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The rumored third civilization will be...
  • One based on Raygun Gothic ala Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers
  • Uh, 21st century Earth sounds pretty likely. Granted, we got nukes and outpace both civilizations in terms of logistics but two other civilizations may have secret equivalents or develop them rapidly. Alternatively, they might join forces if Earth outpaces them too highly.
    • 21st century Earth is unlikely, if only because they'd run ripshod over both sides. Dragons vs F22 will not end well for the dragons, and the sheer, hilarious degree of aerial superiority that modern earth would have over both sides, coupled with armor, missile artillery, IFV and infantry weaponry, and drones, means that both sides will get plastered in short order. Even World War II Earth would have a massive tech advantage over both sides to the point of total domination.
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    • Though the Catharsis Factor of watching the arrogant and brutal Arcanans get utterly stomped by modern weaponry would be deeply satisfying.
    • Plus, they make a point of mentioning a volcanic eruption that can be assumed to be Krakatoa that happened 30 years ago or whatever in every world. So it'd be early 20th century, not 21st.
      • The Road to Hell provides a date conversion into the Gregorian calendar confirming that the events of that book take place in February and March of 1929.
  • It'll probably be some mix of 40k style tech (blocky, imposing, and tough as nails) and modern asthetics (Ipod, etc.)
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Why not? It's invaded everything else.
    • It'll be Equestria. Why not, it 's bloody impossible to keep bronies out of anything else, why should this be any different?
  • Maybe a mix. Weapons tech somewhere around late WW1 (so combustion engines and early planes and tanks) but with other aspects of the technology somewhat further advanced (maybe even computers). That would put them on a similar military footing to the other two but give them a logistics edge to help counter their total lack of talents or magic.
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  • Sufficiently Advanced
  • How about a civilization with World War II era tech? Would have enough advantages to pose a serious military challenge to both existing nations while not being too overpowering. If they have nukes, make them plane dropped or give them very crude ballistic missiles like the V-2.
  • ...Us. I mean, we're pure tech, no magic or psychics. Why not Earth of the 1920s? Sure, there wouldn't be MUCH difference between Sharonans and Earthlings, but we've got a bit of head start. Internal combustion was well on its way, we had tanks and airplanes and zeppelins. We have radio and telegraph. What could be more fun?
    • I object on the grounds that the first thing we'd do upon encouraging Functional Magic and Psychic Powers is take them for ourselves.
    • 1930's tech would be a good fit as well - heck, depending upon which country (or countries) they decide to use as model, they could even make early WWII tech work, story wise.
  • Steampunk. Yes, Sharona has steam power but it has realistic steam power. The third civilization would have actual workable Steampunk tech. So steam powered mecha or powered armor, lightning guns, zeppelins, artificial limbs etc. The multiverse seems to have a certain amount of Clap Your Hands If You Believe where natural laws function differently based on who occupies a particular universe and what they believe. Given that it's not impossible for there to be a universe where Steampunk makes sense as the basis for technology.
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  • Just starting out. This gives the Arkonians and Sharionians the good advantage of quantity, whilst the pure tech's advantages will in overall mobilty. Their mobiltiy alone will be not quite as good as the Argonians, and their communication alone not as good as the Sharonians. But the combination makres it greater than the whole. And attacks before their very neccessary infrastructure is set up will delay them. So thus the tech very slow to set up, but be hard to dislodge once properly established.

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