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About that cross-dressing robber with the pantyhose on his head...

He is the never seen Meadowbrook Farm farmer. After his farm went belly-up, he went crazy and became a mental patient. He then escaped and decided to rob a thrift store because hey, why not?

Henry Royce Sr. was suffering from a mild to moderate and well-hidden form of Alzheimer's, dementia, or other brain disease, or the effects of a long-ago traumatic brain injury.

How else do you explain the fact that he didn't send out Jessica's test tapes without checking them first and oh, yeah, left his entire fortune to a pig?

Gordy can't really talk; Hanky is just imagining things.

Allegedly, Gordy tells Sipes and the company executives to make changes such as replacing junk food and chemicals with natural food. Hanky pretends the pig is giving orders—Sipes even lampshades it—in order to tell the adults what they want to hear. After all, no typical nine-year-old would object to junk food unless he could see a greater goal in mind. This in turn proves that Hanky is much smarter than people think—certainly smarter than the pig. Either that, or the poor little guy is a tortured, hallucinating genius.


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