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Mr.Smith is a private investigator and FBI consultant that was investigating Lana Vail
In the early run of the show, Lana Vail was supposed to be a pedophile with a crush on Arnold. With her being an attorney, she might have sucessfully got off without criminal charges for years, including the double standard of men always being perceived rapists and women always being perceived as victims.

When the heat was coming up on her, Lana moved into the Sunset Apartments and became enamored with Arnold. Mr.Smith followed her trail due to a case made by Vail's former victims and moved in for years watching and waiting for her to make her move. Eventually he found evidence to take her in and told Phil and Gertie the truth to shield Arnold from harm. Eventually her trial went underway and she was either arrested or free once again. Smith either left in success or quit in shame.


Arnold's parents just abandoned him with his crazy grandparents
His parents were regular neglectful slobs who didn't want him or couldn't handle raising a child. Trying to spare him the pain of the truth (perhaps that his parents are drug abusers or, considering the grandparents, mentally unstable) his grandparents tell him fantastic tales of his parents in the jungle, going so far as to fake a journal etc. If it was drug abuse that led to this, it might account for his head deformity.
  • Jossed in The Jungle Movie.

Helga also has a crush on...
  • In the episode "What's Opera Arnold?" she imagines/dreams him as being Arnold's competition. She seems to seriously consider his advances on her BEFORE he offered gifts.
    • If it's not actually a crush she at the very least finds him attractive.
    • Several fanfictions have Helga and Curly being close friends. They do appear to be similar in personality. Both characters make up elaborate schemes to get what they want (even pulling the same prank in "Ghost Bride") and both have unrequited strong feelings (Helga for Arnold, and Curly for Rhonda). Some of these may possibly be why Helga appears to show interest in Curly.
On the day of Hey Arnold's cancellation, Hillwood City fell into a black hole and turned into San Andreas a few months later after falling out of the black hole. The Hey Arnold cast was reincarnated as the GTA: San Andreas cast.
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released just a few months after Hey Arnold! was cancelled.
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  • Both San Andreas and Hillwood city are on the west coast
  • Now for the characters
    • Arnold and Gerald are CJ and Sweet. They are the main heroes of their respective stories. Also, Gerald is sometimes the voice of reason on the occasions that Arnold is not.
    • Helga is Catalina. Both of them love the main character but don't know how to express their love. Also both are aggressive characters.
    • The 4th graders are the Grove Street Families/Varrios Los Aztecas and the 5th graders are the Ballas/Los Santos Vagos. If the 5th graders are in a Hey Arnold plotline, they are almost always the big guys picking on the 4th graders, much like the powerful Ballas having dominance over Los Santos for most of the game.
    • Ronnie Matthews is OG Loc. Both are totally fake mainstream artists. Dinomania could also fit the role as OG Loc.
    • On a similar note, Dino Spumoni is Madd Dogg. At the time that Arnold/CJ first meet Dino/Madd Dogg, Dino and Madd Dogg both present themselves as has-beens, but both heroes help them make a comeback.
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    • Mickey is Ryder and/or Big Smoke. He seems to be allied with the 4th graders/Grove Street families but he is working for the 5th graders/ballas.
    • Principal Wartz is Officer Tenpenny. Although Wartz isn't evil, he definitely abuses his power a lot.
    • Big Gino is Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. He's pretty much the Italian gangster stereotype to begin with.
    • Stinky and his family are reincarnated and multiplied as almost the entire population of Red/Flint Counties, where there are a lot of stereotypical hicks.
    • Wolfgang and Chocolate Boy are B-dup and Big Bear. Wolfgang humiliates Chocolate Boy, but he puts up with it because of his chocolate addiction. The second half of Chocolate Boy's episode is Beat Down On B-Dup; both Chocolate Boy and Big Bear have had enough of putting up with their dealers. Also, Chocolate Boy could represent everyone in the Grove Street Families that got addicted to crack. In this representation Wolfgang is Big Smoke; he's enormous, and Smoke is probably the most famous Ballas pusher.
    • Oskar Kokoshka is Niko Bellic because he is Eastern European, has a similar accent, and looks very similar to Niko.
    • Oskar could also be Roman because they both frequently gamble and often lose and it usually gets them into trouble. Though Roman isn't as bad as Oskar, he at least ran his own business.

Hey Arnold and World in Conflict take place in the same alternate Seattle.
It is confirmed by Word of God that the town Hey Arnold takes place in was heavily influenced by Seattle Washington, but is known as "Hillwood" in the show. But in every episode you never see the Seattle Kingdome in the background. This is because the Kingdome was demolished by Soviet artillery fire during the Third World War in 1989 and was never rebuilt. In addition to that, smaller townships within Seattle may have been established thus giving birth to "Hillwood" after the war. Or Hillwood just happens to exist as one of the smaller municipalities within this alternate Seattle.
  • I have also realized this can also explain the absence of Arnold's parents. Perhaps they were killed during the invasion or perhaps they died in Cascade Falls and Arnold survived. Arnold's Grandpa made up the adventurer stories and forged the journal to buy him some time before Arnold finds out how they really died or wait until Arnold is old enough to understand the truth.
  • In addition to this, Lila's last name is "Sawyer". Plus her father looks like he could be a related to Colonel Sawyer who successfully repelled the Soviet invasion on the west coast and in Europe.

Arnold's parents were murdered by La Sombra.
As payback for foiling his evil schemes, La Sombra blackmailed Eduardo into convincing them to return to San Lorenzo. Once they were in his clutches, he either killed them both or kept Stella alive as a sex-slave, bearing a child who will go on to become Arnold's arch nemesis if the series ever gets revived.
  • That... No. NO. That's just too sad, dammit! What actually happened is that after La Sombra was Defeated For Good, the trip into the mountains delivering medicine went awry, stranding them in a mix of Shangri-La and Brigadoon. Both parents are alive and well, they're just unable to get back to Arnold because the refuge they were given shelter in has yet to return to the Earthly plane.

Helga's mother is an alcoholic and/or is being abused by Big Bob Pataki.
The former part of this may or may not be confirmed by Word of God, but it has certainly been heaily implied. She's tired all the time, has no energy for anything, and certainly never seems happy. She's also constantly drinking 'smoothies' that aren't explicitly mentioned as being alcoholic, but seem to have a similar effect on her. Furthermore, rumour has it that a spin-off from Hey, Arnold was proposed aimed at an older audience, and in which Helga's mother explicitly attended Alcoholic's Anonymous meetings.
  • There are some moments (though regrettably I can't recall a specific episode) where you can actually hear ice clinking in a glass as Miriam speaks to Helga. These moments generally occur while she is not visible- and if she was drinking something innocuous, why hide it? There are lots of clues- for example, in one episode Helga is looking for Miriam and is told by Bob that "she's asleep behind the couch," whereupon Miriam pops up looking disoriented, glasses askew. She often slurs while speaking, also- the list goes on.
  • Makes sense because in one episode, she was looking for Tabasco sauce while making a drink and Tabasco sauce is an ingredient in a Bloody Mary.
  • Furthermore, Big Bob's pushy, aggressive personality and (borderline, at best) emotional abuse of Helga while singing the praises of her sister Olga certainly support the idea that he possibly abuses their mother as well (emotionally, if not physically). This may also explain why she became an alcoholic in the first place, and why she never stands up for Helga when Big Bob starts cutting her down.
    • Both Helga's and Olga's personalities are reactions to their abusive father; Olga pretends to be the perfect girl to not be pestered by dad, while she does have to walk from problem to problem to keep the facade. The fact that she prefers to maintain distance might make this true. Helga's aggressive personality was the way she found of counter-attacking fire with fire, and even though she doesn't like Olga's way to withdraw from the conflict, she protects the big sister and mom at the same time. She loves Arnold for being the exact opposite of her father, but at the same time, can't keep liking him not only by her fear of bullying, but the fear of what her father would be capable to do to the poor boy if Bob discovers. Her mother's reactions to Arnold memorabilia (throwing it away, burning it in the fire), although mostly because Helga told her to do so, might be for the boy's protection as well. That might be the reason that we never hear Olga talking about boyfriends at all, she might fear for the guys' lives (or maybe she's a lesbian and doesn't even mention girlfriends because Bob is probably homophobic as well). You know what an abusive and jealous guy with an unlimited supply of highly flammable and heavy beepers might do with anybody that makes the family's "harmony" go awry (not to mention he probably has a shotgun somewhere, but Helga might manage to hide the bullets to not see any tragedies).
      • I disagree. Bob's main flaw always seemed to be neglect as opposed to outright abuse.
      • That, and we have heard Olga talking about not one, yet two, boyfriends in an episode. Unfortunately, I currently do not seem to remember the episode, although I do recall Olga telling her parents that she didn't know which boyfriend to choose because they were both so wonderful, or something.
      • Yes, n her first appearance (Olga Comes Home) she was talking about two different boys she was seeing. Additionally, she had given a THIRD boy she met at a mixer her HOME phone number, so she apparently isn't afraid of anyone finding out. Finally, there's a whole episode dated to one of her boyfriends- excuse me... her FIANCE. Miriam and Bob don't have any real problem with him until they find out he asked Olga to marry him after only a couple weeks.

If the show is ever revived, Big Bob and Miriam will split up due to Miriam's alcoholism.
The episode will be a Very Special Episode about divorce and alcoholism. Big Bob, being Big Bob will decide that instead of helping Miriam, he will decide to leave her and take Helga. Helga will be distraught about having to leave PS 118 (and Arnold) to live alone with her father, and she runs away, living at Sunset Arms with Arnold and his grandparents.
  • This is one of the only theories that I've read so far that I could actually see happening.

Helga was an attempt at Babies Make Everything Better
In keeping with the above two entries, Bob and Miriam, whose relationship was on the rocks, decide to try for another child to improve things. Reality Ensues, and the reason that Olga is the favorite is because she reminds them of when they got along better, while Helga inherently represents when things started to fall apart.

The whole CHAM incident with Phil in World War 2 wasn't dumb luck.
  • It was The Plan by Phil's superiors to adversely affect the Germans' combat effictiveness through mass food poisoning. Why else would they send a truck alone, with only one apparently unarmed driver, through territory where Germans were crawling around if they didn't want it to be captured? Also, they just sent some no-name private who didn't really ask too much questions. Whether the mission worked or not, he would've been no big loss. It just turned out that Operation Chikenshit was more successful than they'd dreamed it could be. The reason why it's not in any major history book was that it all sounded so utterly silly that no historian could bring himself to believe it, let alone write about it.

Arnold and friends are all in Helga's head, and do not exist in reality.
  • I don't believe that Arnold or any of Helga's other friends are ever mentioned by Bob or Miriam, and Olga may just be playing along with Helga.
  • This is most definitely not the case for Phoebe, as in one episode, Miriam specifically asked how Phoebe was and was she still Helga's best friend.
  • Even the suggestion that Olga would be playing along would not explain her spending so much time with Lila.
    • Bob definitely has talked to Arnold before. Remember when he tries to bribe Arnold into losing the Spelling Bee? Or when he made fun of Arnold for having no parents.
  • Miriam is a depressive alcoholic miserable person, she wouldn't tell anything she knows to not make things worse, and Bob is just too much stupid to ever notice he has two daughters already in the age of discoveries, and afraid of what a moron like him could do with them, or their mother if they ever told about any friends in particular; or even what could happen with their friends themselves, that is.

Lila is Arnold's half-sister.
  • Lila's mother is never shown in the series, she's presumably dead. Plus, Stella and Lila both have slightly similar hair colorings to them and Lila's head does have a somewhat similar shape to Stella's.
    • Or perhaps is his twin separated at birth, since they're around the same age, and we never really know what happened when Arnold was born.
    • Either of the above theories thus implies that Arnold may have unwittingly attempted to engage in Brother–Sister Incest or Twincest...
      • Suddenly Lila's explanations to Arnold that she doesn't "like him, like him" makes a little more sense...
    • Arnold's birth was chronicled in the episode "The Journal." He was born during a volcano eruption and there's no mention at any point of a twin. They were also in San Lorenzo at the time he was conceived as it is heavily implied Arnold was conceived on Miles and Stella's wedding day. He was born in San Lorenzo and they stayed there some time before returning to Hillwood. And given their ages are the same, there's little-to-no opening for a second birth.
  • This may be why Arnold isn't the "oh-so-special someone" Lila is looking for. Somehow, she's always known...
  • If not, there's also the possibility that they could at least be cousins.

Gerald's father actually did have some combat experience in Vietnam.
  • He just told Gerald that he was inept at fighting and got assigned to clerical duties to hammer the point home that serving your country wasn't just about grabbing a gun and going gung-ho action hero on Faceless Mooks since he knew that Gerald, being a young boy, would've missed the point and focused on all the action if he just told him about all the fights he'd ended up in. That, and recalling combat can be pretty hard on soldiers who found the whole thing terrible. He only offhandedly mentioned that he managed to save a soldier from bleeding to death without really going into details so as not to appear to be singing his own praises. Further, the reason he looked so disheartened when he overheard Gerald complaining about how he seemingly hadn't been in combat thanks to earlier his story was because, despite his efforts, his son still missed the point he'd been trying to impart.
    • Another possibility is that he was part of MACV-SOG and did top secret missions that he was not allowed to tell anyone about, so his office job was most likely a cover story.

Arnold's father's journal was fake.
  • His Adventurer Archaeologist gig was just a cover for his work with La Sombra's criminal operations. His wife &/or law enforcement started getting suspicious, so he had his associate Eduardo cook up a reason to get them back to South America where he could finish her off & then "disappear" for a while.
    • Or, it was a fake created by Arnold's grandfather to not reveal that his parents were kinky bastards, never really wanted a son, and the poor kid was just an accident. The story seems too fantastic to be real. Of course, if Arnold ever knows the truth, he'll become extremely depressed, with suicidal tendencies. His gramps didn't like to lie to the kid, but he was doing it to avoid any more tragedies.
    • Seriously, what secret agent would keep all of their plans and family information in one book like that, that they brought on adventures where they could easily be captured? The real journal was in code, with fake names and locations.
    • On a happier note, maybe Arnold's Grandfather did know there were codes - he just solved them.
    • Since when is Miles a secret agent? He's an anthropologist who keeps getting into adventures nothing secret about them. Also it's unlikely Phil made up and planted the Journal as there's the wedding night sex scene bit in their which clearly made Phil uncomfortable as it's about his son and all... I'd doubt he'd write that. It is entirely possible Miles inherited his Dad's tall tales tendencies so while the base stuff is true (he's an anthropologist, she's a botanist doctor, the met the jungle, they helped develop a major cure to an illness) some of the more outlandish stuff is made up by Miles because he thinks it sounds cool (the cable car incident, the search for the serum ingredients - it was actually much more boring, the volcano and probably most of the green eyes stuff).

Gerald knows about Helga's secret but doesn't reveal that so Phoebe won't be in trouble.
  • While the end of "Operation Ruthless" was one of the more definite cases of Gerald and Phoebe being an Official Couple while the two were at the Tunnel of Love Phoebe was telling Gerald about what she was doing before her trip on the tunnel with him. While Gerald and Helga never really got along, Gerald knew that if he told Helga that he knew about her secret Helga would jump to the conclusion that its Phoebe's fault that he knew. So in other words he never told Arnold and/or Helga about how Helga is so obsessed over Arnold so he won't get Phoebe in trouble.
    • Or perhaps he knows there isn't much point in telling anybody- Helga would deny it and Arnold would as well, so he and Phoebe are, like everyone else who knows about Helga's crush, just sitting and waiting for Arnold to figure it out.

Arnold's parents are still alive, they just abandoned him.
  • Think about it, they lived in the jungle from the time he was conceived until some time after he was born (when, if I remember correctly, Arnold was almost eaten by a snake). While Arnold's parents did love him, they loved their jobs more and weren't great parents while out in the field. Perhaps dropping Little Arnold off with Grandma and Grandpa was the best way for both parties to be happy.

Fuzzy Slippers is related to Socko

Harold is actually Jesus.
  • The H in the exclamation "Jesus H. Christ!" is thought to stand for "Harold," as a reference to a mistaken version of the Lord's Prayer ("Our Father, who art in heaven, Harold be thy name"). The clincher? Harold, like Jesus, is Jewish.
    • I doubt that this theory is true; why would Jesus be a thirteen-year old male who bullies others?

Helga can read dreams
In "What's Opera, Arnold?", she continues Arnold's dream from EXACTLY where his left off. Coincidence? No. She was reading his dreams. If thats not true then...

Arnold talks in his sleep
Pretty much a separate theory for how Helga continued Arnold's dream in the episode. Arnold talks, or in this case, sings in his sleep, everything that goes on in his dreams and describes it so anyone near him can know exactly what's going on in his dream. So Helga, hearing him, fell asleep and continued his dream.
  • Arnold keeps saying "No" in his sleep during his dream in "Married".

Olga is Helga's invention or Helga is Olga
Related to the "Arnold and friends are all in Helga's head, and do not exist in reality" theory. Miriam drinks and Bob has his nastier character because they only have Helga. Helga in her delusions adds also what her family should be with a successful daughter. However, Olga appears to some people in Hillwood, so Helga is disguising herself as Olga to the others. In the episode "Student Teacher" where Olga teaches in PS. 118, Arnold never talk with her and Helga in the same room... so it's easy to trick the others into thinking Olga is another person.

  • Interesting to note that Helga and Olga are two versions of the same name.

Arnold parents die of some strange illness or are in a coma
This is pretty sad... but also is a big possibility. Arnold parents go missing after going to San Lorenzo to cure another strange illness. Maybe this time they contracted the disease, get sick and die. Or maybe they get sick at fall into a Coma. This is why they never return with Arnold.

Eduardo is actually an avatar of Nyarlathotep and is the true Big Bad of the show. He orchestrated the entire backstory and planned on using Arnold to cause the downfall of the Green Eyes in the Jungle Movie.

Quite a few people have noted that Eduardo comes off as strangely suspicious in the episodes dealing with Miles and Stella. This could easily be chalked up to just being part of his personality, especially considering that he is their closest friend, but it is entirely possible that he is something far more sinister than he seems.

As Nyarlathotep, he was the patron deity of the Green Eyes and provided them with unnatural powers in exchange for worship and subservience. As time went on they either turned against him or he grew bored of them, so he began to plot their destruction. Although he clearly had the power to kill them outright, he desired to put them through such incredible suffering that they would yearn for death. He set to work on a lengthy plan that would ensure a spectacularly fitting defeat for the Green Eyes.

The first stage of his plan was to bring in pawns that he could use to orchestrate the destruction of his traitorous followers. Assuming the guise of Eduardo, he surfaced in the United States and searched for possible candidates. He eventually found one in Niles and befriended him in order to earn his trust. After some time passed he told him of San Lorenzo and encouraged him to go there for his research. In a different form, he also arranged for Stella to head to San Lorenzo and orchestrated their meeting. He had specifically chosen someone that Niles would be romantically attracted to, as the final stage of his master plan required a couple to be the harbingers of the Green Eyes' destruction.

Once they were situated in San Lorenzo, he needed the Green Eyes to welcome them into their village. First, he sent Niles and Stella on a hiking trip and used his powers to send them plummeting into the waterfall from the mountains, where the Green Eyes would be waiting to save them. Now that the Green Eyes were aware of them, he enlisted the aid of La Sombra, a mercenary treasure hunter, and ordered him to steal La Corazon, an important relic of the Green Eyes. Since Miles and Stella were indebted to the Green Eyes for their help, he had little trouble in convincing them to take it back from La Sombra.

Now that they had the trust of the Green Eyes, he needed them to form a stronger bond as a couple. He arranged a honeymoon for them in a resort and orchestrated the entire catastrophe with the lifts to test their strength and bring them closer together through a brush with death. Next, he would do the same by spreading a plague among the Green Eyes: by sending them on a mission to cure it, they would not only get more experience as adventurers and grow in their love, but they would become more revered by the Green Eyes, as well.

Next came what would be the most important stage of his plan: he needed them to have a child. Nyarlathotep arranged for Stella to become pregnant, either through continuing to strengthen their relationship and letting it occur naturally or by directly interfering. Once the time came for Stella to deliver, Nyarlathotep led them directly to a sacred sanctuary of the Green Eyes that was located near a volcano. He told them that it was on the way to the hospital, but he needed Stella to give birth in the temple itself, which he knew the Green Eyes would be monitoring from a distance.

Finally, everything would come to fruition: once Stella had Arnold, Nyarlathotep calmed the mountain in order to make it seem like Arnold's birth was divine. The Green Eyes who witnessed it reported it to the tribe, and he would eventually become their new deity, replacing Nyarlathotep. As it would take a great deal of time for Arnold to become the central deity of their culture, he allowed Stella and Niles to return to the boarding house with their boy until he needed them again. In the meantime, he monitored the Green Eyes to ensure that nothing went awry with his scheme.

When the time was right, he came to see Niles and Stella and told them that the sickness had returned in order to get them to return to San Lorenzo. Whether or not he actually caused another disease is uncertain, but his main intent was to bring them back to Central America. Once they returned, he put them into captivity and hid them away, giving Arnold reason to want to find them once he was old enough.

He fell into the shadows after this, monitoring Arnold's growth and the Green Eyes from a distance. Once he felt that Arnold was ready to head to San Lorenzo, he arranged the essay contest and ensured that he would win the trip there, knowing that he would take the opportunity to look for his parents. With Arnold in San Lorenzo, he would manipulate him into unwittingly causing the ultimate destruction of the Green Eyes, who loved him and his parents dearly. In the end, the Green Eyes would fall into unbelievable despair as their savior consigned them to their death, and the malevolent deity would delight in their misery as they withered away. As for Arnold and the others, he would either kill them with the Green Eyes or torture them for his sick amusement.

Obviously Arnold and the other kids would stop him during the movie. As for how that happens, beats me.

Arnold's original teacher, Miss Slovak, is a lesbian.
She's obviously elderly and unmarried. She also seems resentful that she never found true love. She quits her job to become a professional golfer, and a stereotype of lesbians is love for golf. Word of God says that Mr. Simmons, her successor is gay.
  • Why would the successor's sexuality have any bearing at all that of the previous one?

The Pigeon man committed suicide.
At the end of the episode, The Pigeon Man. His mistrust of people, caused by the kids wrecking his place sent him over the edge. The ending we saw was Arnold's way of coping with what happened. He jumped into the air and Arnold thought he flew away with pigeons holding him. That...doesn't make much sense. Plus because of the sunset he never really clearly saw what was happening. If he pieced it together it would be too much to cope with for a kid.
  • Jossed. Craig Bartlett has repeatedly stated Pigeon Man does fly away and settles in Paris. He was also confirmed to reappear in The Jungle Movie - solely to debunk the theory.

Helga was the result of an unplanned pregnancy.
Aside from the parental neglect mentioned several times in other WMGs, take note of the 12 year age difference between Olga and Helga. Seems odd that if Bob and Miriam actually wanted another kid, they'd wait that long to have one.Additionally...
Bob is the father of both Torvald and Big Patty
  • Torvald's father is never mentioned in the story, and not having a father around is likely to have made him delinquent, or the fact that he know that his father will never claim him in general, let alone publicly. He is dealing with a frustrating truth that patty was saved from by her adoption (or was she?). Looking at Torvald's "house", his mother may have received financial support for her "services" (without being totally dependent on him) up until the birth (young childhood?) of, or pregnancy with, Torvald.
  • Patty is possibly adopted due to her large size compared to her "parents", who are literally half her size. It is likely that her birth mother was a customer of Big Bob's and missed one (or a few) payments and he had a few ideas on how she could pay her back. The end result of Big Bob's "revised payment plan" was Big Patty. Ashamed and powerless (he is a powerful town mogul after all), her mother gives her up for adoption, as opposed to carrying the shame of having his "love child". Patty and her parents are not likely to know about this until sometime after the show's cancellation. Also, Big Patty, Big Bob.
    • This Troper is fairly certain that Patty's parents are midgets. And midgets can have non-midget children. Doesn't outright cancel this WMG out but it was worth pointing out the "half her size" thing.
  • Both of these kids look as similar to Helga as Jamie-o does to Gerald, if not more so. Both are large in stature, mono-browed,and arguably, Big Patty has the same facial design as Helga with Torvald being eerily similar. All three of the children are subject to displaying aggressive behavior, which can be a genetic trait considering Big Bob's behavior. Helga is smaller than the two because Miriam is a fairly small woman, Patty and Torvald either inherited Bob's size or the size of their potentially large mother's. It is likely that Miriam would not have done anything about it seeing that she is an alcoholic and that Bob may be trying not to wreck his already unflattering reputation ("How can I run a beeper emporium with everyone knowing I have all of these kids running around? How does that make me look!")
Helga will marry...

Almost all the characters are Expies of Peanuts characters.
Arnold is a combination of Charlie Brown and Linus, while Helga is Lucy combined with Peppermint Patty. Then we have Lila, who's both The Little Red-Haired Girl and Peggy Jean, Phoebe (perhaps the most blatant Expy of Marcie ever created) and Gerald (Franklin—Black Best Friend of Charlie Brown and Linus, who someimes had little background moments with Marcie, dancing with her and so on.) Rhonda is the snobby Violet, and Nadine is Frieda. Chocolate Boy is Pigpen. Harold, Sid and Stinky are the camp bullies from Race For You're Life, Charlie Brown. Big Patty is the original Patty—she's got a plaid skirt, and the same haircut.Curly? Well, considering how insane he is...could it be that he's just Snoopy in human form?Not to mention that Craig Barlett has spoken about considering Peanuts a huge influence!
  • Oh my God, I LOVE this theory! Remember also that adults from Charlie Brown specials have voices that sound like garbled static—and all the adults from Hey Arnold! are incomprehensible in one way or another: Grandma because of her status as a Cloud Cuckoolander, Phil because of his tendency to embellish, Mr. Hyunh's accent, Mr. Simmons' repeated use of the word "special"...

Arnold is the spawn of the devil.
His parents' entire relationship was ensconced in disaster after disaster, the perils mounting in the time leading up to Arnold's birth, and then on the day Arnold's born, it's in the midst of a volcanic eruption that ceased once he actually came out.

Brainy's real name is also Arnold.
This would give Fridge Brilliance to his crush on Helga. He is only known by his nickname and shows up whenever Helga is ranting about Arnold; although he seems to be a Stalker with a Crush, if his real name is Arnold, then he would think that Helga is talking about him all the time and his feelings are reciprocated. Seems like a perfect misunderstanding for the show.
  • In "The E-Files" book, Brainy emails Helga with loving messages, but will not answer his name, leading Helga to assume that it is Arnold. Considering that Brainy doesn't seem to want to get between Helga and Arnold in the show, his hope to express himself here makes this theory not too far off.
  • Apparently Jossed: In one episode they call Arnold's name during an assembly, and of course, his last name is smudged. Stinky notes that it doesn't matter, since there's only one Arnold in the school.
    • Not necessarily. Brainy is a loner, so the other kids might all be oblivious to his real name.
    • But the staff wouldn't.

Arnold is an Aspie.
This is mostly from Arnold's willingness to help people, sometimes Arnold imagines some stuff in his world (Like him climbing an ice cream mountain in the beginning of "Heat"), Him understanding Helga, and likes protecting everyone's smiles. He also showed a streak of "No forgiveness" and sudden outbursts (Example being not listening to Iggy after Iggy humiliating him in public in "Arnold Betrays Iggy" and Shouting "This is Ridiculous!" in the episode where his grandma and Ernie argued about the theater).
  • As a corallary, Arnold's cousin Arnie is "weird" because he is actually even further on the autism spectrum than Arnold is.
  • So all Neurotypicals refuse to help people?
    • Ironically, this is how about 50% of Aspergic people see things - that Neurotypical people are either Jerkasses or mindless sheep, and that Asperger Syndrome is an improvement on current social norms. This belief doesn't make them any more confident in social situations than the 50% who see their Asperger Syndrome as making them inferior.
  • In the Arnold shorts on Sesame Street, Arnold spends his time daydreaming, a trait carried over in the early seasons of the show. Perhaps, Arnold does have some form of autism.
  • Not forgiving Iggy doesn't make Arnold an Aspie, it means Iggy was such a dick even the All-Loving Hero won't stand for his crap.

Arnie is a vampire.
Think about it. He has pale skin, is always reading food ingredients (possibly to check for garlic), and loves to count things.

Rhonda and Sid are cousins.
Not only do they resemble each other, they are both rather high-strung and can be quite mean-spirited at times. They also seem pretty close, if not friendly, although that may just be because they've known each other since preschool.

Eugene is an Eldritch Abomination

Maybe the most friendly one ever in the history of cartoons. Open your mind to this theory real quick. Arnold Shortman was partial to noticing an energy unlike everyone else. Helga was typically resentful of him, yet everybody else was passively scornful of his personality too. His unpopularity might be justified. A key factor to my idea is the flooding accident in the school. When the storm came Eugene transcended being The Jinx. Typically an abomination wouldn't be just a danger to itself, but an abomination to anything and everything opposite to a reckless destroyer. Hence the trope. Eugene is a rare exception where the concept of self destruction is a gateway into others. When Harold and Stinky rigged Eugene's bicycle, not that it was ever necessary in the first place, just to see him intentionally be put into an unlucky spot. However; the aftermath wasn't even what the audience expected. Because we never seen the result of such a prank, it was particularly suspicious that even the two major idiots of the show had freaked out to Arnold. That anyone would eak out over Eugene having a major accident. My grand assumption is that Eugene doesn't vocally or physically plot revenge. Instead he haunts those who interfere with the system of typical bad luck using paranoia and extreme guilt or insanity. The episode where Principle Wartz slips on a facial soap carving towards the end has no connection to Sid's stalker-feuding. But a long-waited Karma trigger which Eugene's everyday life relates to, painfully. In fact how similar the soap incident was is even more relevant. Wartz believes that Eugene is suspiciously (there's that word again) clumsy, as if any medical events had been planned. As a whole, Wartz is the only one to have been unknowingly right. If the series was able to be truly finished, Eugene would have been revealed as less than normal. This entire idea would follow up to the aforementioned Black Hole theory.

It may explain why he calls himself "Steely Phil", as well as calling Arnold "Short man" (to demean him). It may also explain the phallus in his face, if you look hard enough.
  • And that's what made Arnold's Grandma so crazy.

Oskar was only illiterate when it came to reading English.
Oskar is obviously an immigrant. He was able to learn to speak English but never learned to read or write it. Prior to "Oskar Can't Read" he is seen being able to both read and write. Some Eastern European languages use a Cyrillic alphabet, and Oskar can write Cyrillic, read in his native language, but not in English or the Roman alphabet.
  • Then why didn't he write his name in Cyrillic when he had to sign for a delivery?
    • Because he wouldn't expect anyone in America to have the slightest idea what he wrote, and so he went and made a scribble and hoped for the best.

Coach Wittenberg's son Tucker is not Tish's child.
This would at least partially explain why we never see him in any of the later Wittenberg-and-Tish episodes—it's kind of weird to miss your father's wedding, but significantly weirder to miss both parents' wedding to each other. Presumably Tucker is seen less because he lives with his mother.
  • This is actually a pretty good theory, but there's just one problem: Tucker looks like Tish. They have the same shaped head and ears. Even their noses, though Tucker's is larger with nostrils, are similar. Years and years ago, there was a fan theory that there may be another Wittenberg child, one who was possibly illegitimate: This fellow right here who keeps showing up in the background. According to the Hey Arnold Wiki his name is Steve, though at the time we called him 'Gus.'

If 'The Movie' did better we would have gotten a sequel where Arnold goes on an adventure to find his parents.
The jungle special seemed like a teaser for something like this, and he would have found them in the protection of the mysterious Green Eye tribe all these years.

Hey Arnold! and Family Guy takes place in the same universe.
One show takes place on the west coast, the other on the east coast. Herbert the pedophile and Arnold's grandpa Phil are blood relatives, they look alike. Fridge Horror means that Arnold and Stewie, both football heads, are related so Herbert is attracted to a blood nephew, Stewie's brother Chris!
  • Unless Stewie and/or Chris are half brothers rather than full brothers. Also, for that to work, Peter and/or Lois would have to be related to Mr. Herbert as well.

Diego Armando and Mia Fey are Arnold's parents
Godot and Mia had sex the night after Mia's first trial. Mia was pregnant with Diego's child when he was poisoned by Dahlia. The time that elapsed between Phoenix's murder accusations and Mia's death had to have been more than a year. That's plenty of time for Mia to deliver the baby and send it off to Godot's father because she couldn't financially support baby Arnold (lawyers don't make a lot of money in the Ace Attorney universe if the games are to be believed).

Now makes since except two things, Arnold and his Grandpa doesn't seem to have Brazilian blood. This is easily explained, perhaps Grandpa had an affair with a foreign woman and got her pregnant and Grandma just forgave him and helped him raise the child because the mother probably couldn't take care of it. That type of logic being used, Arnold probably only has 1/4th Brazilian genes in his blood so the nationality isn't exactly visible on him.

The other issue is that apparently there's a journal that detail Arnold's parents as some sort of people that explore a jungle. this journal is simply a fake document to protect him from Dahlia.

Helga as Cecile will appear in TJM.
  • Arnold will find out that she is really Helga, but Helga will try to play it off as a practical joke.

The show takes place in Washington State.
Craig Bartlett stated in an interview the show takes place in the Pacific Northwest, and the city's based on Portland, Seattle, and Brooklyn. The real life Skookumchuck River runs through Arnold's city, and is located in Washington. The real life Pig War took place between British Columbia and Washington, and at the end of "Road Trip" Miriam and Helga are seen driving home complete with a Welcome to Washington sign. Arnold's grandpa also once said he worked on the Grand Coulee Dam as a kid, which is also in Washington State.

Arnold lives in Gotham City.
The Sewer king in Hey Arnold is the same one as the one in Batman: The Animated Series. After his encounter with Arnold and Gerald he went even nuttier and decided to start kidnapping children. The reason you never see Batman out and about is because Arnold actually lives in one of the few decent neighborhoods and most of Arnold's adventures occur during the day anyway.
  • It's more likely that Sewer King jumped bail and fled cross country after dealing with Batman. Also, it's more likely that Arnold lives in the turf of a different member of the Justice League, Green Arrow.
    • This explanation almost proves that Monkeyman is redundant, since he attempts to do the same thing as Batman.
  • Or perhaps Arnold's city is the on the west coast and its version of Seatlle and Gotham is, as tradition has it, on the east coast (more often than not it actually is New York and Metropolis is Upper Manhatten).

Ernie Potts, the short guy in Arnold's boarding house, is Italian American.
He resembles Danny De Vito who has Italian ancestry, he has an East Coast accent, and even says Oh Marone an Italian expression in one episode. While his surname isn't Italian it's possible he's at least part Italian.

The show was originally supposed to take place in the 1950s or 1960s
Like The Simpsons WMG, it was supposed to take place during the creator's childhood. Evidence that points to this are the cars, the TVs, the jazz soundtrack, and the fact that one of the characters is a Frank Sinatra Expy. The show obviously takes place in the 1990s due to beepers, cell phones, video games, and some pop culture references.

"Summer of Love" is chronologically the final episode.
It takes place in July, probably after Arnold finishes 4th grade. And after that kiss, wouldn't Arnold be smart enough to know for sure that Helga loved him?

Miriam was a WellDoneDaughterGirl, just like Helga.
Miriam hints several times throughout the show that she was a lot more competent and skilled than she acts in the show. She mentions she was a champion swimmer and had experience with horseback riding, etc. It is hinted also that she married Bob when she was quite young, only for her to discover it wasn't what she'd hoped. She says to Olga, "No, Olga, don't make the same mistake I did." when Olga tells them she wants to marry Doug (Olda can't be older than about nineteen, and rather naïve at that). But, there is a possibility that she had very pushy, demanding parents who wanted her to have certain skills (horseback riding tends to be associated with upper classes), and Miriam constantly felt pressured and miserable. She then met Bob, found she liked him and thought it could be her way out, much like how Helga latches on to Arnold. While Bob worked, though, he wanted Miriam to take care of things at home and probably raise Olga, and while at first Miriam enjoyed not having so many expectations put on her and encouraged Olga to be successful, like Bob, she soon started getting increasingly dissatisfied and frustrated. We see in "The Beeper Queen" that even when she's working, although at first Miriam is noticeably happier and more energetic, she soon starts neglecting Helga because of the job, so her drinking problems can't all just be traced back to Bob's overbearing attitude. After Helga was born, she started drinking because she was stuck in this repetitive cycle, on she'd placed herself in from constantly being pressured to be the best growing up. It's likely she doesn't know about the extent of Olga's neurotic tendencies (although she might be partially aware), so with Helga, she doesn't take interest in Helga's achievements because of her drinking, but also because she doesn't want Helga to grow up feeling so pressured and unhappy like she was. But in turn, this leads Helga to feel totally ignored and underappreciated, while Olga is a quivering mess, she just hides it under her perfect façade.
  • Iirc, Miriam tells Helga that her father did not believe she would do well as a horseback rider and she told him that she was going to try.

Arnold really is a Jinx.
Pay attention to every episode where bad luck and misfortune affects Eugene. Arnold is always right there. Arnold is the jinx.
  • Eugene even suggests this.
    • There have been times where he's gotten injured when Arnold wasn't around, like in "Spelling Bee."
    • And the episode, "Snow."
    • And I would argue that Eugene seems to have several injuries or problems otherwise due to several people or himself.
      • If anything, Arnold is a jinx catalyst but not a jinx himself.

Arnold and Gerald are related
If you look at Gerald's mom, notice she has a football shaped head. It's been established Arnold's parents are his paternal grandparents, so he got the football shaped head from his mother. Arnold's maternal grandfather could've had an affair. If that's the case, Arnold and Gerald are cousins. Notice that (despite being Arnold's best friend) Grandpa is really cool to Gerald, and lets him live in the boarding house with little hesitation in the episode "Gerald Comes Over" He knows the secret and treats Gerald like family.

"Arnold Betrays Iggy" spans the entire show.
We see seasons change, and the whole show takes place while Arnold is in 4th grade. This could mean that Arnold's humiliation is the final scene of the show chronologically.
  • In that case, no wonder he would've been Put on a Bus at the start of The Patakis. Poor kid.
  • Seems kind of jossed if you look very closely to the details. In Gerald's Game when Arnold has a chance of becoming Gerald's slave, Iggy himself of all people is actually concerned for Arnold and begs him not to take his chances. This occurrence, as well as many others, makes it seem that Iggy has already let go of the events of his Day in the Limelight and is completely okay having Arnold around, despite the fact that he believed that he was the one that spilled the beans about his embarrassing secret.

Arnold only pretends to like like Lila.

Evidence exists in the form of "Arnold Visits Arnie," where the character of Hilda is just like Helga, only kinder and more mentally stable. Lila's counterpart Lulu, on the other hand, is creepy and oversexed for a nine-year-old. Deep down, Arnold knows that the versions he dreamed of Lila and Helga are truer to life. Word of God even admits Lila has a dark side, to the point that Helga's dream in "Married" paints her as a borderline sociopathic stalker. Arnold only pretends he likes Lila because on the surface, she's safer than Helga. She also embodies the traits he wants in a girlfriend, but again, that's a surface thing. Arnold could also be pretending because he knows what Helga's home life is like. He's afraid that if he got any friendlier with her, he'd have to become more involved in the dysfunction. Being nine years old and having suffered Parental Abandonment himself, he's not willing to do that. Crazy grandparents and a houseful of weird boarders are enough for any kid, even if they are Crazy Awesome. When Arnold grows up and is able to process this stuff more efficiently, he will dump Lila in favor of Helga.

"Snow" takes places right after "Heat"

The rain storm at the end of "Heat" caused the temperature to drop 80 degrees. The kids didn't need to go to school in "Heat" because it was a Sunday. The pool was only open because it was early in the school year and it had not been drained yet, or it was opened because of the heat wave.

Arnold has mild Asperger Syndrome; Arnie has a full-blown version or full-blown high-functioning autism.

As noted, Arnold has several traits that could be construed as Asperger's Syndrome. He enjoys daydreaming, though we see that less and less as the seasons progress. His dream in "Arnold Visits Arnie" is the most complex and vivid version of this, however, implying that the trait not only still exists but has taken on new dimensions. Arnold is also quite mature for his age, as many Aspies are. He doesn't seem to have specialized interests, but maybe he does and just sees the characters around him, who seem to have a few well-defined traits, as sheep. Arnie, on the other hand, has several traits that could be construed as full-blown HFA. Note the monotone voice, the constant counting and reciting of lists, and the specialized, if odd, interests (people with autism, in real life, usually do not enjoy stuff like lint collecting.)

Helga is Olga's invention, or at the very least everything Olga wants or wanted to be.

There are those who believe Olga is Helga's invention, born of a desire to see her family in an idealized light with a successful daughter. It's also possible that Helga is Olga's invention. Olga was always the perfect Well Done Daughter Girl of the Pataki family. But as we saw in "Olga Comes Home," she doesn't like that. In fact, she may resent it and suppress the resentment. It's also possible Olga was an extremely lonely only child. As her childhood progressed, Miriam sank deeper into depression and alcoholism while Bob became more of a blowhard. Olga's solution was to imagine Helga—a girl who was brilliant and intelligent like her, but more aggressive and with less superficial feelings. She also gave Helga an entire cast of great friends, including a wonderful boy she loved, out of Olga's own desire for these things. The whole series is Olga's imagination, even "Helga on the Couch," because she wanted Helga to work through the issues she couldn't. Helga, as an imagined persona, also kept Olga from going off the rails when she got a B+ or marrying con artist Doug Le Sham.

If in fact Helga is real, she is certainly everything Olga wishes she could be. However, Olga recognizes that Helga's aggression and decisiveness wouldn't be safe traits for her. She can't risk Helga influencing her or helping her find emotional healing, so her solution is to smother Helga with all that "baby sister" stuff. Olga even uses Lila as a safety net—a substitute, a safer little sister. She also protects herself in "Student Teacher" by using one of Helga's embarrassing childhood moments to push her away, and by blaming Helga when Helga was the one getting teased.

The kids of PS. 118 will have specific jobs when they're grown up.
  • Think about it:
    • Arnold = Psychologist. He's very compassionate who insits on helping others, either it be school work or personal problems. In fact, his wisdom has gone to the point when even the adults ask him for advice.
    • Helga = Author/Poet. She has a wide knowledge in old-fashioned English as well as writing passionate poems, especially if they're romantic. Besides, I can see her writing a biography about herself, her home life and how Arnold affected her when she's an adult.
    • Gerald = Baskeball/Baseball player (or at least anything sport related). He seems to be the most enthusiastic jock of all the kids in school.
      • Considering his talent for telling urban legends, he'd also make a great spoken-word poet.
    • Phoebe = Straight A+ College student. If she even gets A in her grades in fourth grade, then that says a lot. Heck, she was even promoted to sixth grade for a while.
      • True, but this is not a job, per se. "Aptitude Test" pegs her as a neurosurgeon, which would be accurate. She'd make an excellent doctor in any field.
    • Rhonda = Fashion Designer. She's very sentient about her looks and overreact if any of her clothes just get the slighest spot of dirt on them.
      • Considering her vanity, fashion model is also highly unlikely.
    • Harold = Arm Wrestler: I couldn't think of anything else since he doesn't seem that good at many things.
      • Hello? Butcher? He could also own his own restaurant.
    • Patty = Arm Wrestling Teacher. Being even better at arm wrestling than above, as well as teaching him her tricks, I see her pursuing a higher life goal.
      • Or etiquette teacher. Having done so well in finishing school in "Polishing Rhonda," and having experienced the hurt of being ostracized from other kids, she'd be anxious to see this didn't happen to other kids. She might combine etiquette with self-defense, especially for girls.
    • Sid = Paranormal Investigator (like Dib!) = He's extremely paranoid, and in that sense alone, he could get the job done as trying to capture supernatural creatures.
    • Stinky and Lila = Farmers, full stop. (I see Lila working with horses, specifically).
      • And Stinky specifically grows pumpkins, natch.
    • Nadine = Entomologist. Obviously. It's one of the few traits we know about her persona.
    • Eugene = Singer or musical actor. He shows deep interest in musicals and is quite good at singing.
    • Sheena = Hippie, or like what Eugene is above.
      • Costume designer on Broadway (she worked on costumes in "School Play.") This also puts her close to Eugene if he made it to Broadway, thus shipping them.
    • Curly = Law-fighting criminal. Which is why he will be locked up in jail for the most of his life.
      • If he reforms, he could go into law enforcement.
    • Brainy = Poet, like Helga. Since it's one of the few things we seem to know about him.

Harold has a learning disability/multiple learning disabilities.

Some fans have asked why Torvald and Harold are both 13 and in fourth grade, but with Harold, it's accepted as fact rather than made fun of. Besides the fact that Torvald has apparently been in juvenile hall and was never seen outside of "Tutoring Torvald," this WMG could be why. Simmons does not want to place Harold in special education because he seems to do okay socially and is cognitively on par with other kids his age. But Harold does have significant learning difficulties. See "Aptitude Test"; his difficulty with the cafeteria door could've been played for laughs or not. During Curly's flashback in "Ball Monitor," we also see Harold responding to a bonus question with, "I know! I actually know!" Simmons simply modified parts of the classwork for Harold as a lot of teachers do. He also makes the observation in "Aptitude Test" that believing in himself helps Harold do better in school.

  • Not that it changes much, but Torvald showed up in "Mudbowl" as a ringer for the Fourth Graders. When Wolfgang calls them on it, he is shown a class picture that has Torvald in it.

Stinky may have learning disabilities too, particularly a reading disability.

Check out the grades he got for his work in Stinky's Pumpkin and Student Teacher. He also does look somewhat older than his classmates (bar Harold and Torvald) being the tallest kid in his class. It's possible he may have been held back like Harold and Torvald also. His Vocal Evolution in later seasons doesn't help the slightest. This may also be the reason for his insecurities, at least in part.<<|Wild Mass Guessing|>>

Mr. Simmons' class is in fact a form of special education.

It's not traditional special ed, which is usually associated with kids who have severe physical, cognitive, and other disabilities. However, within the class, you have Arnold, who may have Asperger's Syndrome. You have Helga, who is extraordinarily gifted but antisocial and eventually under the care of the school psychologist. Harold and Stinky may have learning problems (see above two WM Gs). Phoebe is a genius and doesn't need specialized help in the classic sense, but struggles pretty hard emotionally, considering that a fart incident led her to never want to come to school again. Lila, according to Word of God, has a deeply buried dark side. Sid is really paranoid. Gerald has a tendency to give in to peer pressure and act overly mature for his age (see "The High Life" and "Gerald's Game.") Eugene struggles socially and may be on the verge of coming out, which could make his social problems worse. In other words, all these kids have learning and emotional issues to some degree. Simmons, being the Wide-Eyed Idealist and compassionate teacher he is, is very good with them and sets up his classroom to meet everybody's needs, without making them feel singled out. After all, he does have a Catchphrase—the word "special."

  • What about Rhonda?
    • Rhonda's not exactly 'normal'- whenever she thinks she's losing her wealthy or popularity, she completely loses it and has a Heroic BSoD.

Arnold is a Time Lord and the boarding house and his world exist outside of time.

Arnold's world has a lot of modern technology and seems to take place in the '90s. Just look at the kid's room. However, there are theories that the show was supposed to take place around the 1920s. There is still massive evidence of this. Arnold lives in a boarding house (very rare these days) where all the boarders seem to be immigrants of first- or second-generation. His school and neighborhood are reminiscent of New York's old tenement districts. There are more mom-and-pop businesses than there are now, such as Mr. Green's butcher shop. So, Arnold is either a Time Lord or exists in some sort of in-between era. His constant daydreaming seems to support this as well.

Arnold's computer password is "Helga" or some variation of it.

The season 3 episode "Arnold's Room" has Sid "borrowing" Arnold's room to impress Lorenzo because his own room is, well, a wreck, while they work on a history project together. This involves the boys needing to use the computer, but Sid doesn't know Arnold's password. He enters about fifty different ones with no success. Why didn't he succeed? Because no one knows the truth - Arnold secretly loves Helga and has used her name as his password. Further details may be in his "top secret" journal, featured in the same episode...but we'll never know.

Brainy likes Helga 'cause he Has a Type...
He's an Amazon Chaser, duh! Notice that there are times when he seems to like Helga socking him in the face...

Arnold's parents are/were medical missionaries.

The idea that Arnold follows any specific religion has no apparent evidence, but he does seem to have a higher and better-functioning moral compass than most of the cast. This explains why he's always the one the other kids go to for help, and why he was the target of several kids' wrath during "Deconstructing Arnold." Arnold may have inherited this tendency from his parents, who may or may not have been Christian or other missionaries. Of interesting note is the fact that his parents only agreed to go on their last mission when Eduardo brought up the fact that village children were dying of a terrible disease. Arnold probably had a lot to do with that; he was only a few months old at the time. Yet, Miles and Stella also could've been thinking about the Bible's teachings on the importance of kids.

Torvald and Ludwig are actually the same person.

This is why Arnold vaguely remembers Ludwig in New Bully on the Block because he remembers Torvald and his departure. Torvald could have been in juvenile hall in between Mud Bowl and New Bully on the Block and at the same time he also could've changed his style and his name to Ludwig. Either that or Ludwig could be his surname. They also do look at least somewhat similar. Look and see for yourself [1].

  • If jossed, they could be at least be relatives, presumably either brothers or cousins.
    • There is no way they are the same person. First off, they don't look anything alike. Plus Wolfgang seemed to view Ludwig as an equal, where he seemed intimidated by Torvald. Torvald is also older and larger than both Wolfgang and Ludwig.

Bob and Miriam aren't Helga's parents; Olga is.

There appears to be a twelve year age difference between Helga and Olga, and Olga did discuss having two boyfriends at the same time in one episode. Olga also seems like the type to be rather gullible, and I imagine that she wouldn't know what sex was at the age of eleven or twelve. It could, on a different note, also explain why Bob and Miriam are such lousy parents to Helga. I don't doubt that Olga was still a perfectionist in her pre-teen years, and if you know what it's like for your daughter to be a teen mom - imagine her being a PRE-teen mom.

Phoebe knows that Helga is in love with Arnold.

In fact, this idea is hinted many times in the series. For example, at the end of "Married" Phoebe has a day dream of Arnold and Helga married and happy together. The sleepwalking episode also provides a few hints. Not only that, yet Phoebe has also slapped Helga across the face whenever she was getting into one of her 'Arnold' moments, from my memory. There, in my opinion, is a good chance that Phoebe knows, and, if she doesn't know that Helga's in love with him, she at least has formed some idea of her having a crush on him. It's practically been confirmed!

  • I thought this was a given.

Once Helga is somewhere in her teen years, Olga wouldn't be favorited anymore.

Craig Bartlett did mention that Olga would have a falling out with her family over wanting to become an actress. I imagine that Helga would try to step in and get more attention after this.

One of the reasons why Big Bob is such a rude person is because of his parents.

You have to remember that Bob and Miriam grew up in different times than Helga did, and most likely had different parents as well. Miriam's probably were, based on who she told Helga she was before she got into "smoothies," the better out of the two. I assume that Bob did not have the best parents, and his father was probably worse than Bob is to Helga, which would explain why he's a meaner person than her in general.

Bob is emotionally abusive to his family for different reasons.

Pretty much everyone who knows of Miriam and Bob in the fandom believe that they are emotionally abuse to either Helga, Olga, or both of the two, which is shown to be true on numerous occasions. Out of the two adults, however, Bob is clearly worse than Miriam is because Miriam expresses more interest in Helga than Bob does. It doesn't explain why Bob is emotionally abusive to everyone, though. I believe that I have a theory for that.

Miriam - Let's start with his wife. Bob, along with Helga, is shown not to think too much of Miriam nowadays. For example, in the episode "The Beeper Queen," Bob thinks that Miriam can't run a beeper empire and, for a second, actually seems to consider Helga over Miriam. It's pretty obvious that they don't have the best of a marriage, and that they don't spend much time together. One of the reasons why this seems to have happened is because Bob is a workaholic and Miriam is, based on the theory above, a drunk. Bob is the type of man who wants to have the perfect, ideal, family. I'm assuming that an alcoholic wife with the memory span of a child is not his 'ideal' wife. Once again going by a theory above, they probably argued a lot when Olga was still a child, which would also lead to her becoming a perfectionist. Miriam was probably the 'perfect' girl like Olga is before she married Bob. Bob, thinking that perhaps she would continue to be the person that he once knew her as, began a relationship with her. However, it was Bob's personality that would eventually bring Miriam down, therefore changing her in quite a few ways. Judging by the way that he treats Helga and Olga, I'd think that he can't stand imperfection. Once Miriam started drinking, she wasn't as perfect as before, which annoyed Bob to deep ends, and began their arguments. That's where his emotional abuse with Olga comes in.

Olga - Now we're moving onto Bob's daughters; why not begin with his eldest daughter, Olga Pataki? Bob's emotional abuse towards Olga is harder to spot than his towards Helga and Miriam. However, it certainly is there, especially judged by the end of the episode "Olga Comes Home." At the end of that episode, Olga told Helga that she feels like a wind-up doll to their parents. Olga is clearly a perfectionist, as shown by the fact that she cried over receiving a B+. It'd also be interesting to note that Miriam was most likely a perfectionist when she was around Olga's age, or in high school. This idea is not only interesting because it shows how comparable Miriam and Olga are (or, in this case, were) considering Miriam's past life, yet also because Bob shows more interest in Olga than both Helga and Miriam. In his mind, it'd seem that Helga is the imperfect girl, and that Miriam is simply a wreck now because of her "smoothies." However, Olga stays pretty, smart, and "perfect" in general. Let's get back to the subject of how similar Olga is to Miriam as a teenager/young adult. Perhaps Bob shows interest in Olga and her talents because she's basically Miriam 2.0. It's theorized here that Bob married Miriam because he wanted the ideal family, and a "perfect" wife is a great way to start, right? Once it didn't end up exactly like that and Miriam began drinking, they probably started arguing more. Olga, not wanting her parents to divorce, possibly because she was a child at the time, tried to be everything that her mother wasn't anymore, and, as shown by episodes, succeeded. That's why Bob favors Olga to Helga; Olga is not only perfect, she's also another Miriam. Helga... we'll get more into her later. However, whenever Bob brags about Olga, he doesn't realize that his bragging is also stressing her to be even more perfect. Olga feels as if she can't be herself, always trying to be perfect and being rather immature if she doesn't get her way, mainly because she feels that she should never use Bob or Helga's way of things, and feels that sadness is better in such situations, and therefore, in it's own way, what Bob does to Olga is also emotional abuse.

Helga - The emotional abuse towards Helga is obvious. In the episode "Helga on the Couch," Helga revealed to Dr. Bliss that she had to walk herself to pre-school. Now, that's pretty dark right there. This all happened because Olga was playing the piano, and neither Bob nor Miriam cared enough to walk Helga. If it's not emotional abuse by having a three or four-year old girl walk to school in the rain,, then let's show a few more hints, on Bob's side, not Miriam's, of emotional abuse. More than half the time on this show, Bob forgets to call Helga by her actual name. Not only that, yet keep in mind that Helga's name is a variation of Olga's. This shows how careless her parents were in actually naming her. Bob is often shown to not care much about Helga unless it's valuing him in some way. For example, in It Girl, I believe, he only felt proud of Helga because she was the 'It' girl. He is also shown to not think much of her, just as he does Miriam. Another example of this can be shown in the episode "Quantity Time," when Helga told him that she flunked a math test, and he either appeared to be ignoring her or just not caring. It's also worth mentioning that he clearly thinks more of Olga. It'd explain why he so often calls Helga by Olga's name, and why he usually compares her to Helga. As I mentioned above, Bob wants the ideal family, which means that everything would be perfect. As a result, he ends up pushing Miriam to drink, pushing Olga to be a perfectionist, and pushing Helga to be such an angry, pessimistic, child. He doesn't understand that no one has the ideal family, as there is on television. Not only this, yet there's a pretty good chance that Bob and Miriam were hoping for a boy, since they already had Olga. That would, in Bob's mind, be the ideal family; the breadwinner (him), the perfect housewife (Miriam), the perfect older daughter (Olga), and... the perfect youngest son (no one). Bob is shown to care about Helga, but very little.

Therefore, Bob is emotionally abusive to everyone in the family, even if he doesn't take his time to realize it.

Harold's weight actually is the result of a glandular issue.

In an early episode, Harold responds to Helga calling him "Blimpo" with, "Don't call me Blimpo; I have a gland problem." While that's played as an excuse for his weight, it could be true. When compared to obese kids in real life, Harold is actually not grossly overweight. In fact, during "Weighing Harold," he seems to have lost the excess weight he gained on his failed weight-loss cruise fairly quickly. (The Training Montage related to this doesn't give us an idea of how long that took, but the various exercises Arnold used to help him could have facilitated this). Unlike other obese characters and real-life examples, Harold also eats a variety of foods rather than just junk food. The only episode where he was shown overindulging in stuff like ice cream and pizza was "Weighing Harold," which is also the only episode in which the other kids made his weight into a big deal. It could be that Harold's pituitary gland simply doesn't work efficiently, he has a thyroid problem, or he has a genetic issue (both his parents are pretty big too, especially Mom).

Eugene is bisexual or intersexual.

As noted on his character page, Eugene is very much Ambiguously Gay. However, in early episodes, he shows interest in Sheena. Rhonda even pairs them up with her marriage predictor in "Married." Sheena and Eugene also have a common interest in theater (they sing the theme song from Rats together in "The Flood." Sheena has worked as a costumer in "School Play," while Eugene essayed the lead role in "Eugene, Eugene.") Eugene may be going through an orientation evolution, or he may be an intersexual interested in both guys and girls.

The Jungle Movie is inevitable.
  • Possibly confirmed. Craig Bartlett confirmed the possibility of a reboot or continuation of the series, one of those plans was a TV movie. Maybe "The Jungle Movie" will be that TV movie?
    • Confirmed, and it will be a two-hour two-parter!
      • And The Loud Man.

Lila hated Arnold and Helga.

Lila never forgave Helga for humiliating her at school or Arnold for initially rejecting her. Once she found out about Helga’s affections during the school play, she continuously lead Arnold on so both of them would be lonely and miserable. She was also just pretending to like Arnie and Olga because she knew it would upset them.

Hey Arnold takes place in the same universe as The Simpsons

Aside from the weird yellow skin color the character designs are kinda similar, and both series live on the premise of having their characters go through real-life struggles in one episode but then wacky adventures on the other. Gerald looks like the lovechild of Marge and Carl, and there's the fact that Craig Bartlett married Matt Groening's sister...

Harold failed preschool
Yes it is possible. According to the episodes, "Harold's Bar Mitzvah" and "Hey Harold!" Harold is 13 years old and was held back a few times which is why he's still in fourth grade. Yet in "Helga on the Couch" Harold is shown to have attended preschool with the same children he's in fourth grade with. So in an attempt to fix the Continuity Snarl, my WMG is that Harold failed preschool a couple of times, and the year that he finally passed is the year that he was with Arnold, Helga, etc.

Joke about Arnold's birth
If Jungle Movie gets made, there will be a joke implying his birth was especially painful due to the shape of his head.

Til this day, Arnold still hasn't forgiven Iggy
If Arnold doesn't forgive you at all, You've messed up big time!

Mr. Simmons is related to Doug Funnie.
Their appearances and clothing are quite similar, except of course for the fact that Simmons is older and taller. They also seem to have similar introverted, "beta male" type personalities, although Doug may or may not be Ambiguously Gay. They could be uncle and nephew or distant cousins.

The line "The journey is the destination, man" will come up in Jungle Movie as a Call-Back to the first episode.

In the Jungle Movie it will be revealed that Wolfgang got held back in the fifth grade and Arnold must deal with him as a classmate.
  • Considering that Toran has been confirmed to be returning, albeit in an unspecified role, it's possible that Wolfgang will at least appear.


Olga likes the dysfunctional relationship that she has with Helga, and she feels closest to Helga because of it.
Olga constantly feels the pressure from almost everyone around her to be the perfect person, particularly from her parents. However, not only does she not feel that pressure from Helga, but she's somewhat resented for everything that Olga tries to do... and yet, Helga still loves Olga (in her own twisted way). Helga is the one relationship that Olga has that isn't predicated on whether or not Olga screws up (and, depending on the specifics, might actually get better if Olga does screw up), so it's the one most dear to her.

Arnold and Helga will undergo an Unrequited Love Switcheroo in The Jungle Movie
Arnold will have realized his feelings for her, while after years of obliviousness on Arnold's behalf, Helga finally gives up on Arnold returning her affection and moves on (or at least pretends to in order to see how he'll react) and one of the plot points will revolve around Arnold coming to terms with his feelings for Helga and trying to win her over.

If Helga and Arnold are ever shown getting married, Mr. Hyunh will sing "Forever and Ever, Amen" at their wedding
To continue the gag of Mr. Hyunh having Randy Travis' singing voice.

Since The Jungle Movie has been greenlit, The Patakis spinoff will end up being made as well

If The Patakis is ever made, Spencer Klein will cameo as teenage Arnold at some point
Unlike Toran Caudell and Philip van Dyke, Spencer Klein only played Arnold and he is both the longest running and fan favorite voice actor for him. Like Pixar bringing back John Morris as the college-aged Andy in Toy Story 3, it'd be a nice case of Role Reprisal if this happened.

The Jungle Movie will make a reference to Craig Bartlett's next Nickelodeon show Sky Rat
Possibly with Rat making a cameo.

The Jungle Movie will feature an argument between Arnold and Gerald - perhaps even turning physical - over recent events that mirrors fan arguments about bringing Hey Arnold back only as the Jungle Movie, and about the previous movie's similar nature
It's been confirmed that the movie will be extremely meta, and, well, there's a reason the Big Damn Movie page used to be titles 'Why Is Arnold Saving Something?'.

The series will be rebooted following The Jungle Movie
Rumors of a reboot were spreading around shortly before TJM was finally confirmed to be coming out. So basically, TJM will give closure to the old Hey Arnold! series and satisfy those old fans (though it's also meant to introduce the series to a new generation of children, which is another point that corroborates this theory). Then a rebooted series will debut shortly after. New continuity, new voice cast for a new generation of fans. It seems unlikely that they'd finally make this movie after 15 years without planning to follow it up with something, and since the planned Patakis spin-off was turned down by the networks for being a Daria rip-off and too depressing (not to mention it wouldn't be very child-friendly) , a reboot is pretty much the only option. Hopefully it won't be as controversial as Teen Titans Go! or The Powerpuff Girls (2016).

"Football Head" will become an Insult of Endearment
Probably a given, but hey, why not? After Arnold and Helga officially get together, "Football Head" will become Helga's pet name for him, and Arnold will embrace it.

Arnold and the gang are in fifth grade by the time "The Journal" takes place
It happens in October, and Arnold is not shown in school in this episode. Just something I came up with to try and make the timeline work a bit better.

Miriam and Charlotte Pickles are sisters.
It makes sense, if you place the timeline of both shows around the same time (the 90s, even though Rugrats started earlier than Hey Arnold), both women would be around the same age. They even sorta look alike, what with having blonde hair with strange bangs, and so do their daughters. Angelica and Helga have a lot of similar manners what with being over-dramatic, cunning, angry and self-absorbed (and have a thing for bows). We've never seen Charlotte's side of the family in the show so it could be possible. We can imagine Miriam and Charlotte had a similar upbringing to Helga and Olga, whereas while the two sisters were talented, one was clearly more favorited by their parents due to her ambition, while the other one was either pressured to do better or neglected. Once Charlotte became fully dedicated to her career, she left her little sister behind to focus on her work and on her new life (on the way met Drew, and later on had Angelica). Miriam became resentful of her sister and her parents, and probably married Big Bob as soon as possible to get away from that environment of disappointment. At first she was happy, but then she veered into alcoholism the more she realized how mediocre her life had turned into compared to her successful sister. Charlotte also never calls since she'd feel Miriam is too occupied on her world, and there's little for Angelica, Olga and Helga to relate to (different ages, different interests, etc).

Arnold knew “Cecile” was really Helga in the Valetine's Day episode.
I mean, come on! It was obvious. And Arnold is clearly not dumb. Helga was very poorly disguised. She had blonde hair, was wearing pink, and she never even bothered to disguise her voice. How could Arnold not recognize her? Also Arnold had a photograph of the real Cecile and the girl he was with looked nothing like the girl in the photograph. He even mentioned at one point that he felt like he knew her. Plus, when she asked him about a girl in school, he mentioned Helga for unexplained reasons other than that she bugged him. Maybe he just played along and pretended not to recognize her because he realized how insecure she was. He was probably waiting for her to confess, especially after the real Cecile showed up. But when she didn’t he respected that because he felt she wasn’t ready.
  • He subconsciously knew it was her at least, even if he was consciously ignorant of it.

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