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Dad isn’t Judy’s Biological father
If Dad was really Judy’s father, Then why does he had blonde hair instead of brown?

Iris was sure that her daughter's biological father was Dad and Dad think he impregnated Iris and that Judy is his biological child but what if it isn’t the case?

Here a bit of theory.

Shortly before doing ioawaska and meeting Dad, Iris got impregnated and her memory about who really impregnated her with Judy was being erased by a possible Alien. Iris thought Dad(Judy’s so called Biological father) was the one who impregnated her but in reality, Dad failed to impregnated her because she was already pregnant with Judy.

  • If there is a season 2, there will be a twist that Dad isn’t Judy’s biological father(the staff took a sample of Dad’s blood and took it to the space hospital where it is later revealed that Dad’s blood doesn’t match Judy). Judy will be very relieved and glad that she isn’t related to that Planet-selling Asshole but will be more curious about who her real biological father is. Along with the now-half alien Cory and her current eyepatch-wearing boyfriend, Judy went on a space adventure where she travelled all around the galaxy seeking who is her real biological father. Iris and her boyfriend Mr Russo might tag along after she find out Dad isn’t the one impregnated her. Iris will slowly regain the lost memory about who really impregnated her.
    • Judy’s biological father belong to a species that is related to the species of Dad and Judy’s future husband except they are much more powerful and had the ability to control reality akin to Kusuo Saiki’s powers. However, they become slowly extinct except Bob(the name of Judy’s biological father) who become the last of his kind. His humanoid form could resembled an adult and gender-swapped Judy only with different skin colour and different clothes. His monster form is bigger than Dad’s monster form and resembled Judy’s Mantis-like monster form. It is revealed Bob impregnated Iris because he believed that a half human and half alien could bring back the possible regeneration of his endangered species, as they alone can mate with humans or species(that belong to Dad and Judy’s eyepatch wearing boyfriend) to breed future species.