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Alicia is a descendant of the Hero shown in Azudoras flashback

We know that hero-killer originally belonged to Azudora. He probably gave it to that hero as a gift, who then passed it on over the generations.

  • Confirmed in Chapter 76.5 (Vol 8 Omake), but method is different: Azudora was forced to use the Hero-Killer to kill the berserking Uria, and after that it was given to his widow as a sign of friendship.

Sharuami is the King.

Probably the most prevalent theory among Imageboards and fora discussing Helck, due to how, among all the people of the Human Kingdom, she was only one of three people to be unaffected by the Awakening ritual (the other two being her father Rafaed and Mikaros). That, and how she's been kept isolated and Locked Out of the Loop, makes the situation all the more suspicious.

  • Seemingly acknowledged by the author himself, as chapter 62 has Sharuami tell Isuta that she was the King... Only for her to backpedal and say that it was just a joke.
    • On the other hand, it's possible she was just joking and it was the author just trolling the readers.
  • Jossed! latest chapters reveal Sharuami is not the King as Sharuami has the power to forcefully awaken humans which the King mind controls her to use that power.

Helck and friends will be the only humans left at the end

If humanity cant be changed back that means hundreds of men, women and children are stuck as those towering faceless winged hulks, while only Helck's friends and Sharuami are the only ones to retain their original forms (Just with the added wings for all but Sharuami, who at least is still human), while the Human King, Mikaros, Rafaed and Cless will have to be killed (Cless more or less a mercy kill) in order for peace to be realized and the non sentient winged humans would have to be put down as well. As a result this leaves Helck's small band of friends who kept their original appearance due to their high compatability with the awakening, they would most likely be welcomed into the Empire, where Co-mingling will occur, and thats how humanity will ultimately be wiped out.


Rafaed lied about humans being unable to be changed back

He did it to break Helck's resolve and get him to give up, plus there has been no proof that the mutation can't be reversed.

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