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All Sburb games cover several different sessions
Over the course of the series there's hints that other players are playing Sburb, though we never see them. Fedora Freak is implied to have actually made it to the God Tiers, though we never see him or his planet. This is because Sburb (and all variations thereof) run several sessions consecutively, though they're unrelated. This is because while a multiplayer game, Sburb is not an MMO. For example, though me and my friends are playing Left 4 Dead together, there's hundreds of other unrelated games happening at he same time. This is why all the kids know each other, Paradox Space pits you together with players you're more likely to work with.

There are dozens, perhaps hundreds of other sessions happening at the same time all separate from one another, with their own group of Exiles, Derse and Prospit, Denizens, and worlds, though the classes and rules are universal. This way even if most sessions are glitched or void, chances are at least one group will make a new universe for the game to continue.


All successful game sessions contribute to the next universe to some degree, and then Paradox Space creates a session that continues with your Genesis Frog, in effect loading an old save. So if you fail to complete the frog quest in the original (Sgrub) and load the file into the sequel (Sburb) you will unlock an alternate final boss. Other Sgrub sessions affect other Sburb sessions, and a number of "vanilla" sessions are started to, identical to a session with the frog quest complete.

Exactly what happens when a successful team enters their new universe isn't clear, but it might actually connect into their "Sequel session" to act as exiles or some sort of pseudo-sprite, increasing the likelihood of a successful session. Sgrub sessions might be teamed up with Sburb sessions that are unusually difficult to actually assist in the game proper. The Troll session was a "Vanilla" one, so it was easier but they never met the previous session players. It's also why only Vriska made it to the God Tiers in the game proper.

  • Another possibility is that every session makes its own Genesis Frog, resulting in each universe having the potential to create several hundred offspring universes, even if only a few of those potential offspring/sessions result in a viable genesis frog. Evidently, universes/genesis frogs are an r-selected species.
    • Any evidence that we have that the beta kids are the only four to get through the first part of Sburb is pure speculation on Rose's part. There could be dozens of sessions originating from that Earth. Likewise, we know of at least one universe with two different session in it, since the Cherub session started on the same world as the Alpha session. Finally, the Trolls are noted to have a galaxy-spanning empire, conquering several alien species, any of which could have the code to make the game (likewise, those worlds kept on living even after all the trolls died out).

Pesterchum and Trollian are a mechanic of Sburb
Any sort of internet-based program would be destroyed with the destruction of planetary servers and said planet's internet. As this did happen, according to Rose's walkthrough, they shouldn't be able to talk to each other still, yet they can. It makes sense that each session has its own form of Pesterchum used.
  • As a side note, in our world (see following theory) this would perhaps be Steam.
The kids' universe and ours are different.
Andrew Hussie has skin-colored skin, as opposed to white, and at multiple points it is remarked how odd that is. Besides that, even when the kids are in Hero Mode, they do not match up to his size, as he seems to be the same size as a regular human. Therefore, it follows that there are at least two instances of humanity throughout the sessions.
  • Carrying on from that, it is possible the eventual change was evolution of the kids' descendants throughout time after they entered the session they eventually create, assuming they manage to do so.
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  • Or maybe that is just Hussies way of drawing them. (remember how Calliborn drew Homostuck differently and the Homostuck universe actually turned out like that?). In reality, Hussie is probably from a previous universe were he became winner of the game and thus had full *control* over the newly created universe. Due to being God Tier (a different kind from his universe), he managed to fake his death when uu killed him, so that he could continue being the one, true narrator of Homestuck. Why would he make uu successful though? Probably to help the kids like the Condense did (kinda). I also have a theory that he is a Lord of Hope, giving that he is the narrator. He then disguised himself as a Space player (when he went out to get Doc) so that he can fool everyone (so that they cant be afraid of him) and break the Fenestrated wall.
Caliborn's session is already Post-scratch.
All players of Sburb are created via ectobiology; they crash-land on the planet. However, Caliborn/Calliope were born naturally.This means one of two things.Either Caliborn was never meant to play Sburb, or his session is Post-scratch.If he was never meant to play, it means that Skaia will, as it always does, self-correct, and he was from a doomed timeline. However, he escaped through his powers as the Lord of Time, and wreaked devastation upon Paradox Space to make up for it. This would account for the lack of any other life in their universe; no other living creature has been shown after their birth.Or his parents were the ones to play. Originally, there were two players who, for some reason, could not win. They Scratched the session and restarted. However, in the Post-scratch session, instead of their parents, or the two of them, Caliborn alone played, and, while victorious, also caused massive damage to Paradox Space.
Gamzee is undertaking a massive ploy to create AND destroy Lord English
Gamzee's motivations are way too ambiguous. Something has to be afoot here. The idea is this: Gamzee knows there must be a Final Boss, so he took the steps necessary to help create Lord English, but he's deliberately doing all of this in such a way that English is created with some fatal flaw that either allows him to be killed or causes him to destroy and/or uncreate himself.
Sburb is normally much, much more stable
But either Sollux screwed up when compiling the source code, or Aradia misread it.
  • This is basically canon. The only reason that most of the weird stuff is happening is due to Lord English and/or Bec Noir, and Bec Noir only exists because Karkat messed up the Genesis Frog's genetics.

The Green Sun and the code used to create First Guardians are related to Calliope
Calliope is the Muse of Space. This is a passive class, meaning its purpose is to help others. Considering it's the most passive class in the game, it could potentially give a great deal of power. First Guardians have near godlike powers over space. Which just happens to be Calliope's aspect. Finally, the powers of First Guardians are shown with a lime color, not unlike that of Calliope's blood...
  • Also, if Caliborn is Lord English (which is almost definitely the case at this point), note that his time warping powers as a Lord have spanned across sessions and beyond. The presence of First Guardians also spans across sessions. If the Muse is responsible, she would have power similar to English, but in a passive way.

Muse's role is in "cheering" her co-players, while the Lord lords over them
Muse is the most passive class because it never technically does anything itself, but it instead inspires and aids the others in going forward. It provides knowledge of the other players' abilities and helps them to use them to the best of their ability, either by actively instructing them or passively (even subconsciously) empowering them. Lord, in the meantime, reigns as the unsurpassed leader and chieftain of all the players, using its abilities to keep itself always on top and the most powerful.

Muse and Lord are the most passive and active because the first dies and the other takes control
Muse is the most passive class because they always die before entering the game and the unnamed last class is the most active because they take complete control of the session.
  • Except for the fact that that isn't actually what passive and active mean. It's not about control, or action and lack thereof; passive refers to a player that uses their powers to aid their co-players, while an active player uses their powers to aid themselves.
    • That's not quite it either. An active player uses their aspect, while a passive player is acted on by their aspect
      • Classpects are so loosely defined that you could both be right so I wouldn't be so hasty to just call the other guy wrong without evidence against what he said.

The Magic Cue Ball was the Cue Bullet Spades Slick used to kill Snowman
The all-knowing Magic Cue Ball entered the timeline at the death of the Troll's universe from the "Deudly" gun Doc Scratch gave Slick.

About God Tier deaths...
I think whether a player who achieved god tier can be killed depends on the players perception of their death. Vriska showed obvious feelings of guilt after killing Tavros, so she herself might have thought of her death as "just". John on the other hand got sucker-stabbed, which is neither heroic nor just by any standards. It just seems better than letting the rather subjective terms "just" and "heroic" decide, and would give the whole god tier thing a nice new spin, meaning that gods can only be killed if they themselves think they ought to be.
  • Vriska's death is ambiguous and thus can't really be regarded. John as you say, was stabbed in a fight long before that fight had any meaning to him or anyone else beyond pure emotional rage, so he didn't qualify as heroic. Now if say, John were to fight Jack again, alone, that would probably be heroic.
    • This troper agrees that Vriska's death cannot be used as an example, since her clock was broken by Spades Slick prior to her death.
  • Aradia's death offscreen seems to support this, as it was a willing Heroic Sacrifice.
    • What offscreen death? She's very much alive. And she intends to stay that way.
  • It may simply be that Skaia/Paradox Space decides.
  • None of the A 6 A 6 I 2-3 deaths contradict this by themselves (although it's doubtful Aranea would have seen her own death as Just), but Hussie's comments in their aftermath, especially regarding Rose, suggest the standards are a bit more objective than this.

Lord English, Jack Noir, Doc Scratch, and others are all from the Black Lodge.
Lord English is the One-Armed Man, Doc Scratch is the Arm (Man from Another Place), and Jack Noir is BOB.

Karkat is responsible for why the humans' blood is like his (among other things).
There are many similarities between Earth and Alternia, and although one could say that it's merely because the trolls made the kids' universe, it could use a better explanation. Taking a peek at this image, one can clearly see an arc of energy reaching over to Karkat's hand. It is not that much of a stretch to assume that somehow that arc of energy took his ambitions, thoughts, memories, and probably even genetic code as a template for how Earth was to be crafted. And considering Karkat's place outside the Hemospectrum, he may have wanted a place where the color of one's blood didn't matter.

The other trolls probably had some effect on the humans' world, but Karkat seems to be the deciding factor here.

  • Karkat and Kanaya were the main shaping factors for our universe, because they were the ones who made B. Slick. Earth itself is only one among potentially many civilizations in that universe.

Frogs played the first session.
The Frog Temples being located on both Alternia and Earth was not a coincidence. The very, VERY first game of S Burb was played by a race of amphibious frog creatures who's session would be the bare bones backbone of how a normal session would go, not even having any Exiles to manipulate things behind the scenes. The last bastion of there civilization, the Frog Temple, was then used and recreated on every single session there after, becoming a major landmark players would use as a safe haven or some other purpose to help players along. Eventually, a session occurred where the Black Queen started hating frogs and making their existence in any shape or form illegal in Derse as the game's equalizing mechanism to balance out the Frog Temple's importance. However, it gave astute and clever players a major weakness to help cripple Derse's royalty who found this out and correctly used it against her.
  • Under this theory, Bilious Slick would be the original "leader" (taking the position of John or Karkat), yes?
    • Problems, since Sburb is timeless, any session could be said to be the first.
    • The First would be the one that wasn't created by any other session...
      • And given the nature of Sburb, it's entirely likely there isn't such a session.

All thanks to the Scratch letting him get to where they are. Or maybe he can just warp to them now with his teleportation.
  • Most likely option is that he chases the trolls out into the Ring while they try to escape.

Class roles
in no particular order, and with varying degrees of sense:
  • Knight: standard combat class. See Dave, Karkat
    • Confirmed by Aradia.
    • To be more specific though, a class the functions off protection their aspect, or protecting others using their aspect.
  • Witch: Heavy artillery. Functions like the D&D wizard.
    • Artillery functions have not been shown, but witches seem to be able to manipulate their Aspect in their surroundings. Jade's abilities are confused by her sprite & first guardian powers, but she has shown the ability to manipulate the size and position of objects. The Condesce can extend lives. God Tier Feferi can heal, possibly as another manifestation of 'extending life'.
      • Word of God is that a Witch is one of the most, if not the most strongly active class, aside from the Master Class. Seemingly Confirmed.
      • Except attempting to draw generalized parallels to the "stereotypical class powers" in Role Playing Games is futile, due to Hussie's subversion (e.g the Bard supports by destroying).
  • Heir: Magikarp Power based combat class. John clearly; Equius, had he lasted longer, might have learned to actually use a bow, since he already had epic mangrit.
    • Or perhaps just a class that is passively supported by their aspect. Equius' only confirmed power was the psychic void around him; John initially could only manifest the Windy Thing to protect himself.
  • Sylph: Like the Witch, but more of a healing and buffing focus. Closer to a cleric than a wizard.
    • Seemingly confirmed by Aranea. Kanaya seems to be a small exception as she never displayed any healing abilities, but then again she has never displayed her Space abilities period. They also do seem to be the passive counterpart to a Witch, both being exclusively female.
    • Kanaya "heals space" by providing the oasis in which she grew up in, and also by being the keeper of the Matriorb/possibly the savior of her species.
    • Mythologically speaking, the sylphs were invisible spirits of the air often associated with fairies- "invisible" cluing into the very definitely Passive role of the Sylph. As elemental spirits, Sylphs would probably have been invoked by Witches, as jesters (in this case, Bards) were called upon to amuse Princes or Pages were called upon to aid and arm Knights.
  • Mage: Superwitch. Totally helpless if somehow deprived of class powers, but ultra-powerful (note that Sollux can casually fly from Derse to LOBAF on the first rung of his echeladder. Jade, flying around Prospit, appears confined to street level.)
    • The only powers Sollux has demonstrated that tie into his Aspect as the Hero of Doom is his ability to see the "soon to be dead." It's possible that the Mage is more of an information-related class, like the Seer, and that Sollux's telekinetic and energy blast powers are unrelated, like many of the trolls' psychic abilities.
      • Mage very well could be a passive counterpart to Knight.
      • What if, as the Mage of Doom, Sollux's prophecies came true because he made them: as opposed to the Seer's abilities to find information, whatever Sollux says becomes true as an effect of his powers, for better or for worse (which as the Doom player, means worse). This might make the Mage more of an active Seer.
    • Not sure if it fits here, but perhaps Mages gain knowledge through their aspect, as apposed to how Seers have al ot of knowledge about their aspect and make predictions relating to their aspect?
    • Mages could be an active counterpart to the Seer with the intent of guiding the course of the aspect itself- Meulin used her Mage of Heart powers to influence her ships, and by a funny coincidence her name is similar to Merlin, King Arthur's guide and teacher.
      • While a Witch alters objects and forces governed by her aspect (ie Jade's ability to alter size and velocity, but not distance) and a Seer has an elevated understanding of their aspect and gains requisite knowledge to allow it to come to pass (ie Rose's ability to map the way to good fortune), the Mage uses their ability to manipulate and create/cause the aspect itself via their understanding of it (ie Sollux's predictions of the A2 party's deaths).
  • Seer: Exactly what Scratch's narration says it is: an information and prediction based support class
    • Confirmed by Aradia and Doc Scratch.
  • Thief: Primarily a support class, based on buffing/debuffing. This would fit with Vriska's luck powers and, in a more meta way, with her tendency to hunt down every last bit of treasure and gain ALL the levels.
    • Confirmed by UU. Basically Thieves steal an aspect from their enemies to strengthen themselves.
    • Also Jossed by UU. Thieves are not a support class. They are an active class who use their abilities for their own benefit.
  • Page: Support class, meant to work with and enhance the Knight, Heir, or Prince. Near useless on its own, or with any other class.
    • Maybe not exclusive to those classes, but I'd say that if the Knight is "one who protects X or protects via X", then the Page could be "one who strengthens or empowers (via) X".
      • Aranea tells Jake that he may inspire Hope across all sessions by defeating Lord English.
    • Hinted by Jake's brain ghost of Dirk to be an extreme Magikarp Power class, even more so than the Heir.
    • Another possibility based upon the description of Horuss' abilities; "One who has limitless potential through X"
  • Prince: Even more combat focused than the knight, with no other abilities. Alternately, we have no clue, because Eridan was a terrible Prince.
    • Scratch that, before he unlocked anything that even looked like his attribute ability he killed each and every angel on his planet which took minutes of sustained fire for every single one. Later on he managed to one hit KO's three of his teamates. He is not a terrible Prince, he is a terrible person.
    • According to UU, Princes are The Nuker, they're an active class that destroys.
      • Making the original idea Confirmed
      • Specifically, they destroy their Aspect or destroy through it.
      • As a destroyer, destroying nigh indestructible allied constructs makes him, as said above, a great prince, especially when he is now "destroyer of hope," ending any hope for his species' sustained existance effectively makes him the greatest prince of hope of all time...
      • Another possibility: Glass Cannon. Princes pay for their obscene destructive power by having a miniscule hp pool. Think about it: the only time all princes we've seen take any amount of damage more than minor bumps or bruises, they die. (Bro avoided every attack made on him except the one one that killed him, and Eridan always managed to attack first without taking damage, except once.)
  • Bard: Support class meant to be used during the quest. The Bard's planet would be the ideal resting place, with no super-lethal minions and relatively few sidequests. The class itself would be more element dependent.
    • According to UU, Bards are the wildcard, a passive class that interacts with it's element.
    • Specifically, they are a destroyer class and the passive counterpart to the Prince. They either allow others to destroy their Aspect or invite destruction through it, as if through its will.
    • Alternatively, the purpose of the bard class is to amuse Andrew Hussie.
  • Maid: Another support class, along the lines of the seer, but specialized to aid a single other player: the leader. The Maid will have some ability that allows the leader to function as such. For Aradia, this was her timeline management, as discussed by Karkat.
    • Alternately, the Maid could responsible for the management of their Aspect — an inversion of the Heir who seems more passively supported by their Aspect.
  • Rogue: A combat support class capable of working with any other melee class. Not all that great on its own, but absolutely owns when working with a partner, see Nepeta the best moirall ever.
    • Jossed by UU, as she says that a Rogue is basically a support version of the Thief class, in which it steals to help out his/her teammates.
  • Muse: A social class, having only subtle influence over events and relying upon trickery and the use of other characters to complete their objectives. The Muse inspires necessary changes without necessarily needing to be aware of what they're actually doing.
  • Maid is the passive counterpart to Knight.
    • A Knight's role could be defined as "he who protects his aspect", while a Maid is "she who restores her aspect". Alternatively, both could "protect/restore things using their aspect", if we are assuming all classes get that.
      • The first piece of evidence is Jane Crocker, the Maid of Life, who has been shown to restore at least one life (her own). Why she didn't do this the second time isn't clear, though the first time it was her dreamself dead, while the second it was the original one. It's not unreasonable to think only dreamselves have powers, at least until some triggering event during the game. Alternatively, plot.
      • The other known Maid, Aradia Megido, the Maid of Time, routinely worked by carefully watching what went wrong and going back to fix it. Also, her semi un-official theme song goes about how she has "seen [things go wrong] over and over again", and Karkat repeatedly remarks about how she kept going back to fix their screwups, mostly his own. So much so that they ended up gaining an "Aradiabot Army", without which they "COULD NOT HAVE BEATEN THE KING" (Bard and Thief notwithstanding). Thus she restored the timeline, "after" it had been broken.
      • Conversely, we have Dave Strider, the Knight of Time, whose M.O. involved helping himself via stable time loops. He himself remarks that "dead daves are the enemy", while Aradia routinely failed to care about this, despite being more accurately aware of the meaning of doomed copies. (Dave got that quote from Terezi, but that doesn't mean he does not believe it. And it is not impossible that she got it from him, too.) Kanaya also mentions, offhand, that to get the frog breeding in time would require "To Establish Weeks Worth Of Stable Time Loops"; which for her, as based on her perception of the Maid, "It Would Be An Overly Elaborate And Dangerous Undertaking[...]And Anyone Who Would Attempt Such A Thing Is Reckless"; but for Jade, based on her perception of the Knight, was obviously a matter of simply asking. Lastly Karkat, again, remarks that he'd "NEVER SEEN ANYONE EXPLOIT TIME TRAVEL SO SHAMELESSLY AS HIM, NOT EVEN ARADIA". Leaving aside the fact that she's probably the only other time traveller he's met (at that point), Dave is more proactive about what is basically the same task (ensuring the "correct" timeline happens).
      • The last one, Karkat Vantas, the Knight of Blood, is also the hardest to adjudicate. There are several indications that he simply failed as a Knight, as anything to do with Blood, as a Leader, and as a Player in general. Or at least, that he thinks so ("EVERY DOUCHE GOT TO FLY BUT ME, EVEN THE CRIPPLE."/"I GAVE YOUR WHOLE UNIVERSE CANCER, JADE. SORRY."/"MY OWN PERSONAL MISTAKES PROBABLY ACCOUNTED FOR MORE DOOMED ARADIABOTS THAN ANYTHING ELSE."/etc.) But it all depends on how we interpret "Blood". Considering Alternian culture, the most obvious choices are "racism" and "violence". Yet if we take the third most likely symbolism of blood, friendship/loyalty/community, it would seem that he did a pretty fine job. Vriska, of all people, is of the opinion that "When it comes down to it, he was pro8a8ly too good a leader! He actually did manage to get the two teams to work together toward the same goal. It could have easily deterior8ed into a feud otherwise", as well as both Terezi and Kanaya later aknowledging that "the others" respect him as a leader. We lack any other confirmed player of Blood, but it seems to fit. He kept the group together, and in doing so "protected" both the group itself and all of them (despite Vriska's theory, descending into a feud wouldn't be likely to result in several God Tiers; it would probably result in the first few hoarding the bodies so the others couldn't come back (and Aradiabots, of course)).

Alternate role interpretation
Based around two of them, life and hope.Both life and hope are based, at least partially, not around the presence of it, but the lack of it and working round that. Both in Jake and Eridan's cases, the hope is lost (Eridan destroying the matriorb/ Jake being dream-dead pre entry), but the recipe modus sugests that they may be able to reverse-engineer stuff to get a new matriorb, and Jake could go the same way as Jade, fixing both issues. Likewise, Feferi dies and Jane looks like she may be going the same way, but Feferi has the dream bubbles and its too early to tell with Jane. How this ties in with Sburb/Sgrub, I have no idea though.

It is possible for a session to be Scratched more than once, if necessary to win.
Recall that all of the kids' "ancestors" had their own thing going on during the Beta session. Grandpa Harley was somehow time-traveling and freely moving between Earth and the Medium, Rose's Mom possibly worked at or possibly even OWNED a Skaia Net laboratory, Bro started the Scratch during Round 1 with Jack, and Dad... well, you get the idea. Add to that the fact that the sessions are named after the editions of Sburb: ALPHA and BETA, and that the BETA session was, oddly enough, presented first. Perhaps the Alpha!Kids are actually having their second go at the game, and were using memories of their first Alpha session to advance the Beta behind the scenes?
  • Or, failing that, then perhaps the order of the sessions is somehow irrelevant- perhaps another attribute of Paradox Space- and the "ancestors" in the Beta session were recalling memories of the not-yet-occurring Alpha session, providing the necessity for only one Scratch.
    • Neither of the two known sessions to scratch have demonstrated this capability. Failing some sort of Word of God via UU, we'll never know conclusively either.
      • Word of God via Rose seems to suggest that as long as there's a Hero of Time, a session can Scratch as many times as need be, presumably shuffling up players more than just Ancestors and Players switching places.

A successful session will always have an equal number of Active and Passive classes amongst player ranks.
From what I'm seeing, it looks like John, Dave and Jade all had active classes in the Beta session, leaving an imbalance as Rose was the only passive. Now in the Alpha session, there is only one confirmed active class member and all of the others sound like passive classes. Perhaps due to some balance of power being required, all sessions must have an equal number of each? Thus a 2-player session would not be winnable if both players were active classes.
  • 4 kids = 1 passive + 3 active.
  • There's still ambiguity on whether an Heir's role is active or passive.
    • Think about it, passive means uses their power to affect their allies, active players have their power affect themselves. John's windy thing only seems to help him.
  • The Alpha and Beta kids were always intended to play in a single session. Therefore, 8 players = 4 active + 4 passive. Not to discredit the 4 = 1 + 3.
    • Am I the only one who sees the 413?

The biggest Stable Time Loop(s) of them all will bring in existence all of the things with unknown origins. All of them.
The trolls and kids will be involved in a Stable Time Loop (or several) which will create the Furthest Ring, the horrorterrors, the Green Sun, Lord English, and even the game itself. Stable Time Loops are already responsible for a whole lot of what happens, including the players becoming players and the players even existing in the first place, so from a Doylist perspective everything being because of time loops fits thematically and neatly ties everything up.
  • There's no indication that their session will create the entire multiverse which is basically what the cycle of Sburb is.
  • On the other hand, as of the end of Act 5 they've already created the Green Sun...
  • Tentatively jossed by UU

If your Dream Self dies on your Quest Bed, your Real Self awakens as God Tier.
It's basically the same thing (facing death and conquering it), so why not? Plus it'd be convenient if the rest of the Kids are going to reach God Tier.
  • Alternitively it does not need to be your personal Quest Bed, as long as aspect of the bed and player match up.
  • Dream Bubble!Quest Bed same as Physical!Quest Bed.
    • Awakened dreamselves can die on a bed in the moon of Prospit or Derse and still god tier, so, half confirmed.

Speculation regarding the other mythological roles not explained by the characters or story.
  • Blood: The ability to take a lot of hits and not die, AKA super endurance. As a leader, this is good to have. Also recall that when he was stabbed by Jack, he was more concerned with hiding his blood color rather than OH GOD THIS STRANGE MAN HAS SHOWN ME HIS STABS.
    • Alternately, it's something to do with his ability to accurately read and deal with interpersonal relationships (blood = family), and getting people to work together (sorta like Terezi's Seer of Mind abiliy, but with a different focus.)
      • Possibly the second, not the first. All trolls are Made of Iron and even fairly serious wounds don't bother them.
    • Could also have something to do with why Kanaya alone came back to "life" after being kissed without a dreamself a blood-drinking undead creature.
    • Seems to be Jossed. IIRC, A 6 I 3 says neither Hero of Blood has used aspect-related abilities.
  • Doom: Whatever Sollux "predicts" happens, whether he actually likes the outcome or not. Not always in his favor, and people will not believe you when you try to tell them.
    • Sollux can hear the voice of the soon-to-be-dead warning him of their fates. The role could have something to do with death, ill fortune, or non-Alpha timelines.
  • Heart: The ability to empathize, both with enemies and allies alike. The ultimate moirail ability. And of note, a Heart's ability to communicate with beasts is ultimately not the same strength as Tavros' c♉MMUNION, ability.
    • UU has indicated that this Aspect has more to do with souls and a sense of identity.
  • Void: Being able to create a vacuum of a certain radius around him and being able to survive in any vacuum. As he is very STRONG, Equius will never find a use for this. Certainly not if he stays dead.
    • Immune to Fate
      • Going to say myself that this is unlikely since it would massively violate all we know about how time and predestination works in Homestuck.
      • Less so with John being "unstuck in reality/canon" and his ability to change the Alpha timeline, including changing his changes.
    • The first is Jossed by UU. The power of Void is one of concealing or destroying information. It also seems to be intimately tied in with the Horrorterrors or the Furthest Ring since Roxy sleepwalks in dreambubbles and opens portals through the void out there. Rose also displays an info-blocking effect from when she went grimdark until her death and ascension as a Seer.
  • Hope: Instilling inspiration in people and bettering their lives in battle or out of it. Now keep in mind what Eridan did that "improved" people's lives.
  • Life: Bringing back the dead without the need of a dream self (makes sense when Fef has so many Mary Sue traits as it is). She can also heal wounds and revitalize allies.
    • If this was the case, she'd have revived herself instead of staying dead.
      • Guess I forgot to mention that reviving yourself is the only thing you can't do... because you're dead, obviously!
      • Except that Jane's dreamself did so. Then again, that may be the difference between a Witch and a Maid.
  • Rage: The opposite of the Heart ability; causes allies' or enemies' primal instincts to take control and be on the constant Fight mode of the Flight or Fight switch. Simultaneously, one gains tremendous strength and agility,but loses control of one's mental facilities as more of this power is used. Achieveing the God Tiers is HIGHLY NOT SUGGESTED for anyone with a Rage element attached to them. And since Subjuggulators are already very powerful as it is...
    • Alternately, keeping in theme with the Bard half of Gamzee's title, he can either instill or quell rage in those around him, depending on his own emotional state. Evidence: he was able to "chill" with the imps instead of fighting them.
      • That may have been Gamzee sharing his sopor slime with the enemies, though.
      • Which could simply be his "prop" tool, like Rose's crystal ball or Dave's turntables.
  • Time: Time's role is to keep the other players alive through fairly obvious means.
    • Then again, that may just be the role of the Knight. We do know that they hold the Reset Button, though.
  • Breath : The universe is a frog, the kids session is dying, John removes a tumor from skaia and his theme is Doctor. One can assume that Breath's role is to keep the universe alive.
    • So he's doing mouth-to-mouth!

The troll's Lusii are descendants of the 48 players of the session before theirs.
  • Every session simply needs the players to enter the new universe so that they can make sure the species that will participate in the next one survives. Trolls eventually came to be the dominant species of the universe, and the Lusii became their guardians. This is why Lusii are assigned to each troll as a custodian. In relation to this, the trolls are supposed to make sure the humans survive their session: even though they were never able to enter their universe, there are various labs placed on asteroids so that they may somehow communicate with them and help them.

Andrew wrote this series with the intent of trolling the audience from the very first page.
This is where we will compile the numerous symbols and try to determine their significance because there seems to be no other place to do this other than this WMG page. Some of this may be common knowlage at this point.

It's pretty clear that the Troll's horns are intended to reflect their respective symbols, not all of them are easy to understand such as how do Karkat's nubby horns relate to a crab or how do Vriska's relate to a spider (a stinger and pincer even though her version of scorpio is a spider?) however it has become pretty clear that Andrew has intended this from the begining as early as the first character introductions.

  • Dave's hair is a bird, this is simply fact. It has always been a bird, think of how far in the story that has any relevance at all.
  • John's hair is a jester hat, that should be obvious.
  • Jade has dog ears. This troper first noticed it with Jadesprite however Jade's hair does look like dog ears.
  • Rose is a little better hidden but again we were trolled. Rose is a cat, look at Rose's face at her big jump here and then look at Jaspersprite's head a frame later it's a perfect silioute.

The significance of the item/tasks of entry.

  • John's item task was to take a bite of an apple.
  • Rose's item task was to break a wine bottle.
  • Dave's item task was to allow an egg to hatch.
    • Which he almost failed due to his impatience. Though that may be the symbol of the item, as soon as he stopped trying to force his time powers dead Daves stopped stacking up.
    • The egg hatches as Bro cuts a meteor in half is that not symbolic enough?
  • Jade's item task was to blindly shoot a pinata of her guardian.
    • Jack and Bec are now one being sort of, the symbolisim is fairly obvious in this case.
    • Hussie actually discussed the symbolism of all of the entry items on his old Formspring account. John's was just symbolic. Rose's required a leap of faith and reliance on a friend. Dave's required patience. Jade's required her to both put down her dangerous dog and put (blind) trust in herself and him.

The Green Sun is made up of the souls of Non players.
Yes, this means The Green Sun is people.

Think of it as an afterlife for everyone else. Since the Gods of the Furthest Ring provide an afterlife for players or anyone important via dreambubble, Fridge Horror may ensue in that it means that anyone not playing or will not affect the game at all just vanish. They have to go somewhere, right? Plus, at least they'll serve a purpose this way. Instead of just being erased from existence or out of skaiaNET's database, they now fuel the Green Sun. And besides, there's a surplus amount of them from all the other sessions of the S-series.

This also means that to destroy the Green Sun would also mean to dispel all the lost souls. Alternatively, it means He who destroys the Green Sun also finishes off two or more entire universes' worth of Cannon Fodder.

  • I think I may be going out on a really improbable limb here, but I'm starting to think Doc Scratch lives on it, as exemplified here(?), as the whole "destroy the Green Sun" thing would also destroy him in the process. Perhaps he was a guardian of the non-player characters, or unplayers? I don't know, honestly.
    • Doc lives on one of Alternia's moons. It's shown during his introduction.
    • Sorry for the confusion, then.
  • Alternate theory: When the Green Sun explodes,it will send all inside into overdrive, causing them to have one final yell, their loudest and hardest yet- a mixed scream shared by the cannon fodder of two or more universes- which causes a final, large blast of energy, enough to destroy many universes, and allowing for many more to take their places. This will be known as "The Vast Green", as it will be the last thing another universe sees before all goes black. (What results may or may not be enough to create another Green Sun, eventually.)
    • Kind of sort of maybe Confirmed? Well, here it says that the Tumor contained two universes, thus in a sense meaning that the green sun is also made of two universes, meaning that your opening statement is correct. The soul-fuel thing, however, is kind of ambiguous.

Because why the hell not.
  • Alternately, the dinosaurs had their own version of Sburb, complete with their own day of Reckoning.

Hussie moves the story into SBaHJ to protect the audience from horror.
Twice, Hussie has shifted to SBaHJ, once after Rose goes dark, and second after LE was teased. Each time was to protect the audience from horror, with the first horror of Rose going dark, and the second of a face-to-face with Lord English. On the surface, its Mood Whiplash by a Teasing Creator, but its really Big Brother Instinct done by a Papa Wolf disguised as Stylistic Suck.

The Green Sun runs on nuclear fission
In Homestuck both radioactivity and Becquerel are accompanied by green light and prototyping Bec with the Kernelsprite made Uranium Imps, so it's possible that the Green Sun runs with it
  • Stars run on fusion, not fission. Fission doesn't provide enough energy and can't be done with lighter elements, as uranium and the like aren't that common in space.
  • That It Hasnt Collapsed Upon Itself Into A Tiny Lavender Singularity Is The Most Striking Marvel Paradox Space Has Coughed Up Yet (see Alien Geometries, Eldritch Location, Functional Magic, Hyperspace Is a Scary Place).
    • Still doesn't change the fact that stars use fusion not fission. However Andrew apparently knows about as much about astronomy as he does biology given that the Green Sun is also twice the size of a universe, so I concede that in canon it's likely
    • But the Green Sun is outside any universe, so a star with a mass twice the universe's is entirely possible, along with uranium getting involved in nuclear FUSION...
      • That's like inflating your body to the size of the galaxy; there's simply no way it would logically remain stable. What seems to be the case most likely is that the Sun is not really a Sun so much as a quasi-magical force of spatial energy underpinning the Multiverse.
      • You mean sort of like the frog large enough to contain a universe?
      • Remember that the object being discussed can somehow exist in the absence of anything to exist in, as it's outside any universe. After that point further physics violations become rather elementary.
      • The Green Sun was also made from the combined explosion of two universes, and presumably that's what's fueling it (it's like a contained big bang). And in a sense, that could be driven by fission (all the elements and mass of the universes are being broken down by the explosion vortex, aka 'sun').

Andrew is pulling out all the stops to not have this troper dub any character The Scrappy.
Rewind a bit before Wayward Vagabond found the etiquette book. All caps, extremely rude. Basically a troll. Then he finds the book. Next, he makes us control the character. He gives him a likable personality. The final nail in the coffin to being rescued from the scrappy heap is giving him the APPEARIFIER. Now skip ahead to Jade. Oh look! A teleporter! Damn. She still has the Captchal- wait, she always guesses right the first try? OK. Wow, These less frequent updates are awesome. Oh wat... What's this? They gave Periwhatever Magistrate an over-the-top and crazy mailman persona!
  • This really does seem to be one of the author's goals. He's made a furry and a juggalo beloved characters despite their being much-hated internet targets. Even the Token Evil Teammate gC is pretty lovable, in a sick and twisted sort of way.
    • What are you talking about? gC (Terezi Pyrope) isn't at all evil. Not in the slightest bit (in context at least).
      • Except that part where she sent John to his death knowing full well that he had no chance because of her powers as the seer of mind but yes she ment well and is utterly adorable in a slightly disturbing way.
    • Future has Vriska and Snowman say hi.
      • Vriska had what can best be described as a cannibal single parent, so it wasn't exactly easy for her growing up; and she's still kind of remorseful for everything she had to do. Snowman, on the other hand, has no such saving grace... yet...
    • Vriska was partially a deliberate attempt to enrage the fandom so that Andrew could essentially see what happens. So in this event, yes Vriska was designed by Andrew to be dubbed a Scrappy.
  • It still doesn't explain Eridan, though.
    • Seriously he has has his fans (and double that for his March form) but does he have any redeeming values at all?
      • When he's not ruining everything, his antics are hysterical.
    • Eridan was pretty much a villain, or something very close to it. Disliking villains doesn't reallt make them into scrappys
      • What about when the villain is a Scrappy?

Every character in Homestuck is clinically insane.
There should be no reason why this is not true.
  • Even the Wayward Vagabond?
    • He made Can Town. I think that qualifies.
      • Well, "clinically" may not suit him. Or maybe he's a hallucination
  • It may not be too long before this is actually true. The Warweary Villein witnessed his army get slaughtered in seconds; Jack Noir has seemingly gone on a berserk rampage; gallowsCalibrator seems to have lost it, and with their impending doom, the other trolls may follow; Mom has seemed somewhat unhinged throughout the story; Davesprite is from an alternate future where John and Jade were dead; John has had a Heroic BSoD twice, found out that he has a Room Full of Crazy, and created himself and his friends through ectobiology; Rose fused with a dream self from the aforementioned alternate future, and has Lovecraftian horrors talking to her; Dave threw his own corpse out the window, then just stared at his hands for ten minutes; Jade taxidermied her own grandfather before the story started, and now her dream self has died; and sooner or later it's going to sink in that pretty much everyone the kids ever knew, except the kids themselves and their guardians, is DEAD.
    • IMO, Rose doesn't look like she's snapped... but she (and Dave) cares more about self-image than John or Jade, so it'll take longer to show if she really has.
      • Nobody can be clinically insane if there are no clinics
  • May not be every character, but it is interesting to note that Wikipedia lists 12 currently accepted personality disorders. It doesn't require too much in the way of mental acrobatics to assign one to each.
    • And sincerely, some of the trolls are genuinely insane. Gamzee and Eridan, and Vriska to an extent. There Are No Therapists on Alternia. As for some of the other examples, WV has the intellect of approximately a 2nd grader and the others are showing stress pretty blatantly. This WMG hits on one of the underlying themes of Homestuck. Look out for more of this as we proceed probably.
    • WV understands paradoxes and nuclear energy. He seems pretty intelligent.
      • Definitely being called back to more with Act 6.
  • What about Tavros? He's just insecure. Also, Calliope is definitely sane.

Andrew Hussie reads the TV Tropes page on Homestuck.
Not long after Pre-emptive Declaration was added to the page, said trope got an even better example in-canon. Also, suspiciously many of the WMG entries above have come true— well, the more reasonable ones anyhow— and he does have a penchant for invoking Accended Fanon. On top of that, various terminology someone unfamiliar with TV Tropes would be unlikely to use is peppered throughout Homestuck, such as the mention of Chekhov's Juice.
  • Tarvos "adiosToreador" Nitram's first chat with Jade gave him some woobie potential, or enough to make him an example of the trope on the character page. Act Five has him becoming an even better example of a woobie to tearjerking. It's a little suspicious, to say the least, and makes you wonder if Andrew was browsing the Homestuck character page as well.
    • He does not. He does like the concept of TV Tropes but feels in it's execution we miss the point of the work in favor of categorizing and filing everything about it.
      • Is that not the point of the work? To locate, identify and sort all repeated memes throughout history? Surely Hussie can appreciate this after all some of his fanbase has actually resorted to spread sheets to sort all character information, events and callbacks.
    • Okay he clearly does, he has used a Tv Tropes page as evidence in his formspring ownage sessions on more than one occasion and we can safely assume he has at least skimmed the Homestuck page which is like what 97% of all the tropes ever?
      • Let me rephrase the point above. He may read it on occasion but still to this troper's knowledge he doesn't especially like it.

Jane's role as the Maid of Life is to fix problems caused by death.
Karkat says here that time-traveling Aradiabots were always warning him about mistakes that led to doomed timelines. So the "Maid" class appears to be about "cleaning up messes" related to her element. As the Maid of Life, Jane may bring back Jake's dreamself (and possibly also herself).
  • Maybe not the best example. What would be the point in going back to the past from a doomed time line if you weren't going to warn people about what caused the timeline you come from? Davesprite did the same.

Each class has an active/passive opposite
UU has revealed that there are active (-) and passive (+) classes, split between those that use their Aspect to enhance themselves v. those that enhance others. She has already named the thief & rogue as a pair of classes that are active/passive manifestations of the same concept (stealing an Aspect). It's my guess that all of the classes have a counterpart:
  • Thief (-) v. Rogue (+): Theft of Aspect (as stated by UU)
  • Heir (-) v. Prince (+): authority over Aspect? (conceptually linked via inheritance) (Jossed.)
  • Knight (-) v. Page (+): protection with Aspect?
  • Witch (-) v. Sylph (+): manipulation of Aspect?
  • Mage (-) v. Seer (+): knowledge of Aspect? (conceptually linked due to Sollux's visions of doom)
  • Bard (?) v. Maid (?): ??? (no real link; just the left-overs that don't fit anywhere else) (Jossed.)
  • Heir (-) v. Maid (+): protected by Aspect?

UU Said that Prince and Bard are opposites. So:

  • Prince(-) v. Bard(+): destruction of/by the Aspect
  • Heir(?) v. Maid(?): care for/by the Aspect?
    • Based on how John used it, I'm going to guess that Heir is the active(-) member of the pair.
      • And based on Aradia (and the leading theories regarding Jane), Maid is more than likely a passive class as well.

Guesses on the gender roles of classes
UU also revealed that there is gender bias in the selection of classes. Some classes are exclusively male or female, where others favor one gender over the other. She doesn't mention any neutral classes, and she specifically names Rogue and Thief as favoring females and her own unrevealed class as exclusively female. So, let's start guessing on them:
  • Exclusively male: Knight (Dave, Karkat), Page (Tavros, Jake), Prince (Eridan, Dirk)
  • Mostly male: Mage (Sollux), Bard (Gamzee), Heir (John, Equius)
  • Mostly female: Thief (Vriska), Rogue (Nepeta, Roxy), Seer (Rose, Terezi)
  • Exclusively female: Witch (Jade, Feferi), Maid (Aradia, Jane), Sylph (Kanaya)

Later confirmation/denial:

  • UU Said that Bards are exclusively male, so Pages are probably mostly male.
    • I'd personally guess that Knights are the "mostly" male ones due to Joan of Arc type figures.
  • [S] ACT 6 INTERMISSION 3 has shown us a male Seer and a female Knight, which means that Knights are, in fact, mostly male instead of exclusively male.

Updating the table with newer information we get this:

  • Exclusively male: Heir (John, Equius, Mituna), Bard (Gamzee, Cronus), Prince (Eridan, Dirk, Kurloz), Lord (Caliborn)
  • Mostly male: Knight (Dave, Karkat, Latula), Page (Tavros, Jake, Horuss), Mage (Sollux, Meulin)
  • Mostly female: Thief (Vriska, Meenah), Rogue (Nepeta, Roxy, Rufioh), Seer (Rose, Terezi, Kankri)
  • Exclusively female: Maid (Aradia, Jane, Porrim), Witch (Jade, Feferi, Damara), Sylph (Kanaya, Aranea), Muse (Calliope)

Notice that if we exclude Caliborn and Calliope there are eight characters in each category and, if we assume that the above WMG on passive and active classes is correct, each category get it's own pair of classes in addition to one class with it's counterpart in the opposite category (Mage-Seer in the "mostly"-categories and Heir-Maid in the "exclusive"-categories).

In conjunction with the above, Rose's MEOW code will somehow find its way into the Alpha session.
It will be combined with Jaspers instead of Bec, thus creating the feline First Guardian.
  • Probably not going to happen since the BARK code exists as a substitute. We'll have to wait and see where it comes from.

Jane will be able to resurrect the dead trolls and Beta!Guardians.
Jane's confirmed as the Hero of Life. Naturally, the Hero of Life isn't able to go beyond extending one's lifespan (assuming that's connected to the role and not just the Condesce's power as Empress). But thus far, every one of the Beta!Kids has ended up as God Tier- John, Jane's Beta iteration, being the first to reach it- which may open up the possibility to remedy that. After all, just look at Jade's God Tier resurrection!

Jane's Dad is a pawn of the Batterwitch
As an alternative to the last entry, Jane's Dad is actually working hand-in-hand with Betty Crocker. We all know how obsessive of a baker (and consumer of Betty Crocker goods) Beta!Dad was. Considering that his daughter had to learn her love of baking from somewhere, how she has the name Crocker which implies he does too, and how he's let her fill her room with Crockercorp merchandise, it's doubtful that he see Betty Crocker as a malign influence. In fact, he may be even more brainwashed than Jane is in the Batterwitch's favor. And with his daughter as heir to the company, just what is his day job, anyway...?
  • Come to think of it, if Jane is the heir of the company, why does she live in the same ordinary house in Maple Valley, WA that John lived in?

Bec Noir (or whatever we are calling him these days) will be unable to harm Jake because...
  • Although he had loyalty to Jade, he was also loyal to Grandpa Harley, and probably for more years that he was to Jade. Halley was Grandpa's dog first, and he had Bec before he ever found Jade. Plus, we see that Bec sleeps at the feet of stuffed Grandpa.
    • Bec never knew Grandpa as a child though, so it's dubious if he would recognize Jake as him.

When the Alpha Kids arrive in their session, the Beta Kids and their planets will be waiting for them
. . . resulting in an unconventional eight-player session. Don't know what will happen to the extra Battlefield, though.
  • Karkat has specifically said this is the plan; though they're entering after the session is somewhat established.
  • It's unknown at this point if John and Jade will reach the Medium before Jane, but it seems unlikely.

Sburb is a game between Reality and the Horrorterrors meant to determine if a new Reality will/should be created
We know Sburb is the way universes are created. We know that Sburb takes place within the Furthest Ring where the Horrorterrors reside. Thus, Sburb is creating universes within/out of the Furthest Ring. In light of this, consider the following:
  • Prospit and its Dreamers are situated towards, influenced by, and allied with Skaia; the entity which propagates realities. The Inhabitants of Prospit work directly to protect Skaia and aid the consorts who in turn aid the Heroes in their quest to create a new universe. Skaia even gives Prospit Dreamers “hints” via the Dream clouds to improve their chances of winning, and if the trolls are any indication, somehow renders Prospit dreamers highly suspicious of the Horrorterrors and their advice.
  • Derse and its Dreamers are situated towards, influenced by, and allied with the Horrorterrors of the Furthest Ring in opposition to Skaia. The inhabitants of Derse work directly to prevent the successful completion of the game, and thus the creation of a new universe, the royalty of Derse hate frogs because they represent/become new universes, and via Rose's story arc we know that the Horrorterrors were actively advising her to break her session, and that if directly contacted, they can hijack one of the Heroes (though the extent to which they can override their will remains unclear). Thus, Prospit is Reality’s “Side” in the game, and Derse is the Horrorterrors’ “Side” in the game.
    • One objection to this is that Derse Dreamers still work to win the game, but this is deceptive, remember; Skaia gets to choose the players. The purpose of the Derse Dreamers is still to win the game as that is what Skaia created and timelooped them to do in the first place, however, Skaia allows the Horrorterrors the chance to influence half of the players so they have a chance to break the session and prevent a genesis. Why give them this chance? To maintain balance between reality and non-reality. The proliferation of realities “uses up” the Furthest Ring, thereby killing Horrorterrors and destroying their habitat.
      • Furthermore, players can work at cross purposes to what Skaia wants, just look at Vriska, Rose, and Gamzee, all of whom get derailed and endanger their team. Word of God is that the Derse Dreamers are allowed to live because of the chance they can be converted by the Black Royalty.
  • Denizens seemingly are the counterparts to players in terms of being loosely allied with Derse but seemingly independent as well. This WMG also makes sense in light of several other things, like Doc Scratch referring to sessions as "bargains" and the fact that in chess, the pieces need to be moved by someone, making Skaia and the Horrorterrors the actual players of the game.

Lord English is the one slaughtering Horrorterrors and endangering the propagation of reality, and he is doing it by "over-cultivating" short-lived realities
The Horrorterrors state to Rose and others both that they are being slaughtered, and that their advice to break the Beta Kids’ session is given in the hopes of preserving the future creation of realities. How can we relate this to Lord English's behavior?
  • The information given so far regarding Sburb is that it allows the creation of new universes and destroys the home planet of the players, but not that it destroys their home universe; in fact, the re-population of said home-worlds by the Exiles implies Sburb is meant to leave parent universes intact. The Horrorterrors live in the Furthest Ring, and Sburb sessions apparently take place surrounded by it. In what way could their slaughter and the propagation of universes be related? Perhaps because the creation of universes kills them and depletes their habitat, which doubles as the material from which realities are created. However, if this is the natural way universes are made, then obviously the natural non-glitched sessions must succeed at a rate that maintains equilibrium, otherwise -within a plane where past, present, and future exist all at once- this collapse would have already occurred.
  • That's where Lord English comes in. What do we know about English? We know he "eats" universes; that his servant Doc Scratch draws its power from the Green Sun; that the Green Sun is created by destroying both the Troll post-scratch universe, and the Human pre-Scratch universe; and that Lord English is birthed from Doc Scratch. We know that English glitches sessions, makes them cancerous and forces their players to abandon them via Scratching, that the cancer within the session then prematurely destroys the associated universe as well as its parent universe, and that this creates a Green Sun. He then enters the now abandoned null session universes at the moment of their destruction, sends a "representative" along to the new post-scratch session, and eats the abandoned universes/Green Sun along their entire timelines. He cuts short a universe's "life-span", then infects a new session to complete the process again. Lord English, a being that eats realities, is in effect slash-and-burn farming the Furthest Ring, thereby slaughtering Horrorterrors and endangering the propagation of realities.
    • Highly unlikely in specifics. We know Lord English ate the post-Scratch troll session, but sent the Condesce to the post-Scratch kids session, and there is nothing to suggest that there's more than the one Green Sun (Rose even points out how unique the circumstance is). Lord English is likely to be what's killing the horrorterrors, but that appears to be by destroying dreambubbles.

The dead players of the Beta are reincarnated as the Trolls and Kids of the Alpha.
Dirk is Equius, explaining why he builds robots and thinks tank-tops are for the STRONG. Tavros, Nepeta, Eridan, and Feferi are definitely in, and the last is either Vriska or Sollux, depending on how dead Sollux is.
  • Jossed, sort of. The dead trolls become the Alpha kids' sprites.
  • It definitely seems each Alpha corresponds to a troll, at least in regard to their aspects. But reincarnation doesn't seem possible given the comic's cosmology.

Every session - or at least the troll's session - of Sburb/Sgrub has the cancer.
  • Karkat has said that when he gave the children's session the cancer, it manifested itself as Jack Noir. The trolls session itself also had Jack Noir - and it can be assumed that each session before theirs had Jack as well. Even though in their session Jack Noir never grew into the unstoppable juggernaut that he is in the human's session, he is still there (Plus, the unstoppable juggernaut Jack did catch them eventually). Maybe the trolls session also had the cancer, as well as all the sessions before them, which is what leads to the creation of Sburb itself each time.
    • Note that Karkat has said that the cancer is possibly what led to the kid's session being uncompletable. If the trolls session had the cancer, it would be assumed that their session is uncompletable as well, explaining why Bec Noir came and prevented them from claiming the prize and finishing the session.
    • Each session is flawed in some way, as there is always a way for English to get into the Universe. In the Alpha-Troll session, English and Doc were not able to, so they couldn't complete the game. In a sense, every session has some form of the Cancer, otherwise it's impossible for a session to win.

Act 6 and Act 7 Structure Predictions
This might really go under the Alpha Session, but since it covers everything I'll put it here. Just my gut feelings, based on how Homestuck is endlessly self-referential.
  • Act 6 Intermission 2 will be relatively brief. It may reference the actual Intermission 2 by including Lord English somehow. The big Homestuck three year anniversary will probably happen during the Intermission, or at the beginning of...
    • The "including Lord English" part is confirmed as of his sudden appearance in Hussie's sudio.
  • Act 6 Act 3. This will probably be the point where most of the characters enter the Medium, or where there will be some shocking revelation that will change what we thought we knew.
    • Since Act 6 Act 2 ended with Jane's entrance, it's highly probable the rest will enter in this act as predicted. However, A6A2 seems to have already covered the "shocking revelation that will change what we thought we knew" part with its Flash ending...
    • The final flash of the Act presumably has everyone entering, though Jake's entry actually is everyone's entry, and Jane's second entry. It's complicated.
  • Act 6 Intermission 3, being set between Act 6 Act 3 and Act 6 Act 4, will be a Call-Back to the Midnight Crew Intermission. It will probably involve carapaces somehow.
    • Jossed
  • Act 6 Act 4 will have the ectobiology, and will also have something that screws the Alpha Session more than it already is.
    • Jossed, it's a single flash.
  • Act 6 Intermission 4, being between Act 4 and Act 5, will probably relate to the Trolls in some way (think of Act 5 Act 1 as a Troll Intermission between Act 4 and Act 5).
    • Jossed, it's about Caliborn, although you could argue that the cherubs are the "trolls" of Act 6.
  • Act 6 Act 5 and Act 6 Intermission 5 will probably culminate in the Beta Kids entering the Alpha Universe.
    • Confirmed. Jade shows up at the end of A 6 A 5, everyone else sshows up at the end of A 6 I 5.
  • Act 6 Act 6 will be the grand finale. Hussie has stated there won't be a big final boss battle, but this troper think there will be something interactive - maybe like a playable RPG battle.
    • Ultimately, the retcons meant the grand finale got essentially squashed into A 6 A 6 I 5 and following. And any comments about there not being any sort of big boss battle were arguably disproven by Collide for anyone other than Lord English himself.
  • All of this mostly Confirmed, in that the Act 6 sub-acts all mirrored the rest of the story:
    • Act 6 Act 1 introduced the first two characters, and ended with one seemingly killed in an explosion; Act 6 Act 2 and Act 6 Act 3 were getting all of the kids into the game; followed by an Intermission with a load of new characters with... questionable plot-relevance; Act 6 Act 4 had all of the kids in the Medium; Act 6 Act 5 was longer, split into two sub-acts (with Act 6 Act 5 Act 2 being divisive the way Act 5 Act 1 was), and had pretty much everything going to shit; and Act 6 Act 6 mirrored Act 6 itself, with another six SUB-sub-acts and sub-act-intermissions. Thankfully A6A6A6 did not continue this trend.

And as Word of God stated, Act 7 will be one big epilogue. This troper also thinks there might be an epilogue after the epilogue (which be explicitly called the Epilogue, much like Problem Sleuth's Epilogue.).

  • Act 7 turned out to be more of a coda to the grand finale... but if Hussie's comments afterward can be taken at face value, the notion of a PS-esque epilogue may well be confirmed!

The ending will be a case of And the Adventure Continues
It'll end on another Call-Back to the first page of Homestuck with a new alien character. When we're prompted to enter the name we'll just get THE END. The players are finished, but the game continues...
  • Jossed. It actually ends with the creation of a new universe, and the potential defeat of Lord English.
    • Although Hussie's newspost "edit" afterwards suggests we ARE getting more content where this could happen.

Slick's mechanical arm was fitted by Dirk Strider.
Dirk is the only character asides from Equius who is skilled enough to construct a working replacement limb, as Jake isn't nearly as good with robotics as Dirk. Furthermore, Dirk's knowledge of Jack Noir and the other Derse agents could stem directly from Slick.

Lord English is technically NOT the being we see during Intermission 2.
Rather, he's the genetic code used to create Scratch/Bec. That's how he prepares his own summoning. Once the creature created with the code dies, they become a host for Lord English's presence.
  • This means that Jade will ALSO become a host for Lord English should she happen to die, as she's prototyped/God Tier'd with Bec.
    • It also explains why Jadesprite wanted to die; it was an instinctual desire to summon Lord English.
    • Jade's outside the Human Universe which is already destroyed with no way for English to seemingly enter, and unless the Scratch truly did reset the Human Universe and Jade somehow goes back there, she also has no way to get to Earth's past (But in that scenario there would be a new First Guardian anyways). If he were going to enter via someone with First Guardian powers at the end of the Universe, logic dictates that he would've used the dying WV or PM via the White Ring. Moreover Jade has powers beyond a First Guardian, and would probably be able to resist English.
    • Again the first guardians aren't automatically the hosts of Lord English. It's the cueballs used in their creation.
      • Cueballs were only used in Doc Scratch's creation.
      • It is implied by Aradia that the difference between a guardian that serves English or not is the honkHONK wildcard.

The Handmaiden still works for Lord English.
Death was her reward. Death was also her punishment. It was not said that death would be her termination of employment.
  • Possibly true, after a fashion; Rufioh seems to suggest that Damara wants to work for Lord English herself.

Bec was never a minion of Lord English
When Doc Scratch talks about "an instance of [himself]" in every universe marked for destruction, he doesn't mean a first guardian. He means 'Doc Scratch'. This is why Bec is a good dog, best friend. Alpha!Earth has Doc Scratch as its First Guardian, rather than Bec. For evidence, note the creepily cueball-like sun, which has never before been depicted in that manner.
  • The kids' universe was still marked for destruction, though.

Dave will land the killing blow on Lord English, or at least play a critical role in his defeat.
One of his god-tier level ups was "Pimpslayer."
  • Jossed... Kinda? Vriska from the timeline where she was killed by Terezi is the one to unleash the Ultimate Weapon, after God Tier Calliope drains the Green Sun into a black hole to reduce Lord English's powers. Said weapon houses the souls of the Beta kids, however. And even then, Dave does strike down Jack English, so close enough?

Lord English is Skipper Plumbthroat.
If one thinks about the lyrics in "Let the Squiddles Sleep," there's a part about Plumbthroat killing Squiddles who don't go to sleep. Now that there's a theory that the Squiddles are in fact representations of Horrorterrors, this may be symbolic of whatever is killing the Horrorterrors. Since they are so immensely powerful, Lord English would possibly be the only thing strong enough to kill them.
  • Then there's the fact that the code to awaken Lord English is in the Furthest Ring.
    • Wasn't Feferi's lusus one of those?...which means the black king was even stronger...and they killed him...
    • Wasn't Feferi's lusus more of an ambassador from the horrorterrors than one of them?
  • The real question is, if Lord English is Skipper Plumbthroat, does that mean Lord English suffers from crippling depression?

As soon as Jake finishes and send the Uber Bunny, we'll flashback to this page.
And it will continue from there for a little bit as Jade checks the present and reads a note to her from Jake before we return to the post-Scratch universe. Of course, there will be no mention from Jake of his dreamself dying, probably not to get her upset. This stands to reason, of course, because Jade didn't know dreamselves could die until this conversation with Tavros.
  • This would mirror [S] Frigglish: Fast forward to Jaspersprite, somewhat.
    • Oddly, although we did get a mirror of that previous flash, not only did it not play out in the way suggested, it actually seems to kind of contradict that previous page.

Andrew Hussie's homeworld resides in the Void.
If the Void is an area where all dead/scratched universes reside, it could be a possibility that Hussie's world was one of the dead/scratched worlds, explaining his "dead"-type eyes. As a bonus thought, supposedly Ryan North Resides there as well.
  • Act 6 Intermission 4 seems to imply Hussie's house and all the Act Curtains are located on the Post-Scratch Earth.

The stairs warned about in SBaHJ aren't stairs.
  • It's warning us about the double helix in DNA (which resembles a spiral staircase), fitting with the genetic theme of the series. To take this a step further, the Caduceus that symbolizes UU and uu (which are the only characters so far whose initials are derived from RNA, not DNA) resembles a double helix, which comments on the duality of their personalities. Even further, the Caduceus is the staff of Hermes, messenger of the gods in Greek mythology. RNA by nature acts as a messenger and transcriber for DNA. It's very possible that UU and uu are pivotal in the creation of the universe in a similar fashion to Karkat (to whom they also have a connection to, but I'm sure that's touched on elsewhere). Likewise, they could simply act as messengers for DNA-themed characters like the other trolls and kids— possibly alternate versions or new characters entirely.

The kids/alpha kids/trolls will end up creating Sburb.
  • Depending on just how necessary First Guardians are to the game, our characters creation of the Green Sun may indicate a connection with Sburb's orgin.

There's Something bigger than English.
Think about the motifs given to us thus far: A deck of cards, Representing the Midnight Crew, an aspect of Troll culture, and the kids, in some respect. A chess board, representing the Skaiagame (Carapaces, Battlefield, etc.). A game of Pool, representing the Felt ("Pool Cue" commands a "ball" that sets everything in motion, Snowman being "Pocketed" last, the Goons). A video game (The gist of the series). In each of these games, at least one person must be playing. Somebody has to shuffle the deck and deal. To move the pieces. To wield the pool cue. To man the controller. There is one person behind it all, putting each aspect into motion, even English, just as they planned it.

Any Guesses?

  • Hussie.
    • Naah, that'd be too obvious.
  • Lil' Cal?
  • It's Paradox Space. In the pool metaphor, English is the player as he is the cue stick. In the chess metaphor, Skaia and the Horrorterrors are the players, as they advise and virtually control Derse and Prospit. The video game metaphor has the direct players and probably the Denizens as well. And above all of them is their immutable fate, ie, Paradox Space.
    • But what about the Card metaphor? Does Paradox Space "deal out" who the exiles will be, who comes into the game and who doesn't?
    • The Card metaphor probably has no overarching leader. Most rules for poker have the dealer move around.
    • P-Space interpretation more or less confirmed by Aranea.
  • Gamzee
  • His (that is, Caliborn's) Denizen, Yaldabaoth. He's named after the Gnostic Demiurge, he's the Denizen of Earth when it enters the Cherub Session, Cherubim are among the highest-ranked angels in the Christian angelic hierarchy,...and he's going to be the one responsible for putting Caliborn into his Land after he makes The Choice. What if Yaldabaoth gives Caliborn The Choice to either die or do whatever he tells him to do when he becomes Lord English? What if Yaldabaoth is Homestuck's representation of YHWH, and that after the heroes are done with LE, they'll have to go after the one responsible for his power?
  • The reader. They're gonna defeat Lord English and everyone else. Some time later, there will be last page entitled The End, someone is gonna realise what's happening and they're gonna try t

GCat will have an Oh, Crap! moment when he ends up in the presence of a part-dog being with all his powers and then some.
Perhaps it will go something like this. GCat does something that ticks Jade off (considering he's a cat, that shouldn't be too hard), Jade growls at him, GCat teleports her away, and Jade just teleports right back.
  • Nah. G Cat only met a dead Jade, and that was for a First Guardian showdown... that promptly bombed and turned into a chase with Bec Noir and PM.

After Eridan comes back in some way, Jade's blabbing out to him that she was working with her "grandson" on the bunny will come back to bite her...
Why? ...Because Eridan will use that against her somehow...
  • How? There's no conceivable way that it could be used "against her"; it was a simple bit of exposition about Jake and not some massive plot revelation that Jade is ashamed of. And at any rate, Alpha timeline Eridan has never been seen in any dreambubble at all.
    • Not sure what's meant by "Alpha timeline Eridan", but if you mean the one we're familiar with, we did see him early in A 6 I 2...
      • That's an alternate timeline Eridan who went God Tier. The Alpha or Main timeline Eridan who killed Feferi and Kanaya hasn't been seen at all or referred to once since his death.
      • I was thinking about the pre- or post-Scratch distinction. All the terms Homestuckers throw around is getting confusing.

Doc Scratch only loaded his gun with one cue ball bullet to prevent Hussie from killing English with it.
Well, he is omniscient. And kind of a jerk.

The official start of Act 6 Act 2 will be on April 13 as a Flash introducing Jane's planet.
And it will end with the following:
4/13/2009 - 4/13/2012
  • Unless this was posted before Hussie announced A 6 A 3 would start on 4/13, this isn't even a prediction. Rather, this is the extent of what we can reasonably expect from the start of A 6 A 3.
    • Well, that was the plan. Instead, Hussie published a series of pages containing the "END OF YEAR 3" text, and only after those came Myststuck. note 

WV will eventually confront Jack about why he spared him so long ago on the battlefield.
His answer? Because he realized they were Not So Different. WV won't take too kindly to this answer.

Betty Crocker is a good guy.
This is based on the fact that, as Rose mentions in A 6 I 2, the "bad guys'" actions are having the effect of preparing the game for the eventual arrival of the pre-Scratch kids. The Condesce is still technically working for Lord English, but she's not any happier about it than the Handmaid was, and is using her position of power to set the stage for something that will end him once and for all. Killing the kids' dreamselves is important to this somehow. Her taking over of post-Scratch Earth is genuine; that's just a bonus.
  • I wouldn't say that makes her a "good guy", more or less just...Enemy Mine.
  • Update: Dirk's conversation with Jake seems to confirm that the Condesce isn't particularly happy about working for Lord English, and Meenah suggests she might not even be all that happy about ruling (though her reaction to the Condesce's story suggests otherwise), and that she might have some twisted form of heroism in her (killing all the pre-Scratch trolls so they'd live on as ghosts).
    • Meenah's plan to raise an army to go after Lord English puts more fuel on this fire.
  • Sorta confirmed. The Condesce is trying to help everyone beat the game... so she can claim the ultimate reward for herself.

Class powers are hereditary.
Think about it: Is it really a coincidence that Rose blacked out that Beta session, and then it turns out Roxy- her genetic mother- is the Void player? Or that Dave also displays the 'half-awake' attributes of a Heart player such as Dirk, his genetic father? Or even that the Trolls share attributes with their ancestors? Jane awoke on Prospit early much like Jade despite not being a Space player, Jake was too late waking up (much like John almost was), and both Jane and John must 'breathe life' into their universes...

Becquerel and God Cat somehow switched places.
I mean, how does a God Dog get made by a MEOW code and a God Cat by a BARK code? OK, so obviously it wasn't that the Frog Temples in their entirety swapped places, since the things and people seen falling into the Lotus Time Capsule in the Pre-Scratch session appeared in the Pre-Scratch universe when the capsule's set times were up. But something else may have happened...

Aranea, as the Sylph of Light, is going to help Jake with his conflicting feelings regarding his relationships among his friends and his role in Sburb in general.
Because Heaven knows he could use some Sylph of Light help right now.

The story will end with the Homestuck Kids (Pre- and Post-Scratch) settling into their newly created universe, possibly with the remaining trolls with whom they decided to share it with...
And the immediate end will be when the look at the computer terminal of the base they appeared in the universe through to see a member of an entirely different species. And this kid will be just sitting there frowning above the text, "It begins to dawn on you that everything you just did may have been a colossal waste of time."
  • First part Confirmed, but the second part is Jossed. they do share it with Calliope, as well, though.

A player's Class and Aspect are determined at ectobiological creation, and under normal circumstances, players and their ancestors share Aspects.
It seems strange that the ancestors would have the powers of an aspect if they had never played Sburb/Sgrub in that particular iteration of the universe, so it seems more likely that Paradox Space gives all potential players their Class and Aspect at creation as an intrinsic quality. The Trolls' ancestors all seem to have the same Aspect as their descendant, which implies that ancestor-player pairs typically share Aspects. The only reason that the two sets of human players do not follow this pattern is because Paradox Space knew that the pre-Scratch humans would join the post-Scratch session as players and gave the post-Scratch humans different Aspects to avoid redundancy.
  • The way players are created ectobiologically lends some doubt to this. Rose and Dave can just as easily be said to be descended from each other's Guardians; same with John and Jade.
    • The term Guardian is something that the fans made up. It's not extremely significant that John was raised by Nanna's son, who is actually Jade's parallel.
  • Typically, they do have the same aspect, except in Void sessions, which have no chance of ever completing the game by themselves. People can escape a scratch as a failsafe to fix a void session, and a void session instinctively gives its players new aspects to avoid repeats. Also of note, a void session will never have a time or space player, two aspects we keep being told are required for a session. Because they will get a space or time player.
    • Whatever this is, it is Jossed (Not the WMG, just this bullet point). Normal Void sessions may very well have a Time or Space player; we haven't seen any. The escape from the Scratch was a unique thing for the Human Session; Rose and Doc Scratch have implied that no other session ever has escaped a Scratch. To say that it's what happens normally for a Void session is ridiculous.

The ICP Video Dave sent Gamzee was from Post-Scratch Earth.
Since the world didn't end in 2009..
  • It was from the Condesce who very well could've done that exactly.

The universe containing the cherubs (Calliope and uu) will be created by the alpha kids.
  • This WMG supposes that Calliope/uu are going to become Lord English. Assuming that's true, Lord English (via the The Condesce) is making sure that the kids win. For example the Condesce had the void Skaia blown up to make way for the 4x prototyped Skaia Jade is bringing.
  • Given that everything that's gone wrong in Homestuck is implied to be a result of the cancer Karkat created, this is possible since that connects the cancer to Lord English. That and Lil Cal.

The cherub planet's First Guardian will be cow-shaped.
It'll be a God Cow, otherwise known as G Cau.
  • God, I love your theory.

Time players usually prototype themselves somehow
Aradia prototyped her own ghost. Dave prototyped his alternate future self. Caliborn, being in a Master Class, outdid 'em all and prototyped his whole planet, apparently with himself on it, and the dying star next to it. Clearly, this is a theme for Time players: their temporal manipulations depend to a great degree on having some knowledge of the overall time mechanics of Sburb / Sgrub, which can be gained earlier through self-prototyping (or prototyping a helpful alternate timeline version of themselves) than through other means.

All heroes of Doom will have two dream selves.
According to Andrew Hussie, the only exception to the rule of always having Time and Space players is a solitary Hero of Doom. A session must have an equal number of Prospit and Derse dreamers judging by what we've seen from this comic. So, a hero of Doom will have both a Prospit and Derse dreamself to enforce that rule. It's unsure on how that'll work. It will most likely work similiar to how Sollux's dreamselves worked.
  • Jossed. As far as I'm aware, Hussie has never made a comment like that. While that is a very popular theory, he has yet to comment on it's validity as of yet, due to wanting to keep Doom, Hope, and Blood mysterious elements for the moment.
    • Actually, he has made such a statement on his tumblr, stating that a session without a Time or Space player is essentially "Doom"ed.
      • In fact, he never has made such a statement on tumblr. A quick cursory look over the questions reveals Doom has never been discussed, outside the concept of doomed timelines. Moreover the use of the word doomed alone isn't enough isn't enough to justify the WMG, due to it being used a lot for other things, like doomed timelines.

The Heir class is a Power Copying class
The Heir still remains relatively unexplained; it and it's counterpart (probably Mage) are somewhat male classes that would revolve around copying or "inheriting" other abilities. A subset of this theory is that Calliope and Caliborn are not in fact the Muse of Space and (probable) Lord of Time; they are a single Heir of Doom, and due to the Heir's abilities, can mimic the classes Calliope believes them to have.

Spades Slick, Bec Noir, Alpha Noir, and, for bonus points, cherub session Noir will join up to become a new Midnight Crew.
And this song will play in the [S] animation where the join up
  • Ignore my theory, a fan adventure already has this premise, sans song.

Where is Calliope?
Some facts first: Lord English was thought to be some aspect of the game or the multiverse, but turned out to be an out of control player. Lord English's number one goal seems to be to destroy Calliope, and he is doing everything he can to corrupt and destroy all sessions in the interim. All Space players have all-their-life wakefulness, and are on Prospit, and have an affinity with Skaia. Prospit and Derse correspond to a gameboard between Calliope and Caliborn, complete with Black cheating whenever it gets the chance, and always winning as a result. Prospit can never win, and neither could Calliope. In the Cherub session, Skaia is cloudy and gave no information, like it was already dead. Skaia "sees" and it "knows", possessing omniscience but doesn't really intervene except to set up the sessions and prepare the players the best it can. The Muse is the one of the most powerful, and the most passive class.

Calliope IS Skaia. They are the same thing.

  • One niggling little problem: It was stated that until the game we saw, Calliope was undefeated against Caliborn.
    • Yes, and? What about it? That doesn't mean they didn't come to draws. They've been in stalemate the entire time in everything, afterall.
  • Probably Jossed as of Roxy's dream and Aradia's exposition.

Lord English is responsible for the existence of Sburb.
Going off the above, as well as a few other theories on this page, and invoking the biggest time loop of them all. We've seen the suggestions that Lord English was an inherent part of the game, including Doc Scratch's suggestion that he was "sanctioned by paradox space", which seems to contradict what we know about him now... unless he established the circumstances that led to his own creation, thus ensuring that those circumstances would necessarily foster his existence, lest the circumstances themselves fail to exist. This might also explain (assuming Lord English is what's killing the horrorterrors) both why the horrorterrors would host the server that summons him, and why they might manipulate Rose into creating the Green Sun, because in a sense, Lord English is as responsible for their existence as he is for their destruction. Alternately, they might be hoping that Lord English ends up getting so overzealous in his spree of destruction he accidentally destroys himself, taking himself down along with all of Paradox Spacenote , and so perhaps they're the ones trying to set up this mobius double reach-around.

Bec Noir, Spades Slick, and the Jack from the B2 session have some tie to Dave, Jake, Karkat, Tavros, Latula, and Horuss.
Because the Jack in a poker deck is equivalent to the Page and the Knight in a tarot deck.

If Bec Noir is cancer, Lord English is AIDS.
Bec Noir appeared in a universe because of an error in its genetic code. Lord English appeared in a universe because of infection by unsafe ~ATH code, and originated from outside the universe (which obviously makes him some kind of infectious disease).

Lord English seems to ignore sessions that do not reproduce, which is consistent with an STD.

Lord English has been strongly implied to be undyingUmbrage. The cherubs substitute U for T, and retroviri use RNA in place of DNA. Lord English also appeared because the honkHONK code was added to Doc Scratch's genetic code, which fits with how retroviri work. Also, every time Lord English does something villainous, he crosses between universes (first he entered Hussie's study, then he entered a dream bubble), fitting with a virus; and at least three Heroes (Damara, Kurloz, and Gamzee) are willing collaborators with him, fitting with a retrovirus or a disease that subverts the infected's immune system.

The chess match between the Cherubs foreshadows how Prospit will eventually defeat Derse.

Specifically, Uranian Umbra is playing Derse and undyingUmbrage is playing Prospit.

Once you set aside the assumptions of who are the 'good guys' and who are the 'bad guys', a lot of their quotes take on new meaning. Like how UU keeps telling uu that he has "never won a game" (Prospit has never beaten Derse) and later, uu tells UU that she is always "decorating her pieces, giving them horns, names, and castes" (a possible reference to the underling monsters, who are sided with Derse, have multiple types, and transform significantly as a result of the prototyping). Hussie also seemed to want to hide who was playing which side, making the two sides green and red instead of black and white, as would be expected.

Most likely, Prospit will win in the end by fooling Derse into attacking their queen in place of the king at some point, buying time for the heroes to take out the Black King. It is also probable that each of the pieces represents one of the characters (there are certainly enough to go around) and may represent either the way the final battle plays out, or foreshadow the deaths during a more lengthy plot arc. Why uu, who is presumably Lord English, should be guiding the 'good guys' remains to be seen. It also implies that whoever is controlling Derse will...not take their defeat lightly, possibly leading to major cosmic implications...

  • A possible hole I see here is that Prospit is associated with Green, and Derse with Red. And Calliope and Caliborn are respectively Prospit and Derse dreamers.
  • Also, Derse has to defeat Prospit and start the Reckoning, in order for the players of that session to be born to begin with. And the post-Scratch kids session is more a continuation of the pre-Scratch one than a session of its own, so it's not really an exception.
  • the post-Scratch session has no proper reckoning for all we know, so it might as well be that the whole chess game is turned upside down in one way or another

Gamzee is not the mirthful messiahs.
Calliope and Caliborn are.
  • ...Uh...we already know the Mirthful Messiahs were Lord English and Doctor Scratch.
    • Which actually makes this half true, since Caliborn is Lord English.

The final, outermost time loop begins and ends with the Parcel Mistress/Prospitian Monarch/Peregrine Mendicant.
PM will ultimately come to stand for "Prime Mover."

The "Dying Dream Self" way to get to God Tier is linked to the Green Sun.

Hussie's tumblr post on the recap of Cascade hinted that something interesting went on when Rose and Dave reached God Tier. If the standard "die on your Quest Bed" rules applied, then the two of them would have reached God Tier when the Tumor exploded. This kind of self-sacrifice is definitely Heroic, which would have then instantly killed them in their God forms as well. You could make the argument that the explosion would have caused them to go God Tier, and then getting stuck in the center of the Green Sun wouldn't have counted as anything Heroic enough to kill them. However, considering that Hussie tells us outright to "speculate" on this event, there is obviously something more going on here.

Only three people who have reached God Tier with the "Quest Slabs in Derse's Center" method, and all three occurences involved the Green Sun's energy in some way. Aradia, who was dead on her Quest Slab already, only awakened in her God Tier outfit after Bec Noir's green fire started burning her. This linkage shows with Rose and Dave as well, since they only hit God Tier after being killed in the Green Sun's explosion.

Presumably, this method of going God Tier would grant them invulnerability from the Green Sun's energies. This explains why Rose and Dave were able to escape the Green Sun without getting killed Heroically. Sburb might have included a drawback to this kind of God Tier method in order to nerf that invulnerability. Maybe their God Tier powers are linked to the sun in some way?

Whatever the case, Lord English currently has a scepter with a model of the Green Sun on top of it. Presumably, he it heavily linked to it in some way. Perhaps he reached God Tier in this manner? Or maybe he has control of the Green Sun in some way, which could very well mean that Jade, Jack, maybe Rose and Dave, and anyone else who runs off of the Green Sun's energy is probably screwed.

  • It seems like a bit of a stretch to apply this to Roxy and Dirk, and in any case the alpha kids seemed to think it would work if they offed each other.
  • There another thing that is apply to all "core questbed" cases, Roxy, Dirk, Jake and Jane included. Moon/planet destruction. This could be a coincidence, but also this could be a necessary condition and energy source (Skaia isn't awaliable, so there should be another energy source) to provide God Tier. Also, this could explain why Condesce blast Derse moon. And explain why Aradia could gain God Tier only after Derse destruction (if her dreamself work same way as other's dreamselfs, it should be dead, but it isn't clear is it really dead or just in some sort of coma).
Fiduspawn are juvenile lusii.

It is never really explained why trolls would enjoy raising fiduspawn, as the fiduspawn don't seem to provide any benefit for the trolls. It is likewise never explained what lusii get out of the lusus-troll relationship (we are only told that the troll acts as 'a kind of zookeeper', but this would hardly seem to be beneficial for the lusus' survival). Moreover, while lusii have many different shapes and abilities, they all have some things in common: symbiotic relationship with trolls and pure white color, almost as if they are members of a single species with many possible shapes.

Originally, the process went like this: the lusus raises the troll, and lays eggs from which fiduspawn hatch. The troll raises the fiduspawn, which goes through several stages of hatching, infecting creatures that the troll picks out, growing, and laying new eggs. With each new hatching and infection process, the fiduspawn takes on some of the characteristics of the creature it infects (something like xenomorphs). The troll, in exchange for the lusus' protection, oversees this process until the final stage of the fiduspawn emerges as a full-grown lusus, whose form was determined based on the series of creatures it infected in earlier cycles (the troll ensures that it infects creatures that will give it the best possible characteristics). Only at some point, trolls figured out that they can fool this process by giving the fiduspawn dolls to infect instead of real creatures, thus turning the whole thing into a game, which they enjoy playing due to a remnant of their original instinct. The lusii go on protecting the trolls anyway because they aren't that smart.

  • Sort of explains how The Sufferer's followers would have created Crabdad.

Caliborn is responsible for the strange behavior of pumpkins in MS Paint Adventures
When Dirk was drawing "porn" for him, Caliborn mentioned that he doesn't like pumpkins here. Act 6 Intermission 4 has him finding a console on his planet that seems to have the capability to control the website itself once fully unlocked. Assuming he does eventually succeed (which seems fairly likely at this point), he will inevitably be drawn to abuse the power the console gives him, likely to torment or eliminate what he hates, such as pumpkins. Most other targets would be more fun to kill with his own hands, but there's not a whole lot you could do to torment a pumpkin, so he makes them vanish spontaneously.

Jack Noir is some sort of "garbage collector" for the abandoned universe.
Despite their vastly different roles in the games, both the kids' Jack Noir and the trolls' have one thing in common: each finally destroyed the remnants of his parent universe during the Cascade. Why should this be exceptional? Is Sburb's endgame normally to simply leave abandoned universes lying around the rings? Seems someone's got to do it.
  • Uhhh...'abandoning' universes is itself extremely unusual in the operation of Sburb.

The natural outcome of a completed dead session is the creation of an entity like Lord English.
If a dead session cannot create a new universe at all and can only be won a different way, maybe this is what happens when it's won? This would sort of explain why Scratch says that even though he's a bringer of destruction, Lord English is sanctioned and accounted for in all the sessions he'll corrupt. Every system has things that are undesirable but still part of it and the creation of something like LE is SBURB's. If a player creates a fucked up dead session then the outcome is going to be fucked up, it creates something that is harmful to SBURB but still a part of it, the solo player becomes worked into the game as a glitch. It would also explain the insane difficulty, the game can't influence players trying to enter a dead session but it can damn well make sure they have almost no chance of making it to the end. Caliborn is probably going to be one of the few, or possibly the only player to win a dead session and that would make his choice fairly obvious, either stop playing and die alone or carry on knowing you have no choice but to fuck shit up. This would be like a nice narrative thing as well, it's the kind of choice that would drive anyone other than Caliborn mad with indecision and guilt but he'll just be like 'YEP, FINE. I CHOOSE TO SCREW THIS uP FOR EVERYBODY.' It also fits with LE's motifs as well, a really glitchy version of standard game powers, the constant fluctuating colour motif, as opposed to the fixed symbols and colours of basically everyone else.
  • Sorta confirmed by Aradia's exposition.
Any villain that attains God Tier is effectively immortal.
A God Tiered character can only be killed permanently with a death that is either heroic or just. There is a theory that these conditions are dependent on the perception of the person being killed - if they perceive their death to be either heroic or just, the death is permanent. Now, a villain such as Caliborn (or what he will ultimately become) will never do anything heroic, and will never feel enough remorse for their actions to consider their death just. Therefore, if he attains God Tier he cannot die.
  • Maybe the reason Calliope is supposed to be capable of killing Lord English is because she is capable of making him feel remorse, which would allow him to be killed through a just death.
  • See above. Hussie has implied the standards for a heroic or just death are more objective than that.
    • Does destroying your Heroric/Just clock with Crowbar's crowbar count as becoming immortal?

Caliborn finds things pornographic that humans usually find tame because of the way cherubs reproduce.
Humans, who normally reproduce through flushed relationships, occasionally find a little bit of mild violence 'kinky', right? But taking it too far is a major turn-off for humans. Now, cherubs reproduce primarily through caliginous relationships. So maybe Caliborn is into the cherub version of BSDM, and finds mild (but not extreme) displays of love to be 'kinky' in the same way?

The only one who can save Jade from the Condesce's control is Dirk.
The Condesce's tiara was blinking back and forth between Scorpio and Taurus when she took control of Jade. I thought it was pointless that she would bother using Scorpio powers, if the only effect it has on humans is to put them to sleep. Except, that's exactly what she did: she put Jade to sleep. Specifically, she put the part of Jade that is wholly human to sleep. As a result, right now Jade is completely Bec, which is why the only thing she said after going grimdark was "BARK." This leaves her completely vulnerable to the Condesce's Taurus animal communion. And Dirk? He's the Prince of Heart, the Destroyer of Souls. By destroying Bec's soul, he would leave Jade completely human, and no longer susceptible to mind control aside from being put to sleep, which is why the Condesce had Jade banish him to the Furthest Ring.
  • Today's updates seem to joss this, because Jade can talk in her GRIMBARK mode. Maybe The Batterwitch can control humans better than the Serkets?
  • Fully Jossed. Before John retconned the timeline, it was Jake who de-grimbarkified Jade.

Lord English was summoned to the troll's universe when Doc Scratch died...
...because Dock scratch had some of his DNA (the honk HONK code). LE's immortality has been revealed to be like that of the God Tiers but without the heroic/just clause. so when the DNA in Doc Scratch died with him LE's immortality kicked in and revived him where Scratch was.

PM or Jake will save Jade.
It will be one of two scenarios:
  • PM resembles Bec, possibly retained his loyalty and is on an equal power level with Jade. Hopefully, The Power of Love will be able to save Jade from The Batterwitch (who hopefully won't decide to brainwash PM too).
  • Jake's Hope God-Tier powers will finally activate and he will decide that if he believes that Jade and Jane can become good again, they will. He will overpower Crocker's corruption and save them both. After all, remember the things Jake said about hope:
    GT: Hope to me is all about believing in stuff.
    GT: If you believe in stuff then everything feels like its going to turn out ok.
    GT: And if you believe in stuff with enough gusto i dare say it imbues that stuff with a pinch more chutzpah. Even the fake stuff!
    GT: And then if you keep an open mind and adventurous spirit, that chutzpah flows directly into your heart, and thats when YOU have the power.
    GT: So i think if hope grants one the power to smite villainy and vanquish hooligans thats probably where it comes from!


GT: Oh also, friendship is a HUGE key to being good at hope. I forgot to mention that.
  • Jake confirmed, sort of (it's not clear he was actually trying to do anything).

Tricksters are a species as well as a mode.
While we haven't seen what a Trickster Cherub looks like, it just strikes me odd that two of the main physical changes of the mode are peachy skin and pastel hair colors, when Cherubs are green and bald, especially since it was mentioned that Tricksters are the ideal archetype of Cherub mythology. Tricksters aren't just a mode; they're a species of Ancient Astronauts who influenced the Cherubs in the ancient past, and are now thought just to be legend.

All heroes of Space merge with First Guardians when they go God Tier, with a few exceptions.
Why else would First Guardians be so loyal to Space players specifically? The only exceptions are when there's some kind of biological/genetic problem that makes the two bodies incompatible. This is why we never saw a dead God-Tier Kanaya; she and Doc Scratch were physically unable to merge, making it impossible for Kanaya to go God-Tier, which I imagine is part of the reason the Troll session failed.
  • So if Kanaya wanted to hit God Tier would she have to merge with Gcat instead? Which I guess means she would have to semi-literally get the tiger.

John will take Hussie's role for the end of the comic.
Building off the above, John will end up kicking Caliborn out of his position of command of the narrative and take over relating the story's climax, even while he participates in it.

John has joined the ranks of possible Lord English Killers.
IIRC, it's rumored Lord English can only be defeated through space/time glitches. John is now able to change the alpha timeline, something that's impossible under the rules of the game.

Dave can't kill Lord English after all.
The only evidence for this one is that there's a difference between being able to hurt someone and being able to kill them.

The clocks are incorruptible.
Spades may have smashed Vriska's clock, and Aranea manipul8ed (or tried to manipul8) Jade's, but does that mean that their deaths weren't actually just, or even that the clocks wouldn't have landed there? They stop in the center briefly, but we've never seen a "normal" god tier Final Death - it may be that this always happens. Vriska's death, at least, is very easy to read as actually having been just - Jade's is a bit harder, since she was possessed, but maybe it's whether Aranea was justified, not whether Jade deserved to die? That is the crack there.
  • I always thought we were supposed to see the clock slowly stopping in the center before making a judgment one way or the other as the norm. In fact, if you look closely at Vriska's clock, it actually seems to tip to Just a frame before Slick hits it with the crowbar. In any case, it's since been revealed that the effect of the Condesce's mind control was really to bring to the surface Jade and Jane's deepest, darkest desires, and Hussie has said that Aranea's manipulation might not have worked if Jade wasn't at least a borderline case.

Remember the last time someone actively tried to derail the timeline? Remember how the resultant doomed timeline just ended up feeding into the alpha timeline, making sure it went as it was supposed to and acted as the alpha timeline in the first place? Heck, for all we know the timeline we've seen so far is still the alpha timeline. It's possible Aranea's actions so far haven't diverged from the alpha timeline at all, even if she thinks they do, and we won't even have to deal with any resultant doomed timelines caused by these dumb shenanigans because there won't be any that are relevant enough for anyone to see.

Everyone except Lord English will be on the same side at the end
Namely, Spades Slick, Bec Noir, PM, Her Imperious Condescension, Union Jack (who will snap out of it and get pissed at English for manipulating him) and so on. Aranea is already sort of on the side of heroes, she's just dumb and self-centered, but if Vriska could snap out of it, Aranea can too. Her Imperious Condescension seems to already have the same goals as the kids - create a new universe, defeat Lord English, and warp spacetime so that the trolls can be resurrected. Spades Slick is Karkat's friend; sure, trolls exiled him, but seeing how stabbing is his way of greeting he might not think much of it; and anyway Lord English is the rival mob boss for him, so Enemy Mine. Bec Noir and PM are Jade's dogs, and apart from that, PM is consistently on the side of Good, while Bec is in love with her; if she's willing to delay her revenge a little, they might well work together. And Union Jack, if he somehow gets rid of English-inspired madness, is still Condesce's underling and is known to not be happy about others bossing him around. In the end, there's no real reason for them all to fight, the whole antagonism shtick is mostly the game rules, and these have already been shattered to pieces and danced on.

Oh, and Gamzee seemed to like both cherub children, and maybe the nicer one more, so maybe when Calliope is back to life (after Vriska steals Aranea's ring only to give it to Roxy), he'll side with her instead of him. And it's not like he can't be mind-controlled by basically any side, starting with Karkat alchemizing more sopor slime for him...

All of Homestuck So Far is Part of a Large-Scale Doomed Timeline

It has been established in the comic that Lord English is effectively unstoppable without taking action to keep him from existing in the first place. Even if it were possible to kill a single iteration of English (something suggested during one of the many canonical but bizarre appearances of Andrew Hussie, when he pulls Doc Scratch's gun on the main antagonist), there would still be a literally countless number of others moving throughout paradox space and destroying the very fabric of reality.

That wouldn't be a problem for the nature of the timeline in which Homestuck takes place if Lord English weren't involved in the creation of the entire thing. It's possible that either the alpha troll universe could be the point where the divergence from the main timeline originated, with Lord English stepping in and generating a glitch in the session, or that the universe that spawned it could be the point of origination. That really depends on whether the glitch is an essential part of the alpha trolls' universe, or just an element introduced later that might work differently in the main timeline. Regardless, though, all of the characters encountered so far (including the alpha trolls as they occur in the comic) rely on Lord English for their existence. Without the glitch he introduced, the beta troll session would never have been initiated. Without it, the alpha kids would never have come into existence. Without them, the scratch that produced the beta kids wouldn't have happened. In the end, this comes full circle, since Lord English relies on the events that transpired in all of those universes for his own existence.

As a result of this, it's difficult to see a happy ending to the series. The unusual time travel device discovered by John could allow the characters to salvage their timeline in some way. Otherwise, there's no way that this won't end without the entire comic revealing itself to have been "a colossal waste of time".

The individual incipispheres are having less and less heroes as the sessions go on.
48 squiddles/horroterrors? (at least implied by Hussie). 24 trolls total. 12 pre-scratch trolls. 12 post-scratch trolls. 8 kids total, 4 each side of the scratch, plus a hypothetical fedorafreak session with at least 2 players if 2busy4this is an actual entity. When the kids' session succeeds, the 2-player cherub session that collapses into a singleplayer session when Calliope is dealt with occurs, then succeeds but as a singleplayer session does not gestate a new universe. It is quite possible this is a thing with all of Paradox Space.
  • A similar principle might apply to First Guardians, becoming slowly less powerful and impressively interferent the further down the chain. We have an unknown entity for Beforus, the omnipotent, Lord-English-serving, and omniscient (and inter-session manipulating on top of totally guiding Alternia as far as interfering) Doc Scratch, who is an omniscient-cueball-headed guy for Alternia, the omnipotent but communion-manipulable and not omniscient (but directly assistant and interfering to the point of being prototyped) Becquerel, a dog, for pre-Scratch Earth, and the omnipotent and cat-toy-manipulable and not omniscient (and less than directly assistant, but occasionally interfering) Godcat, who is a cat. And since the cherubs were not meant to play Sburb, they don't get a first guardian. The expressly indirectly and minimally interferent Hussie and the hopefully-not-omnipotent Gamzee Makara, if we're stretching for it?

Some unrelated thing involving Jack Noir made the Black Queen of Caliborn's session retreat to the 8th planet from Derse.
We know that session had a Jack Noir, but we don't know what he does after he goes to Prospit and murders Calliope's dreamself. Derse is probably far away enough to continue being where it is without dying due to the First Break. Jack Noir is prone to regicide, to the point we can probably assume this is a game mechanic or something if you give him the power to do so. We know the Black Queen of Caliborn's session inhabits the 8th planet instead of Derse, but we are not told what made her go there. Obviously, a Noodle Incident occurred.

Lord English will be defeated with the help of the Homestuck reader.
The last flash will feature a moment where the reader will have to click on Lord English or something to stop him from killing the cast, allowing the cast to defeat him, much like at the beginning of Homestuck where the cake was dragged off of the magic chest in order to retrieve John's arm.

John is responsible for why Lord English looks different from Caliborn.
After that fight Caliborn decided to work out a lot, so he didn't ever risk losing a battle of physical strength to weird zapping-around aliens ever again.
  • Actually, it turns out that it was Jake's hope tantrum... field... of flaming righteous charisma. It's also where he got his name from... out of respect.
  • It's implied that he gets his huge muscles from Equius via Arquiusprite, who gets shoved into the Lil' Cal juju along with Caliborn and part of Gamzee. Gamzee may contribute to the beefiness as well if Kurloz/ the Grand Highblood's abnormal size carried over to his Dancestor.

Homestuck will end with the complete and utter annihilation of everything in Paradox Space as a result of John tampering with multiple alpha timelines via narrative-hopping.
The amount of fairly key interactions between timelines is pretty intense, what with stuff like Doc Scratch's Green Sun plot and the bunny and dreambubbles around every corner. Editing them with things that are not stable timeloops and don't create doomed timelines will rapidly begin destabilizing everything ever as it causes stable time loops to collapse and stuff like that. A Time Crash might happen if Dave's alpha-of-alphas suggestion was right and John has pseudo-doomed multiple timelines just by being there.

Multiple characters will come Back from the Dead in time for the Grand Finale
Because Hussie killing characters isn't nearly as shocking as the possibility of bringing them back. Also, should this happen, John's canon-zigzagging powers will have something to do with it.
  • Maybe confirmed, depending on how you read John's "canon-zigzagging" powers. [S] GAME OVER and Jade's earlier death in A 6 A 6 I 2 have been wiped from canon, and Vriska is definitely back.
  • They're not "Back From the Dead," but a lot of dead characters do return for the finale as the army of ghosts that Tavros and Meenah raise to help fight Lord English.

The alternate version of Calliope who managed to survive predomination that the alpha Calliope was talking about-
-was/will be created by actions in a beta timeline/a temporally unstuck John replacing the mattress in her room on Prospit with her quest bed, just like Caliborn did with the chess pieces!

The Condesce really didn't like Mindfang.
This is why she decides to scary-laugh in Aranea's face while personally breaking her neck and flinging her into a wall of fire after removing the Ring of Life instead of just lasering her arm off and then getting the rest of her in about the same way she killed Kanaya which would probably be faster and with less risk of Aranea coming to her senses and thus another round of planet-tossing war.

The God Tier Calliope Jade met is from Davesprite's timeline
All we know about God Tier Calliope's timeline so far is that John died in it, which is true for Davesprite's timeline. Jade was mysteriously AWOL during that timeline. Hussie loves revisiting things we thought were permanently behind us. The evidence is sparse, but what is there is suggestive.
  • Probably Jossed.

Every instance of Prospit and Derse is constructed by the game as symmetrically as possible with the others.
Hussie uses about the same basic pentagonal spikeball of gold or purple (with colors and towers sticking out being the biggest differences) for the moons, and at the very least B2 Prospit and B2 Derse's frog temple portal rooms are identical besides the mandatory color swap and Derse getting hit by the inescapable Red Miles. However, it probably saves on assets and thus the complexity of predestination required to bring in those assets by anything other than simply having them always exist to just make them the same way.

The Lands exist inside some pocket dimension within Skaia until their player enters.
This is how they can have ages of backstory despite just popping into existence on player entry. They actually were just hiding inside Skaia's basement the whole time. Denizens are the prime movers of stuff getting done beyond the consort level on their planet until the player shows up to deal with them, and their dreams are connected to Skaia's prophecy-vision, so there's some mysterious underexplained connection to exploit.

The maps Vriska and Tavros had are black because....
They needed a space player in order to literally go through the treasure map to get to the treasure. It's pretty much like Roxy's void.

The inter-universe portals in the upcoming Adventure Game are supposed to explain how all the things are getting into other universes from where they started.
It's simple. Assuming every universe has 1 or more portal devices to the one before it and/or next sburb session result down, using a Frog Temple cross-Scratch teleporter to cross Scratch-related boundaries, with sufficient travel through time and space you can go anywhere in forever, even incipispheres if you sneak into someone's entry or through a Reckoning portal.
  • The portals may also serve the purpose of preventing what the troll session experienced sans indestructible omnipotent Jack Noir issue, where they are unable to get to the new universe due to the door being destroyed or otherwise nonfunctional. Grab White King's scepter from the Black King's corpse, find a suitably expendable meteor, throw it at Skaia repeatedly until a defense portal kicks in, ride in, somehow not die on impact, find the inter-universe portal somewhere, and use that. Or just group-timetravel to exploit existing portals and gates, whichever is easier or preserves the alpha timeline.

You don't have to die on your own quest bed, just a quest bed with the same hero aspect.
We've only seen heroes die on their own quest beds and each player of a session having their own aspects. As of Kanaya being on Jade's planet, we have a quest bed of an aspect that is shared by two players.
  • Kanaya will be able to reach god tier if she dies on Jade's quest bed. Since she's the Sylph of Space, and the Sylph class is a kind of healer (as per Sylph of Light), she'll heal the alpha kids' void universe by making it "spacey" and fertile.

The story is being told completely linearly, timewise.
Any time the narrative jumps around in the chronology is just switching to a memory in a dreambubble.

Prototyping sprites with other sprites eventually leads to creating corporeal people.
As of 5/28/15 Jaspersprite, a fully-prototyped sprite, has merged with Rosesprite, who was prototyped only once before, and the result is Jasperosesprite^2. Notice s/he has normal legs and feet, unlike the foggy ghost ends of the other sprites. And the ^2 in the name suggests it's a kind of superior level sprite. It's thus possible that a ^3 sprite (made from an unprototyped sprite with two more sprites) would lead to a fully living, or at least powerful humanoid person.

Ectobiologic origins are an advantage, not a requirement.
Referring back to the top guess, one universe has the potential of creating several hundred universes. Sburb was a globally released game; it's just impossible that none of other sessions outside of the main "chosen" one (John, Rose, Dave, Jade) could thrive.

"Unchosen" players like Fedorafreak and 2busy4this still have a chance at winning their game, but they would only have one chance and wouldn't be able to Scratch.

Lord English is now no longer fully immortal as of Act 7
Thanks to God Tier Calliope removing the Green Sun from existence, thereby removing his First Guardian-esque powers. Plus, Calliborn's clock may, in fact, trigger when Lord English is finally killed, making it a Just death. Potentially even a Permadeath if we are lucky.

Act 7 is not the real ending of Homestuck, and there's going to be a twist leading into the story's true ending. I draw this conclusion because Act 7, Homestuck's supposed ending, left a lot of loose ends and ended on a cliffhanger, so instead it's merely a prelude to the story's more in-depth resolution.

While going over what happened to everyone after they won the game, the Epilogue is also going to go over what would've happened if the Pre-Retcon timeline hadn't been, well, Retconned.

act 7 is a doomed timeline.
When the green sun is destroyed in act 7 so is the multiverse. This creates on giant doomed timeline. So in the new timeline the frog switch (the thing that jack noir used to teleport to the a2 universe) was not switched. The idea is that the switch existed in a state of being off and on at the same time. If you remember jack noir's meddling with the a2 universe cased the universe to become the way it is. Because of this, the existence of the universe itself depends on the switch being turned on. because the multiverse will be destroyed if the switch is flipped, b1 and b2 do not exist, this means that jack noir does not exist, because of that lord English does not exist (and in the doomed timeline he may have been killed by the b1 kids) so in the end the a1 trolls create a new universe without LE's interference. Meanwhile john in the b3 universe breaks his phone thus removing the last evidence of caliborn's existence.

Homestuck takes place in a post apocalyptic multiverse.
At some point, the existence of modern humanity as we know it was profoundly threatened.

This was after the invention and full blossoming of quantum computing. It was starting to become clear that the implications of quantum computing reached farther than computers. With judiciously hackish applications of low level quantum code, other aspects of our reality could be conditioned into a state of programmability.

So a couple of scientists — really the first "Sburb" "players," although at the time there was no such game — got together and started brainstorming. "Our universe is about to end," they said. "What can we do about this?" So they sat at their computers and wrote some code, and they realized they'd found an escape route. They could come up with a genetic algorithm whose individuals were universes, and whose fitness function was a matter of survivability for intelligent life. And just like that, they could have the universe reproduce, and escape into the offspring to live another day, bringing as much of humanity with them as they could gather up.

They needed a certain baseline of preexisting evolvedness. Something to preserve the genetic algorithm into its offspring, since at the time, there wasn't exactly anything larger than a universe they could run it on, so it would have to depend on its very data — that is to say, spacetime — as the medium in which it had to rely to continue operating, which was kind of confusing and tricky business. So, anyway, they needed some genetic baseline of no compromise, to make sure that in the new universes, the algorithm would still be there. A gene sequence that would describe the very algorithm that was continuing to generate the gene sequences, so that it could continue to propagate into the individuals it was thus generating, and thereby continue to function.

On top of that, they needed to make sure that whatever this multiversal constant was that would secure the perpetual continuance of their genetic algorithm, it would manifest itself in a form simple enough for any other sentient beings which might emerge to understand and put into action, just as these scientists were presently doing by considering and programming all this. So on top of simply existing, the algorithm had to be well documented and user friendly — all this in the face of the circumstances of impending galactic collapse under which it would have to be invoked time and time again.

So, to address this facet of the problem, they didn't just make an algorithm.

They made an MMORPG.

Homestuck documents a generative interaction between the 413th and 612th iterations of this quantum genetic algorithm turned MMORPG.

The different kinds of null sessions correspond to different health conditions of the genesis frogs that created them
  • Null: The universe is a frog that won't reproduce within its lifetime for whatever reason
  • Void: The universe is a sterile frog and won't reproduce by normal means because it's sterile
  • Dead: The universe is a frog corpse and won't reproduce because it's literally dead

The Black Army doesn't necessarily have to defeat the White Army in a non-Void session. The Reckoning itself is the only requirement.
It's just that a Black Army victory is the most common cause of the Reckoning happening. Another cause could be a usurper stealing the White Scepter and dishonoring the terms of a White Army victory.

Each iteration of SBURB is released around the time of planetary extinction.
  • SBURB Beta released only a few days before the Beta kids would enter, which involved Bec releasing a wave of energy that more or less wiped out all people on Earth.
  • SGRUB was programmed and sent to the trolls, and the ensuing meteor shower killed Gl'bgolyb, prompting the Vast Glub and the extinction of trolls around the universe, including Alternia.
  • SBURB Alpha was released around the same time as Betty Crocker made herself known as the Condense and enacted a regime that would kill all humans on Earth in the far future.

SBURB is designed to be a fail-safe for the universe.
Imagine an alien race with very advanced technology. They are so advanced that they are close to ascending to a higher plane of existence. One day, they gain the technology required to accomplish this final achievement. They ascended by the billions each minute. However, their ascension caused strain on the universe. Once they realized they were destroying everything, only a small fraction of the population remained, with countless galaxies and the species within them annihilated. The remaining few gathered at one location, a monument created in their ancient times on their homeworld. The monument resembled the logo of Sburb.

Immediately they set up a plan. They couldn't allow life to vanish forever. A new universe would have to be created. But there had to be a fail-safe should another species attempt ascension. The decision was to introduce a game on one planet, coded into the DNA of the universe. The code for this game would be placed in the frog temple, and sent to the homeworld of a certain species. The species would be advanced enough to have sufficient computing technology, while not being advanced enough to decipher the full effects of the code. Only one species is chosen out of the potential candidates. The selected species will adopt the monument as the symbol of home. After the temple has landed, a string of events will take place leading to the discovery of the temple and creation of the game. These events happen while another species is attempting to accomplish transcendence. The game will be released, and the planet the players reside on is destroyed.

The players will then emerge in the Incipisphere and begin the game as normal. Then, their home universe is destroyed at some point in the session. For the human universe, it was the Red Miles, for the troll universe, it was the death of Snowman. This is the function designed to prevent transcendence. Then, the players will create the Genesis Frog, which contains the new universe. In the event that a species doesn't learn how to ascend or refuse to and enforce this rule on all species, the code in the temple will break, now that there is no need to create a new universe.

With that, they finished programming the game. They created a new universe, and as their own universe collapsed, the cycle would begin.

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