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Go! Princess Pretty Cure will be to Smile what Doki Doki was to Fresh.
Just like Doki Doki's major motif (playing card suits) was merely an aesthetic motif in Fresh, Go! Princess will take the not-exactly-relevant fairytale aesthetic Smile had and make it into a major motif, with Cures themed after specific princess stories (Cure Snow or Cure Apple for Snow White, Cure Glass for Cinderella, etc.). Judging by the crescent moon in the logo, we can already expect one of them to be based off Kaguya-hime.
  • Or it might be similar to Suite - we can't rule that out.
  • It could be a combination of both, but leaning more towards Smile than Suite.
  • It's been confirmed that their names come from fairytale characters, such as Thumbelina and The Little Mermaid, so since Smile had a fairytale motif, Princess seems to be doing the same.
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  • Jossed. Aside from Cure Mermaid, none of the Cures are a reference to any specific fairy tale princesses. The show is really just about princesses in general.

The main cure in this season will be the token non-royalty.
  • Somehow, this has been both Jossed and confirmed, depending on how losely you want to interpret the term royalty. On a surface level, it's entirely Jossed; the only actual royalty in this season is Kanata and Towa, the later of which becomes Scarlet. However, both Kirara and Minami seek to follow in their parent's footsteps in some way, which is obviously symbolism.

There will be five Cures like in Yes! and Smile.
Because we all know the Japanese love their "go" puns. This time, though, there'll be a purple Cure rather than a red one (judging by the different-colored borders surrounding the keychain silhouettes and the words above them on this gashapon flyer), and the blue Cure will be the second to get her powers rather than the last.
  • Seems to be jossed for now.
    • The title for episode 2 and the second trailer for the season confirms that Cure Mermaid (Go Princess' Blue Cure) will be the second to get her powers.
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  • Final answer: Jossed.

Two of the Cures will be sisters.
Except this time both of them will be benevolent (unlike Yuri and Dark Pretty Cure) and on the main team (unlike Iona and Maria).
  • Again, seems to be jossed.

The three starting Cures will have powers based off the concept of Land, Sea, Sky.
With the pink Cure as land, the blue as sea, and the yellow as sky.
  • Now this one seems to be confirmed.
  • Bonus: the fourth Cure has powers that doesn't fit into any of the above categories - fire.

Haruka's roommate will be a surprise fourth Cure.
  • Jossed. The fourth Cure is Towa formerly known as Twilight.

Cure Scarlet is based on the Firebird.
Bonus points if she's a ballerina in her civilian form.
  • I doubt she would be a ballerina since Minami is already a ballet dancer, and they'd probably give her some other hobby. On the other hand, since Haruka wanted to learn it too, perhaps all the Cures will end up taking ballet together like how all the Fresh Cures joined the same dance team.
  • Jossed, she's a violinist.

Dyspear is the Big Bad of Danganronpa as a Puella Magi Madoka Magica witch
  • This is a joke, but think about it!
  • Speaking about jokes, maybe Dyspear's true identity is actually Kawarino in drag. Their goals are the same and maybe he learned to inflict despair by himself instead of relying on Big Bad.
  • This WMG makes me thinks that Close is a toned down Terumi Yuki who had a hair color change and wears spiky biker outfit.

The mysterious white-haired girl featured in the opening is The Dragon to Dyspear.
  • Even better, she's her daughter.
  • Confirmed at first, but ultimately jossed; she's been brainwashed into thinking she's Dyspear's daughter.

Yui Nanase and the silver haired girl in the opening are the same person.
The mask hides her face so it could be a possibility.
  • Seems jossed as of Episode 13.
  • Definitely jossed as of Episode 18.

Haruka and Kanata will get together later/have some sort of special relationship
  • Mainly speculation from their names, where Haruka means "distance" and Kanata means "the beyond".
  • Kinda? But the ending is uncertain.

Lady Dyspear is Kanata's sister.
Her dream is to be The High Queen, so she's pissed about being the overlooked Spare to the Throne.
  • Or Kanata's sister is the white-haired violinist girl Twilight.
  • Kanata definitely has a sister as of episode 19. A younger sister, though, so it's likely she's Twilight.
  • Episode 20 reveals that Kanata's sister is Twilight, not Dyspear.

Lady Dyspear is just the pawn of some greater dark power, which is possessing her through an unrequited love for Kanata.
The keyhole on her chest symbolizes a locked-away dream to become his queen that broke her heart. The Cures will free her with The Power of Friendship, after which she becomes an ally and decides she'd rather see Haruka and Kanata together.
  • Jossed big time. She quite literally is the personification of despair.

The Cures debut in a 3+1+1 format.
After Cure Scarlet, there will be the fifth cure representing Element Number Five. She comes with separate accessories.
  • This will most likely happen. Since Towa's Dress Up Keys aren't part of the original 12, the REAL last three could belong to the fifth Cure.
  • Seems pretty unlikely as of episode 28. Towa's gotten a fourth key that also doesn't appear to be part of the origial twelve. Combine that with the preview for episode 29, and it definitely seems like each Cure will end up with 4 keys each.
    • And now that episode 29 is out, it has been confirmed that all of the Cures now have 4 Keys each. While a fifth Cure isn't out of the question, it certainly doesn't look likely.

Close, Shut and Lock were originally subjects of the Hope Kingdom.
Some sort of failed dream - most likely becoming actual musketeers - either drove them to turn on Kanata or be manipulated by Lady Dyspear.
  • As Close died at the end of episode 11, this WMG might be jossed.
  • Still a possibility as of episode 30. Close is apparently back from the looks of the episode 31 preview. And Lock's defeat, which looked incredibly deadly, actually left a body, meaning that he could still be alive.
  • Confirmed for Lock/Kuroro. He used to be a fairy from the Hope Kingdom but was somehow brought over to Dyspear's side.
    • More details about Kuroro in episode 40. It seems as though the personality that we knew as "Lock" took control of Kuroro against his will. So, "Lock" really IS dead after all and wasn't originally a Hope Kingdom subject.
  • And the final answer is that this WMG is completely Jossed. Close, Shut and Lock were all born from Dyspear's soul.

The Dress-up Keys the Princess Precure are searching for can be used for an alternate Mode Elegant.
3 more of the remaining keys have been found, and they suspiciously match each of the Cures' themes. (Twinkle gets a Moon key, Mermaid gets an Ice key, and Flora gets a Rose key.) I feel that they can use a second power if they use that key instead of their initial one for Mode Elegant.
  • Mostly confirmed; the Cures get new dresses based off their new themes (rose, ice, and moon). They use this for a new group attack, but can also perform new attacks outside of Mode Elegant.
  • Fully confirmed in episode 30. With the new accessory, they can use their fourth keys to give them a different type of Mode Elegant, which changes their entire costume rather than just adding to it.

Lady Dyspear loved Kanata's father, but she became heartbroken after she found out he was engaged.
Her physical appearance resembles Maleficent, especially her live-action version, so bonus points if her backstory ends up being similar to Maleficent's.

Dyspear is the true queen of Hope Kingdom.
Only that she's so corrupted by the dark forces, her only son Kanata has to take over for the time being.

Close isn't gone for good yet.
If he had been, he would've been removed from the OP.
  • Confirmed by the looks of the episode 31 preview.

Minami will have mommy issues, if she's not dead already.
Whenever Minami makes a mention of her family, it's always about either her father or her big brother. What about her mother? Either she died too early for Minami to remember her, or Minami's memories about her mother are so unpleasant that she refuses to remember her at all.
  • Possibily confirmed, the title card for Episide 36 is saying something...
    • Jossed. Minami's mother is very much alive and Minami's on pretty good terms with her

Twilight is a fallen Precure.
She has a key, which suspiciously looks like a Dress Up Key, and can even unlock locks (albeit not in the way our heroines do so). What if Twilight is a Precure that took a fall from grace?
  • Most likely jossed. She's Dyspear's daughter already.
  • Jossed. She used to be a little girl named Towa, the princess of Hope Kingdom and Kanata's sister but she found her perfume after Face–Heel Turn.

Prince Kanata and Princess Twilight are related.
It's a possibility. In episode 16 Twilight gets really upset when she sees Minami with her cool big bro, hinting Twilight might have a brother herself. And Kanata is the only male in the series right now who could be said brother.
  • Kanata definitely has a younger sister as of episode 19 who has a ponytail similar to that of Twilight. This one's looking likely.
  • Episode 20 confirms both this WMG and a similar one below; Twilight is Kanata's younger sister.

Princess Twilight is secretly into ponies
Come on now...

If Cure Flora's boots are ankle-length, Mermaid's knee-length and Twinkle's thigh-high,
Then Cure Scarlet will be wearing pants-boots, where her footwear reaches to her waist.
  • Alternatively, Scarlet will wear regular high-heels instead of boots.
  • The above seems to be the closest, as she's got some rather irregular high-heels going on.

Dyspear isn't really Twilight's mother.
Finding this out (especially if Dyspear stole her from her real parents/was manipulating her the whole time/is generally a jerk about it) will play into her joining the heroes.
  • Confirmed as of Episode 20.

The school will get involved with the Precure.
There have been a lot of Zetsubour's attacks and a ton of witnesses, so there is a possibility of the Precure being seen fighting someday. The school' staff will want to protect their students and try to talk to the Precure to get some answers, while the students will see them as superheroes and probably try to discover their identities.

Prince Kanata, Puff, and Aroma are all related.
Kanata's hair is purple and pink. Puff and Aroma are purple and pink. Kanata and Aroma both have cravats with a red-and-gold pin, while Kanata and Puff both have tiaras with red gems.

Shut will be involved in Twilight's Heel–Face Turn.
Bonus points if he's killed in the process.
  • Jossed.

All three keys for Cure Scarlet will appear at once.
  • It certainly seems to be the case in Episode 22.

Following the above theory, Shut's death will trigger Twilight's transformation into Cure Scarlet.
The Precure will offer both of them a chance to redeem themselves. But Dyspear (or Lock) will kill Shut. Twilight will then become enraged and gain the keys and transform into Cure Scarlet.
  • Jossed as of episode 22.

Prince Kanata is not as charming as we all think.
So far, he is nothing but Prince Charming. But he has yet to physically appear in front of Haruka and the others. When he does, Haruka will have a Broken Pedestal moment when she discover Kanata's true colors.

Miss Siamour is actually Dyspear in disguise.
Many fans thought she was Dyspear before her name was officially confirmed. But that doesn't mean they aren't the same person. First of all, we never know what Siamour does after she returns to the Lesson Pad. In Episode 6, after she returns to the lesson pad, Dyspear makes her debut not to long after. In fact, we never have a scene where Miss Siamour is out of the lesson pad at the same time Dyspear was talking to her subjects. She's teaching Haruka and the others alright, but she has her own goals in mind. While her human form doesn't look the same as Dyspear, it could be a disguise or her true form.
  • Not likely, she had a tearful reunion with Towa in #22.

Twilight will NOT become Cure Scarlet.
Because of Trolling Creator. We saw what happened with Regina. More likely, Cure Scarlet will serve as the opposite of Twilight.
  • Another possibility is Cure Scarlet will turn to be Twilight's twin sister who wants to rescue her mother and her sister.
  • Jossed as of episode 22.

Lock will have A Day In The Lime Light episode or arc.
He's the third Precure child villain after Kiriya and Ira. For the former's case, he had Ship Tease with Honoka and even a small arc when he transferred to their class. For the latter, he lost his memories due to a lightning strike and bonded with Rikka. It's safe to assume that Lock will have either an arc or episode to his own. If there's any Ship Tease, it'll most likely be with Kirara (judging by the opening).
  • If we count how he stole Flora's, Mermaid's, and Twinkle's keys and attempted to take over Dys Dark in Dyspear's absence, confirmed.
  • Episode 33 partially focuses on him, who is now Kuroro.
  • The above doesn't count, as Lock was some parasite thing that took over Kuroro's body, so that episode actually didn't focus on Lock.

Lock is next to die.
He doesn't seem to care about being evil and has Mood Dissonance. Dyspear will either kill him because of it or have Twilight do the deed. And then Shut will lose it.
  • Could go either way as of episode 30. He attempted to take over Dys Dark in Dyspear's absence, with the Cures defeating him in the process. While his "death" scene looked every bit as deadly as Close's, we did see his intact body in the aftermath, meaning that he could still be alive. Also, Close is back by the looks of the episode 31 preview.
  • Jossed, he resumes his original form as Kuroro.
  • Confirmed, actually. The "Lock" we all knew was originally a servant of Dyspear who took over Kuroro's body. So, it looks like the Cures really did kill "Lock" in episode 30 after all.
  • And our final answer is Jossed. Lock barely survived the Cures' attack on him in episode 30, and Dyspear kept him around for one final fight in episode 48. He's been freed from her control and has united with Kuroro (willingly, this time) to fight against her.

A new servant will replace Close.
While we have Twilight, she clearly is not a musketeer. A new general will come and replace Close.
  • Jossed. No new villains appeared after Close's defeat apart from Twilight until Stop and Freeze (which was a long time after Close's defeat), and they debuted at the same time Close returned.

Haruka is actually a Stepford Smiler.
She's a Ridiculously Average Guy and she knows it. It's very possible that she is envious of Minami and Kirara because of their talents.

The Cures will recieve an accessory
where they will get to use all three of their personal princess keys at once.
  • Confirmed in episode 30. Although all four of them use their new fourth keys instead of their transformation keys.
  • Addendum: Near the end of the series, they each get to reactivate a castle in Hope Kingdom by using all four of their personal keys in the Music Princess Palace.

Twilight doesn't have good familial relationships.
In episode 16, she looked a bit strained watching Minami and her brother. Same for when she saw Kirara and her mother together. Maybe she doesn't have the best relations with Dyspear and whatever other possible family she has?
  • Would make sense. It could lead to a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Jossed, because her relationship with Dyspear wasn't real in the first place.

Haruka will have an emotional meltdown.
If she really is a Stepford Smiler, then maybe she'll finally get sick of being compared to a "bud" and let everyone know that.
  • Kanata had told her to stop chasing her dream when she expected his reassurance in episode 38, so it may follow up in the next episode.

If Twilight pulls a Heel–Face Turn, it'll be because Cure Flora gave her Cool Down Hug.
Mana pulled it off.
  • Jossed as of episode 21.

The book that Haruka owns, Princess of Flowers, is Foreshadowing Twilight's Heel–Face Turn.
The basic story of her book is that a jealous bird lied to the princess about a prince and when the princess went to the forest, an evil witch kidnapped her. After the princess revealed to hold no grudge towards the bird, it freed her. The princess forgave the bird and they became friends. This story could be the case for Cure Flora and Twilight. Twilight will lure Haruka to Dys Dark and Dyspear will kidnap her. Twilight will then pull a Heel–Face Turn when Cure Flora doesn't hate her and free her (turning into Cure Scarlet in the process).Of course, Haruka will forgive her and all become friends. Besides, Haruka and the princess in the book are practically are identical looking.
  • Actually, it looks like Twilight/Towa is the Princess in question, being the one who got kidnapped by the evil witch. The bird question... well if the plot goes, it might hint into 'Aroma. Maybe he got a little jealous and subconsciously influenced Towa to work harder and that awakened Dyspear. Aroma probably felt utterly horrible about it, but he still kept it hidden until now.

Close, Shut and Lock are all illusion beings.
Similar to Enter and Escape being avatars.

Kanata's little sister is Twilight.
Why else would she know how to play the violin? Her mom isn't showing her. Kanata's sister's ponytail looks similar to Twilight. Also, Miss Shamour seemed sad when she mentioned the sister. And if Twilight is Kanata's sister, then...
  • Confirmed as of Episode 20.

Dyspear is Kanata's mother.
  • Not terribly likely, seeing as Twilight is actually Kanata's little sister and Twilight isn't actually Dyspear's daughter.
  • Jossed: Towa's mother and father are separate characters and she was present after she was abducted.

Twilight will become Cure Scarlet and use her newfound powers to defeat the Precures.
Considering the fact that she found one of the Perfumes at the end of Episode 19. She was drawn to it, but not for good purposes. And based on the preview for Episode 20, it looks like she'll use it.
  • Somewhat confirmed in Episode 20. Twilight does in fact use the Princess Perfume, but her new form is clearly not the Cure Scarlet that was shown in the leak.
  • However, Towa, formerly Twilight, does become Cure Scarlet in Episode 22. Unfortunately for Dyspear, though, she's now on the Cures' side.

Twilight is in fact Brainwashed and Crazy.
Even more convincing if she is Kanata's sister. Kanata's little sister had red hair. So if Twilight is that little sister, why is her hair white? Simple. Dyspear brainwashed her. Or at the very least, subjected her to More Than Mind Control.
  • Confirmed fully in Episode 21. She was captured by Dyspear and turned into a Princess of Despair.

Shut and Lock are actually fairies.
They were training to be butlers, like Aroma, but had personal hurdles to overcome; Shut was too finicky and Lock was too lazy. Then Dyspear came along and promised an easy ticket to something more impressive.
  • Confirmed in the case of Lock but it is still unknown if he was ever training to be a butler.
  • Episode 40 actually Josses the above. Lock was actually a parasite thing that took over Kuroro's body, so he wasn't originally a fairy.
  • Episode 49 Josses this theory entirely. Close, Shut and Lock were all born from Dyspear's soul.

Kanata will end up brainwashed by Dyspear.
Considering the Heroic Sacrifice he made to save his sister and the others, it's not entirely impossible that Dyspear will use him to defeat the Cures.
  • Jossed. He's back, and apart from some temporary amnesia, he seems fine.

Towa and the other Cures will have a hard time getting along at first.
  • Downplayed, but confirmed in the case of Kirara; she wants the sheltered Towa to learn how to take care of herself (especially considering the school they attend), but having Puff and Aroma around and being the new girl nets her some special treatment that undermines this.

Towa will enroll into the Noble Academy and be totally Adorkable.
Well, she'll need a "guise" or a "day job" when she's on Earth. Commonly for the Precure, it'll be a classmate. But considering Towa isn't from Earth and was raised as a sheltered princess for her entire life, she's going to encounter some awkward hijinxs while getting accustomed to Earth traditions... and it'll be hilariously adorable.
  • Seems confirmed, if the preview of episode 23 is anything to go by.
  • And with the episode's release, definitely confirmed.

A new villain will replace Towa.
Now that Towa is on the side of good, there won't be anyone to power up the Zetsuborgs for Shut or Lock. Dyspear will probably be smart enough to find a replacement. Chances are, she'll brainwash said person.
  • There's a replacement, but doesn't appear to be a brainwashed person. Episode 26 features a reworked opening sequence, and now there's a duo that replaces Lock's position, whereas Lock takes the place of Close.

Dyspear will resurrect Close.
He is still shown in OP even though he was defeated in episode 11.
  • Doubtful. Episode 26 removed him from the opening entirely.
  • Not quite; he's been removed from the villain glamour shots, but the opening still shows him fighting Flora.
  • The preview for episode 31 shows Close back in action alongside the two new mystery villains. Not yet confirmed if Dyspear's behind it.
  • Jossed. He revived himself.
  • Actually confirmed, based on what Dyspear said in episode 49; she specifically says that she was correct in having him be revived.

Shut will become Yandere for Towa, trying to get her back on the side of evil.
Additionally: Dyspear doesn't agree at first, but then changes her mind if Shut can defeat the Precures and take her back. To do so, he'll get the same sort of transformation as Close did (probably a rose monster), but is still killed.

Ms. Shirogane and Mochizuki Yume are the former Princess Pretty Cures
It's hinted that the previous Princess Pretty Cures were from a long time ago, so the Shirogane and Yume's age currently would fit the bill, and it is said they have been friends for a very long time. It's also too much of a coincidence that the 2nd set of Dress-Up keys all show up at the rose gardens Ms. Shirogane takes care of, and it is once said the Dress-Up Keys and the Princess Pretty Cures were drawn to each other. Ms. Shirogane seems more shocked about the fact the Dress-Up Keys appeared than confused and didn't question over what the keys were, indicating she knew what they were and that they were there. Yume after seeing Cure Flora in episode 18, remarked to Shirogane that this year's first years were wonderful, hinting that she knows Cure Flora's identity, despite the drastic change in appearance. Like Shirogane, she doesn't question what the Pretty Cures were, hinting she knows about them or at least what the Princess Pretty Cures are.
  • Seems jossed. The preview for Episode 29 seems to be painting the three girls as the former Princess Pretty Cures.
  • Never confirmed as of the series ending.

Kanata has been Killed Off for Real.
Because unlike Close, he has been removed from the OP, (his older self that is.)
  • Jossed. He just lost his memories

Lock will be the Sole Survivor of Dys Dark.
Twilight doesn't count, since she was never a willing agent of Dys Dark to begin with.
  • Jossed. He wasn't originally part of Dys Dark to begin with; he was a transformed, brainwashed fairy.
  • Still Jossed, but not for the reasons above. He was actually a willing agent of Dys Dark who possessed an innocent fairy (Kuroro), but that means that he was killed in episode 30.
  • Still Jossed, but again for different reasons. Lock apparently survived episode 30, but is now Dyspear's mind slave. The Cures freed him in episode 48, and in 49 Kuroro willingly joined with him again in order to fight. Since Shut also pulled a Heel–Face Turn, it looks as though both of them will survive.

Lock's going to overthrow Dyspear and take her place as the Big Bad.
  • Jossed. Not that he didn't try his damnedest to do so.

Shut will have a Heel–Face Turn.
He's the Dark Chick of Dys Dark. It seems legit.
  • Or it could be a case of Love Redeems.
  • Helps that Shamour gave him a make up lesson and got her approval, to his delight.
  • Knowing Dyspear though, she might slam the door if she catches on.
  • Confirmed. Shut gets a Big Damn Heroes moment in Episode 48, by intercepting Close's attack, gives him a punch to the face and openly proclaims that they should break free from Dyspear.

There's a fifth Pretty Cure.
Because the last three keys are still gone. Since Towa's keys really were Dyspear's that were purified along with Towa. Thst means three keys, the REAL ones, are somewhere out there. They can't be power-ups since there are four Cures. A fifth Cure is almost bound to happen.
  • Also of note, the former Princes Precures explicitly state that they created the fourth Princess Perfume. Though this is the one Scarlet uses, it means that it's totally within the powers of the Precure to create yet another new one. (Perhaps as a safeguard in case someone's perfume gets stolen or breaks?)
  • Episode 28 makes this rather unlikely. Towa's got herself a fourth key that, like her others, seems unrelated to the original 12, and the episode 29 preview definitely makes it look like the other Cures will each get a fourth key of their own.
  • Episode 29. Flora, Mermaid, and Twinkle get their fourth keys. Counting the golden key the appears in the opening, and taking into account that the slight changes in the opening, after the golden key disappears, shows 17 balls of light as opposed to the 12 that were in the 1st, there probably won't be a fifth Cure, unless 3-4 new keys appear again out of nowhere, or the 5th Cure does not use any keys at all, which is a possibility given the nature of past series' later Cures, such as Cure Fortune, Cure Ace, etc.
  • Jossed.

Yui will become a Sixth Ranger, possibly an 11th-Hour Ranger
See above. She already kind of became an 11th-Hour Ranger in a Badass Normal sort of way during the fight against Shut, so who knows how powerful she'd be. Her color would likely purple or green. I'm betting on purple, based on the color schemes of the other four cures:
  • Flora's primary color is pink, but she has secondary red and yellow themes (the rose key, the trims on her outfit, her hair, etc)
  • Mermaid's primary color is blue, but she has secondary purple and pink themes (the trims on her outfits, especially her Mode Elegants, as well as her hair)
  • Twinkle's primary color is yellow, but she has secondary red and purple themes (the trims on her outfits, especially her Mode Elegants, as well as her hair)
  • Scarlet's primary color is red, but she has secondary yellow and pink themes (her hair and the trims on her outfits)
  • If the fifth's primary color was purple, and she had secondary blue and pink or red themes, it could tie everything together pretty well.
  • Jossed.

Predictions on the names of the two new members of Dys Dark
  • Seal
  • Cage
  • Micky
  • Donald
  • Jail
  • Prison
  • Final answer: They are Stop and Freeze.

The two new generals, or at least one of them, are girls.
  • The episode 31 preview does give us a few split-second shots of them, including a wide shot that makes it look like they could be wearing dresses.
  • ...The series is over and this one is still up in the air, so take that as you will.

Cure Scarlett will Mercy Kill Shut.
He's losing it as of Episode 27 and now holds a grudge toward Towa. Towa, on the other hand, seems to have something towards him (not love) since she's now the first to say Shut's name whenever he appears and has a shocked look on her face whenever she sees him.

The generals are all evolved Zetsuborgs!
With the victims being residents of Hope Kingdom.
  • Implied to be the case with Stop and Freeze.

Prediction on Shut's transformation
As the musketeer's names seem to be loosely based off animals as well as the locking away theme, Close becoming a crow and Lock becoming a massive frog-dragon type creature, Shut will possibly turn into a bat, as in katakana, the two words end in a similar manner. シャット vs. バット.
  • Jossed, Shut became a cat, which actually fits the spelling better (シャット vs. キャット).

Close was the crow in Episode 30.
He never fully died and took the form of a crow. He probably stole Shut's despair gauge or Dyspear's and filled it up from Lock's despair at the end of Episode 30 and used it to return to his original form. That would explain why he's returning in Episode 31.

Dyspear is one of the previous Princess Precure who was corrupted by either a Bigger Bad or something else.
Related to the above WMG that the three previous Princess Precures include Ms Shirogane and Yume Mochizuki, and the addition stating that previous ones we saw were some sort of projection from the Dress-Up keys. There are two obvious candidates, Ms. Shirogane and Yume Mochizuki, for the current forms of these older Cures. If this theory is correct, though, there should be one more candidate. Dyspear being a fallen Cure makes for both an interesting parallel between her and Towa, and is an obvious setup for purification. It does raise the question of what corrupted her, though.
  • Highly likely to be jossed, as Episode 30 shows the three cures defeating Dyspear in a flashback. However, there could be the possibility that there were originally four precures back then. Dyspear was not a witch back then and it was stated she was known as "Darkness". The darkness could have possessed the fourth Cure turning her into Dyspear for a physical body. The remaining three Cures could have defeated her. When they left three perfumes for the future cures, they left a fourth one as a reminder of their former friend.

The man shown in The Stinger of Episode 31 is Kanata.
Apparently, he survived his Heroic Sacrifice moment. However, there's a chance that he'll be inflicted with amnesia instead.
  • Confirmed as of Episode 35.

The series will end with the current Precures leaving behind four Princess Perfumes for the next generation of Cures.
Bonus points if they leave a fifth one... just in case.
  • Jossed, the perfumes, keys and attack items are put in a vault-like place in Hope Kingdom at the series' end.

There are 18 keys in total.
The 17th key that the Cures got in episode 39 isn't the golden key that's been in the intro since the series started. That key has to make an appearance sometime, dang it!
  • The golden key DOES in fact make an appearance in episode 49, the second-to-last episode of the show, thus bringing the grand total to 18 keys. Better late than never, as they say.
  • Specifically, the golden key is what you get when you combine all of the other 17 keys into one.

Shut will be the only Dys Dark member to not die.
Excluding Twilight/ Towa and Kuroro/ Lock, nobody except Shut is able to be redeemed at this point. Both Dyspear and Close already crossed the Moral Event Horizon long ago, while Shut really hadn't done anything too horrendous.
  • It's already too late for Lock, since he forcibly took over Kuroro's body and is dead.
  • Episode 49 has Jossed this. Lock is actually alive, has been freed from Dyspear's Mind Control and has joined with a willing Kuroro to fight against her, so it seems both of them are getting out of this alive.
  • Even better: apparently Close isn't getting the axe either. And Stop and Freeze don't seem to be dead, either; Close just absorbed them, which might not be permanent. The only one who seems to be gone for good is Dyspear.

Our Bigger Bad is going to turn out to be...
...A nine tailed fox called Gloom. Similar to Noise, but eating despair instead of sadness.
  • Adding on to that, it will be exposed to a Leaf Stone and evolve into Vileplume. Either that, or it will evolve into a Bellossom after being hit with Cure Scarlet's Sun Key attack, which is the closest thing to being exposed to a Sun Stone.
  • And after that, there will be a 10-years-after special where the Cures have to deal with its secret offspring: Oddish!

Noble Academy's Principal is a subject of the Hope Kingdom.
And knows what's been going on like Ako's grandfather.

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