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Brittany and Santana will become a legitimate couple.
They both seem to care more about each other than any of the boys they've dated. Maybe the reason they're both so promiscuous is they're in massive denial about their lesbianism and keep hoping they'll find the right guy to "turn" them straight. Maybe after Kurt gets a boyfriend, the school environment will become less homophobic and Santana and Brittany will be able to come out and start dating each other (instead of just fucking around behind everyone's backs).
  • Other than the fact that Brittany is bisexual, CONFIRMED.
  • Not only, but they get married. No, really.

Terri is faking her pregnancy to manipulate Will.
She had two champagne glasses in hand when she announced her pregnancy. ANYONE should know not to drink alcohol while pregnant. Also, if Will finds out, then it'll allow Emma Pillsbury to get him.
  • Realistically, a glass of champagne early in the pregnancy won't harm the baby. That said, you're probably right. It fits with the kind of characterization she's getting.
  • Exactly. Also, it's the perfect excuse for Will to get with Emma. Foreshadowing is in full effect. It's early in the show, though; the writers have plenty of time to introduce another twist to muck things up. More likely, though, Status Quo Is God and nothing will change for a season or two.
  • Argh! Can't One Drink Will Kill the Baby be averted?!
    • Well let's not forget that Terri avoided mayo before she even thought she was pregnant.
  • Will has to end up with Emma, and that wouldn't be possible if he is the father of a baby by Terri. There is no way the people who run the show would get away with having a married man leave his pregnant wife for her. Will and Emma are going to have a "will they or won't they" thing for ages.
  • The promo for the series has Terri having a scan and the doctor saying he can't find the baby. If the doctor is competent, then this is strong evidence.

Idina Menzel will get stunt cast (not as herself!) at some point.
Idina Menzel and Lea Michele look very similar; and it would make for a great episode where Rachel finds "mom" and then spends the whole time trying to out-vocal her. Bonus points if April Rhodes is refereeing.

For a long time, Finn will be the only one who doesn't know that Puck is the real father.
Typical part of Poor Communication Kills. In episode 9 Puck tells Mercedes that he is the real father and it's likely that she won't keep a secret. Chances are that all Glee members will find out before Finn.
  • Rachel might not tell because she doesn't want to break Finn's heart or because she thinks he will hate her for it. Kurt to a extent might do the same, and Artie and Tina won't say a word if the other club members ask them to keep quiet.
    • Rachel is likely to tell Finn if she finds out so that Finn will be single and available for her (but she'd probably do it anonymously).
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    • Finn would likely to be hurt by anyone that will tell about the truth, so my choice would be... Kurt, since there is no chance of the two get together
      • Which is why I think it will have to be Finn's mother who has to explain to him that he's not the father. She's the only one who could do it without Finn becoming angry (other than at Puck and Quinn for lying to him), and since Mercedes is the only other glee club member who knows Puck is the real father (and probably won't spread that fact around) it would be pretty easy for her to just stay silent on the fact that she knew.
  • Confirmed, sort of. Mercedes tells everyone else but Rachel and Finn, but Rachel figures it out anyway and then tells Finn. To his face. The fallout isn't pretty.

Do you REALLY think Artie's going to stay in that wheelchair?
He's played by Kevin McHale, perhaps one of the best dancers in the cast. Even barring Artie getting cured, the show does have occasional "fantasy" musical numbers that seemingly take place in the characters' heads (like when Mercedes busted the window on Kurt's car), so it's not out of the question for him to get up and dance during some introspective musical number about how he
wishes he could be able-bodied. And given the nature of the show, him being cured might not be out of the question.
  • Being cured of a spinal injury that kept you in a wheelchair for the past eight years is a bit of a stretch, even for Glee. Most of the hard-to-believe action is because Poor Communication Kills and severe Genre Blindness, but Artie getting out of that chair would be a miracle by any stretch and would ruin the entire point of his character anyway.
    • True, but I also said that even if him being cured is out of the question, there are always "fantasy numbers" where a song takes place in a person's head.
  • I'm pretty sure this has been Jossed in an interview/panel by the series creators. Does anyone have a link?
  • If they were going to do that, it probably would have been during Dancing With Myself, no?
  • A recent interview had them saying that Artie will be seen dancing around as he imagines what it would it would be like to dance with his fellow Glee members without his wheelchair.
    • Happens in ep 19. The episode directed by Joss Whedon. So would this be UNJossed?
  • Beiste bought him a "Re-Walk," in The Christmas Episode, which completely destroyed the rather touching and very well done "You Can't Always Get What You Want" Aesop of the episode.]]
    • Not necessarily. Sure, Artie manages to walk, but it's slow and clunky at best, and everybody knows it isn't a permanent solution. The Aesop was about Brittany's belief in Santa Claus, and that sometimes miracles do happen. Besides, if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need.
    • The Re-Walk was revealed to have broken the day after he got it in the following Christmas episode. The reason? Well...

Quinn lives with ...?
  • It's not much of a stretch to say that Finn will find out he's not the true father and when he does it's pretty clear that Quinn probably won't be allowed to live at his house. So where to go? Puck is an obvious choice but she's kind of mad at him. Mr. Shue is a nice enough guy that he would consider her baby to be his due to Terri's lie and might let her and the baby stay with him.
    • If it is Puck, I don't see it lasting long. Will I could see... though it depends heavily on how the aftermath of Mattress plays out. That said, Finn seems like a nice enough guy that even if he's -not- the father, he'd still support and welcome Quinn. Might be mad at first but he's certainly not the sort that would kick Quinn out on the street.
      • Will just left his wife, so I can't see that happening. And her relationship with Puck is kind of in a shambles. Maybe she goes to live with the baby's real father
      • Or maybe Quinn will live with Rachel? It's obvious Rachel feels guilty and wants to make amends after outing the baby drama so I can see her inviting Quinn to live with her once she finds out about the situation. Plus, her dads will probably be the most accepting to letting a pregnant girl live with them.
      • This might be interesting. Aren't the two actresses roomies in real life anyway?
    • Perhaps she lives with Will anyway - the two of them at basically thrown out or at least, distanced, from their families (while Finn might not dislike her, he might not trust her any more once he knows). They aren't a couple (Duh), but Will becomes Quinn's legal guardian - Quinn gets a baby, Will gets a baby, Quinn gets a pseudo-father that can actually handle the task and lacks the various issues the other two have, Will gets a relationship that is trusting and uncomplicated with someone that actually likes him for him being him.
      • And a dozen crack!fics were born...
      • They already exist. Starting with this one (which is widely considered the best, and is platonic).
      • I respectfully disagree with both counts. this one is earlier, if not better. There seem to have popped up a bunch of fics that focus on this idea, though, and most of them skew romantic.
    • Confirmed to be living in the Puckerman household
    • Will be moving in with Mercedes as of "Funk."

Jesse didn't join McKinley High School and New Directions to learn their secrets as The Mole to Vocal Adrenaline. He is only the mole because he is trying to help Shelby reunite with Rachel — who's revealed to be her daughter — through Jesse getting to know her.
Idina Menzel was chosen for the role of Vocal Adrenaline's coach Shelby because of her resemblance to Lea Michele, so this wouldn't be too far of a stretch. Also, the preview for Episode 19 shows that Rachel is looking for her mother with the help of Jesse. And as much as Wikipedia is an unreliable source, it says that Idina Menzel has expressed an interest in being the biological mother of Rachel, and it is said that she will be guest starring in Episode 19.
  • Alternately, all of this will be a red herring to mislead the audience from the TRUE identity of Rachel's mother, Sue Sylvester.
  • Fucking CONFIRMED.

Shelby is going to adopt Quinn and Puck's daughter.
The Theatricality episode didn't so much as foreshadow this as it framed it in neon flashing lights with a rock star soundtrack and a basebal bat. She admitted to Rachel that she can't have any more children, and she admitted to Will that she just wanted her baby back, not the grown up daughter she now has

Brittany will sing in the Britney episode as her singing debut
Heather Morris has said that she HAS to sing Britney.
  • Ryan Murphy confirmed this at the Comic-Con panel. Brittany will get to sing twice!
    • Actually three times. A solo of Slave 4 U, a duet with Santana of Me Against the Music, and she gets some lines in Toxic.

Quinn is going back to her old ways in the second season
In the first episode of the second season, Quinn betrays Santana to get back in the Cheerios (and as captain, at that). The betrayal is completely unprovoked on Santana's part, as they were hanging out as friends at the beginning of the same episode, and was done just so Quinn could get what she wanted. A couple times they mention that she is not hormonal anymore. It's possible that her niceness towards the Glee club while she was carrying was nothing but her pregnancy hormones making her act unnaturally maternal. But now that the baby is out the picture, she's free to be the Alpha Bitch again.
  • Confirmed, at least in part - She is back on the Cheerios and back to her conniving and plotting, but she isn't planning to quit Glee Club either, and she remains friends with the other members of the group save Rachel.

Quinn and Rachel will become friends (or at least frenemies) on season 2.
There was almost zero interaction between them on back 9, but that could possibly mean that Quinn had already warmed up to Rachel, not even bothering to insult her (not directly, at least) and even accompanying her with Mercedes when they went spying on Vocal Adrenaline. Then, in Britney/Brittany Quinn helped Rachel in her plan of "testing" Finn to see if he really loves her. And it's been said that in the fourth episode, Duets, Finn and Rachel will throw the competition so Sam could win at a duet assignment. And who will Sam duet with? Quinn. Of course, they could only do this to encourage Sam to stay on New Directions since they need one more member so they are allowed to compete. But hey, let's be positive they won't waste the great chemistry that Lea Michele and Dianna Agron have.
  • In Duets when Quinn was running out on Sam, did she say she wanted to "talk to" or "torture" Rachel?
  • There was a "frenemies" subplot in Season 2, leading up to Regionals, making this confirmed.

Vocal Adrenaline won't be at Regionals
Because they already lost at their Sectionals. Without Jesse's charisma and Shelby's leadership they didn't have the push they needed to win and the fact that they're "soulless automatons" couldn't make up for all their razzle dazzle.
  • Confirmed.
    • Well, sort of. They weren't at Regionals, but it's implied that they were simply in a different regional this year and will be at Nationals.

There's going to be an episode about Kurt losing his virginity to Blaine, in an episode similar to The Power of Madonna, only this time it'll be Kurt/Blaine, Rachel/Finn and Will/Emma
Come on. You know they're gonna do it. (The writers, not the characters.) They won't be able to resist the opportunity to make a Call-Back.
  • Call-Back to "Sexy" too probably. Incidentally, The Power of Madonna was the 15th episode of season 1. Sexy was the 15th episode in season 2. Kurt loses his virginity in the 15th episode of season 3?
  • Confirmed in S3 episode "The First Time". It turns out that Blaine is a virgin too, so they lose it to each other. And Rachel/Finn have sex for the first time, too.

Artie will date Brittany or Santana to make Tina jealous
She's dating a football player, the best way to get back at her would be by dating a Cheerio. Most likely Brittany, because she would be nicer and probably wouldn't notice if the relationship ended.
  • Inverted! Brittany ends up dating Artie to make Santana jealous.
  • Well, actually, Artie was initially in it for that reason, too, it was only later when he realized he genuinely liked Brittany.

The Warblers will lose at Regionals.
They are good singers, but against New Directions and Vocal Adrenaline, they won't place as runner-up.

The Warblers will lose at Regionals due to a Kurt/Blaine Duet

According to rumors, at least two of the judges are going to be somewhat conservative. Also, seeing as Blaine is already pushing the Warblers out of their comfort zone, and they need something big to win at Regionals, a duet seems like a nice way to go. However, they judge(s) will be insulted and the group'll lose.

  • Semi-confirmed. One of the judges obviously didn't vote for them because they did their duet, whilst the other two didn't seem to care, plus what they did do, wasn't as good as what the McKinley kids sang.

Puck will get together with Lauren
She sort of saved his life, so he owes her that. Supposedly in an upcoming episode he's singing "Fat Bottom Girls" by Queen.
  • Seems to be going that way in Silly Love Songs
  • Confirmed!

Brittany's last name is Spears
It will be revealed in the Britney Spears episode. She never uses her last name because it confuses people, which in turn confuses her.
  • Confirmed, sort of. Brittany Susan Pierce=Brittany S. Pierce.

Santana and Karofsky will become friends.
Thanks to similarities in both personality and story.
  • There are spoilers that talk about Karofsky slushing Santana so this seems rather unlikely. The two are most likely being used in a "contrast and compare"-storyline.
  • Confirmed. Santana and Karofsky are each other's beards. Santana found out that Karofsky was gay, and arranged for them to date, they will be attending prom together.
    • Actually not confirmed, they're not friends. Santana just blackmailed Karofsky to be each other's beard.

Sam will date Mercedes
Earlier in the season, Sam seemed to have body issues, maybe even a body-morphic disorder. He has also put his Adorkable tendencies on the back burner so he wouldn't lose popularity (or at least hot chicks). Mercedes, a Big Beautiful Woman with a bold personality, could teach him that no matter what, his body and personality is beautiful, and he shouldn't change it for anyone. Plus, it would avoid the Token Minority Couple that would come if they casted a black guy to be Mercedes' boyfriend.
  • Confirmed as of "New York", although we don't know how far this will go.

Sam is poor
Well, this being Glee (or TV for that matter), he might not be very poor, for our real life standards, but the song "Billionaire" might be a foreshadow. If he is gay, this has the added bonus to further take him away from the typical "gay stereotype".
  • This is confirmed in Rumours. His father lost the job he got when the family moved to Ohio and they now live in a motel. Sam even sold his guitar to help out.

Sue's obsession with dethroning Will (and Glee club) will lead to her falling in love with him
  • Will is a serious Chick Magnet and Sue is already dangerously obsessed with his life and his actions. All it takes is the right little push for her to fall in love with him and add her to his growing Unwanted Harem.
    • Seriously, the way she treats him is like the schoolyard bully pulling on the pigtails of the girl he secretly likes.
    • I think that the age difference is the only thing that stops the Foe Yay to be stronger among the fans.
    • Never underestimate the power of crazy people with too much time on their hands.
    • She's certainly one of the most important women in his life. At the very least, a crazy Wesley/Lilah-type hateship seems reasonable.
    • Sue says she hates him because of his hair, now if he were to change his hairstyle, this could happen.
      • She says that because she secretly loves his hair and keep insulting it to distract herself from how sexy he is.
    • Confirmed like crazy if the Next Episode Spot after "Theatricality" isn't being extremely tricky. Although it's more like lust than love, as I would expect.

Sue will get a snarky little sidekick.
Its been proven that the two lackeys Sue has right now are not very useful. So, over the course of a season, she will have a mole join the Glee Club, act all cutesy and innocent, then by the end of the season her/his true motives will be revealed and he/she will join Sue to watch from the sidelines. Bonus points if its a family member.
  • Sort-of confirmed, Becky is now Sue's sidekick, and Sue's influence is starting to show in her

Guesses on the character death from "Funeral:"
  • April Rhodes
  • Becky Jackson
    • Or her mother.
  • Sue's sister (Jean?)
  • No one important. The Glee kids were hired to sing at the funeral. We may not even know the character who dies.
  • Burt Hummel
  • Carole Hudson
  • Dave Karofsky
  • Shelby or Beth
  • All of the above are Jossed except for Jean Sylvester, who died of pneumonia.

Karofsky will force Santana to go to prom with him
I've heard a spoiler re: the Born This Way episode that Karofsky and Santana will go to prom. After last episode, I can't imagine Santana willingly choosing him as her prom date. So what I imagine will happen is that Karofsky will figure out in some way that Santana is a lesbian (maybe by overhearing one of her conversations on the topic with Brittany?) and will threaten to tell everyone and make her life a living hell if she doesn't go as his prom date. She's still somewhat concerned with what people will think and so she begrudgingly accepts.
  • Actually, it's the other way around. Santana is clever enough to find out that Karofsky is gay. Karofsky would never have figured out that Santana is a lesbian; he's the Dumb Muscle bully type, he was never much into using his brain. Santana, the selfish bitch she is, uses Karofsky in order to become Prom Queen, so that Brittany will notice her and leave Artie. Karofsky has nothing to gain by bullying Santana, just Kurt.
    • Which would make this jossed. (And Karofsky says he takes calculus in junior year, so that would make him sort of a Genius Bruiser).

Methods of having Kurt wield Sais.
Because Chris Colfer has said that he would like them to appear in the show.
  • Musical Number for "Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting".
  • Dispraportionate Retribution caused by a break-up.
  • Turns out they got used during "I'm the greatest star".

Sugar Motta will become a more sympathetic character in future episodes.
The show has a pattern of introducing characters as major Jerkasses and then softening them up later in the season by giving us reasons to sympathize with them. It's been working so far, so why mess with a good thing?
  • Confirmed by, well, pretty much all the episodes since Sectionals. She's also getting both Artie and Rory as competing love interests in the Valentine's Day episode.

One day, they will get through a rendition of "You're The One That I Want".
We've only gotten about thirty seconds of it, twice, between Finn and Rachel. When they finally get their act together and hook up, we will get an all-in cover, Musicalis Interruptus be damned!
  • That's what's going to win them Nationals.
  • The Nationals part is jossed, but they did make it through the whole thing, fittingly, in "Glease". They even had a callback to the first time they performed it.

Kate is Unique
Related to the WMG about Kate being a guy, we now know that she's also a member of the New Directions. The way she stuck up for Unique in their online chats could have been Unique trying to make Ryder realize that he was wrong, despite her anger at him. And it would even explain Kate's comment about being too shy to talk to him in person, since Wade is a serious Shrinking Violet when not in his Unique persona.
  • Seemingly Jossed in Shooting Star; Ryder rules out Unique because her ringtone is Bootylicious.
  • Confirmed in "All or Nothing."

Finn will be killed off-screen
Making it The Character Died with Him.
  • Confirmed, although the manner of death isn't stated.

Sue will return as a rival glee coach.
Since she lost her Cheerios she'll need young folks to lord over, and it will be the perfect way to beat him at his own game.
  • Jossed in Season 1 but now happening, after losing Nationals, in Season 2.
  • Oh, Season 6. Confirmed yet again.

Rachel will have Klaine's baby
Seeing her experience with having gay fathers she is going to support Kurt and Blaine having a baby, and considering her experience with Shelby she is going to want their child to have a relationship with its mother. So she is going to offer to be the mother.
  • Happens in the finale exactly as written. Are you... psychic?

Kurt and his boyfriend (whoever he ends up being) will not be the only gay couple at the school
We've already got three characters who are definately gay, plus there are still valid arguments going around for both Sam and Mike being gay (or at least bisexual). So Kurt pairs up with whoever, and the other two guys get together as well. at least then we can avoid the Token Minority Couple and it would be more interesting in the event that somebody breaks up, and there's more than one person they can try and hook up with.
  • Confirmed now that Brittany and Santana are officially together.

Brittany is really a genius.
I know it's far fetched, but bear with me here. In episode seven, when all the cheerleaders were taken off the squad because they weren't academically eligible, only Quinn, Santana and Brittany are there. Quinn gets straight A's, its unknown what Santana's grades are, but Brittany is supposedly the dumbest person in school. She is just acting like a complete idiot to gain attention and popularity.
  • A little more obvious than that. Will flunked all the Cheerios except the three in Glee Club, for obvious reasons.
    • Think about it, the class that everybody flunked was Spanish, Santana probably speaks it pretty well. Now, who does Santana hang out with all the time? Why wouldn't Santana coach her "best friend" in Spanish, especially if she needed help? Brittany is Santana's Morality Pet.
    • Ryan Murphy says that one of the things he wants to bring up in Season 2 is everyone's families, and that he always pictured Brittany as having a really smart older sister at home. If this comes to pass, we might get an actual canon explanation for this.
    • In "Duets" Brittany says of Puck: "He may be the dumbest person on this planet, and that's coming from me." If she was actually The Ditz, she wouldn't be aware of being The Ditz. Therefore, since she is aware of it, she must be putting on the trope as an act.
      • Or she simply believes all of the people constantly telling her she's dumb.
  • Santana believes it.

Finn will join the Army after he graduates
His father was in the Army, and he'll state that he's not smart enough to get into a good college or talented enough to make singing a permanent profession. There'll be a lot of angst because neither Kurt nor Rachel will want him to go, and the Hudson-Hummels have lost so much over the years. Finn will tell them calmly that it's important to him, and that they have their own dreams, and he has to follow his. They will sadly accept it and one of the last shots in the season will be them waving him off as he flies off to a military base.
  • I think he'll actually join BEFORE he graduates. He drops out of school and enlists.
    • Confirmed as of 'Goodbye'.

Sue's hate of Glee Club is fake
All her actions against it have just improved it greatly, not to mention that she has been the only one able to to say "What the hell hero?" to Will, and we know she does have a soft spot. Either she's "evil" for the lulz, or she honestly believes that's the only way she can help other people.
  • When she had some control over the club, she organised a fairly good performance and seemed to enjoy it, which supports this theory.

Karofsky will be outed in season 3
Karofsky's Big Secret still seems a little too much like Chekhov's Gun. Things seem to get gradually worse for him regarding keeping the secret from the moment he unintentionally revealed it to Kurt and then Kurt revealed it to Blaine. Though they might pity him, they're not friends either. Santana - not as nice as Kurt or Blaine - ends up discovering it and uses it to blackmail him, though, for now, she's kept his secret. However, you're just waiting for the wrong (or right) people to find out. Considering Karofsky has been one of the biggest bullies of the series for awhile? I'm sure there's more than one person, probably even amongst his supposed friends since they're all Jerk Jocks who only care about improving or protecting their own social status, who would gladly use that secret against him for revenge or for selfish gains if they discovered it. Karofsky isn't always subtle either.
  • This is a distinct possiblity. I suspect that if it happens, it will be in 3x06, as a parallel to Season 2, and that Karofsky will leave WMHS at the end of the episode, unable to cope with being the target of the bullying culture he helped to create and foster there.
Confirmed. Mostly. In On My Way, Karofsky is outed at his new school and Driven to Suicide.

Kitty will join the New Directions
  • She's supposed to be an expy of Quinn. Quinn joined the New Directions. You do the math.
    • Confirmed

Kate used to be a guy (or still is a guy, in her pants).
She suddenly shows up and advocates against Ryder in his feud with Wade/Unique regarding her girlishness, then logs off without a word when Ryder says he wants to meet her? It's pretty obvious.

Brittany and Artie will dance together
After one expresses a desire to dance with the other, they'll fake cavities/other tooth problem to have a shared dancing fantasy under anesthesia in Carl's office.
  • Confirmed in an entirely different way: Artie stands up to dance with Brittany during the "Wishin' and Hopin'" dream sequence in the season 6 episode "What the World Needs Now".

Sam and Mercedes will sing Summer Nights
Here's the setup: some people have seen the two together but not realized who one half of the couple was. Both are approached by their friends demanding details on their mystery summer romances. The two will sing the song, which will be a fairly faithful retelling of what the two did over the summer, but at the end they'll claim that the romance ended and that they are both still single.
  • They totally did sing it!!

Blaine and Sam will become friends.
They both went to an all-boys school, they're both very honorable and nice, and they're dating best friends. Plus, Sam could teach Blaine how to become good at romance, while Blaine helps him become a better, more confident performance. At some point, Blaine will get Kurt a promise ring.
  • Not the promise ring, but yeah.

New Directions will end up at Nationals or Regionals despite losing Sectionals
.Blah blah, random team pulls out due to fiery bus crash, yada yada yada, last year's champions take their place. Marley wins redemption for getting them DQ'd at sectionals.

Everyone (even people who weren't in New Directions) will be back for a big final number in the auditorium set in the future
It'd be an amazing ending tribute, and Dijon Talton (Matt Rutherford!) is in the last two episodes.
  • If you'll excuse Marley and Rory not making it (and Finn, for obvious reasons) this tearjerking farewell even got Dianna back.


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