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If there's going to be a boss named "The Moon..."
  • It would be an undead werewolf. For obvious reasons.
  • I'm thinking more along the lines of a monster bat...
  • It would be a mix of crystal and zombie to act as a counterpart to The Sun's plant-zombie hybrid.
    • Jossed. It takes the form of a fallen angel made from the biomass of common zombies in Scarlet Dawn.

Wesker was slated to be Goldman's replacement.
  • Face it, Wesker's working for another bio-engineering company, both are rather shady about their corporations, wear shades, and Wesker's been working for another Umbrella-like corporation, as revealed in Code Veronica.
  • DBR Corporation is obviously an Umbrella front.
    • Umbrella Corporation is obviously a DBR front.
  • Capcom teaming up with SEGA? ...I doubt it may happen.
  • All Wesker jabbers on about is saving the world and killing humans...which is what Goldman did too.
    • Then, quite possibly, Goldman is the mental twin of Wesker?
  • Maybe it's possible that Goldman could be one of the Wesker children.

The limping man in the canon endings of 3 and 4 is Harry.
  • Taking a very close look at Harry's words and actions in 2 tends to result in a lot of suspicious coincidences and non-happenings. What's more, in 2, his leg was badly wounded...
    • The main bit of evidence is how he seems to want James and Gary to fail during the events of HOTD 2. He constantly suggests splitting up, especially the end of Level 3, where he sends the two through an underground passage, right into Tower. What better place to send them than through infested sewers, where they may never be found? He also is the one to say they should head for the Coliseum, even though it's likely a trap. (Which he admits.)
    • Jossed. Scarlet Dawn reveals him as an elderly man named Thornheart.

House of the Dead 5 will be the final game in the "original" series; however, they will continue to make HOTD games as part of new lines like HOTD: Overkill.
  • There are only 3 Tarot cards left to serve as bosses. I'm guessing that HOTD 5 will have 2 new Tarots + bringing back Magician, with the final boss of the series being "The Devil".
    • Actually, anticipating a six-stage extravaganza, this Troper is anticipating this order: Hanged Man (we never actually saw it expire, did we? Swan dive, yes. Swan song, no), Moon, Sun (or other mindless returnee), High Priestess, Magician/Star (depends on actions in that stage, affects the ending, fight Magician for the better endings), Devil. Devil will probably be stipulated as "Type Omega" and be the limping man's One-Winged Angel form.
      • The odd-numbered games in the series have four bosses.
  • Instead of The Sun, it should be The Empress. If it takes place in Curien's mansion, it'll be the first boss, chasing the two players across a minecart system used to traverse a hidden underground portion of Curien's mansion. It'll be constantly cutting off parts of the minecarts.
  • Actually, Overkill already has a sequel, story-wise...House of the Dead. Just House of the Dead. Yes, right where it all began. If SEGA continues to develop the series from the point where part 3 stopped (or 4, making it yet another interquel), then they will possibly try to go the same path as Headstrong Games went with naming the bosses. I.e.: using anything else than Tarots.
    • The editor also thinks Overkill will have no interquels. With Curien and Goldman mentioned ('But he [Clement] has friends. Powerful friends.'), the storyline will move on. And, quite possibly, Isaac didn't listen to the tape Caesar left for him, so G is the first AMS agent to warn his...ehrm, agency about this case. Not to say he also teams up with Rogan in part one...
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  • I think HOTD 5 will have the bosses in this order: The Moon->The High Priestess->Rematch with an old boss (presumably the Magician)->The Devil.
  • One boss rematch should be a Dual Boss vs. Strength and Death.
  • I think we'll see bosses and/or minibosses from the Minor Acana. We already had a miniboss in the form of Zombie Dan Taylor, perhaps he was the Two of Swords?
  • Addittionally, the exposition about Project Overkill sounded like a prequel hook, if you ask me.
  • The Boss order for the finale should be the biggest and most over the top. So The Moon, who respawns various former bosses throughout its fight > return of The Empress > High Priestess > rematch with The Star > True Empress freed of her containment suit > Boss Gauntlet Rematch with the Four Kings — The Magician, The Emperor, The World and The Wheel of Fate > and the finale is The Devil.
    • To explain my reasoning a bit further, Each of the four "lesser" Bosses are related to one of the Four Kings. The Star is based on The Magician, The Moon would be based on The World, The Empress is an unstable offshoot for the Emperor, hence the containment suit, and The High Priestess is Goldman's take on The Wheel of Fate. This would go further with The Devil being the culmination of all four Kings into one being.

HotD5 will take place back at Curien's mansion.

The zombies are not made from actual humans.
A lot of the zombies look like clones of each other, and there are far too many zombies that look exactly the same for them to be actual people. The fact that they also sometimes either melt into a puddle of blood or just vanish when they die also suggests that they must be made from some sort of biological material that is similar to what humans are made of, but different.
  • Sister Joy cloning method, maybe?
  • This is additionally compounded by several visual hints in all of the games besides those mentioned, particularly in the environments; The general vastness of the laboratories you visit (who would need several levels of basements, bunkers and caves just to create a zombie virus?), and the many instances of human-sized test tubes, some occupied (and even visibly exited by) the enemies you fight in the game. Equally noteworthy is the idea that its sort of a half-and-half mixture of the infected and the vat-grown. Those found wearing human clothes and general day-to-day gear can be considered bitten, infected or otherwise turned into a zombie by force, while other "weirder" types (like the ever-present skinny, naked types and shapeless, moss-covered "water" zombies) could be considered specifically grown, since enemies in those subtypes all look identical to one another, with possibly minor differences.

Goldman is the G-Man.
They're too similar not to be — though Goldman really improved his diction and speech in Half-Life.
  • "G" is also Gordon Freeman, going with this theory. When G says (In the House of the Dead 4 Special) "I have found the Source." He's talking about the source for the Xen Portals (Not the Source Engine, although humorous), and how they were able to operate. Before the original House of the Dead, G was Gordon Freeman, and after the Black Mesa Incident, G-man (Goldman), after Gordon (G) accepted his offer, thrusted Gordon into the enlisting area of the AMS. Someway, somehow, Gordon had a feeling to keep shut about his true self, and just go along with the training. He does not have to do so for long, as his name, bio, and even Blood Type are cleared and held Top Secret by the AMS. Gordon gives himself a clean-shave, and cue the events of the House of the Dead series under the name 'G'. After HotD 4, 'G' is visited by Goldman/G-Man once more, and is thrust into the world of Half-Life 2. Cue the events of Half-Life 2 and its episodes, and you have a confused and nearly mentally-unstable G, unsure of who to trust and what to believe, but he is certain of one thing, and one thing only: These two worlds are connected somehow. G-Man is involved in both, but why? How? Gordon constantly ponders such things, yet still keeps on shooting at Combine Soldiers...

HotD 5 will have G and Isaac team up again
  • I mean, you still have to remember the fact that Isaac's pops is still alive. That, and G will only tell Isaac his real name in this game.
  • Jossed. The fifth game, House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn, features Kate Green and newcomer Ryan Taylor as the protagonists.

Goldman's death is just an illusion.
Some points:
  • James and Gary are the only witnesses who saw Goldman committing suicide, and what else, no one else looked for his body. Even if they manage to do so, they can't tell he's dead because of looking calm. Isn't it obvious that only depressed people take their own lives?
  • Except quite a lot of suicidal people look not depressed on the day they kill themselves. Because they're doing what they want to do.

Goldman is still alive.
Well, his body is never found after his suicide. Come to think of it, James and Gary didn't even take a look at it. The zombie endings would be ambiguous if he's still alive or not.
  • Alternatively, Goldman did die in House of the Dead 2, but that was just a clone of the real Goldman. Why would he need to commit suicide anyway? Because he's just a clone, an unstable one that is about to explode. The real Goldman is hiding somewhere in the world preparing for the next phase of his plan.
  • There is a reason Goldman acts so differently in both of the games he's seen in. The real Goldman funded the outbreak, found and resurrected Dr. Curien via the Wheel of Fate, and then left to an undisclosed location. Using a more human-like version of the virus, Goldman created a clone to last the day that it would take for the AMS to stop him. That's why Goldman wants to protect the life cycle, and why he always calls James and Gary his friends. If they happened to shoot him then, he would dissolve into green goo just like any other mutant. The real Goldman, not wanting this ruse to be discovered, kept up the charade, creating another outbreak "from beyond the grave". Pshh, yeah okay, Goldman.

Goldman is suicidal.
Realizing what the human race has become, he couldn't take it well. Therefore, he plotted this outbreak in an attempt to get the AMS to kill him in anger for what he did. It would appear that his reason for causing this disaster is disguised. However, James and Gary, the only ones who made it, refuse to give him his death wish. Goldman ended up falling himself to his death as a result.

The Limping Man is...
  • Goldman. As mentioned above, he does seem quite capable of manipulating events past his death, and the process that creates all the monsters can restore life to the dead, one way or another. Perhaps his death, as hinted above, was just a fake.
    • This theory is likely Jossed by the limping man's words in 4, where he insults Goldman directly. And, of course, he doesn't look like Goldman. If he is a clone, he's clearly an imperfect version with a different personality.
  • Issac's father.
  • Papa Caesar! Caesar was shot in the right leg, and the limping man has a limp on his right leg. As well, he's the one who most closely resembles the limping man in appearance.

Why is Zombie Goldman a bad ending in both 2 and 4?
He had it coming and all, but why is a zombified Goldman a bad ending in both games? Does it signify something? ...And this is coming from something who is so scared to play the game.
  • The "character turning into a zombie" ending was a tradition in the first four House of the Dead games. They're not canon (for example, the zombie Sophie ending in the first game isn't, because she canonically survived, married Thomas Rogan, and gave birth to their daughter Lisa). If any, the zombie endings are just there to serve as a sort of "bad" ending and/or add to the horror atmosphere.

There was an extended ending planned for HoTD 3.
In HoTD 3, there are two unused tracks in the soundtrack titled "The First Impression" and "At The End of The Fight" (you can listen to them here and here.) While the former was used as the menu theme in the PS3 release, the latter track remains unused. My theory is that it was originally going to be for an extended ending that was unlocked if you got at least a B or A rank on all the chapters, and achieved the standard or mystery man ending (since the bad or zombie-in-car endings wouldn't tie in well), and the cutscene would be of Rogan reuniting with Sofie and possibly a few more post-final boss stuff to fit the two-minute song in. They probably either scrapped it due to time constraints or it being too long compared to other cutscenes in the game. The way the aforementioned song sounds really made me think what they could have done with it.

There was a good reason why at the end of 4...
  • ...that James didn't just throw his PDA from a safe distance at The World to stop it. Possible reasons:
    • The PDA doesn't contain explosives, but instead James himself has an explosive inside of him and the PDA is the detonator, presumably as a way of dying with whatever intel he has along with his captors if he's ever captured.
    • Killing The World doesn't just require a high-powered explosive, but also a Human Sacrifice. James and Kate were trying not to resort to that, but as The World kept evolving and growing stronger, they realized they had no choice, and thus James blows himself up in front of The World, not to blast it into smithereens but to use the death of his own life to put an end to it. Really, if exploding the PDA was all it took to destroy The World, James would've hurled the damn thing much sooner and no further effort would be required from either of them.

The World's forms is based on how many years it matured.
  • Think about it, the World was created as a backup plan for the 2000 Incident in Venice for the year 2003, how many years has it been since the event of 2? 3. How many form did we see the World evolved into? 3. (Beta, Gamma and it's Golden Super Mode which can be fought in EX). So in theory, if the AMS didn't found out about the World's existence for over 19 years, it could potentially evolve over 19 different forms!

The World is actually the resurrected mutated form of Goldman.
  • This type of thing has happened before in the series, when Curien was resurrected as The Wheel of Fate in HOTD III. so this wouldn't be something completely outside the range of plausibility in this franchise. If you listen closely, both The World and HOTD 4 Goldman have a very similar-sounding voice, and most likely the same exact voice actor(though the V As for this game cannot be found so this isn't confirmed).

  • In one of HOTD 4's endings, Goldman was shown to be starting to transform into something. This could be what it was.

  • And if you recall, in HOTD 2 Goldman fell into the same exact area where The World emerged from in HOTD 4. So you never know...

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