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During one of the timeskips Shinji and Asuka met Daniel and visited Avalon together with their daughter
During their stay they met Shinjis and Asukas of other universes.

They will be somewhat wary -or terrified- of their counterparts of Children of an Elder God, Thousand Shinji and Shinji And Warhammer 40 K. They will be impressed with their selves of Nobody Dies, Last Child of Krypton Evangelion 303 and Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton. After talking with their counterparts of Advice and Trust, The Child of Love, Higher Learning, HERZ and The One I Love Is... they'll learn that they could have led better lives after Third Impact, and their selves of A Crown of Stars and Scar Tissue will show them that their lives were not so bad after all. They'll be shocked when they find out that their counterparts of Doing It Right This Time,Once More with Feeling, The Second Try and RE-TAKE actually travelled back in time to fix things (and some Shinjis and Asukas have a three-ways relationshipo with their respective Reis).


Meanwhile, Ruyko will play with Teri-chan and Aki-chan.


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