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Will ALO survivors return as humans or faeries?
Every ALO player is stuck in their ALO avatar. The only known in-universe means for return is Void Portal, which has no guarantees of changing people back when they pass back to Earth. So, do ALO Incident survivors stay as Faeries upon their return?
  • Things may change, but from what the authors has already said/posted, the answer appears to be "faeries".

Kirito will name his first biological daughter Sachi
Based on a crack snippet. This will be Kirito's way of honoring her, and it will finally provide closure to perhaps the longest held unfinished business guilt trip he had.

The gun in the fencer's shop will become significant to the plot
The guy is looking over a modern weapon, including ammunition, just before Louise and Botan come in. Given his job and the kind of clientèle he has, the gun surfacing later is highly likely.

Dunwell will pull a Heel–Face Turn at some point.

He is Reconquista's Token Good Teammate and is fighting with them largely out of his anger at the injustices of the Tudors. Also it is inevitable that King Joseph will abandon the Rebels once Sheffield and her agents find the Founder's Music Box and they are no longer useful. Once he realizes whose backing Roconquista and what they are planning, he will defect to Tristain, assuming they let him of course.

The Shadow of Akihiko Kayaba that appeared to help Kirito in the climax of the Fairy Dance Arc in cannon shall appear at a later point in this fic.
As the embodiment of Cardinal, and Louise's familiar. Especially since Word of God has confirmed that she will finally get her familiar and learn the truth about her magic in the current arc.
  • Confirmed, to a point.

Ryo is an Unwitting Pawn of either Reconquista or Gallia.
  • Confirmed.

Ryo is the one who hired Rip Jack.
Realizing that the success of Dunkirk has given the Faerie Lords a major boost in popularity and that his window to seize power was rapidly closing as a result. He finds Rip Jack and hires him to kill some people, hoping to use the panic to undermine Sakuya.
  • Jossed.

Asuna is Gandalfr
Based on the following paragraph from Chapter 11 Part 3:
Reaching out, Asuna grabbed the shaft of the man's spear with both hands and pulled, wrenching it from his grip. The man fell back in fear as Asuna swung the spear, a half pike, like an expert, reversing the weapon and taking up a stance. She felt the same rush of familiarity that had occurred when she first held a rapier once more, perhaps a little stronger due to her lack of native familiarity with this weapon. It was not just her own experience from training in two handed spears, but like the system auto assist was still with her, moved inside of her own head.

It's not only due to the knowledge transfer, as that was stated by Word of God to only give the players instinctive knowledge of exactly the skills at the levels they had in the game. It's something else on top of it. And Gandalfr is the quintessential Weapon Master. It doesn't look like anyone but Asuna experienced this weird phenomenon (that we know of), which strongly suggests she is a unique case.

  • Jossed

Asuna will end up becoming Louise's familiar
Related to the above. From meta talk we know that Midori will appear in a ballroom dress, suggesting hir and possibly Asuna will be at a public event. We know that Prince Wales' assassination will occur very shortly. It has been hinted that Louise's familiar will be revealed at the end of the current arc. A public even would be best for the information to spread quickly. It is hinted that Asuna has some equivalent of a System Assist running in her head.
  • Jossed

"The Spartan" and "The Norseman" are agents of Jotenhiem
They reinforced Rip Jack's delusions in order to make him easier to manipulate and probably even led him towards the Reconquista agents in Tristain, hoping to use both of them to destroy ALFhiem.
  • Jossed.

Louise is going to bind KoKo as her familiar
The familiar of a mage is something or someone that the mage needs the most. During their short relationship, KoKo had been the perfect older sister/mother figure for Louise, providing support and helping her come out of her depression. Louise even describes her Panther Form as a perfect familiar.
  • Jossed.

Louise's familiar is Heathcliff
Placed here for completeness. This theory has been floating around since the beginning of the story.
  • Confirmed. Heathcliff is the Gandalfr.

Louise's intended familiar was the Cardinal system itself
Same as above, a long-standing hypothesis.
  • Jossed. Her familiar is in fact the Seed.

The girl that was present at Momoko's (Morigana's) sister's accident was Shirishi
The fact that the girl is an Oujo and Shirishi displays stereotypical oujo-speak and while her training made her unable to admit to her fault or guilt because of her standing, she serves her petinace as Morigana's follower.

When Louise finally reboots from her Heroic BSoD she will proceed to Take Many Levels in Badass.
  • Fae Magic + Void Spells + Heathcliff as Gandalfr it is inevitable. Also, since she also possesses The Seed and thus the power of Creation as well as destruction, she is well on her path towards becoming the most power human magic user in the Hal O universe since Brimir.
    • Might be Jossed as according to this

When Ephilates finally gets what he deserves...
He won't simply be killed, that is way to good for him. Instead, Louise will use the combined power of the Void and the World Seed to strip him of all of his fae abilities and change his body back to his human self, forcing him to spend the rest of his life as the one thing he hates more than anything else: himself, IRL.

The Series will end with Louise pulling a Cosmic Retcon that fixes everything for everyone.

The Parallels between Halkgenia and IRL are no accident, and will eventually become a major plot point.
There has been just way to much Lampshading going on for it not be considered foreshadowing for something big

Louise's cloak will become her Security Blanket
Right now she sees herself as a colossal failure who has brought disaster onto thousands of people. That cloak is physical evidence of the one time since the Transition that she actually managed to get something right. As such, she needs it as proof that she does have some worth.

Asuna will become the most powerful Faerie in AL Fhiem.
Due to her status as Titania, she is a GMPC though Word of God has stated that Sogou locked nearly all of her GM privileges to keep her from escaping or otherwise using those abilities against him. At some point, someone, most likely Kayaba, will unlock those abilties for her and once she knows how to use them, along with her "in-game" abilties, she will be unstoppable.

Sogu's retcons of Titania in the Game Lore were all Retconned back during the Transition by Cardinal.
Because she thought the pre-retcon lore was all more interesting. Rather nice for your first official act as a fully sapient being.
  • Jossed. Some parts of the lore were simply not rewritten, or rewritten only partly, before the Transition happened.

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