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For the comic series.

Grendel Prime is Oskar Berlinetta
  • His description of himself when he's held prisoner in "War Child" sounds a lot like Berlinetta, and he may have become Grendel Prime as a means of atoning. Alternatively, Berlinetta's "rogue general" act might have been a complete fake to make Orion seem like a decent man forced into world conquest, and a way to explain his disappearance when he was cyber-converted.

Grendel Prime will eventually be transported through time and space and become the first Sith Lord.
  • "More machine than man". His favourite weapon is a red Laser Blade. He views strength and power as the ultimate moral good. Remind you of anyone?

Grendel Prime's human-sacrifice-powered time machine is powered by the same effect as the Weeping Angels in Doctor Who
  • It's not Life Energy, as the mad scientist believes. Rather, it's the temporal energy of the person's potential future dissipating. This is why the effect is more powerful the younger the sacrifice is.

The reason Hunter Rose cracked down on pedophiles was because of his attraction to Stacy
He arranged for the deaths of her parents because she reminded him of his previous love Jocasta (who was twice his age). Subconciously, he's going after them because he's disgusted by himself.