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Steve's iPhone has Checkhov's Digital Recording App installed.
In the climactic confrontation at the end of "Oia'i'o," Steve uses his phone to record the Governor's confession that she's tied in to Wo Fat and ordered the murder of Laura Hills. After he's tasered, Wo Fat directs the Governor to hit the "delete" key, then shoots her dead almost immediately. The file's been deleted, but that doesn't mean that a person skilled in computer forensics (like, say, oh, maybe CIA intelligence analyst Jenna Kaye or the newly-reinstated Lt. Chin Ho Kelly of the Honolulu Police Department) can't recover the data and reconstruct the file. We should find out this fall.
  • Jossed; nothing was recovered from Steve's phone, but there's new evidence which clears him.
Wo Fat replaced the $10 million the team "borrowed" from the HPD evidence locker for Chin Ho's ransom in "Hana 'a'a Makehewa."
He'll use the threat of exposing the team's unauthorized appropriation to try to blackmail McGarrett and/or expose the "borrowing" to destroy Five-0.
  • And is it mere coincidence that Danny's brother Matt was to receive $10 million for the interrupted money-laundering deal in "Loa Aloha"?
    Chin Ho: You know what they say about coincidences?
    Danno: I don't.
    Chin Ho: They usually take a lot of planning.
RESOLVED: In "Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau," we learn that the "missing" serial number list for the cash in the evidence locker isn't missing after all. Then in the Season 1 finale, "Oia'i'o, it is revealed that HPD has found fragments of the cash that Hesse burned and is going to check the readable serial numbers, so it's only a matter of time before they put two and two together.Then, in the climactic confrontation scene that ends Season 1, the Governor tells McGarrett that she replaced the $10 million to protect Five-0—and confesses that she's been working for Wo Fat the whole time! Wo Fat then kills her and makes it look like McGarrett pulled the trigger, leading to his arrest. So, in a sense, Wo Fat does use the missing money to bring down Five-0.
Jenna Kaye is dirty.
Wo Fat has sent her to Five-0 to mislead our guys. Remember when he and McGarrett meet face-to-face for the first time, he threatens to kill her so Steve backs down? No wonder that works so well.
  • CONFIRMED: The Season 2 pilot shows her driving Wo Fat away after the latter clears up a loose end.
Kono is The Mole
Internal Affairs recruited her to infiltrate the dirty cop organization. That's why her removal from the force was made so public and so devastating; to make the bad guys think she was the end of her rope and ready to join them.
  • CONFIRMED: In "Maʻemaʻe", it was revealed that Kono was working for Captain Fryer, who was looking to take down his former partner's money-laundering operation.
Danno is an atheist.
In Ka Iwi Kapu, Danno trespasses onto ancient Hawaiian burial grounds. While this may leave room for him following a religion, he responds to Steve telling him off with "I only believe what is in front of my face, and sometimes not even then."
  • Complicated in "Popilikia," when Danny seems to suggest to Kono that he does believe in psychics (although he may be being sarcastic, with too straight a face) even if he doesn't believe in ghosts.
"Shelburne" is Gamera
Consider the evidence:
Wo Fat is McGarrett's real father. Or brother.
  • When he left McGarrett at the restaurant after picking up the check, he warned him about his ongoing investigation into his father's death that "you may not like what you find."
  • When he finally found his mother was actually alive, well, and living in Japan 20 years after he'd thought her dead, and that she was Shelburne, he asked her if she had killed Wo Fat's father. "It's more complicated than that," she said, and despite McGarrett's rejoinder that she had plenty of time to explain she never did.
  • At the end of the third-season premiere, she and Wo Fat were shown confronting each other at gunpoint in McGarrett's house for a second. Later she said they had exchanged gunfire and Wo Fat had escaped. But only as her plane was taking off did Danny catch up to McGarrett and tell him that ballistics had found only three bullets, all of which came from the gun Doris had been holding—and they were all in the wood in the floorboards, suggesting Doris had let Wo Fat escape.
    • Three episodes later, in "Popilikia", she explained that as simply the result of a brief struggle. It didn't sound convincing, and while McGarrett seemed to accept it he lated confided to Danny that he did not.
  • Doesn't Wo Fat seem more likely to be McGarrett's father anyway, just from looking at them together, at least based on the glimpse we got of Jack McGarrett in the pilot episode?
  • Seems that as of the fourth-season premiere, "Aloha kekahi i kekahi", this may be confirmed, because McGarett even seems to think so. At the end of the episode McGarrett got a sample of Wo Fat's blood and said he wanted a DNA test to find out if he was his brother.
    • The next episode Josses this, as Max's test says they're not related.But it's only jossed for being blood-related, as the 100th episode reveals that Doris had adopted Wo Fat after killing his mother, more or less making him Steve's stepbrother. So, in a way, it's confirmed as well.

Lt. Rollins is an Office of Naval Intelligence spook of the Minder variety.
  • Because it would explain her combat skills, and it'd be funny if McGarret's mother and girlfriend were both spooks.

August March's appearance is Decade's fault.
It explains how a character from the original series has ended up in the reboot, Decade managed to stop the merging of the Kamen Rider worlds, but other worlds such as the Worlds of Five-O/0 (Five-O/0 no Sekai) are still converging.
  • Amendment: it wouldn't be the world of Five-O/0, but rather, the world of Series/JAG, since Five-0 has been established to be in the same universe as Series/NCIS, a spin-off of JAG, thanks to the crossover Five-0 had with NCIS: Los Angeles (which incidentally means that Decade also caused the abnormality regarding MacGyver (2016) being in the same universe, despite a bomb technician in the NCIS episode Missing referencing the original MacGyver).

This show came to an end when the events of Revolution occurred.
A worldwide blackout rendered the television useless, and left just about everybody unemployed. That's one way to get a show cancelled.

Wo Fat's father will show up, and he'll be played by Alton Brown, Mark Dacascos's co-host on Iron Chef America
  • Wo Fat's father was revealed to still be alive towards the end of Season 4, and with his son dead as of the series' 100th episode, he may very well show up on Hawaii in some form. This troper also thinks it would be appropriate that Wo Fat's father was played by Food Network personality Alton Brown, who is the frontman alongside Wo Fat actor Mark Dacascos for Iron Chef America, and whose evil side is shown in Cutthroat Kitchen.

Max is going to run into Catherine.
They've both been Put on a Bus, which means they're ripe to cross paths. Catherine was supposed to be going to Nepal, but obviously didn't end up going there. We aren't told where Doctors Without Borders is sending Max. It's not inconceivable that a future episode will bring both buses back with him discovering her in a part of the world where she wasn't supposed to be. Also, naturally, she will be injured and simply brought to the nearest medical facilities (conveniently where Max is working), and may even die - it brings closure to her plot with Steve, puts Max back in his medical examiner shoes, and gives the rest of the Five-0 team a personal motive to track down what happened to her and uncover whatever that big secret is.

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