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Petunia knew all along about Peter Pettigrew being the Potters' betrayer.
In some AU fanfics, Lily sent her sister a letter telling about the Secret Keeper switch. Unfortunately, the Dursleys never knew Sirius Black was accused of that (they only knew he was sent to prison for supposedly being a mass murderer) or that he was denied a trial.

Ginny and Luna first met and became friends offscreen during this book.
  • Ginny is Demoted to Extra over the next couple of books, during which time a lot of readers conjecture that she dealt with her own insecurities and the trauma of what happened to her in the previous book. Luna was probably somewhere in a similar process given that she had lost her own mother three years prior, and the two may have bonded over that (and perhaps even having to relive their respective awful experiences when in close proximity to the Dementors that had been posted around Hogwarts). Or maybe Ginny just stuck up for Luna at some point when the latter was getting bullied. It's casually mentioned in Book 4 that the Lovegoods "couldn't get tickets" to the Quidditch World Cup, indicating that the Weasleys were acquainted with them by that point in the story.

Lucius Malfoy and/or Dolores Umbridge were behind the dementors targeting Harry throughout the year.
  • We know the Ministry is not above abusing their authority over dementors to "take out" people they deem a threat. The two of them were colleagues and probably friends, and Lucius surely wanted revenge for Harry freeing Dobby and fucking up his plan to open the Chamber the previous year.

The Beatles song "Come Together" was actually written by the Marauder's Map, about its four creators.
Verse 1 is James Potter
  • Here come old flat top" - "Flat top" could be a type of Quidditch broom, or a joke about how un''-flat his messy hair was
  • He come groovin' up slowly - James was cool, and carried himself with an attitude
  • He got joo-joo eyeball - His glasses
  • He one holy roller - Was a star in Quidditch, and later, considered a wizard war hero
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  • He got hair down to his knee - Exaggeration about James shaggy hair
  • Got to be a joker he just do what he please - James was a mischievous prankster
Verse 2 is Sirius Black
  • He wear no shoe-shine/He got toe-jam football - Refers to his alias, Padfoot
  • He got monkey finger Sirius escaped Azkaban, and no one knows how
  • He shoot Coca Cola - Double entendre: both the soda and the drug together refer to Sirius's implied drinking problem
  • ''He say "I know you, you know me" - Harry is shocked to learn about his connection to Sirius
  • One thing I can tell you is you got to be free - Sirius was wrongly imprisoned
Verse 3 is Remus Lupin
  • He bad production - Remus has a serious issue he's trying to keep secret
  • He got walrus gumboot - Werewolves...are vicious and have a walrus...?
  • He got oh-no side board - His wolf transformations that he must manage on the side of his school and career
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  • He one spinal cracker - His body undergoes painful changes
  • He got feet down below his knee- Despite his condition, he is a human being, and (usually) has feet, not paws
  • Hold you in his armchair/arms yeah you can feel his disease - Being a werewolf is essentially a magical disease, but Tonks loves him anyway
Verse 4 is Peter Pettigrew
  • He roller coaster- Peter's inconsistent loyalty, or simply his weak emotions
  • He got early warning - He was the first servant to return to Voldemort
  • He got muddy water - Referring to what a "dirty rat" he is, in more way than one
  • He one mojo filter - He puts his own well being before his friends and their families
  • He say 1 and 1 and 1 is 3 - Counting his number of former comrades he is betraying to his new master Voldemort
  • Got to be good looking 'cause he's so hard to see - Stays hidden for 13 years disguised as a rat, and is wrongfully given a great reputation as a martyr in the wizarding world; in reality, he's not very talented and is a dirty little rat with nothing useful to offer anyone.

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