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Future properties to be brought into the Shared Universe

A future Crossover event will introduce MLP to the universe
Be it the current canon or a new canon
  • Maybe the human world from Equestria Girls will be part of it? Retconned to not have an Amazing Technicolor Population, of course.
  • It's possible that the Visionaries crossover will eventually lead to Equestria being pulled into the general universe by Merklynn and his attempt to force Magic onto the world.

The world is a plane on Dominia
One of Hasbro's properties already has a multiverse.

Hasbro will introduce new properties and characters via this universe
Considering that Hasbro recently signed a deal with Paramount to develop a cinematic universe based on its properties it makes sense. Most of these properties are ensemble pieces and while some characters can carry a solo film(Bumblebee, Snake-Eyes,Optimus),that's enough for a successful cinematic universe. By that logic Hasbro will mandate that new solo characters be introduced into the comics.

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