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Ameria reverse engineered their mobile suits from leftover Zeon technology.
Unlike with Inglessa and Luzianna in Turn A, Ameria seems to be actively producing their own mobile suits rather than digging them up from the mountain cycles. In that regard, as noted on the main page, their mobile suits hold a distinct resemblance to past Zeon units, with the Jahannam and Hecate looking like Zakus (right down to having an axe style melee weapon), the Grimoire being comparable to the Acguy and the Amorzagan appearing like the Bigro. Even further, these units all have mono-eye style sensors, albeit in different applications, with the Jahannam and Amorzagan having crosshair styled units, the Grimoire having non-rotating units like the Rick Dias and various Gaza types and the Hecate having a four eyed variety.

The Rose of Hermes blueprints, which the G-Self and G-Arcane stem from, are leftover Project V data.
A bit of a stretch but still possible. Though initially top secret, the success of the original Gundam resulted in Project V data being spread around after the One Year War, up to and including it being passed to Anaheim Electronics (headquartered on the Moon, which may just be Towasanga). Said data would be brought up over and over again throughout the years when somebody wanted to make a Gundam type mobile suit, such that even during Victory Gundam's time, it was readily available. Fast forward a couple thousand years or so to the Reguild Century, where it's insinuated that the G-Self and G-Arcane, both confirmed Gundams, were developed in space and from a specific set of blueprints entitled the Rose of Hermes, and you just may have a connection.

The Montero is a next generation Amerian unit made from data taken from the G-Arcane and G-Self.
Compared to standard Amerian units, the Montero is something of an odd duck. It is notably thinner and less bulky than standard Amerian units, has a Gundam-like dual-eye camera system in its head (as well as Gundam style head vulcans) and more than a passing resemblance to the G-Self and G-Arcane, while the only commonality it has with the likes of the Jahannam or Grimoire is the spherical "beer belly" cockpit in its torso. Even further, it has notably higher performance than the average Amerian unit (though it's possible this is because Klim Nick's unit is an Ace Custom), such that it can keep up with the Elf Bullock, the Capital's latest mobile suit, while the Capital itself has no information on it. In that regard, the Montero just might be the Amerian equivalent of the GM (or given the Pirate Corps' theme, the Flint), a limited or mass production variation of the two Gundams that Ameria intends to either give out to its aces or supplant the Jahannam as its Army's mainline unit.

Raraiya comes from the Moon.
Seeing as Reconguista takes place after the UC era but before Turn-A's CC era, then it should stand that there is a race of humans that has remained on the moon. The fact that Raraiya has similar skin color to Rolan Cehack might be a small visual clue to this.
  • Confirmed.

The SU-Cordists are Newtypes.
Since this is after the Universal Century, Newtypes should still theoretically exist. Alongside, it would go a long way in explaining how the SU-Cordists established their religion, alongside how they are seen as akin to modern world saints by the people of Earth.

SU-Cord is a mecha.
  • It could be Bellri's Mid-Season Upgrade.
  • Or either the Turn A or Turn X. Maybe even the Black Dollnote  from the Turn A novels.
  • Or even the RX-78-2.
  • Hell, it might even be Gigantis.
  • Jossed. It turns out to be the space elevator itself.

Last episode of the series will have a BIG Call-Forward to ∀ Gundam

Either a shot of the Turn X floating in space, or the Turn A buried on Earth.

  • Or possibly a cameo appearance by Corin Nander, if not a young Gym Ghingham.
    • Corin was, by what few indicators exist, from the After Colony era.
      • Jossed. The last episode ends with Bellri deciding to travel around the world, and both the Turn A and Turn X are nowhere to be found. Additionally, the odds of Gingham appearing in the series were rather slim anyway, since nothing in Turn A suggested that he'd been in cryostasis like Nander had been in - at the very most, it would've been a distant ancestor.

Conversely, the last episode will be a Continuity Nod to previous UC series.

And that the mystery behind the SU-Cordists and Capital would involve Banagher and Minerva's legacy or the descendants of Judau Ashta's Newtype colony.

  • Semi-confirmed. Bellri and Luin find their way to the surprisingly still-kinda-intact ruins of Jabruro base during their battle in episode 26.

Cumpa Rusita is a Moon Race spacenoid from Towasanga.

Hey, it's all but directly said. He mutters to himself that Earthnoids have to get extinct, and he has a somewhat darker complexion and white hair but doesn't seem to be old enough for it to grey out naturally.

  • Semi-confirmed. He is indeed a Spacenoid, only not from Towasanga, but from even further afield, being the Venus Globe renegade who believes that We Have Become Complacent and wants to advance the humanity through conflict.

G-Saviour is the prequel of G-Reco.

There is a connection with G-Saviour and G-Reco because:

  • The word Gundam was never mentioned (so far) in G-Reco. It is the same story as the G-Saviour movie.
    • This part is Jossed since they do call the G-Self a "Gundam" in the latter half.
  • The food shortage mentioned in G-Saviour may have got worse and it explains the Kuntala in G-Reco.
  • don't forget that every capital army mobile suit share same name to CONSENT mobile suit.

There's a great likelihood that Luin Lee underwent some Cyber-Newtype reconditioning prior to becoming Captain Mask.

We saw Luin as a somewhat reasonable cadet before his first sortie as Captain Mask. Also, his background as a Kuntala doesn't overtly affect him during the first episodes, which seems to be his driving force as his current identity. Finally, it's remarkable that he does not recognize Bellri when they saw each other face-to-face in battle (but that may be due to the helmet) or even actually notices Manny while at home base. Then again, he may be actively avoiding recognizing people he knows (Manny at least) to keep the image, the same way a previous role by Takuya Satou does.

  • If this WMG is true, it would joss the prior one, for reasons noted in the Fridge tab.

Communications technology has regressed even more than most tech in comparison to the UC era.

Even during the One Year War, when the effects of Minovsky Particles were just beginning to be felt in the field of military hardware, communications was only reduced to short-range, not completely blocked for anything beyond physical contact (like the entirety of G-Reco). I'd wager that if any UC-era mobile suits were found in "just off the factory floor" condition, it'd be the capabilities of the communications suite in the midst of full Minovsky jamming that would really blow people's minds.

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