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The series takes place in 1989.
  • Considering that three years take place after 1983, and 1986, it's more than likely that the visual novel takes place in 1989.

Higanbana probably will be uncanceled after R07 finishes Rose Guns Days

There will be an anime adaptation of the visual novel.

Higanbana is Maria's chain
  • Think about it: she's originally a doll (The Intention of the Abyss has a doll form) she has a human form, just like Alice the B-rabbit. Her dress style is even similar to hers, with wearing all red and having long, dark hair. The way she appears out of nowhere could mean that she's drawn to her and wants to form a contract with her. There's also Maria's eternally bad luck, which Children of Misfortune can cause inadvertently and can even cause people to act different. That, and most contractors (like Vincent Nightray or Kevin Regnard) used their chains to gorily murder their enemies. So one could say that by contracting with her chain, Maria has become more than a bit crazy because of it.

Marie is an alternate version of Maria from Umineko: When They Cry who was driven to be obedient by Rosa.
  • She's eternally submissive, forgiving and seems to believe in magic and weird things. Plus, if supernatural creatures are drawn to her, couldn't you say they're her furniture? Though she doesn't have the homicidal tendencies Maria has until she meets Higanbana.

Marie has an extreme case of Hinamizawa Syndrome and imagines a lot of bad things happening to her
  • Remember Rena? She thought her classmates were saying bad things about her and snapped, hitting them with a baseball bat and breaking windows. Maria seems very withdrawn and introverted, both alarm factors for Hinamizawa Syndrome. Plus, Hinamizawa Syndrome sufferers think the entire world is out to get them and see people's faces distort. How many times do Maria's classmates and teachers get 'extremely weird, warped faces?' It also seems likely that she could be imagining some of the nasty things people do to her. And then once she gets her revenge, by this time she's up to L5 and gorily murders her teacher, imagining that she's been killed. And Higanbana is either a warped version of Rika Furude or Bernkastel herself.

The school that Maria from Umineko goes to is the same one featured within Higanbana, and there's at least a background connection between the two Visual Novels.
  • Let's look at some details. One of the characters got her clothes from a store called "Anti-Rosa" which is where Rosa worked at/owned, Maria is noted to be bullied at school by her whole class (which while bullying happens at most schools, to the point that it's the whole class sounds ridiculously disproportionate that it's fitting for Marie's school) and in one of the scenes where Higanbana causes a school bus to crash and kill all the bullies on board, Maria had written a curse within her diary to do the exact same thing in Umineko and it was noted to have actually happened. In other words, Maria was an unfortunate student at the very school where nine Youkai (and loads of bullies) happened to inhabit before the Rokkenjima incident.

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