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Kirsty Cotton is slipping to the Dark Side.

Kirsty Cotton from Hellraiser is becoming more corrupt and darker as Hellseeker rolls around... She keeps making deals with Pinhead to save her own skin (literally). She's going down the same path as Julia.

Even in Hellraiser II, she was showing subtle signs of this:

Kirsty Cotton: I didn't open the box!
Female Cenobite: "Didn't open the box." And what was it last time, "Didn't know what the box was?" And yet, we do keep finding each other, don't we?
Pinhead: Oh, Kirsty. So eager to play, so reluctant to admit it.

  • The novella that the first movie was based on ended with her as the puzzle box's new owner and implied that she'll sell it to people just like the antique dealer did. So this is plausible.

  • Not really as looking back into the first movie she opens the box by accident and offers to trade Frank for herself because Frank is killing and consuming people and out of sheer terror. I can't really blame her as I am pretty sure I would have done the same in those circumstances. In the second movie she does not summon Pinhead and his minions and only enters hell to find and save her father (who is really Frank manipulating her). Her only interaction with Pinhead is revealing his former humanity excluding the earlier conversation. In "Hellseeker" whilst I am not ok with killing 5 people it should be noted that she only killed those people because they were planning on killing her first and it would probably be impossible to prove the existence of the Cenobites in a court of law. Again she killed those people to save herself. She is a bit darker in Hellseeker but I wouldn't say she'll end up as Julia.

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  • The point is that she's getting darker either way. She might not necessarily end up like Julia but, she'll do what ever it takes to avoid hell.

  • So would most people, you know, being HELL and all.

  • Not really, it was probably just for that one situation. Remember, if Kirsty ended up back in Hell she would have to spend the rest of eternity with Frank and Julia, the last two people she would ever want to see again. I think Kirsty threw the box into the ocean after the credits rolled and it ended up in the hands of the deaders for the sequel.

Pinhead is Erno Rubik.

  • Debunked in the very second film (further debunked by the fourth film, which shows the box being made in the 1700s), although considering "Pinhead" can exist without Elliot Spenser and that there are apparently several different incarnations of the Chatterer, perhaps the cenobites are spirits that simply merge with humans who take very well to the tortures within the box. With that in mind, perhaps Rubik is one avatar of the non-merged-with-Spenser spirit form of Pinhead. ._.

The Cenobites are daemons of Slaanesh.
Obvious, really.
  • Actually an interesting thing about the Cenobites is that despite their nature and appearance, they are creatures of order, not Chaos, and so being the servants of a Chaos god would be the last thing they could be.
    • Chaos is all things, according to its worshippers.
  • Maybe they're Dark Eldar?
    • Maybe they're Eldar who hid from the fall in a portion of the Webway, but were eventually corrupted by the Chaos energies inside it.

Hell in Hellraiser is really Malkuth's Citadel, from KULT.
The puzzle box is a portal. Hell is really Metropolis, and the Cenobites are Awakened Human servants of the Archon who are attempting to help the other human captives Awaken. They even imply the box is for seekers of knowledge after all...

The Cenobites are Keepers.
They simply come from a part of Arcadia that happens to be particularly twisted and unpleasant. They take all those who open the Lament Configuration to become their Changelings, and eventually evolve into more Keepers.

The Lament Configuration is an Object from The Holders Series.
In any city, in any country, go to any open air market you can get yourself into. It certainly sounds like the start of one of the stories. There's a lot of repetition involved in how people get the box, and you undertake the quest (whatever that may be) at great personal risk. Maybe Kirsty possesses the object and doesn't know it, or maybe to actually get the object you have to allow yourself to be taken. It would explain why the hell anyone would seek the box out if there's something to be gained at the end.

The Cenobites are the Godhand
They revel in suffering, exist in both our world and an otherdimensional hellvoid, are called by the desperate through an Artifact of Doom, and the callers are made into freakish monsters who simultaneously embrace and are horrified by the change. And there are four of them throughout their first couple appearances. And they worship a "divine" being who personifies evil and pain, and takes the form of a strange vaguely geometrical mass.

The Cenobites are from The Bad Place
Clive Barker described Pinhead as a cross between an administrator and a surgeon, seems like he would fit into The Bad Place. Just imagine Pinhead off duty, chatting with Michael.
  • Funnily enough, one episode of The Good Place had Chidi being tortured by having pins inserted into his face. Pinhead (or the cenobite who created him) may have been around.


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