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The kinds of Avatars we can expect in Build Divers

The "Meijin" title gets turned into a Backronym
  • It's a convenient six letters and the term for the massive AI program responsible for the physics of the realm, and a convenient Mythology Gag to all the times the word "Gundam" has gotten this treatment. Bonus points if it's also Powered by a Forsaken Child, or at least the mind of the comatose Meijin II.
    • Alternatively, it'll be a prefix used for a player's username to indicate admin status.

The shipping wars
Because it wouldn't be a Build fighters series without shipping. We even have a Camp Gay mentor which shows that Sunrise is being even less subtle this time around than with [1]. And TRY sacrificed everything that made the original great to pander to memes.

Just like in Gundam Build Fighters and Gundam Build Fighters Try, characters who die in previous Gundam series come here
  • Riku is Mikazuki
  • Yasu (the shady blonde guy) is McGillis Fareed and the Garma to his Char is Magee
    • Actually, I would argue that Kyoya is McGillis, because of their similar looks, their motivation to be the best, joining forces with the respective main leads of their series, and the two of them being Ace Pilots with their own Ace Customs, except that Kyoya is obviously a much kinder individual. And that both are basically Char Clones.
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    • Magee is Gaelio who dies off-screen.

Magee is a girl in real life.
It is an online avatar and Japan after all.
  • Specifically Nanami
    • Jossed as Momoka's in Nanami's "custody" at the same time that the kids meet Magee online after the battle with Ogre.
    • Also, Magee is confirmed to be a male in real life when the group meets him.
  • That means Gaelio survives if the above WMG is partially true.
  • Finally thrown out in the last episode. Apart from dropping the Jojo art style, it's the same guy.

Kyoya is a girl in real life.
Just the thing with Rommel's paws...
  • Jossed. He's a male in real life when the group meets him in the final episode.

Rommel is younger than all the actual kids in real life
His dad is a massive otaku that made sure he was raised on 08th MS Team and other similar Gundam stories. It could happen.

The 7th Panzer division comes from Oorai high school.
Because a gunpla battle team based of a tank squadron led by an ermine that can compete at national level sounds like the kind of insane crap that Miho Nishizumi and company would dream up for a quick laugh.

Nanami is actually one of the top ranked Gunpla fighters.
For a person who works in a Gunpla store, Nanami is surprisingly ignorant when it comes to the product she's trying to sell. It's possible that it's simply Obfuscating Stupidity to deflect attention away from herself, and may actually be on of GBN's top ranked fighters, like Magee.
  • Or perhaps, Nanami IS Magee.
    • Actually, that's not entirely out of the question - Nanami and Magee make practically identical hand gestures, and we never see what Nanami's doing while Riku and Yukio are diving.
      • Jossed. Nanami and Magee are two separate people. Nanami has also been shown to be a starting player.
  • An expy of Helen Harris / Aech from Ready Player One?
    • Jossed as she's never been on GBN before the Nadeshiko-athlon - but she may be Born Lucky.

Nanami is Fumina's Cousin
  • I personally think that she cannot be Fumina's cousin. She must be her niece at minimum. If Divers is in the same universe as TRY it's gotta be at least ten years afterward considering the technology and the fact that the previous cast has been forgotten by the world.
    • Crazy theory: Divers is actually set 20 years after TRY (hence the reason the previous cast has been forgotten by the world - they've been overshadowed by more impressive Gunpla builders/battlers in the years since), and Nanami is Fumina's daughter, as she married someone other than Sekai, hence her having a hair color relatively close to Fumina's, but not having the eye color of Sekai or Fumina (or alternatively, Nanami wear contact lenses, and chose ones that are different color than her regular eyes, which are red, inherited from Sekai).
    • Episode 6 has somewhat confirmed that Divers is set after TRY. GBN basically replaced gunpla battle. And the world has forgotten the events of the previous series. In fact the villains are former gunpla battlers who are angry about this and want to destroy GBN in retaliation

Do-ji and Ogre: Heel–Face Turn impending
By this point it's par for the course.
  • Confirmed for the final battle.

Kyoya Kujou joins Riku's team after the collapse of Team Avalon
Adding up all the unnamed characters in the OP and possibly Do-ji and Ogre, there's still three free slots for the GBN Force quota.
Following the above:

There will be a "kidnap-of-Sasuke" arc where team members are slowly whittled from the group to take on all the accumulated villains

Break decals are inspired by dark chips.
Mysterious power ups gained thru illicit means that damage your gunpla permanently. Sounds a lot like something Nebula would use.

Patrick Colasour is an important character.
The Patrick avatar has already cameoed in two episodes in a row as of this writing. That is considerably more than any other cameo in Build fighters in general. It makes you wonder if Patrick will be an important character in the later parts of the series and become the Mr. Ral of Build Divers.
  • It's probably because of the upcoming Gundam 00 Season 3.
    • Jossed. He isn't important, but he does appear every episode as a cameo with a few speaking ones to boot as well.

Using Break Decals affects a user in Real Life, too.
Hence why it's illegal-it can cause costly damage to a gunpla at best and serious injuries or death at worst.
  • That was a side effect of the dark chips from the above theory. Dark chips INTENTIONALLY corrupted and later killed the Netnavi in exchange for great power. But seeing as the fanbase will scream SAO if the break decals start killing people I doubt that they will go that route.

Sarah is the girl from Island Wars
Reiji and Aila's daughter is able to log on to the network directly from Arian.
  • Jossed. She's an AI.

Alternately, Sarah is an AI
Possibly an accidental one born as a glitch caused by use of the Mass Divers, or created by the system (or programmers) in response to them. Or:

The thing causing the Devil Gundam to go after Sarah is Sarah's "father"

As in the real Big Bad of the show, which unwittingly created Sarah due to a failsafe put in by the programmers before it became self aware, and is just trying to reabsorb her.

  • Confirmed for the AI part.

Since a computer system is involved, a Mythology Gag leading back to the Generation System will be introduced.
Possible candidates might include:
  • The 20-Haro assault from Dreadnought Circuit
  • Mass Divers appearing in a manner similar to GS-controlled MS
  • The entirety of the Over World stages in Overworld as missions (especially Fearsome Heroes and Nightmare Again)
  • A serial battle that leads to the O Gundam or Nemesis RA (from Wars and 3DS respectively)
  • A Break Decal being used on the Turn A, creating the series' interpretation of its Dark History incarnation
  • A glitched NPD that reincarnates itself as a stronger form a couple of times, a la the clones in the World Core stages in Overworld

Build Fighters from the previous seasons cameo... AI opponents using suspiciously similar mechs, while appearing as almost-recognisable translucent holograms in the cockpit.

Build Divers takes place in the same universe as Gundam EXA.
Considering that both series involve highly-detailed simulations (and this would extend to an MMO), it's entirely plausible that the GBN is used to help scout out potential recruits for Cosmic Compiler. Perhaps the Gundam franchise is a highly successful and well-planned cover story for General Answer's various simulations of the various Gundam series which actually happened in the distant past.

As a result of this, Sarah could potentially be explained as an independent extension of Sthesia Awar, a character from Gundam EXA. And the show's Big Bad could be a member of Cosmic Compiler who has a problem with the way things are being run. And he could be using the Break Decals to deliberately disrupt the system from within, just because he can. And the reason that no "official" admins have been shown dealing with this problem yet? The higher-ups know for a fact that a large enough movement will stamp out the Decals, and the perfect face for leading that movement? Kyoya Kujo, the reigning champion of GBN, who may in fact be a member of Cosmic Compiler himself.

Tigerwolf's gunpla is a G-Gundam/Gundam Wing hybrid
Basically his gunpla was built with parts from both an Altron as the base and mixed G-Gundam stuff into the Altron's frame itself. Which explains its Golden Super Mode. Since it's a Frankenstein of G and Wing tech it can do stuff from both series.
  • According to the model, the tiger and dragon heads on its shoulders can detach and reattach to the fists, in the same way that Gundam Maxter from G Gundam could.

Tigerwolf is a student of the Gunpla Shingyo school
Weak to ladies, has a kung fu themed dojo, and has a gunpla with abilities that defy in-universe logic for multiple continuities. Tigerwolf probably studied in the Gunpla Shingyo school when he was young and when he went back to wherever he came from started his own force to spread the teachings across Asia. Probably has a rivalry with Jigen Haoh and Kamiki Gunpla style too if Divers really is in the future of TRY.

00 Diver gets a more powerful upgrade down the line.
Diver Ace might help the Trans Am to stabilise - but the more powerful one will replace the head decorations and grant a power level equivalent to Setsuna's Newtype conversations. Something that actually warrants the Raiser name, or failing that, 00 Diver King.
  • Diver Ace unit does nothing for the Trans Am yet so this could still play out.
  • Jossed - instead of an upgrade it's a head-to-toe remodel called the 00 Sky.

Riku's blandness as a protagonist is intentional
In the words of Kai Shiden RIKU HE IS A KIRITO. And if Kirito didn't have his massive skills as a beta-tester. Or his issues with his family life. He would be very similar to Riku a boring protagonist who coasts by with raw potential and Charles Atlas Superpower since Kirito also had classical sword training before Aincrad.

Koichi and Nanami have 5 other siblings out there.
"Koichi" contains "ichi" meaning 1; "Nanami" contains "nana" meaning 7. Do the math on that...
  • Alternatively, it's a naming pun on either their birthdate or month (Koichi on a 1st or born in January, Nanami on a 7th or in July).

The reason behind the widespread of Break Decals and Mass-Divers
Its simple: Because GBN had made the old Gundam Duel system to retire, Tsukasa vows to destroy it by selling Break Decal, fully aware that the system can damage GBN development and lets it destroyed by players' own greed. With GBN starting to destroyed, the old Gundam Duel system will be put to use once more.
  • Confirmed. The only reason Tsukasa knows full well the damage that Break Decals cause to the GBN system, as he intentionally designed them this way in order to destroy GBN for good.

Tsukasa's personal Gunpla
Place your bet here as to which Gunpla that Tsukasa (the hooded figure) will use:
  • An original scratch-built Gunpla.
  • A Gunpla that is similarly based on 00 Gundam (because why not?)
  • A final boss-type Gunpla from past Gundam series. Confirmed. Tsukasa winds up using a modified Big Zam.
  • A modified Gundam Astray (considering how he piloted an original one back in his past)
    • Astray Turn Red fits that description perfectly. Confirmed. In real life, he runs the Astray No-Name.
  • A Gunpla that is modified from 00 series, or rather, a scratch-build that is powered by GN Drive (considering the Build Fighters series features Exia Dark Matter and Transient Gundam)
  • A remold of the Ninpulse Gundam into something genuinely demonic
  • A Shout-Out to Kamen Rider Decade .

Tsukasa hired Do-Ji to disrupt new players' first experience in GBN.
It's another way to ruin GBN and it gives Do-Ji free points for doing so. I don't see why he wouldn't.
  • I doubt it. Ogre hates Break decals and Do-Ji seems to be to much of a brocon to go behind Ogre's back like that. If anything I think Ogre is the one ordering Do-Ji to take out noobs to weed out the weak. Either that or Do-Ji is doing this behind the rest of his force's back. Do-Ji is simply so weak that the only way he can stay competitive is by hunting noobs. If he went against strong players he would lose too many points, fall from the rankings, and get kicked out of his force by the system since you need to be at rank D minimum to be in a force.
  • I take it back. Evil Biscuit went to Tsukasa himself looking for a quick fix. Can't wait to see how he fucks that up.

A Balbadoro Expy will appear in the series.
Both Tsukasa and the Balbadoro are the presumed antagonists of a plot involving the world around them breaking apart (which starts to become quite literally the case in Balbadoro's case), with Always Chaotic Evil mooks (Mass Divers to an extent for Tsukasa, Neuros for Balbadoro), and their involvement in instigating this. It wouldn't make sense NOT to reference the somewhat-Satanic mobile armor at some point, especially since G Gen's story also concerns a malfunctioning computer system. Of course, since there's no such thing as a Balbadoro Gunpla, a kitbash between a Qubeley and the Hashmal plus a few spare parts seems appropriate for creating a mobile armor resembling it.
  • If a Balbadoro gunplay doesn't exist. Can't Tsukasa just scratch build one? This is a universe where Gaw's and Rafflessia's can be built both show accurate and battle ready from scratch by Joke Characters. Creating a Final Boss level enemy from a box of scraps would be nothing for a former gunpla fighter who has already shown that he can casually rape the source code of the biggest MMORPG in the world and get away with it on a daily basis.

Sarah will eventually get her own mobile suit.
And my guess is that it will be the Nightingale. I guess it will first appear as something similar to a stand whenever she is threatened, but that she will eventually be able to summon it properly.
  • Confirmed she gets a mobile suit after they manage to get her into the real world.

Sarah will be corrupted by Break decals.
Episode 7 threw a major death flag for Sarah in it's final scenes with the necklace. And since so far no evidence has been given that disproves that Sarah is an AI expy to Aura. There is a good chance that Sarah will be corrupted like Aura was in LINK turning her both evil and into the Final Boss.

Ayame has been harassed in the past for using an SD Gundam
She specifically asks Riku when propositioned about joining the Build Divers if her use of an SD was "okay". Given her aloof nature she may have been ostracized in the past.
  • Jossed, as her backstory shows that the playerbase, especially at high tiers, knows that SD Gundams have inherent, exploitable weaknesses. She's technically diving in a machine that could be seen as underpowered by its very nature.

The final fight has Riku junking all the hand weapons and relying entirely on Trans Am and his fists.
It'd be a nice way to go full circle.
  • Confirmed as of Episode 12. The fists break as well, however.

The final battle against the Mass Divers will mirror the final battle of SD Gundam G Generation Genesis.
In Genesis, the final battle against the unexpected arrival of the Lunar Cocoons features dozens of familiar and unfamiliar mobile suits controlled by System ∀-99. Once the player starts attacking the Dark History ∀ Gundam, each phase of the boss unleashes another outburst of the Moonlight Butterfly, degrading space until it becomes an Amazing Technicolor Battlefield from the extreme concentrations of the MB in the surrounding area.

It would not be surprising in the least if Build Divers' last battle versus the Mass Divers has a similar situation, replacing the ambient presence of the Moonlight Butterfly with broken cyberspace.

  • Essentially confirmed as of Episode 12.
Do-ji is getting the boot.
After Do-ji tries and fails to use a Break decal. And by fail I mean he fucks up so bad that he takes out his own team and Ogre is forced to trash his gunplay to prevent any more destruction. Ogre is gonna be pissed and exile Do-ji leaving him alone and starting the rivalry between Ogre and Riku.
  • Jossed. It's even implied that Ogre is following his lead where the Big Damn Heroes moment is concerned.

Eventually the Break Decals are going to be able to reflect in-game damage to a user's Gunpla
They've been getting more severe every episode, and it looks like Tsukasa is trying to destroy GBN by corrupting its code and/or pushing people away from playing.

We've seen the team members of only a few of the forces, so who else can we expect to see in...
Toraburyu:Simurgh:Adam's Apple:
  • Custom Turn A Gundam, Virtue w/ Nadleeh
le Chat Noir
  • Some of the interim members actually return to the force, hoping to make up for ditching them, and as a compromise they're all using SDCS models (we already saw Ayame holding the SDCS Nightingale in the Nadeshiko-athlon).

Game Master is really Tsukasa's father...
Trying to settle the problem online without affecting their family life by making it too public. Following which, Sarah is really Tsukasa's mother, except she's so hopelessly computer-dumb which translates online into... well... Sarah.
  • Jossed as far as who Tsukasa's parents are is concerned. Amusingly, we do meet Sarah's "mother" later.

There's corruption among the admins.
To further the parallels to .hack. Tsukasa has someone inside the admins messing with the evidence or Tsukasa is such a God-tier hacker that the break decals are completely undetectable and someone wants to steal the tech from Tsukasa to make money of it.
  • Jossed as Tsukasa's merely using GPD technology to engineer his own backdoor into GBN, which already uses a streamlined version of GPD hardware.

Sarah is really...
A real human, but she is unconscious, either through an accident or illness or even perhaps something pertaining to the GBN. Then maybe she was hooked up to GBN by those close to her as a last ditch effort to see if she really is still alive in there. And perhaps she is also Tsukasa's sister, and he has a serious case of Big Brother Instinct. If the GBN world was at fault for her predicament then he might be fueled by feelings of revenge against it. This could perhaps lead to a point where he realizes that she is alive and well within the GBN universe, leading him to make a sort of pseudo Heel–Face Turn while the damage cause the the break decals will become the final threat.
  • Jossed. She's an AI.

Tsukasa's grudge against GBN is because he fell for a G.I.R.L.
He complains about the "world full of lies and deception," but it's all down his own immature inability to accept that who you see on the screen may have no parallels to the person behind the avatar.
  • Jossed: turns out that he's blinded by his Nostalgia Filter to the point of being a Take That! against the Gundam fandom's notoriously toxic behavior towards innovative creations in the franchise.

Sarah is an AI personification of the GBN itself
Specifically, she's an AI that developed spontaneously from the system running the GBN. During the battle with the Big-Zam, she reacts negatively to the break decal bugs, and positively to Riku and company's desire to protect the GBN. Also explains how she's able to subconsciously power up the 00-Diver and even give it the power to stop the break decal bugs.
  • Half-jossed. She is an AI, but not the GBN itself. Rather, a life form created by excess emotions of GBN Divers when they logged into the game.

Kujo is a fan of the Fate series in real life.
How else would you explain the Age-2 Magnum's golden sword attack? Hell, he even shouts "Excalibur" when using said attack in episode 12!

Momkapool is a tribute to Grape-kun.
Remember how the penguin named Grape-kun becomes a hit in the Japanese fandom last year? Maybe the creation of Momokapool is a way the Gundam franchise, or by extension Sunrise paying tribute to its passing in October 2017.

Tsukasa will eventually have a change of heart and create an avatar in GBN.
Tsukasa will either become a Friendly Rival or join Build Divers as the Sixth Ranger.
  • Confirmed in the final episode where he helps out for the final battle. He's still the evil Haro though, but the appearance of Astray No Name implies he's going through the proper channels this time.

Something happens to Sarah, and Riku goes off the deep end...
While having Sarah in the cockpit somehow unlocked the GN Wings of Light, Sarah going comatose would remove all the safeguards to her powers - and Riku could unknowingly jack them like a genuine NT-D system. The 00 Sky could have an insane and destructive power output from both the new GN Drives, since he redesigned them for it this time, basically opening two gates to hell. And the one most likely to get trashed to show just how bad this is? Ogre.
  • Also, while there's no direct harm to a user's body in GBN, the very nature of how the system works could leave them very susceptible to Mind Rape.

Nanami is getting a GBN account and will become a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass with it
Considering the tiger motif, how Nanami is strikingly similar to a certain Nasuverse teacher, and this isn't the first Fate reference that has been snuck into this show.

Kyouya and by extension team Avalon will Take a Level in Jerkass, if not make an outright Face–Heel Turn.
The OP blatantly shows Kyouya's uniform fading to white with a sour expression on his face, hinting at am Evil Costume Switch. His team lost the lotus challenge and nearly failied to prevent the mass divers from destroying the game back to back; the relative newcomers from build divers succeeded at both out of nowhere. He's happy they're doing well, of course, but it could easily build some resentment underneath, too. He's only human after all.
  • Sadly no matter how good Kyouya is he is basically competing against someone who has literal god mode as a team mascot.
  • Partly confirmed as he does set up a new coalition - but just to protect Sarah from Game Master.

Alternately, Kyoya gets bumped up to Game Master when something happens to the Game Master.
And the OP is really indicating that Kyoya takes the Gundam Age homage too far, by turning into the next Third Act Flit Asuno.
  • This one's totally jossed.

Mol-chan turns out to be The Mole.
They've just established that animals in GBN can act as spies. And then there's the name....

Tsukasa is not the true creator of the Break decals.
While he may have improved the stuff to the point where he could become a one man Ideon. Tsukasa is not the original creator of the stuff. I believe that whoever is stalking Sarah is the original creator and gave Tsukasa the original code. Since the stalker is likely the god of GBN it would also explain why the admins can't pin any break decal crimes and Ayame could simply walk. The god of GBN hacked the systems and pulled either a You Have Failed Me or You Have Outlived Your Usefulness on both Tsukasa and Ayame during the big battle in episodes 12 and 13. And is now able to take matters into its own hands now.

Theories about the god of GBN.
For starters I believe that both Riku and Tsukasa are the products of divine intervention Tsukasa was an Unwitting Pawn of the god of GBN who used him to spread break decals for some higher reason besides wrecking the game. And even thought Sarah has amnesia she is some sort of countermeasure choosing Riku as The Champion and guiding him to his gunpla. The reason why they are so overpowered is because of Sarah a being that is essentially a god granting them divine powers.

Sarah will follow the path of Zero Murasame.
After learning of her true nature, she'll feel guilty for the havoc she's been causing. While she'll put up some resistance to stay with Build Divers, eventually the conflict will become too heavy and, like Zero, she'll simply abandon everyone in the hopes of bringing peace to GBN, perhaps even taking a defector from the antagonists like Zero did with Leila Raymond.

Or she'll go up alone, with Riku choosing to stay like Amuro in the original series.

The Build Divers will save Sarah by uploading her to an external robotic body with Tsukasa's help.
While this guess hinges heavily on what kind of tech they have available outside of GBN in their universe, I think they will be able to safely transfer her data using Tsukasa's knowledge of hacking and loopholes and then have her inhibit a robotic body in real life that is built with enough memory storage to contain her as well as allow her to grow. But again, this depends on whether or not they have that kind of tech available.
  • Confirmed.

There has been a conspiracy within the show since the very beginning.
The fact that after 20 episodes of being utterly useless Gamemaster can suddenly and LITERALLY pull out badassery out of his ass in both a military and manipulative level. Among other reveals can only be logically explained by the fact that the admins are all corrupt. They have either usurped the creator, aided and abetted Tsukasa with the break decals, or at least looked the other way. And now that Sarah has become a walking Doomsday their jobs and reputations are on the line.

GBN will erupt into a Civil War with similarities to the one in SD Gundam G Generation Overworld.
Minus the "all of the participants are villains" aspect, of course.

This would explain why Shahryar and Tigerwolf are finally engaging in a real battle in the opening, and why Magee is fighting Rommel for no clear-cut reason in the opening as well - just like Overworld, with a rogue piece of technology threatening the world and whose very existence raises hell on everyone within it, but also has serious consequences to removing it, people will be riled up in a desperate attempt to either destroy or keep it - in this case, Sarah. This would probably put the different sides as such:


  • Build Divers
  • Magee/Adam's Apple
  • GBN's developer


  • 7th Panzer Division (Rommel is seen in what appears to be the Game Master and himself arguing with Kyoya in the episode 21 preview)
  • GBN administration


  • Avalon (while the two Impulses are portrayed in a heroic light, it's still not clear what the changing of Kyoya's main colors from blue to white means, and is being actively pressured by administration and Rommel into joining them)
  • Hyakki (are they actually siding with administration, or does Ogre simply want to tie up loose ends?)
  • Simurgh/Toraburyu (not enough of their sentiments towards the situation have been revealed, other than that they will most likely face each other)

    • Rommel essentially blackmailed Avalon into their ranks and Ogre got put down like a rabid dog so outside of Do-ji it's unlikely that Hyakki will do anything besides watch.

Related to the above...
Shahryar pulls a Black Widow on our heroes, pretending to be with the pro-reg side for just long enough which sadly involves thrashing Tigerwolf, then striking a decisive blow for the anti-reg side.
  • Partially confirmed - Shahryar did have a game plan to let the Build Divers through Avalon's defences, but instead Tigerwolf trashed him!

Rommel is a Char Clone.
Mainly a Type 3 clone. Something that isn't made clear until the final arc. It's possible that his ermine form is a disguise for whatever disability he has in real life. And it's clear that while Game Master is the Big Bad of the finale without Rommel he is essentially powerless to control Kyouya and Avalon and would have no one to protect him from the civil war that would erupt from the controversy involving the EL Divers. Right now Rommel holds all the cards amongst the antagonists and is essentially the main threat to Riku. It's also possible that he may grow to enjoy the fact that he power and dominance over Kyouya after being outshined by Avalon for so long.
  • Kyouya may also become a type 1 against his will, before finally Rage Quitting and becoming a type 2.

The "code" of GBN is actually warping reality in some way, creating a pocket dimension.

Nanami lucks out again and gets an artifact that lets her grow her Diver form to mech size.
There has to be a reason they made an MS Girl gunpla for the model line when there's been zero leaks of what mech she might have been building...

Who is Gamemaster?
Seriously this just bugs me! In a franchise with well developed and complex antagonists. Gamemaster stands out for basically being a Punch Clock Villian that really isn't that good at it anyways. And his sudden turn from incompetent buffoon to Big Bad was just jarring and unbelievable. If he had all this stuff to throw at Sarah why didn't he use it against Tsukasa? What i'm getting at is that Gamemaster deserves some delving into unless he too is an AI in secret.

  • Simplest answer? Because Sarah's EL-diver bugs were actually direct system errors, while Tsukasa's Break Decals were simply backdooring into existing code. The EL-diver bugs were directly trackable and could be resolved relatively easily. To fix the backdoor that Break Decals used could require considerably more resources and time (conceivably as much as going through and removing all GPD code and replacing it).
  • And now come the finale he becomes Inexplicably Awesome. By virtue of transforming into an MA mode and turning the update patch into a Chekhov's Gun. Seriously the man haunts my fucking dreams.

Season 2 will have GBN be Under New Management
Players will eventually know the GM's incompetence in handling both the Break Decal and EL-diver incidents. To express his regret and shame in not being proactive in those things, the GM will resign and the development team be overhauled with more competent personnel. This also serves as an allusion to what happened to Final Fantasy XIV; where the legacy version was buggy and incompetently handled, and the A Realm Reborn version onward was overhauled with a new engine, and is made so much more fun to play.

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