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Alucard really is Carmen Sandiego
You are what you eat, after all — particularly for him.
  • Mostly jossed: Alucard is Vlad Tepes of Wallachia, better known as Dracula. But hey, he could still have eaten Ms. Sandiego—this is a TFS production, after all.

Walter's Betrayal
Is going to be because he's simply gotten tired of putting up with Alucard.

Face facts, this version of Alucard is alot more difficult to put up with compared to his original counterpart. Walter has been having to live with Alucard for the past fifty years, ever since he was only twelve. With that in mind, it's a wonder he hasn't ended up going through with it sooner.


  • IDK, Walter is one of the few people that Alucard (especially he doesn't even try to annoy him) likes and it seems like Walter is too nice a guy for this to be possible.
    • Gotta agree - in Episode 2, Alucard even thanks Walter for agreeing that they need their budget. In Ep 4, he talks frankly and honestly to Walter about his... excitement for fighting the Nazi's, and they seem more like long time friends than anything else.
    • As do I. I mean, really, while Walter seemed pretty close in the original OVA, he seems to be much more so, and rather sincerely. I'm almost convinced they won't go through with his betrayal and just give another reason for his absence.
      • Yup, Walter still goes through with it.

I imagine that the fifth episode may be a call back to Alucards bothering by the book from episode 2, in which he decides to take as slow as possible in order to piss off integra. Or, perhaps he simply decides not to go at first but eventually gets bored and heads out to London anyway.During this time, Walter just...snaps and ends up Defecting to Millenium simply because of a culmination of the past 50 years worth of Alucards behavior combined with his latest attempts have finally driven the butler to breaking point.


  • Alternatively, there'll be a flashback where Alucard dared him to, and Walter couldn't help but show Alucard that yes, he really does have the balls to do it. Like, Alucard says "We all know Walter couldn't betray us. He just doesn't have the balls."

  • I believe his justification will be that he's sick of watching Alucard be the bane of Integra's existence, so if she needs a vampire to run around killing other vampires, he can fit the bill better.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if Walter's Betrayal had do with Alucard when he was Girlycard) during WWII possibly screwing around with him and his adolescent hormones. However, I just feel like that would be too easy of a joke though. Then again it's Alucard we are talking about.

  • Episode 9 just came out, and Alucard claims Walter had feelings for Girlycard, although Walter denies it.

The reason why he hates the Catholic Church and the French
He was forced to convert to Catholicism to get out of jail and back to Valachia (that's what happened to the Real Life Dracul, at least) and the sexual abuse scandals arouse bad memories about him being imprisoned and raped by the Ottomans.
The negative attitude towards the French he did pick up in Britain.
  • Or maybe he just looks down on the French for being Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys. His dislike for Catholics just has to do with him ostensibly being their enemy.
    • I dunno, he's holding onto his past tightly enough that Turks are still his third-favorite thing to kill, so while their present opposition to him is likely a large reason, stuff from his origins may very will still be a significant motivating factor.
    • Kinda jossed? In a conversation with God, Alucard reveals why he has such a problem with the Almighty: "ten years of rape" that God refused to stop despite Alucard's prayers. Satan, on the other hand, was more than happy to say "hi". Whether this created Alucard's hatred for the Catholic Church is a matter of perspective, really.

The Major will be revealed to be a Leprechaun
...and his guts will spill Lucky Charms.
  • Word of God says Alucard and Anderson went out on their spare time and actually found one.
    Anderson: Turns out it was actually Boo Berry.
  • Jossed. He's still a cyborg.

In the finale
Integra and Alucard will hook up. The Distant Finale has Integra offering Alucard her blood, in a term of endearment. It seems like Alucard is pretty accepting of elderly people and he is "Saving himself for that beast Integra". For all we know she could be whittled down to his affections.
  • Appears to be confirmed.

Maxwell will be Driven to Madness by Alucard's trolling
He seems much more collected than his canon counterpart. Methinks he'll legitimately intend to help defend London against Millenium at first, then snap around Episode 6 or so. Specifically, the scene with the young boy giving Maxwell the images of Alucard on the move being edited to images/text sent by Alucard that tip him over the edge.
  • Jossed.

Schrodinger will reveal that "Schrodinger" is not his real name.
And when Alucard eats him, it will be revealed his real name... is Michael McDoesntexist.
  • Which would be doubly fitting considering that, thanks to his status as a quantum anomaly, he doesn't technically exist.
  • Jossed. Although, Alucard does reference Schrodinger's status as a quantum anomaly, which Integra give the above nickname to Alucard himself.

The Queen of England in this world is a vampire.
Alucard says no one alive can comprehend his sexual preference, The Queen implies he/she had sex with her and Vampires are considered the living dead.
  • Alternatively, one doesn't really need to comprehend Alucard's sexual preference to actually have sex with him.

When Anderson rescues Integra
The Saints are Coming will play as he busts in to kick some nazi vampire ass.

When Alucard dies to Schrodinger.
He will ask Integra and Seras to fulfill the queen's wish to record the Major's dying screams in his place.
  • Jossed,she does recorder them without the reminder.

Alucard was really trying to have a serious conversation

The Captain won't smile because he'd be happy to finally die...
... But because he'd finally have understood a joke Alucard made a few episodes earlier (if not back in WW2).
The Captain (internal monologue) : Ooooooh, "Jim Gaffigan"! I get it now! Haha, that was [bursts into flames]
  • Jossed.

During Alucard's attack on Millenium and Iscariot forces in the London battle...
All the previous guest stars will come back to voice previous enemies like Dandy Man and Rip Van Winkle.
  • Jossed: Dandy Man and Rip Van Winkle appear during Alucard's fight with Anderson in Episode 8, but do not get any lines.

When Seras kills Zorin, her line will be the same as the original anime
The line she has while dragging Zorin all over the room: "How does it feel? How does it feel to have someone fuck with your head" will be unchanged a la the joke translator in Iji leaving one line exactly as it is because it's such a dramatic line.

When Seras becomes a true vampire, she'll undergo a personality shift
Specifically, she'll become Drunk with Power and start acting more like Alucard — trolling people and acting like a Blood Knight.
  • Additionally, Integra will lament that there's two of them now.
  • Confirmed. She picks up Alucard's mannerisms and vocal cadence.

Music options for Seras killing Zorin Blitz.

After the series, Seras and Integra will be an actual couple. Hence, no Hellsing heirs.
  • Only if none of them considers having a child and let Hellsing be the sperm donor.

Bitches Love Cannons will get one last hurrah
When Seras rips up a tank gun to kill the Major, she, Integra, and the Major [thoroughly amused by it all] will all say it in tandem.
  • Partially Jossed. The Major is amused indeed, but he says the phrase alone.

The Nazis didn't necessarily leave the Holocaust museum standing because they were ashamed
They could have left it standing because they were proud of it, and wanted it to keep it as a monument to their actions. The Major's wording is ambiguous enough that he could mean either. Considering the existence of Holocaust deniers, it might be his way of affirming that yes, they did do it.

When this series concludes, Team Four Star will create a Castlevania Abridged Series...
...And it will be treated as a prequel to this one, with Dracula maintaining many of the personality traits he had when Alucard turned back into him.

The Major will suffer a Fate Worse than Death
Rather than give him the satisfaction of a warrior's death, Integra and Seras will find a way to spare his life while simultaneously ensuring he will never be able to wage war again, which is what he started this war to avoid in the first place.

When Alucard seemingly dies to Schroedinger, he'll sing "We'll Meet Again."
Not only is it rather fitting considering he doesn't stay dead, but it would be a nice Development Gag, considering it was the song Perfect Cell was originally supposed to sing as he died to Gohan.
  • Sadly, jossed.

Alucard has known about Millennium the entire time
He may have even helped plan it in the 40s. He was so quick to point out that Nazis were behind everything. He gets the challenge he craves, the Major gets his War, win/win. It would explain how so many members were able to escape without Alucard killing them all in WWII, he LET them get away.

The Time Skip at the end will be a lot shorter than it was originally
Instead of several decades, it will be a few years and Integra looking so old could be explained that the stress of everything prematurely aged her.
  • Jossed. It's still 30 years.

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