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The king of hearts will be summoned.
I just think that would be an awesome Mythology Gag for the Burning Gundam if that happened.
  • Given that child Domon makes a cameo in Episode 23 the first season, it's hard to say. He'd probably in his teens at best by GBF Try.

There will be a new character who inherited the Meijin Kawaguchi title, succeeding Tatsuya.

  • Jossed. Tatsuya appears in a still image in episode 1, still with the same shades.
  • Not quite! A new character called Lady appears to have inherited the mantle, shown with an older Tatsuya in civilian wear.
    • Also, Akira Suga says he came from the private gunpla academy from Build Fighters A. The gunpla academy was disbanded after Meijin Kawaguchi III was picked. Maybe Yuuki opened it back up to pick his own successor?
  • A new HG has been revealed called Gundam Dynames Arm Arms and it says on the box that it's owner is Katsumi Kawaguchi. So maybe a female variation of the title.
    • No, it's not a female variation. Katsumi Kawaguchi is the real life Meijin I.

Sei Iori will be Tatsuya's successor as Meijin Kawaguchi

  • Jossed. As of the start of the show, Tatsuya is still Meijin Kawaguchi III.

The grandson of Team Nemesis' old sponsor, taking Aila's brusque words to heart, reappears as a visiting top world player (given that the focus seems to be on an 'All-Japan' tourney, foreign players may not be able to participate this time).

And as an addendum to that, he's either a Spoiled Brat whose grandfather continued to coddle him, or a Spoiled Sweet kid who eventually understood what his grandfather did and tries not to do the same in and out of the game.

  • Confirmed! But not a spoiled brat it seems.

Domon Kasshu will make an appearence.

Sekai is more or less a new generation Domon a young hot blooded martial artist who ends up in a Gunpla (gundam) fight it would make sense that if only in someone drawing parallels that Domon be referenced possibly showing up in a cutaway or an important character being based on Domon.

  • As a corrolary to this, Sekai's master is Domon. And when he appears, he will yell KOTAERO SEKAI! and they will finish with LOOK! THE EAST IS BURNING RED!!!
  • If the opening credits are any indication, we may have a good chance of this being true.
  • In episode 3, Sekai narrates a letter to his master, asking him if he is still training in Guiana.
    • Confirmed. Episode 25 confirms, or rather admits, that Sekai and Junya's master is indeed Domon Kasshu.

The one who built the Build Burning Gundam is...

  • Guess 1: Sei, for Reiji. Consider. It's hidden inside the base of the 7th GBWC championship trophy, disguised as a Dom, a close-combat suit. Recall Reiji's affinity for close combat. And the last person to hold that trophy was probably Sei.
    • Guess 1 is confirmed by the model kit manual.
      • Further confirmed in Episode 18, with Sei (through China) stating that he indeed made it for Reiji's use.
  • Guess 2: Yuuma. The background as to why he built it may still be a WMG, but there's no denying the build quality and the skills to get it inside a Dom would have required someone with masterclass Gunpla-building skills.
    • Jossed, as stated above.

Sekai is Reiji's long lost brother

The resemblance is too uncanny, down to their personality, hair colour and style, and affinity to close quarters combat. For all we know, he might have ported to Earth as a baby or child due to some unfortunate or devious wish on an Arista, and was subsequently adopted and raised by the Kamiki family. That or I could be playing too much Crusader Kings II and applying a rather ominous scenario into a kids friendly show.


Sekai's master is from Arian.

Due to the fact that Plavsky Particles are from Arian, and Sekai's fighting style in episode 1 seems to make the Plavsky Particles flow like the wind (Hint: The winds of the KING, Reiji is also a prince), and since Sekai is a walking homage to G Gundam, we will have a moment where Sekai sees his master later in the series, and Sekai's master will tell about how the Jigen Haoh's techniques work well with the Build Burning Gundam, because his techniques and Plavsky Particles are connected, and then teach the ultimate technique: Punching skyscrapers out of the sky or a ultra-powerful Sekiha Tenkyoken. It's bound to happen people!

Sekai has no connection to Reiji or Arian, he's just an Identical Stranger.

This will be revealed in a humorous fashion, mocking the viewer for thinking otherwise.

No, the one who has a connection to Arian will be Fumina!

The Kamikis are actually Reiji and Aila's children.

Given how surprisingly similar Sekai looks like Reiji and Mirai to Aila. One might say that they are IN FACT, might be their children. As for how the Kamikis' age doesn't add up to the Time Skip, perhaps the time flow in Arian is faster than Earth.

  • Pretty much jossed by Episode 3, which shows Sekai and Mirai as orphans to a redheaded mother and an unseen father, so not Reiji and Aila. Word of God from the writer denies any such connection.
    • Even without Word of God, simple mathematics alone would tell you that this isn't possible. Assuming time moves in parallel for both worlds, a seven years timeskip would put any child of theirs at the age of six at the absolute most.
    • Through comparison of stated events in the first season, about the theft of the Arista, founding of PPSE, and Takeshi's Gunpla Battle System prototype testing, time between Earth and Arian does move at the same rate. Physics also determines that if anything were to allow for Arian's flow of time to be faster than Earth's, Earth would have to be spinning at a significant fraction of the speed of light (because time only flows differently at relativistic speeds, and when that happens time slows down).
    • What if their mother was a relative of Reiji's, like an older sister or a cousin? That could also explain the resemblance between Sekai and Reiji.

Sakai is the one responsible for making Yuuma give up on Gunpla Battle.

Jossed: It was Adou Saga.

Sekai's master is...

Take a guess at Sekai's master's identity.

The face of Sekai / Mirai / Junya's master is shown in the end credits of Episode 25.

Mr. Ral fought in a real war

Everyone who knows of him well enough calls him "Lieutenant Ral" (as nerdy as people in GBF/GBF Try are, very few go as far as to use titles like that in everyday life), his statement in the first season about his "old guerrilla tactics" could be him talking about actual guerrilla tactics, and his speech about how Gunpla Battle lets people fight without having to lose loved ones seems strangely poignant. And for all we know, some of the people in that Zeon bar were old war buddies.

The Build Burning Gundam can be fitted with Boosters / Striker packs / Silhouette packs.

Given that Sei's building style is to add some sort of booster pack/add on to his suits, it seems quite odd that one of his creations lacks such a feature. Also, the body of the Build Burning Gundam looks like it was based on the Impulse, meaning that it can be fitted with some sort of backpack.

  • Similarly, it's established that Sekai (like Reiji) has zilch prior experience to Gunpla building prior to getting roped into Gunpla Battle. Can it really just be a throwaway plot point that (beyond his teammates) the most recent Builder he came across with was Shimon's brother Mamoru, who seems to have a preference for SEED Destiny kits? And because of their friendly context, Sekai may get ideas for customization from him? (Granted, this assumes Sei himself doesn't make contact first.).

Build Burning is a Stand.

At the end of episode nine, Sekai received some of the damage that the Build Burning took in combat, and the scene at the end of the battle between the custom Hyaku Shiki and the Build Burning was highly reminiscent of the duel between Star Platinum and The World in the Stardust Crusaders OVA's, right down to the inverted color time stop and the Shiki's hand shattering. Surely this can only mean the Build Burning Gundam is secretly Star Platinum!

Saga Adou might not have actually been the one who fought Yuuma.

Now hear me out — take a look at Adou now, and the man we see in the flashbacks. Adou now has short hair, the hair has a lighter color, and he has a different jaw line. In the flashback, he was younger looking, , much younger than how he looks now, two years is hardly enough for such a drastic difference. There's also the obvious question of why he changed out that Mobile Suit in the past for Gundam The End. His But for Me, It Was Tuesday reaction could be interpreted slightly differently. It is just all aligning too perfectly too early. My guess is Adou is indeed a bad person, but he's also covering for someone, perhaps a relative due to some similarities present, but who is viewed with "shame" and has been prevented from being present to avoid displaying his much more severe sociopathy in front of the world again.

  • I was actually thinking something along the same lines that he is a Red Herring. Also like below, I to is starting to suspect Junya as well.
  • I support this theory, its possible that the newcomer that appears in Episode 14, Junya, fits the bill. He was fighting for Gunpla Academy two years ago, around the time Yuuma's gunpla was destroyed.
  • Didn't the official site confirm Saga indeed fight Yuuma before? There's also his voice, which might have also tipped Yuuma off. That being said, it's possible Saga's earlier days were influenced by Junya, and at some point after his battle with Yuuma, he might have viewed his actions as an old shame and tried to forget them deliberately.
    • It might be something called Self-Serving Memory.
    • On the other hand, the fighting style of the person in the flashback lined up pretty well with Saga—fangs and tentacles and stuff as opposed to the martial arts we know Junya uses.
  • For one thing, there has been absolutely no build-up of Junya being the actual person that defeated Yuuma before the second season, while there has been plenty of build-up for it being Adou. For another, Yuuma trained specifically to defeat Adou's fighting style, and against his DE-Fangs it paid off, offering further proof that Adou is indeed the man he's after. And finally, Episode 2's credits the flashback man's voice as Adou. Junya being Yuuma's nemesis in the past is, at this point, incredibly unlikely.
  • Far-fetched theory: Saga's got a brother/twin/cousin who will show up in S3.

Shia Kijima can see Plavsky flow.

She's a White-Haired Pretty Girl European (okay partial european) gunpla battle. She's basically the second coming of Aila.

The upgraded Winning Gundam can also transform.

Aside from being support, Fumina said she wanted to increase its power. She was modifying her GM Cardigan in Episode 14, and the new parts to the upgraded Winning looks like it's capable of transformation.

  • Confirmed: The box art for the SDBF Star Winning Gundam model kit shows its non-SD mode. Also, the same mode can be seen briefly (albeit in shadow) during the second opening.

Junya is an analogue for Schwarz Bruder.

Just like Sekai's a big Shout-Out to Domon, his brother may have a counterpart as well. Who better than Junya, who has the same martial art as Sekai?

The Jigen Haoh Style of martial arts is a martial arts style exclusively for Gunpla battling.

If you think about it, the techniques of the Jigen Haoh school can only be effectively applied in gunpla matches, such as the Tatsumaki Geri to defend against missiles and the Ryusen Rasen Ken as a drilling deathblow. The actual physical training aspect of it is meant to condition the body in the event the fighter assimilates with his gunpla.

Mirai's "GN Heartbreaker" was not just a gag, that really happened

The Yajima stadium is right next to, arguably still within, an area that was massively saturated in Plavsky particles. Large outpourings of emotion may still have certain effects on the area.

Shia's half alien, and not really Wilfrid's sister.

She's too powerful in her first battle, bordering on God-Mode Sue, there must be a plot related reason for such precision and battle capability. She's probably Reiji and Aila's daughter.

  • Jossed: we see Reiji and Aila's actual daughter in the Island Wars OVA, and Shia's just as surprised as everyone else when she teleports away to Arian.

Sei and Reiji made the "one builds, one fights" setup more acceptable in Gunpla Tournaments

In the first season, most of the competitors both pilot and build their gunpla. In the second season we see more pilots whose gunpla have been built by others.

  • That said, as Shunsuke Sudou remarks, the main paradigm is fight with the Gunpla you build.
  • But not the only one. He also says that he commissioned Minato to make him a Gunpla. Maybe there's a small cottage industry of builders who'll make a fighter a Gunpla for the right price.

The identity of Lady Kawaguchi

How come no one pointed this out? Doesn't everyone think that Lady Kawaguchi and Caroline Yajima may be the same person. A lot of things can happen in seven years, and her fighter skills could have improved around that time. And Nils Yajima (formerly Nielsen) already appeared, but where's Caroline? The possibility of Caroline earning the "Kawaguchi" title couldn't just be coincidence since their company already knows Plavsky Particles in and out, just like what Nils said, and she could have used that to get the title. Also, Lady Kawaguchi and Caroline Yajima has the same affinity with SD Gundams. Caroline uses an SD Knight Gundam while Lady uses an SD Devil Dragon Blade Zero Gundam. Coincidence? I don't think so.

  • You forgot that they can both be pretty hammy
  • Except that Lady was seen in Fumina's flashback (which should be around GBF in the timeline, maybe one year more) and she didn't look at all like Caroline. Also, she was using a (normal) Stargazer

At some point in the planning stages, Tryon 3 was going to be used by the main characters.

The suit's name is one clue, but look at the red, blue and yellow color scheme and the component breakdown. Yellow (Fumina) forms the backpack and head, making it an add-on like the Winning Gundam to the other two. Red (Sekai) is partially blue and forms the arms and torso, perfect for martial arts. Blue (Yuuma) is a flyer like the Lightning Gundam. It's also one of the most thorough redesigns of the series without the creation of a new kit; you can still build an off-color ZZ Gundam from the runners. It was given to other characters because only one team member can pilot the combined form and that would have interfered with the teamwork motif of the series.

Domon Kasshu went to Build Fighters!Earth the same way Reiji did.

Not necessarily on purpose, but assuming that Domon as seen in Episode 25 is the Domon from Mobile Fighter G Gundam, it's possible that he lucked out when Reiji got back to his homeworld and found himself in another universe... That happens to be the Build Fighters one. Though it might be odd for him to find out that his adventures are popular fiction as much as he seems to get the hang of translating the School of the Undefeated of the East into Gunpla training.

Reiji and Aila have gone back to Earth to visit Sei and China or vice versa
The Stinger on Island Wars shows Aila's Command Gundam alongside Reiji's Beginning Gundam (as well as their daughters Bearguy). The same Command Gundam was in China's possession in Paris in the Six Years Later short that leads up to Build Fighters Try. This means that both couples must have met after the start of the series.
  • The "four teacups" scene in Episode 23 may be hinting at this, although that's still well within the realm of WMG.

    Season 3 WM Gs 
There will be a "Team Arian" consisting of Reiji, Aila and a protege of theirs.

Darker and Edgier approach pending.
Maybe an attempt to finally use Plavsky Particles for clean energy backfires horrible, and the resulting reactor meltdown not only causes widespread damage but pollutes the environment so badly that the only thing that can move around anymore is ironically gunplas. This causes the ultimate smear campaign as all Build fighters are held responsible, resulting in a Build Fighters Civil War as our heroes are divided between eliminating the cause and finding the solution.

Other Gundam metaseries cameos yet to appear:

  • Mobile Suit Gundam, of course:
    • Crowly Hamon: Renamed to Kaori Hamano, Mr Ral's long-suffering wife
  • The rest of the Shuffle Alliance:
    • Chibodee Crockett: On a poster advertising an upcoming boxing match, maybe against a Manny Pacquiao lookalike
    • Argo Gulski: On a tv show that parodies Orange Is The New Black
    • Sai Saichii: Similar to Argo, except appearing in movies that parody titles such as The Karate Kid.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans:
    • Mikazuki Augus: A member of a bozoku gang that vaguely resembles Tekkadan.
    • Carta Issue: A 17 year old Large Ham police officer who has a crush on blond men.
    • Mc Gillis Fareed: A much more collected chief of police, who has gotten irritated with Carta, but hides it well.
    • Ein Dalton: A young clerk who seems to have a crush on his boss. His main mecha is a Moe Anthropomorphism of Graze Ein named Super Ein, or Super Eina.
    • Iok Kujan: The younger brother of Nils Yajima. Unlike Nils, Iok is a complete idiot who knows nothing about Gunpla, and he does nothing but bumping towards his foes.
    • Julieta Juris: A Tsundere girl fighting alongside her wheelchair-bound boyfriend, who looks like Gaelio.
    • Lafter Frankland: A cheerful, carefree high schooler piloting Beargguy with thick eyebrows.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Age:
    • Flit Asuno: In flashback form, as a contemporary to Master Chinan, meaning he could appear in any of his canon age levels
    • Asemu Asuno: On movie posters as Captain Ash
    • Kio Asuno: As the token kid who can beat the resident Butt-Monkey in Gunpla Battle
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt:
    • Darryl Lorentz: Alongside Ein Dalton in hospital beds, as both are casualties of abovementioned Plavsky particle-related incident shown in the news. I'm not sorry.
    • Io Fleming: A very lucrative stock trader with a huge love of jazz, who is constantly pulled over by Carta for speeding and blasting said jazz on his speakers (assuming both live in the same city).

Sekai will become the 4th Meijin
Yeah, I know it seems crazy, but there are hints that it might happen if Try gets more cours/episodes.
  • Sekai's current rival Wilfred wants to become the 4th Meijin.
  • Sekai having latent talent as a builder has been hinted at throughout the series, especially in the latest Episode 21.
  • If Sekai meets Sei and learns building from him, he would probably surpass Tatsuya both as a builder and fighter.

Those scenes as the Gunpla moved to the basement weren't just images, but actual views into other dimensions.
We already know Aristas can breach dimensions, and Reiji and Aila's daughter has already been hopping around. Nils' proto-arista(Mk. II) is probably why this has started up again in the first place.
  • While the series has often used battlefields straight out of the Gundam saga many times, one of the scenes that floated by was not only the site of the final battle between White Base and Garma Zabi, but was actually showing the battle itself.

Rejii will come back and fight Sekai.
  • Sekai has been called the second coming of Rejii. Therefore, two Ace pilots will fight it out. I would pay money to see that episode...
The existence of "Gundam Valhalla" will be discovered.
  • Basically, it is discovered that the people from the Gundam metaseries are living in the GBF universe.


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