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Terri is going to be put in a bus to fake her pregnancy, Quinn goes along.
How they could possible make it believable that Will doesn't notice the fake pregnancy? Terri goes away with Quinn when she gets her baby. Terri could even use Will "cheating" as an excuse.
  • Jossed hard by "Mattress".

April Rhodes is Rachel's biological mother.
April says her boyfriend Vinny had an affair with a presumably-male "Ralph", and says that she had a set of mixed-race twins. It's possible she might have meant a pair of twins that were literally of different races: although rare, it's possible for fraternal twins to be fertilized separately by two different fathers, and given April's promiscuity it's not at all a stretch to imagine she had slept with two men in the right timeframe. If she got pregnant shortly after dropping out, then her kids would now be in high school. But she certainly has no children in evidence, so... suppose her apparently gay sweetheart kept at least one of the twins and raised it with his partner. That's not how Rachel describes how she was conceived, but her two dads may have decided not to tell her the truth (yet).This does raise the question of what happened to the other twin, though. But as an added bonus, if this turns out to be true, then it would mean that Rachel's Too Dumb to Live line about not been certain of her biological father's identity may be literally true, depending on how much April slept around.
  • Jossed by Dream On.
    • In addition this being Jossed, how was Rachel's line too dumb to live? She said she didn't know which one of her dads was her biological father because they used a surrogate who was artificially inseminated by both of them. They did it deliberately so no one *would* know.
      • Yes, but that line in the voiceover coincided with the view of the pictures of her dads to make it into visual humor: one of her fathers is African-American, while the other is white. It should thus be pretty obvious which is her biological father.
      • Retconned. Although the joke's intention at the time was obviously to convey that Rachel is a bit delusional, when her fathers were finally cast for real the African-American one was played by Brian Stokes Mitchell, who is multiracial and could very credibly be Rachel's actual biodad after all.
      • The joke never made sense in the first place. It's entirely possible to have fraternal twins with the same two parents but different racial phenotypes, so either of the photo-dads could have been Rachel's biological father.

New Directions will LOSE at sectionals.
  • This would set up a very interesting arc of the second-half of the season where the glee club breaks up and they spend the rest of it Putting the Band Back Together
  • How exact these competitons work? They have to perform multiple songs because there is multiple categories? If so, they could lose most categories, but win a few others, they would still be in the competition, but with less chances of winning anything.

  • Jossed.

Ken will be the new "Villain" in the second half of season 01
  • It was bad enough that Emma decided to help the Glee Club only because of Will, but now that (it looks like) Emma and Will finally hook up, it sounds likely that Ken is going to try to destroy the Glee Club to get revenge on Will, probably with the influence of Sue and the help of the Jerk Jocks (Is not like they need influence anyway). Rule of Drama people!
    • Looks like this might get jossed. From what we saw in Hell-O he simply became a depressed drunken mess... which is a lot more saddening than him becoming angry and villainous.
    • Fully Jossed as of Bad Reputation, he's depressed and a little upset with Will, but still seems to consider him a friend and even offers him some pretty decent advice.

Matt Rutherford is deaf.
He never speaks, and never sings unless there's someone singing exactly the same part. The only time he's ever shown to respond to someone talking is when Sue asks for "Shaft", and he could have easily read her lips. We also know he's been hospitalised for an ear condition - the "spider" part was obviously wrong since it could be extracted in a doctor's office.
  • he did speak ONCE, but was responding to being hit.
  • Wouldn't that have been convenient to bring up during Hairography?
  • In "Theatricality" he finally gets a line... only to have his face obscured by KISS makeup.

Jesse and Rachel are Twins Separated at Birth
Related to the above, and of course they are unaware of this.Either Shelby send her -biological- son to McKinley to search for her daughter, who she only knows attends there. ORLike another WMG above suggests, they're the set of twins April gave birth to.
The whole episode of "Dream On" was just a wild dream by some crazed fan.
There was just too much rejoicing of the fandom and Fandom Nods for it being a coincidence, too many things coming true that we had long been waiting for. The "what happened last week ..." had nothing to do with what happened this week. And the title would just fit.
  • Jossed in just about every way possible. Shelby is still Rachel's mom, and the episode was directed by self-proclaimed Gleek, Joss Whedon.

Terri is actually preggers this time
Maybe she came back to the house in 'Sectionals' to tell Will that she was pregnant for real. I mean, how long could time pass from before he found out to then? So I guess when he went he told her it was 'over' and went to Ken and Emma's wedding, the look on her face looked kind of disappointed and sad.
  • No. Terri and Will haven't had sex since "Acafellas," after which Terri started wearing the fake belly and couldn't have sex with Will because he could find it. There's no possibility that she could've conceived again.
    • Possibly un-Jossed as of "The Substitute"
      • Re-Jossed in Funeral.

Jesse will perform for New Directions at Regionals.
They need 12 members so they won't be disqualified. Quinn will be giving birth in the finale, probably leaving her slot open unless someone steps up.
  • Damn it, this is going to happen too, I bet. Although that wouldn't explain if Puck wanted to attend the birth at all.
  • Hate to say it, but it's totally Jossed as of "Funk."

Tina has Tourette's syndrome.
This is probably the reason she stutters. In 'Vitamin D', you can see her face twitch on stage. When she took the drug, it made her facial tics more noticeable. They happened before but were less noticeable. This could also explain her relationship with Artie. They might have meet in a Special Ed. Class room, or have the same doctor. Jossed. She was faking her stutter.
  • But the actress who plays Tina auditioned when she had Tourette's; she says it got better.
  • Also, people who are involved in the performing arts and have Tourette's often find their tics temporarily stop when they're acting, singing, etc. because of the concentration involved. So she probably wouldn't have ticked onstage.

Puck/Rachel will be addressed in the back nine by...
Puck taking Rachel's virginity. Considering a plot point of The Power of Madonna was Rachel not being ready with Jesse, it's not too large a leap to think the 'player' of the show might do it.
  • Jossed in Bad Reputation, pretty much. it doesn't look like Rachel is going to lose her virginity to anyone any time soon, after that stunt with the "Run Joey Run" video

Quinn's baby will be Born in an Elevator in the season finale
By "Funk," Quinn will be shown to be 8-9 months pregnant and Word of God says that Quinn's baby will be born in the season finale. Given the show's tendency to be over the top, the way Quinn's baby will be born will be highly unconventional. Comedies love to use the elevator birth and depending on where Regionals will be held, it's likely they have elevators there.
  • They could go a couple of Elevator ways. Quinn has to miss Regionals to give birth resulting in the group singing a song just for Quinn interspersed with shots fo Quinn giving birth. Or Quinn could sing with them... and before they can hear the results, they all rush her to the hospital where they hear the results/Quinn gives birth. Or, for that extra special wham, she ends up giving birth -during- the performance (ie it gets interrupted not that she sings while giving birth...)
  • Or for pure Narm, they use the sound of the new born baby crying in a song. Or use the baby herself in the song in a Lion King/Circle Of Life narmy way.
  • Partially Jossed: Quinn sings with New Directions, but her water breaks straight afterwards. They hear the results after she gives birth. No elevators were involved.

Rachel is a Muslim.
Rachel belongs to several clubs that she isn't that enthusiastic about, just to get more exposure. But she doesn't seem to lie to join them - even the Black club would probably let her in because of her father. So why did the Muslim club accept her? Simple, she actually is a Muslim, probably the same as her black father. We've never seen her eat any pork product, drink alcohol, or have sex, so there's nothing to contradict this. Even when she implies that she's a "Jew", she means in terms of descent not religion.
  • Speaking as a Muslim troper who co-directed the Muslim Students Association in high school, our policy was to let anyone in. One of our most faithful and honorary members was a Christian boy, as he contributed more than most other Muslim members did. It's not intended as a meeting just for Muslims, but as a place to share and learn. That is the point and non-Muslims are very, very welcome, wanted even.

Matt will have a long speech in the season finale.
  • Not only has he had no lines so far while his other half Mike "Other Asian" Chang has had two, one of which could easily have been given to Matt, he spent an entire episode AWOL due to hospitalization because there was a spider in his ear. He'll probably spend the rest of season one silent, only to break out into sudden, unprompted SesquipedalianLoquaciousness in the last ten minutes of the season.
    • Well, he got one line. Which is more than he gets during most episodes.

Jesse St. James is gay and will end up dating Kurt for a while.
He's gay but dating Rachel to break down New Directions, as hinted at by his exchange of significant looks with Shelby Cameron. Kurt will discover his true orientation and also end up secretly dating him, trying to pull on Vocal Adrenaline what VA is trying to pull on New Directions. Eventually, it all comes out in a massive clusterfuck and Jesse and Kurt become enemies forever.
  • Pretty much jossed in "Power of Madonna", considering the opposite happened
    • He could still end up with Kurt though.
  • Jossed because he's not coming back for season 2
    • Actually, he will be back. Ryan Murphy said that he wants Jesse to show up near the end of the season, as soon as Jonathan Groff is finished with his play in London. But Kurt is supposed to be getting a serious boyfriend next season, so it's highly unlikely this will happen, especially because Kurt and Jesse really have no reason to interact with each other anymore.

Sam will get blackmailed into joining glee
Just like Finn. Finn will probably be the blackmailer as well.

In Never Beeen Kissed, Finn and Sam are controlling their urges by either cutting, or making out
  • Based on the new promo: I predict that Finn and Sam are bullying Kurt, and Kurt is breaking up a fight between Blaine and Karofsky over himself.
    • Jossed. They think of Beiste in...compromising positions.

Blaine is going to kill himself
Why? Because the show wants the fans to suffer and they are going to make a episode dealing with gay teen suicide.

Sue is a lesbian.
She's portrayed as a very butch woman, personality-wise. And then there's one of her recent lines:
"In fact, I like minorities so much I've been thinking about moving to California to become one!"

This is obviously a reference to the whole Prop 8 debacle. If she's not a lesbian, then she's at least bisexual.

  • That line has nothing to do with Prop 8. And, while it's still possible she's bisexual, episode 8 makes it clear she is interested in men.
  • That line is in reference to California being home to the largest number of racial minorities in the States—The Other Wiki says that, lumped together and compared against the white population, they make up 57% of California's total population—and not the number of gay people or any discrimination they may face. If Sue was a lesbian/bisexual, she'd be a minority already anyway.
  • I thought that line was a reference to her being a conservative Republican. That seems to be the opposite of the stereotypical Californian.
  • The actress that plays Sue Sylvester [Jane Lynch] is an out lesbian, so it is possible.

  • CLEARLY Jossed by her obvious interest in Rod Remington in "Mash-Up." Seriously, people. Even if she showed interest in women in a future episode, that would make her BISEXUAL, not a lesbian, because she has liked men before. And Jane Lynch's sexuality has nothing to do with it - gay actors can play straight characters, and have already on this show (just ask Jonathan Groff or Cheyenne Jackson).

Artie will sing "Hey, Soul Sister".
I listened to the song on the radio today and I thought Artie would do a great cover on this. The song has already been confirmed! He will probably do this as a serenade to Tina or Brittany.
  • Jossed. It will be the Warblers' song for Sectionals.

Kurt returns to McKinley at the end of "Special Education"
  • "Dog Days Are Over" is the club's way of welcoming him back while telling him "everything will be okay now, all the bad things we've been through are done."
  • Jossed, he's still at Dalton.

Brittany's last name is Jackson.
Because to me, the bit with helping Becky Jackson get a cupcake seemed either incredibly (and intentionally) condescending in a way I hadn't seen Britney act otherwise, or like someone who had been doing that sort of thing for years and was used to it by then. It's possible they'd known each other since primary school or something, but they are both blonde, and... Yeah, I've got nothing else.
  • Nothing against the WMG(Which would be kinda cool, actually...), but Brittany is generally portrayed as nicer to people "below her level". She was the first of the jocks/cheerios(Besides Finn) to interact with the other half of the Glee Club in a friendly manner.
    • Jossed. Her last name is Pierce.

Will will volunteer to preform a dramatic reading of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (including "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch") to an elementary-school or kindergarten class.
k.d. Lang is the teacher, and this is how they get it into the episode's story.
  • Jossed, it was simply an insert song.

Burt will wake up when Kurt sings to him.
I know this already seems incredibly obvious, but I just wanted to say it. It could happen due to Burt's ar''rhythm''ia.
  • Nope, he wakes up when Kurt is talking to him normally.

Blaine is happily in a relationship.
He never said he wasn't, only that his Those Two Guys were straight. Kurt's little Blaine-shrine indicates that Kurt is getting obsessive again, and based on his history with Finn it would be perfectly in character (and dramatically coincidental) for Kurt to obsess over getting someone who is unavailable. (For the record, I'm for a Kurt/Blaine Romeo and Juliet situation, but without all the death, and not pro-"Karommel".)
  • Jossed in Silly Love Songs

Karofsky is framed for beating up Puck in "Special Education".
Puck gets the other football players to beat him up so Karofsky will be expelled, Puck gets to make up for his actions to the other gleeks, prove he's a badass who can take pain and get Kurt back into New Directions.
  • Jossed.

Blaine will attempt to get Kurt drunk (or worse) in order to take advantage of him as of the Christmas Episode.
Not that I want this to happen (quite the contrary, I'm pro-Blurt, or whatever the kids are calling it these days), and the Unfortunate Implications would be massive, but Kurt and Blaine are set to sing "Baby It's Cold Outside", they're keeping the "What's in this drink?" line, and Kurt Needs Angst. If they sing both verses from the Christmas Album and it is a situational song (rather than a preformed-In-Universe song), "my brother" and "my sister" have not-quite-traditional explanations, but I don't know about the "maiden aunt" or how Kurt would ever let a lit cigarette near his carefully-cultivated larynx. If the Christmas Album version was an extended edition (considering the length of the album, something would have to be), and only the first verse is sun on the show, that solves that.
  • One of the other songs has Kurt talking to an aunt "Mildred" IIRC
    • I also think the scene will go between Kurt trying to get away from Britanny and Blaine trying to keep his soon to be ex from leaving (or Karofsky... or Sam)
  • The recently released video of the "Baby It's Cold Outside" performance Josses that part of the theory.
    • I would say this theory is damn well Jossed, seeing as they're pretty stable and happy together.

'Baby, It's Cold Outside' Will be Blaine trying to convince Kurt to stay at Dalton.
Kurt does look awkward in the 'Hey, Soul Sister' video, not even doing anything (prediction, since he's joining so late, most people don't want him to perform, since it would be difficult to learn the harmonies, but Blaine uses his power to allow him to perform, this will eventually lead to their losing. Kurt, wanting to compete, tranfers back to McKinley, bringing Blaine with him)
  • Jossed

Blaine is bisexual
Writers don't understand how ***ing annoying a will they/won't they plot is, so they'll pair him with Quinn.
  • Jossed. He considered he might be into Rachel after he drunkenly enjoyed a kiss with her, and thought he might be bi. When he tried to kiss her sober, he realized he wasn't into it and that he was 100% gay.

Mike and Tina are related.
His last name is Chang, her last name is Cohen-Chang. They're most likely cousins.
  • However, Chang is one of the most common Chinese (or Korean) names out there—it's like Smith or Black—so it's not exactly a leap in logic to say that two totally unrelated people in a fairly large school could share the name.
    • Truth in Television as evident by my and my brother's in-laws. And even outside of blood relations and such, depending on how long a family has been in the US, there's a lot of other reasons why some people might share the last name and not be related.
      • All that being said and done, the chances of two characters in a TV show with the same last name being related is exponentially higher than that in reality. It wouldn't have been that difficult to pick a different Chinese last name for Mike, so it's quite possible the writers have something else in mind.
      • Jossed as of the season 2 premiere.

In Season 2, Emma will date Mercedes' dad.
Mercedes did say her dad was a dentist in "Throwdown"...could this possibly be foreshadowing?
  • It would be weird, at the very least. especially as John Stamos has been confirmed to be playing the dentist.
    • Jossed: Emma is married to John Stamos' character

"Need You Now" will be sung at or after a party
It's a superbowl episode, so there'll probably be some kind of before/after party, or tailgate party. Mainly this comes from the line "It's a quarter after 1/I'm a little drunk".
  • Jossed. They sang it for the club.

Mike Chang is gay
Still in the closet. Or maybe bi. Whenever the girls put together a number and the boys are uncomfortable, Mike can be seen as the only one (besides Kurt, if he is not in the number himself) to be cheering/"dancing" along with the song. In some scenes, he also is standing/sitting next to Kurt for no reason (they set up Artie/Tina more or less like that) and then there's the rumor that Kurt will get a boyfriend that is in the football team. More likely a new character, but still...
  • The Kurt bit is probably jossed, news is that they will cast a new guy to play Kurt's boyfriend.
    • They also said Shelby would not turn to be Rachel's mom, so...
      • I was the troper that said it was probably jossed, and I would like to say that you just gave me hope =D
      • Sorry Jossed again. Ryan Murphy is saying that Mike will enter into Artie/Tina drama next year (with Tina, not Artie), meaning that the chances of him being involved in Kurt's story too are next to none. And, while Murphy is a known Lying Creator, it's very hard to cover up things you say will happen than thing you say won't.
      • Precisely because he's a Lying Creator, it can't be truly Jossed until it happens(or not) on screen. and if we read the same thing, the spoiler is that it's Tina who will develop a crush on Mike
      • And let's not forget that, in this show, having a boyfriend means next to nothing, just look at Quinn with Finn and Rachel with Jesse
      • From what Murphy said in this interview (scroll to the end), it sounds like that storyline is going to be about Artie having to win Tina back; Mike could be back on the market within the first few episodes.
      • And why does dancing during the girls' numbers make him gay? The little bit of characterization that he's got is that he's a great dancer who's only just found an outlet for it. Dancing is just what he does, it doesn't make him gay.
      • Because all the other "confirmed" straight characters not only did not dance, but were * very* uncomfortable with the performances. Also, this is Wild Mass Guessing.
  • Mike scored very low (above Matt and Rachel) in the Glist, maybe because he knows how to hide what he is doing.
    • Well, that would prove that at least Quinn is unaware of his...extracurricular activities.
  • The writers showed to have at least an interest in Ascended Meme in this new half of season, and Mike + Kurt is a common ship for Kurt.
    • Either that or they're leading us into a false sense of security through their acknowledge of this ship...
    • While Puck/Kurt is a more Fan-Preferred Couple than Mike/Kurt, it's worth noting that in Glee Live, Mike (not Finn, I was sure) danced in the lobster costume during "Bad Romance"
  • Prepare to be blown away.
  • Also, recall that he didn't participate in the group shower sex with April, Puck, and Matt.

Jossed. He's obviously quite happy with Tina.

Sam was dating Blaine during a sexuality crisis.
And will be the "conservative character" to hide that fact from Quinn out of the mistaken belief that she would leave him if she found out.
  • Well since Blaine stated that he never had a boyfriend in Silly Love Songs this one has been jossed.
    • Why would Blaine admit to it. It also might not have been dating but a hook up?
      • Blaine was a virgin when he and Kurt had sex in "The First Time," and anyway the title of the example said "dating." Still jossed.

Karofsky is going to kill himself
This is less "wild guessing" and more "scarily possible", as he's the one most likely to off himself in a suicide plot. If his secret got out, he could lose his popularity and alienate his best friend, plus we know nothing of his home life (being a bully, it's likely not the greatest). But at the same time, he might be growing increasingly frustrated, both emotionally and sexually. His making out with Kurt was an attempt at stepping of his shell (if not the closet just yet), but Kurt's rejection, while understandable since he himself was shocked and horrified as all get out, still hurt and humiliated Karofsky worse than any schoolyard beating. Mind you, I'm a Karommel shipper who would love to see this Jossed in the future, but it's entirely a possibility right now.
  • Thankfully, it was Jossed by Brad Falchuk after Max Adler brought up the possibility in an interview. See here.
  • Actually, he does attempt suicide in "On My Way" but he was unsuccessful.

Season 2 will take a much slower pace and sectionals will not take place until the season finale
Word is that Glee is already confirmed for a third season, so the producers should be in no rush to get New Directions to competition. It also allows them to do more character drama, as competition drama can kind of eclipse that a little bit.
  • Actually, sectionals takes place at the end of November. But they could stretch it out to make room for Nationals.
  • And that would make this Jossed.

They won't get to nationals.
This is something that might already be Jossed by spoilers or interviews or media that I don't have access to where I live, and if so I apologise in advance, but if it's not confirmed they'll reach nationals, who is to say they'll win sectionals this time? Although considering the way they'll need to stretch out the shows run since they're all apparently Juniors (that's the 2nd last year of high school right? I'm an Australian troper where we just use numbers), it's unlikely. A question not WMG.. but is there another competition between Sectionals and Nationals?
  • Yes, Regionals. It was the competition they lost last year to Vocal Adrenaline. And I think that, because they're hyping the fact that nationals are in New York, they'll at least reach nationals, but not necessarily win them. There is a another WMG up here that suggested the nationals arc takes up all of season 3, which I think sounds reasonable, since they seem to be moving at the same speed plot-wise as last season.
    • There might even be an entire competition tier between regionals and nationals, such as state. They just forgot about it because they haven't been there in so long.
      • Aural Intensity were from Indiana in Sectionals, so if I had to guess, I'd say that State would come before Sectionals, but is so lowly contested there isn't any point showing it, or there just isn't enough Glee clubs to warrant a '4th tier' and means Sectionals can be made up of teams from 2 or 3 'close' states (which seems strange, that out of the hundreds of high schools that would make up a section, only half-handful would want to compete?). Or finally, that 'State' isn't competetive and teams aren't judged except to vet a team who wish to join the competition circuit at Sectionals.
    • First troper. I meant between Regionals and Nationals not Sectionals and Nationals. If they represent the Midwest (which seems strange to me since Ohio seems more north-east in my view, but I'm assuming that's some kind of geographical naming quirk I wouldn't understand unless I was American), Regionals would likely be the last competition before Nationals. If it is the last competition, that would surely mean that Nationals would be comprised of more than 3 teams, and possible up to 8 or 9, like teams from the states including or near: Washington, California, Texas, South Dakota, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, New York and Massachusetts. You could probably combine the areas of Washington and California, North Carolina and Florida, Illinois and South Dakota (into the Midwest region that New Directions compete in), New York and Massachusetts, but that's still 5 other clubs.
      • Jossed. They won Regionals and are headed to Nationals.

Kurt isn't gay.
Since the original poster did not add anything aside from the WMG bar, I shall simply paraphrase Sue: Has he ever had sex? Has he ever even kissed a boy, or a girl for that matter? "Not when it mattered". The only girl he kissed was theBeard, and the only boy he kissed was overwhelmed by who it was and what the situation was.
  • Now that he's in a relationship with a boy who loves him and is clearly enjoying it, this trope is Jossed.

Justin Bieber will become Kurt's recurring love interest.
He can sing, he's young enough to not be Dawson Casting, and he fits the image reasonably well.
  • Two out of three isn't bad. (Although at 16 he's probably a little on the young side. Dawson Casting exists for a reason).
    • Jossed since Blaine and Kurt don't look like they're breaking up anytime soon.

Sue is lying or at least misinformed about Principal Figgins' dismissal
Iqbal Theba is apparently still listed as a cast member of Glee, and is still set to appear in future episodes. Sue has acually been promoted to assitant Principal, and after Figgins' return she will attempt to get him fired to regain her power.
  • Jossed. She got him back.

"Animal" will be the turning point for Kurt/Blaine's feelings for each other (ie when Blaine gets a crush on Kurt, and not vice/versa).
We already have several spoilers confirmed for Regionals and the rest of the season (if you don't want to know this, stop reading now)—Pavarotti will die before Regionals, Kurt/Blaine will sing a duet called "Candles" about moving on (presumably what causes them to lose due to conservative judges, but this is still a WMG at this point), and Kurt transfers back to McKinley at the end of the ep. We also know that the school used to film Dalton hasn't been drafted for another season, but Darren Criss is going to be a S3 regular. Presuming "Animal" is an episode or two before Regionals, the timing makes sense that it's when Kurt gives up on Blaine just when Blaine stops being an idiot about Kurt, especially with the lyrics for "Candles". The death of Pavarotti then removes Kurt's final motivation for staying at Dalton, and he transfers back with no regrets. However, Blaine has just realized what an idiot he's been, and ends up transferring to McKinley himself by the end of the season (although this is just pure speculation, it does explain why the Warblers are leaving but Blaine isn't). Presumably, the season will end happily for Kurt/Blaine or, alternatively, on some sort of angst cliffhanger.
  • Adding to this, "Misery" will be sung the episode after Kurt leaves. Blaine will finally realise his feelings for Kurt and become lonely and depressed because they don't speak as often. He will then get the Warblers to sing "Misery" to Kurt as Blaine's way of saying "I miss you". It may have been forshadowed in "Silly Love Songs" when Blaine mentioned that he struggles with expressing himself any other way but in song.
    • Jossed "Animal" and "Misery" are just two other songs. Blaine falls for Kurt after he sings "Blackbird" in memory of Pavarotti and they become a couple midway through the episode.

Blaine will break up with Kurt shortly after their defeat at Regionals.
Blaine realised he loved Kurt only when hearing him sing very well. Now that Kurt may be blamed for them losing Regionals, I can see him breaking it off 'for the good of the team'.

Brittany and Santana will sing "For Good" to eachother.
After having danced around a relationship for most of the show's tenure. It will be how they say goodbye before graduating and going off to distant places.
  • Rachel and Quinn might fit better, because they initially didn't get along but have somewhat become friends.
  • Rachel and Kurt would fit even better as they've actually become friends in season 2, and both are Wicked fans.
      • Which would make this one Jossed, as Kurt and Rachel sing it.

Karofsky will join New Directions between Sectionals and Nationals.
  • Karofsky decides to replace Lauren after realizing his reputation doesn't matter. After joining, he will come out of the closet to the group and date Kurt. Blaine might become part of a love triangle, but Kurt will chose Karofsky as part of the Oedipus/Electra complex.
    • That is not how either of those complexes work.
    • Jossed by "New York."

Dalton Academy will be forced to shut down at the end of season 2
Which will provide a convenient reason for Kurt and Blaine to transfer to McKinley.
  • Jossed.

Sam, the new kid, is gay and will end up with Kurt.
  • It seems likely, but I thought I read somewhere that Kurt's boyfriend actually won't show up until later in the season.
    • I don't remember reading that, but I've read literally dozens of articles speculating that it's Sam, or even taking it for granted that it's him. Either he's destined to become Kurt's boyfriend or the writers want us to think he is.
    • Most likely, though not definitively Jossed by "Duets".
    • Definitively jossed by "Rumours" and removed from all possibility of being unjossed by Sam's departure from the series at the end of Season Two.
    • Sam is back now, but has his eye on Mercedes. Jossed for sure.

Santana's parent's will kick her out after they find out that she's a lesbian
Since it was already implied that she would have a hard time coming out, combined with the fact that she was outed on tv by a political ad, her parents will freak out, yell at her, and kick her out. She will probably wind up living with Brittany.
  • Jossed; they're fine with it. Her abuella on the other hand...

Quinn will fail her senior year.
With her new attitude, homework and college probably don't rank very high on her current agenda. Even if she rejoins the club, it might be too little too late gradewise. Since Tina and Artie are the only other confirmed juniors, Quinn failing a grade will keep her around for an extra year.
  • Jossed. Her "new attitude" only lasted an episode and a half, and she applied for and was accepted early decision at Yale.

Sam went to the same school as Blaine.
We know that Blaine goes to an all-boys school, and Sam recently said that he went to one as well. This would work well if Blaine and Kurt get close, and Sam tries to intervene because he knows that Blaine isn't right for Kurt.
  • Duet confirms that Sam did went to a all-boys school, Conservation of Detail seem to indicate that is likely the same as Blaine.
    • Jossed. Sam came to McKinley from a school in Tennessee.

Sam dyed his hair so no one from his old school would recognize him

Assuming that Sam came from Dalton, during Sectionals, at least one of the Warblers should have recognize him, once again assuming that they traveled in the same circles. They might not have known that was Sam until they heard him sing, it which case, they were like, "Oh my god, that's him." This would be in line with him having no reaction when Shue said that they were performing against Dalton, and only telling Quinn that he came from an all boys school: he doesn't want anyone else to know.

  • Jossed. Sam didn't go to Dalton; his boarding school was in Tennessee.

Sam used to go to Dalton, and briefly dated Blaine. It was horrible.
They weren't right for each other, or someone hurt the other, or there was an attempt at sex that ended badly. Suffice to say that they both regret it and agreed that they shall never speak of it again. Sam transfers to McKinley and tries to date girls in order to keep himself from being reminded of Blaine, as he wants to distance himself from that part of his life. Blaine, meanwhile, continues to tell Kurt that he never actually had a boyfriend before, and when Rachel kisses him he thinks that maybe the reason the relationship went poorly was because he wasn't entirely gay. Anyways, Sam doesn't realize until "Somewhere Only We Know' that Blaine is with Kurt, and is going to keep a more watchful eye on him (see the preview for "Rumours") to make sure that nobody gets hurt due to Klaine.
  • Jossed. Sam didn't go to Dalton.

Santana is bisexual.
  • She is only a lesbian in the sense that she likes girls more than boys. She does feel some attraction for boys, but since its not as strong as her feelings for other girls (Brittany) and she lives in a world where No Bisexuals is apparantly invoked by everyone, she is simply written off as a lesbian by everyone else.
    • She identified as lesbian from her own private thoughts. "I'm a closet lesbian and a judgmental bitch"
    • Jossed. The creators have specifically stated that Santana is a lesbian, not bisexual, and the 2011 GLAAD survey listed Santana as gay and Brittany as bisexual.

Mercedes is pregnant
She's nauseous, run down, irritable, and gaining weight (if all the leveled accusations that led Mercedes to quit are true). I would have expected her to find out in "The First Time," but it's still not out of the realm of possibility.
  • Jossed, the creators specifically said they're not having another teen pregnancy storyline this season and Amber Riley denied it on Twitter. Those accusations came from the Dreamgirls song the group sung before she quit, which was about a character who was pregnant.

Rachel's fathers don't care about her musical career.
If her fathers had chosen to raise her in New York, or Cleveland, or even Columbus, Rachel would obviously have a much better chance of succeeding as a performer. Heck, even moving a short distance so she could be a member of Vocal Adrenaline would have helped her a lot. But she's stuck in a school where the show choir ranks below the live-action role players. Her fathers never attend any of her performances either. Rachel seems to think they lavished attention on her as a child and paid for a huge number of performance classes for her. But we know she's an unreliable narrator about her childhood - she can't even tell which is her biological father. So it's possible they just paid for a few classes to shut her up and Rachel is remembering an idealized version of what they did. So her fathers actually break the stereotype of music-obsessed gay men and think the whole thing is a frivolous distraction from her schoolwork.
  • But her dads did come to see her - they were in the front row at sectionals and she looks at them while she's making her way up to the stage.
    • No they're not, at least not that we can see. The only audience member we get a decent shot of is Emma.
  • Okay, so her dads enjoy seeing her perform and pay for her dance lessons because they think it makes her happy, but they don't seriously think Rachel's going to become some massive star, especially after what happened to Rachel's mother, Shelby.
  • JOSSED in "Heart"

Emma's dentist boyfriend will sing "Dentist!" from Little Shop of Horrors sometime in season 2
It's WAY too big of an opportunity to miss.
  • This would be to show that he's not as nice a guy as he first appears.
  • What would be even better: an entire episode of songs from campy horror flicks. (Say, in a Halloween Special.) Ryan Murphy said that he's planning on having Jayma Mays sing "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me" from "Rocky Horror Picture Show," the song she performed when she auditioned for the role of Emma.
  • Ryan Murphy just said that a Rocky Horror episode is in the works.

Someone will sing "If You Were Gay" from Avenue Q to Kurt's love interest.
After mentioning he's heterosexual one too many times, the singer will try to boost his confidence by telling him it won't affect their friendship.
  • Hell yes! If possible, this should be done in a place with puppets (like in the school theater or something). To added awesomeness.

Terri and Will will have a baby together
They hooked up in the Substitute episode, and now that Will DOESN'T want a child with her... it has to happen.
  • The entire thing was part of her plan to get Will back, but since he rejected her she's going to take him for all she can in child support payments.
    • Terri was written out of the show at the end of Season 2, with no baby mentioned. Jossed.

The third season will have an Ambition Is Evil theme.
While we're still early enough in this season that anything can happen, most signs seem to idnicate that New Directions will make it to Nationals in New York, and possibly even win (or at least place). This will turn the entire social dynamic of the school on its head, what with most of the kids now being truly popular for the first time (as opposed to popularity via association) and the Cheerios and Football players being just as popular as they were before they joined Glee.

Of course, this is going to go straight to their heads and they will start to think they're more important than they really are. Somebody could get an audition for a major play or even a recording contract, some people might try transferring schools because they feel their talents are wasted, and if you think the fights over solos are bad now then they're going to be hell this time around. The fall part of the show will focus on Will trying to keep the club fronm fracturing because of this, and making sure the kids stay grounded.

  • This being Glee I think that even if they won Nationals it won't mean a damn thing to the football players and the first thing that happens when they get home is a "welcome back" slushie facial.
    • Jossed, if there was any "theme" to the season, it was about graduation.

Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, and possibly Finn will star in a spinoff taking place in New York after they characters graduate.
Rachel has her heart set on going to New York, and it will most likely not change considering how at home she was in the finale. Kurt and Blaine will most likely stick together, and could easily get to New York considering the Andersons probably have loads of money and the Hummel-Hudsons seem like the people who'd do anything for their kids. Finn could go either way. Kurt and Blaine are some of the show's most popular characters, and Finn and Rachel have been in the spotlight since the beginning; letting them all graduate and then vanishing would be a waste. And the show is certaintly popular enough to gain a spinoff, what better place to set it in than Broadway?
  • Jossed, only Kurt and Rachel go to New York and their escapades are worked into the regular show.

All "The Glee Project" contestants will cameo in Season 3.
Either as a rival Sectionals/Regionals/Nationals glee club or as individual students auditioning for the ND club but rejected for various reasons (most likely, why they were eliminated from the Project). Brittany will think Alex is Mercedes and Kurt's son from the future, that Matheus is a Hobbit, and that Damien is Harry Potter. Santana will tell off Emily for also being a sassy Latina while Rachel will feel threatened by Lindsay and her theater training. Each auditionee will be offended and will refuse to join, except for the Project winner note .
  • Jossed, only the winners and runners-up were in the show.

Just before Sectionals, a rules change will occur forcing the two McKinley clubs to combine
It's hard to see New Directions getting enough members for Sectionals, it's harder to see Sugar and Shelby's club getting more than two or three.
  • Jossed, they both got enough and competed against each other.

Finn will be killed by someone with a drug/alcohol addiction
It was confirmed he won't die of an overdose himself and technically he *was* killed by a drug addict...
  • Jossed — they don't say how he died and Kurt says "it doesn't matter". Also, an E!Online review points out they couldn't have made him a Functional Addict in three episodes.

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