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King's engagement with Bailey will set up a chain reaction of Relationship Upgrades that will play a part in Keene's quest to fulfill his father/owner's work.

When King and Bailey go through with their marriage, other pet couples will wonder about doing the same. This will result in several similar engagements, including most of the current canon couples, particularly Grape+Maxwell and Peanut+Tarot.

This may have far-reaching implications, particularly regarding the original work of Henry Milton, which Keene has been working on for at least the past year. The pet marriage issue may accelerate this "human-animal reconciliation". With Keene's "deal" with Pete, this may also have a connection to the ultimate resolution of the Cosmic Game.


Spo and Squeak are brother and sister.

Spo mentioned that he has a huge family; so huge, his next younger brother is named "Spp".

It's possible that Squeak, Joey's mouse girlfriend, is actually named "Squ", and is actually Spo's little sister.

  • Probably not, seeing how when they first meet in comic Spo starts hitting on her.

Zach, the Opener of Ways, will eventually have enough followers to become a player in The Game.

If thiscomic is any indication, having followers increases the amount of mana a person has, and who has more followers than the Opener of Ways?
  • While perhaps he won't be a player, he proabaly will have a major part in the game. Considering Pete called him his prophet...


The latest arc, Heaven's Not Enough, may or may not end with a Rage Against the Heavens.

Considering all the trouble Bahamut allowed his subordinates (i.e. Pete, Kitsune and the Spirit Dragon) to cause King and his friends (i.e. Fox and Bailey) despite his atonement for his crimes, he may get a chance to get them back for it all one way or another.

The Spirit Dragon and Pete have Belligerent Sexual Tension.

They are Not So Different, where they still intentionally screwed over their avatars, or at least tried to in some cases. What better way to catch your Love Interests eye than to be a dick to each other?
  • Jossed; they are related - older sister and younger brother to be precise.


Great Kitsune is an Ascended Mortal.

It would be why he's helping King and his mortal friends out. And anyways, most of the Kitsune legends portray them as essentially being mortals, with long lifespans and magic, until they reach the age of 1,000 and/or gain nine tails, at which point they become celestial beings and ascend to heaven. GK may have become a demigod that way, or at least inspired the myths. Perhaps he was an avatar and his "player" was a jerk too.

Bino is the "Mortal Form" that Pete was forced to take at the end of the game.

In this comic, Miles refers to Bino as a "god locked in a mortal shell." Odd choice of words, considering Pete and Dragon had both been forced to take mortal form when the Game ended recently. And Bino is way, way too mean to be Dragon.

Pete is really Discord in disguise.

Let's see here: Reality warping powers? Check. Utilize said powers by snapping? Check. Enjoys toying with mortals? Check. Takes the form of a mythological creature? Check. Has an unspecified relation with another Physical God? Check.

And for the motive... It's Discord. There is no motive other than "I was bored".

The relationship between Grape and Maxwell will not last.

It's pretty clear they care for each other, and have a deep connection. But Grape is also attracted to larger "hunk" males of big cat species (like Pridelands actors and Jata), and Maxwell has some jealousy and self-confidence issues with regard to Grape. This could be a recipe that might lead to a misunderstanding that could damage or destroy their relationship.

Sasha's bad behavior is a result of some sort of manipulation.

It's a popular theory that Sasha's bad behavior after Keene's car incident is not normal behavior for Sasha. There are alot of theories about this:

  • Mind control
  • Hypnosis Confirmed
  • Obedience training gone horribly wrong
  • Possession

Bino will become a tremendous Jerkass Woobie somewhere down the line.

Even more so than usual. At some point, Duchess will break up with him and he'll find out that nearly everyone hates him when he tries to seek out comfort. He'll be so upset and lonely that he'll actually pull off a Heel–Face Turn and become a Jerk with a Heart of Gold and try to be The Atoner. Possibly, if Peanut gives him a little push and teaches him to be nicer.

Olive, Ace and Rook are also the names of the 3 abused pets who kidnapped and abandoned Joel

On some level, King feels some level of pity towards them despite the betrayal so he's naming his puppies after them as a way to "start a new beginning" with Olive, Ace and Rook.

Poom is a demigod

And Tiger is his avatar.

Why Tiger wants to kill the Grinch so badly

He was traumatized by it as a puppy.

Stewart is behind Marion's transformation

Stewart used the cursed gold coin to transform Marion to drum up support for the ECP project which would benefit him as well.
  • Seemingly Confirmed as of the latest comic.
  • Though it turns out Stewart's plan was to bankrupt the ECP by inundating it with clients.

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