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Missy hypnotized both Rose and Jeremy.
It is well established in the film and even the trailers that the Armitage family has little to no empathy regarding all the black people who come their way. But who's to say their own flesh and blood are exempt from this cruelty? It would certainly add a dimension to Rose being disturbingly chill about the fact that Chris killed her family near the end.
  • Damn near confirmed! A deleted scene revealed that Rose did get hypnotized at a young age, so it's very possible that was the case.
  • Totally Jossed! In an interview with Seth Meyers (and previously in a podcast interview more or less, and Peele has discussed more of the same in talking about the character’s development) spoiling the “twist” to her character, Allison Williams debunked this completely and said Rose was not and was never hypnotized and is just a full on evil white supremacist like the rest of the family, going as far as to say she really only gets the “Were you hypnotized?” question from white people who want to excuse her behavior somehow (and that the movie proves this out in repeat viewings). In light of all this it’s very safe to say her dad (and she herself in the deleted scene) told Chris of the virtues of Missy’s hypnosis from their own experience only as a bald-faced lie so they could trick him into submitting himself to their trap.

The movie is set in the same universe as Keanu
It really wouldn't be that out of place.

The movie is set in the same universe as The Skeleton Key
White people in black bodies vs. black people in white bodies! The surviving cultists, like an evil Doctor Strange (2016), turn to magic to get their "superior" black bodies now that their "scientists" are dead. Maybe the Hoodoo practitioners are telling the truth, maybe they're setting a trap...

The cop asked for Chris's ID not because he was racist...

...but because he was suspicious about something being wrong, due to African Americans going missing in the area. It's possible he had seen Rose with other black people and wanted to use his ID to see if he was a missing person or if he went missing be able to have a lead since he saw him with Rose beforehand.

  • If this is the case, it could result in a a further level of Alternate Character Interpretation as to why Rose stopped him...

    • This troper would like to put out that there was an incident where a vehicle was involved in an accident where an animal was killed. There was a damaged headlight, a broken mirror and blood all over the car. Things that would require a police report to have all witnesses information recorded. A police report could not possibly have been competently done without Chris being carded.

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    • It's also pretty natural to feel like Chris was singled out in his shoes. The idea that the cop was doing his job does not invalidate Chris' discomfort at the situation.

Jeremy would like to switch bodies with someone, sooner rather than later, to be an MMA fighter.

Jeremy is visibly uncooperative with the rest of the family with how to handle their plan. He also is very forthcoming about his love of MMA, and his belief that Chris would make a good fighter. Add these two and it seems that Jeremy resents the family for not letting him participate in the program earlier; he seems to think he'll only have a real chance as a fighter if he gets a nice "athletic" new body.

The police actually did help Rod find Chris.

Once they stopped laughing their asses off about Rod's hypnotism-slave theory and he walks out the door, they realize that, oh hey, Andre is still missing and Rod just showed them how to find him. So they hand him the Armitage's address off screen while they investigate Andre's missing person case. That's how he shows up when Chris is strangling Rose.

  • This would also mean that he didn't have to commandeer a car from his job, but may have had full permission to take it.

Rose bit the guy's tongue on purpose.
The story about Rose biting a guy's tongue so hard that it made him pour blood from his mouth was justified by her saying she was surprised by him slipping the tongue, her acting reflexively, and now having beaten that natural impulse. Knowing that she's a cold-blooded black widow, maybe she just wanted to hurt him because she's a little psycho. And maybe she got over that impulse by her mother brainwashing it out of her because it was too conspicuous? Assuming that this was the implication, we are not meant to feel sorry for her out of the idea that her mother might have brainwashed her to be a psychopath because she is indicated to have been a malicious psychopath before brainwashing.

Future films directed by Jordan Peele will feature references to Get Out
Peele has mentioned to some news outlets that he may well create more horror films that touch upon and satirize social issues. It wouldn't be impossible for things like a news report about members of the cult being arrested (which could include Mr. Tanaka in a cameo), Chris's photography appearing in the background of a gallery, the same cops Rod went to appearing and being just as dismissive, or even just someone saying they once met Dean Armitage while they were looking into neurosurgery and they're thankful he wasn't the one doing the procedure.

The brain transfer doesn't actually work
The only black people seen are Walter and Georgina, and both of them continue to behave oddly, as though they were brainwashed. Since transferring brains doesn't actually work, due to the cut out part suffering hypoxia damage, what actually happened to the black victims was a form of lobotomy. A different brain was attached, but too much of it was damaged for it to completely replace the original brain. These people were then hypnotized further to act like the now deceased grandparents, so the Armitages can perpetuate a scam on rich old white people. Missy most likely keeps hypnotizing them to maintain their brainwashing. The reason why more black people acting white weren't at that party was because previous attempts failed - due to the body eventually rejecting its new transplanted brain parts. Walter and Georgina were "compatible donors". whose body accepted the new brain without medical complications.
  • Then what about André?

The Armitage Family’s true nature and brain transplant program was exposed after the film’s ending.
I’m not an expert in this, so this probably won’t make much sense, but even though most of the evidence was burnt in the house fire that Dean set off, Walter and Georgina’s corpses were still intact. That means when the police investigate the Armitage residence and perform an autopsy on Walter and Georgina, they’re going to find Roman and Marianne’s brains in their bodies, which will allow Rod to explain what the Armitage Family’s scheme is to law enforcement.

The exposing in the previous WMG will be made by Mulder and Scully.
The aftermath of the movie is bound to show up on the Agents' radar. Admit it, the entire movie is an FBI-less MOTW X-File.

The other members of the Cult of Coagula that were not in the burning house were arrested after the film's ending

Chris was targeted because Andre knew him
Jim always wanted to be transferred into a photographer, so when Andre/Logan mentioned a photographer friend of his, the Armitages decided to target this friend in an effort to get Jim to bid at the auction.

Not just black people, but black smokers, were selected.
Since it took years to perfect the procedure, one of the things that the Artimages knew they needed was hosts who were susceptible to hypnosis. So, black people who smoke were selected as potentials to see if they could be hypnotized. Though Missy's technique is stated to be perfected, smokers were selected to see if Missy could put them into the sunken place and if they were susceptible to hypnotic suggestion before they could perform the full procedure. When Missy plants the initially test (with the teacup when they were outside), she then carries out the test (which she does by sending Chris to the sunken place) to see if he would take the hypnotic suggestion, tell him to no longer smoke, and then wait a certain period of time to make sure that the hypothic suggestion took (which for Chris, it did).

The Order of the Coagula, and the method itself, has been going on for way longer than the past few years.
This is related to the fact that, according to Word of God, they're some cult. They've been body snatching for a long time, well over a century. Every Armitage is not in their original body. Previously, they went after what were perceived as Ubermensch, or Aryans. This changed around when Grandpa Armitage lost to Jesse Owens. They then thought that it might be better to switch to black people. The one partygoer saying that "black is in fashion" meant for the cultists. They now want to be black people. When the video said "maybe you'll enjoy being a part of our family" is said because eventually, the host mind will just completely give up on fighting back, and they think of that as acceptance.
  • Interesting, but if that were the case, why don’t the Armitages have brain surgery scars?

The ending is all in Chris's head
After driving off in a cop car with his best friend, Chris wakes up still strapped to the chair. It turns out to be a dream, and the family is still alive. Notice Rose was smiling when Chris is strangling her. Also, in the scenes where he fights the Armitages, he has enough strength to take them down despite being greatly tired from what he was going through immediately after the revelation.
  • Word of God has stated that Rose was smiling when Chris was strangling her because it turned her on. It is also entirely possible that his brain went into fight-or-flight mode when he realized that if he didn't escape, he'd suffer a Fate Worse than Death.

Dean is responsible for the hit-and run that killed Chris’ mother
Considering that Dean hates deer, which is also what he uses as a metaphor for his racism against African-Americans. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rose’s father simply ran her over for no reason other than spite and hatred. If so, then this also brings a new light to how Chris kills Dean: Not only is it ironic, but it could also serve as justice for how his mother was killed by Dean, since the head of a deer, which is how Dean likely saw Chris’ mother as, is what kills him. Chris was obviously not aware that Dean killed his mom (if he is responsible) but in a way, Chris actually got revenge for his mother.

The Armitages may also be homophobic.

The Armitages are not racist against blacks, they're self-hating racists against whites.
  • If Dean's mini-speech about being 'trapped gods' or the content of the entire movie don't suffice, this has been officially Jossed with prejudice in numerous interviews with Peele and the cast directly calling them white supremacists.

Alternatively, the Armitages are still racist against blacks, but the Armitages also have a subconscious hatred of themselves as well.
  • This could explain why the Armitages hate blacks, yet hypocritically want to be black people at the same time.

Alternatively, a sequel will have the next main villains be self-hating white people.

A sequel will have a group of black supremacists who are racist against whites.
It will also be a case of Sequel Goes Foreign, in that it will be set in South Africa.

Dean Armitage secretly uses sci-fi technology in his surgeries, they are simply not shown on-screen.
This would explain the Artistic License – Biology that is used in the In-Universe explanation of Dean's surgery procedure.

Chris spent the rest of his life cringing each time someone scraped a spoon in their mug.

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