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Everthing Liu Wong has said is a lie.
There never was a group called the Five Dragons, his father had no great style, he never trained under Fei Xian, etc. After all, if Xu Li is such a bad guy, why did Chan Sen follow him and feel the need to avenge his death? It's not even unprecedented in Wuxia; consider the film Hero.
  • Avenging the Villain and Even Evil Has Loved Ones. Also, take into account the possibility of character development on the part of Xu Li; when you compare the time difference between Wong telling the story to Chan Sen and the stuff Xu Li did, its possible the guy mellowed out in his old age and turned over something of a new leaf.
  • Alternatively, this story will eventually show that the Five Dragons weren't as Heroic as Wong's first Master made them sound, and Xu Li not as villainous. As Wong matures, the story will show the world go from Black-and-White Morality to Shades of Grey. And the webcomic will end with Wong convincing Chan Sen to break the cycle of Revenge.
Wong's goal was always to teach Chan Sen.
What better way to end Xu Li's reign than to persuade those who would pass on his teachings to pass on yours instead?
  • This is almost certainly what's going on, though the details may be different. After all, he does tell Chan Sen that Liu Wong can help him surpass his master.
We have seen Xu Li.
The narration always seems to flow a little oddly around this page and the following, but if you take both statements on meeting people to be connected... tinfoil hats may be required.
  • In other words, Meng Qi is Xu Li as a younger man.
  • The timeline doesn't really seem to match up for this one, however. Xu Li is powerful enough to have forced the Five Dragons to disband years before young Wong's story begins, and when he meets Meng Qi years after that, the latter looks to be an underdog freedom fighter in his thirties.

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