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Harold & Sunshine.

The movie ends with Harold sending his Jaguar hearse and with it his previous life (or lack thereof) down a cliff and prancing away while playing the banjo. He eventually returns to his hometown. He remembers Sunshine, the third wedding candidate who immediately recognized his Seppuku as fake and redid her Romeo and Juliet part next to him. He remembers that she is a little bit like him but also seems to have a few things in common with Maude. So he seeks and eventually finds her. He doesn't immediately want to marry her, but he moves in with her as quickly as he can, and be it just to move out of his mother's mansion.

Harold's Fate

  • Maude's suicide was Harold's Despair Event Horizon and his final suicide was a real one. When the camera pans back up from his smashed Jaguar, we see Harold's soul dance off into the afterlife to find Maude.
  • Harold has a successful career as a mechanic specializing in one-of-a-kind car mods. Or works in a special effects studio. Or both. Either way, no more being dependent on Mrs. Chasen's money, nor at the mercy of her whims.