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All of these parodies take place in Hell.
Adolf Hitler, for his crimes against humanity and being among the most evil people in history, has been sentenced to spending the rest of eternity in punishment as the unluckiest man ever.
  • He is condemned to suffer constant mishaps and misfortunes forever, while his only henchmen (e.g. Gunsche, Krebs, Jodl, Burgdorf) have, instead of being loyal followers of Hitler, become highly disobedient, stupid and irritating annoyances to further Hitler's Ironic Hell from being a dictatorial control freak; what worse torture it is for a control freak, than for his own followers to disobey (Jodl) or be completely stupid and incompetent (Gunsche) in following his orders?
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  • If you would notice, this is an Ironic Hell for Hitler's inability to listen to the advice of his own loyal generals and generally abusing them with his vitriolic rants, the direct cause of Germany's downfall and his own suicide. As a result, Hitler has to stay with them and listen to their advice forever, while he will be forced to come to terms with his own deteriorating mental health, in the form of surreal torments by no other than whom? Hermann Fegelein.
  • This is also why nobody can grow older or stay dead permanently, because they've already died and are now just immortal souls, and this is also why the Hitler Rants universe is so anachronistic, because the cast no longer exists in 1945 Germany, but in an alternate dimension where they exist to annoy and/or torture Hitler for all eternity. Hermann Fegelein might actually be Satan himself, who enjoys tormenting others so much.
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  • There are some parodies in which Hitler goes to Hell and meets the Devil. This could be explained by Hitler temporarily escaping his own section of Hell, and discovering the Fire and Brimstone Hell that we're all familiar with.
  • Jossed at least in the case of HRP's videos, which thoroughly explain how this Hitler came to be and the universe that surrounds him. It's a possible interpretation for other Unterganger's videos, though.

Fegelein is a Time Lord...
...and he commits antics by using technology from his TARDIS. Also, whenever he regenerates he doesn't change form or identity at all, hence the illusion that he can't be killed.

The parodies are actually what happened to Hitler and co.
The Führerbunker is actually a form of Year Inside, Hour Outside time machine from which all modern news, media, technologies, etc. can be accessed. Fegelein was accidentally corrupted by time travel, becoming his godly form and causing others to officially file him as dead. Hitler was getting more irritated by both the technology and the seemingly invincible Fegelein and eventually killed himself. Upon Germany's defeat in the war, Fegelein used his powers to remove all facts leading to the time machine's existence, as well as perpetuate the illusion that he's dead. This is also the real reason the Nüremberg executions took place: not to punish the Nazis for their atrocities, but because they wouldn't shut up about what happened to them in the bunker, thus preserving The Masquerade.

Hitler and co. are speaking a conlang.
Designed by a German linguist, the language (which, for the sake of the argument, will be called Führerisch) sounds like German and some phrases of Führerisch can be mistaken for German phrases. But don't be fooled: Führerisch is very polysemantic and precise context is needed to understand it, hence it seems that words like "Fegelein", "Wenck" and "Verrat" have so many meanings. This is also why the parodies are always subtitled: only the people who were in the parodies could tell the translation.
  • Führerisch was developed once the Enigma code was broken, to better protect German secrets since those who are not into the scene would be unable to translate it. Alas, when it was completed, the war was already lost.

Fegelein is behind the Space Nazi invasion.
That's where he kept running off to, the Moon! And this is the source of all his pranks. And Gunsche, disguised as Klaus Adler, is helping him.
  • NOTE: This theory was shamelessly plagiarized from the Iron Sky WMG.

In Hitler Rants Parodies' planned The Final Conflict series, he will finally kill off Fegelein.
HRP is responsible for making Fegelein an unstoppable immortal wizard. It would be refreshing to see him NOT surviving Hitler's final assassination attempt on him.

Professor Zündapp from Cars 2 is actually Fegelein.
This would explain why he is able to turn into a car "without magic", as he claims in this video. Fegelein tampered with some dimension-travelling technology and winded up in the Cars universe in the form of a Zündapp Janus. He then gets hired by Miles Axlerod to help him destroy any cars using alternate-fuel. When the plan fell apart, Himmler showed up and broke him out of jail and brought him back to the Hitler parodyverse. He discovered that he now has the ability to change between human and car form at will, which he then happily demonstrated to the bunker staff, as shown in the aforementioned video.
  • NOTE: The reason for this theory is because Professor Zündapp is voiced by Thomas Kretschmann, who also happens to play Fegelein. This theory is explored more in depth here, this is just a shortened version.

Every single parody is canonical.
It's just that Fegelein keeps using a time machine and screws things up on a regular basis, whether it be just For the Evulz or so he can forever keep playing antics on the bunker (as there's many videos where Hitler or some other character is either killed or broken beyond repair).
  • This thus makes Fegelein the greatest anti-hero of all time, as he saved the entire world from the events of 2012, even if it was all just so he can keep doing antics.

The parodies are set in some kind of multiverse caused by time travel.
All of the characters have access to some kind of time machine. Every time they use it, it creates another timeline/universe that is separate from the others. The result is that the Nazis have created all kinds of weird alternate histories/futures that involve them somehow. This would explain not only all the anachronisms, but also why characters and story events can vary so significantly depending on the video.

These characters represent at least one of the Seven Deadly Sins:
  • Wrath: Hitler (obvious because of his constant rage)
  • Lust: Eva (a hedonistic Hard Drinking Genki Girl who cheats on Hitler in favour of Fegelein).
  • Gluttony: Goring (obviously for eating to excess). Also Burgdorf (because of his alcoholism).
  • Greed: Speer (amoral salesman of prank devices and super-weapons).
  • Sloth: Günsche (due to being The Ditz who always fails whatever Hitler wants him to do).
  • Envy: Goebbels (because everyone calls him ugly and has severely creepy eyes).
  • Pride: Fegelein (a completely confident Magnificent Bastard)

Fegelein is Hitler's Jekyll & Hyde alter ego.
After his failure in World War I, as well as after writing Mein Kampf and receiving criticism on it, a part of Hitler started doubting his own extremist politics. However, this part was suppressed within him as he became a megalomaniac dictator and started World War II. Only when the war was nearing the end and things were looking down for Hitler once again, his subconscious identity, which had already taken on the name of an actual Nazi figure (that died while trying to make it to the Führerbunker) and a vendetta against Hitler, began resurfacing and committing antics on him. If you would only notice that Hitler and Fegelein don't appear together in a single frame in Der Untergang...
  • Actually...
    • That's actually Fegelein the real guy. As seen from the details of the scene, Hitler hasn't moved to the Führerbunker yet, and his own inner Fegelein hasn't awakened yet.
  • This would explain why Hitler can never seem to find Fegelein.

The Downfall universe is actually a torture chamber
Using the remains of Adolf Hitler, the Russians cloned him (as well as other high ranking officials) and injected them with experimental immortality drugs. They would then be placed in a replica of their bunker, and be made to think the war was still going on. Fegelein is actually a Russian agent whose job is to play antics on everyone in the bunker for all eternity. This would explain why Hitler's military can still keep the Russians away from the Bunker despite being heavily outnumbered and run by the incompetent Hitler (ie. they don't have to because there is no war going on), and this theory brings up one interesting observation: parodies where they go far away from the bunker are quite rare (there have been videos where they've traveled the world, but still).

Hitler isn't the real Hitler
This would explain how Hitler can go about doing modern things, and sometimes even mention despising what the real Hitler did. It also explains as to how the Downfall Universe plays out like a Sitcom.
  • I was thinking this too, maybe he's a clone of him that was disgusted by what the man he was cloned from did.

Fegelein is a supervillain, none other than Baron Strucker
That's why he just can't be killed. He's a character from comic book where death isn't permanent.

The film Look Who's Back is set in the Parody Multiverse.
Just look at the premise of the movie; it's a satirical comedy in which Adolf Hitler somehow finds himself in the 21st century, is treated as a laughing stock instead of a terrible tyrant, and he even becomes a YouTube personality. Doesn't this sound like the basic premise of a Downfall Parody? In fact there's even a few references to Downfall and its viral videos, and this was also distributed by the same company, Constantin Film.

Fegelein is The Starscream.
His antics are all supposed to be fatal, so he can become the new Fuhrer, convinced he can keep the Soviets at bay. Fortunately, they're too shoddily-engineered to do any actual, lasting harm.

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