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Peter Venkman is a carpentry salesman.
One of the people we saw in the trailer bore a very striking resemblance to Bill Murray. Perhaps if the main characters discover this, they'll ask Dr. Venkman to school them in the ways of Ghostbusting so they can save the town and do their grandpa proud.

The small town in the middle of nowhere is hiding a longterm containment unit.
After the Manhattan Crossrip and the incident with Vigo the Carpathian the ghost busting business effectively dried up. With nobody trying to force their way into the mortal world there wasn't enough activity to keep the Ghostbusters in business nor enough funding to keep their facilities. Eventually Egon and Ray went out to find a place where they could safely build a longterm storage facility to hold all their catches for the foreseeable future since they couldn't just let the grid shut down in the middle of New York City. They found some stigmatized property owned by the Shandor family to study and set up the tech to run unmonitored until things picked up again then... it just never did. Egon spent his time researching the mines to see what Shandor had once been up to and keeping watch until one day he simply didn't wake up again leaving it unattended for years to slowly breakdown. Now its leaking, causing earthquakes as energy escapes, and threatening to cause another major crossrip incident.

All the OG Ghostbusters will return.
Even Egon. His death simply allowed him a personal look at the paranormal and he has been continuing his research ever since.
  • And also Dana Barret, and her son Oscar Barret too, with William Deutschendorf reprising the role. With a loving dedication to his brother Henry in the credits.
  • Egon could be the ghost detected by the P.K.E. Meter, which guided Phoebe to the secret laboratory for her to find the Proton Pack.

The cartoon series were in-universe adaptations of the Ghosbusters' adventures that took massive creative liberties.
By that same token, the video game could be this, since it's evident from the trailer that the Ghostbusters never branched out into other cities.

The mine shaft belonging to the Shandor Mining Co. is the source of the strange materials that Shandor used to construct 55 Central Park West and other buildings that were related to the Cult of Gozer.
Shandor established the mining business in Summerville to further his own ends. With miners who were loyal to his cause, Shandor acquired the unusual metals that would eventually be built into 55 Central Park West and other buildings in New York City.

Similar to above, Egon was there for a more permanent solution for the accumulated trapped ghosts, but not for a "long-term storage" solution.
He was there to release them. Cultish rituals deep underground are in-line with the eldritch theme of Ivo Shandor, Gozer, etc. Egon found one of Shandor's old mines and determined such a site could be used to open another cross-rip in the other direction, where all the ghosts boxed up in the containment unit could be released into the spirit realm. Except he died before he could finish the job, and now the containment unit, moved to the underground site, is deteriorating from lack of maintenance and causing problems for the nearby town of Summerville. Thanks to a combination of inheritance laws, destitution in his descendants, and his granddaughter being a Generation Xerox of him, the plot is set for the movie.

Louis Tully will return?
After a third part of Ghostbusters was requested, plus it would be a direct sequel to the last original team movie and would trance the vast majority of the main cast, but unfortunately Rick Moranis did not return to 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife', who played Louis Tully.

A grown-up Oscar will appear in the film
And will be played by Evan Peters, seeing as he's no stranger to ghosts.
  • He's better be played by William Deutschendorf reprising the role.

Egon is the Grandfather of Trevor and Phoebe
It would be quite obvious and it would be a tribute to Harold Ramis.
  • The kids would be the grandchildrens of Egon Spengler after the death of their Actor.

Slimer will appear.
It's a stretch, but it's possible since he's sort of a popular character.
  • If he does, I hope he'll be a puppet like in the first two movies.
  • Should he appear, he will end up sliming a member of the new Ghostbusters team, just as he had done with Peter back at the Sedgewick Hotel in the first movie.

Slimer will become the mascot of the new Ghostbusters team as in the cartoon series
Slimer will not be as evil and ends up joining the new Ghostbusters team as the team mascot as in the cartoon series.

There will be a bit of Art Imitates Life
Egon and Peter had a falling out some time after the second movie but unlike their actors, never reconciled before Egon's death.

The family from the first Afterlife trailer is Ray's.
Ray and Egon are the most likely candidates to be the teammate who's daughter is the mother of the family in the trailer. The beginning of the first movie did mention that Ray had to mortgage his family's house to get the startup money for the team, so are we looking at that house in the trailer? Figures Ray would be packrat enough about the many toys and such they had from the busting days.

The family from the first Afterlife trailer is Egon's, but are not his biological descendants.
Egon always seemed rather asexual in the movies, uninterested in relationships, but the series is rather heavily hinting at them being his family. It's possible that he did settle down and have a family, but it's also possible he decided to adopt as a single dad. The similarities between the grandchild and him are more the mother's doing, wanting a lover that resembled her dad, but said lover failed to be a proper father figure (assuming he didn't die).

Oliver Cooper will play Egon Spengler's brother.
His role will be small but important.
  • There could be a scene where he is on the phone with Egon; with Egon's voice being inaudible to the audience.

It´s not a coincidence that Phoebe wears glasses similar to Egon's.
The glasses were a gift from her grandmother, who kept them after divorcing Egon.
  • Callie doesn't care that her daughter wears those glasses because she doesn't know they were Egon's.

Egon's death was a punishment
Although the original Ghostbusters defeated Gozer together, Egon was who had the idea of cross their proton energy streams.

Members of the Cult of Gozer will appear
Some Summerville residents will be descendants of the original members. They could belong to a group that was kept secret by order of Ivo Shandor.

Egon was protecting his daughter
Egon's absence from Callie's life will be a case of Daddy Had a Good Reason for Abandoning You.

Janine Melnitz is a Secret Keeper
For some reason, Egon confided in Janine the fact that he has a daughter and why he is not present in her life. As a result, although she still liked him, Janine was no longer romantically interested in Egon; because she couldn't start a family with him.
  • After Egon dies, Janine arranges for his daughter to inherit the house in Summerville. She knows Callie is in financial trouble and wanted to help her. Although well-intentioned, Janine was unaware that there was Ghostbusters equipment hidden in the house.

The 2009 video game is part of canon backstory for Afterlife.
Ghostbusters: The Video Game is set in 1991, only about two years after the second actual movie, so "There hasn't been a ghost sighting in thirty years" is still relatively accurate - possibly moreso than it would have been, thanks to the film's delayed release. In addition, the game actually depicts the closure of the New York rift which the Gozer cult instigated, which helps explain the cessation of paranormal activity. And last but (probably) not least, the Ghostbusters Afterlife tie-in replica of Spengler's Neutrona Wand includes firing modes directly based on the video game.


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