Kortopi) willingly offered them to him to use against Hisoka.

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