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There will be a Guest Fighter secret boss that depends on what console you're playing on.

The game will be Lighter and Softer than the original.
There's still going to be plenty of Black Comedy, Nightmare Fuel, and Tearjerker moments, but overall things won't be as bleak as they were before.

Some of the Multiple Endings from the first game will become canon.
If in case, the story of Silksong is set to take place after the events of Hollow Knight, then the Cutting Off the Branches trope will be inevitable - Some endings will be canon, and some would be eliminated:

  • If Hornet is alive, then that means the "Sealed Siblings" ending from the first game becomes invalid.
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  • If the Grimmchild would appear in one way or another, it could be a Continuity Nod to one of the endings from the first game's The Grimm Troupe content.

Some of Hornet's tools are originally made from Hallownest
What if she prepared herself with these weapons before going into Pharloom? We know from the trailer that she was captured by strange bugs and had to fight her way out of the caravan. Maybe she had tools with her, but were confiscated, traded, sold, or given away by the citizens of Pharloom?
  • Hornet is shown in the Nintendo Announcement Trailer with a sawblade. Maybe she was able to access the White Palace somehow? Note that the sawblades from the first game only existed inside that Palace and nowhere else, it could be the only place where she got that inspiration from, if that sawblade tool was from Hallownest.

The game will be both a Prequel and Sequel
The first part of the game will be a prequel, then at some point during the game Hornet will travel to Hallownest. The events of the game will happen canonizing one of the endings, and then she will return to the Silk Kingdom, with it having some requisite changes that come with a Time Skip.

We will encounter another Vessel
we see that the Knight was not the only Vessel that somehow escaped the abyss, the broken vessel as well as numerous corpses found around the world imply plenty more escaped, and there is no reason all of them would stick around hollownest, it could potentially be a simple boss or perhaps an npc with there own quest, perhaps starting out without much personality but slowly growing and expressing itself as Hornet helps it out and shows it kindness

The people of Pharloom are trying to wake up/catch the attention of a god.
Due to the focus of bells and songs seen, making noise and music seem to be integral to the nation. So, much like the Church of Andraste, they might believe that if they sing loud enough, then whatever god that may be there will listen. However, with the starting poem given, it can be inferred that if they actually do so, then they might not like the result...

The Pale King will make an appearance.
However, he will have a different form than in Hallownest. Perhaps he changed and left his kingdom as a means of atoning for what he had done. Or maybe, like Hornet, he was kidnapped and brought to Pharloom.

The canonical ending will be one of the Godmaster endings
The events that transpire after Hornet
sees the Hollow Knight freed from the infection will serve as the tutorial for the game and lead up to her being captured and brought to Pharloom.

The canon ending will be a mix of all of them
The Knight uses godhome to train itself for the final battle but does not fully complete it and ascend to the Shadelord, before fighting and sealing the Hollow Knight along with Hornet(the hollow knight/sealed siblings) but accesses godhome as it sleeps, finishing its ascension first becoming the void entity(dream no more) to fight the radiance and then finally ascending to the voidlord(embrace the void/delicate flower) to finish it for good, which would also free Hornet who is likely in a weakened state after being sealed for an indeterminate amount of time making her an easy target to be captured

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