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Theories on how Genshin Impact ties to the Honkai Gakuen universe... and other Mythology Gag examples that might just be coincidences and need further proof/explanation
Well, this game's developer is miHoYo after all, known for creating the Honkai IP across several games and media. Therefore, Genshin Impact is probably bound to have shared characters and a Shared Universe with games like Gun Girls Z and Honkai Impact 3rd. miHoYo fans had a lot of theories about this.
  • Now that this game has been released, the Mythology Gag trope on the main page list the similarities between both games that have obvious clues. Some of the things listed there may be similar to, or directly lifted from the ones listed here (considering how this WMG page also compiled fan theories that existed even before this game officially launched).
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  • The game's title itself having the word "Impact" just like Honkai Impact 3rd is seen as an easy or obvious giveaway that the two games are connected somehow.
  • Prior to Genshin's release, this official livestream shows that Otto Apocalypse could briefly peek into Teyvat and Dvalin during a quantum experiment regarding the Imaginary Tree. This started the idea that the worlds of Honkai and Genshin are connected through the Imaginary Tree, or rather, both are worlds that exist on different branches of the Tree, but close enough to each other. The CG cutscene eventually made its way as The Stinger of Chapter 17 in Honkai Impact 3rd
    • This isn't the first time where miHoYo involves trees with a mythical concept (e.g. the World Tree trope). In HI3, a branch of the Imaginary Tree is described by Otto as the birth of the human civilization, and he describes his discovery as the "edge of science". The Second God Key has also been used to observe other "Parallel Worlds" on the Imaginary Tree. In Genshin, the item description of the Ley Line Sprout mentions a great tree whose roots once spread out to every corner of the world. Perhaps the Ley Line Sprout references the Imaginary Tree concept from miHoYo’s other game?
    • Genshin has trees at the end of the Domains, places with interiors that are usually blue, and are made up of strange architecture. In the Second Key comic of HI3, the Imaginary Tree is explained, and this panel shows the Tree in a similar space as the Domains in Genshin. However, the unnamed person who performs virtual analysis on other worlds also mentions how the tree's falling leaves represent universes lost in the Honkai War, and so many of them had lost, leaving the tree into a husk of itself. Perhaps the strange, petrified trees in the Domains of Genshin are allusions to that tree, which could explain why they no longer have any leaves, and why they're located in such blue-colored areas?
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    • Perhaps Dainsleif's title of "Bough Keeper" is significant enough to foreshadow the Imaginary Tree? "Bough" obviously means the "main branch of the tree" after all.
  • An opening cutscene shows the Travelers fighting an unknown woman who looks a whole lot like Herrscher of the Void Kiana Kaslana from HI3 along with the similar space-manipulation powers. Apart from the Shared Universe idea, it spawned questions like the following: Could she be just an expy? A Reused Character Design? An Alternate Self? A Reincarnation? A simple case of Mythology Gag? Or the exact same character but transported into this game's world? Other interpretations and "clues" have followed:
    • Genshin Impact is an isekai featuring characters from the Honkai Gakuen universe.
    • At the 0:25 mark of the video when played at slower speeds, her Exotic Eye Designs are the same as Kiana's, which could mean that they are the same character.
    • That woman is a protector of Teyvat who only antagonized the Travelers because of the latter's dimension-crossing abilities. But in the end, she may become an ally or be Promoted to Playable.
    • It's then confirmed that the Unknown God's Japanese voice actress is Rie Kugimiya, who also voiced Kiana. With all those similarities, having the same voice actress makes them a case of a Casting Gag at least.
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    • Alternatively, some consider the Unknown God to be the Herrscher of the End, the main antagonist of Gun Girls Z.
  • The Flavor Text of the Aerosiderite items, especially the Chunk of Aerosiderite, mention "monsters with alien, dark blood flowing through their veins". Perhaps this is talking about the Honkai corruption, in which the usual symptom involves pinkish stripes or lines appearing on the victim’s body. In some depictions such as the HI3 manga, the stripes may also be colored dark blue or purple.
  • The four-pointed star shape that's present in a lot of things (Primogems, Paimon's hairclip, Dvalin's chest) in Genshin (to the point that it is considered an Arc Symbol as written on the main page)? It's just like the recurring symbol of characters in the Honkaiverse... Just take a look at Herrscher of the Void's glowing particles, and Herrscher of the End's forehead.
  • miHoYo/Honkai fans are also quick to point out that Paimon's size, appearance and the ability to float makes her a dead ringer to the ELFs (Equipment: Living Form). There's also a dialogue line with Verr Goldet of the Wangshu Inn describing Paimon as a "floating elf companion".
  • Teyvat, the world of Genshin Impact, is perhaps named from "TEVAH" (תבה) - the Hebrew word for "ark". In the manga of Honkai Impact 3rd, the Project ARK was sent in space to find a new world for humanity.
  • There's a minor Knight of Favonius NPC named "Otto", making Honkai Impact 3rd players theorize, suspect, or joke that perhaps, he is Otto Apocalypse in disguise. While he's normally found guarding the church, he's oddly nowhere to be seen when the Fatui attack Venti and the Traveler the moment they leave it.
  • Connections between the Herrschers and the Archons:
    • There are already several references that can be linked between the Herrschers of Honkai and Archons of Genshin within the same element - The Pyro Archon Murata having a similar name to Himeko Murata (who wears a battlesuit that allows her to wield fire), the Anemo Archon Barbatos having the same color theme as Wendy (the Herrscher of Wind), the Electro Archon being known as "Raiden" just like Raiden Mei (the Herrscher of Thunder). Therefore, the unrevealed Archons might have similarities to the other Herrschers as well. And because Honkai fans noticed how the Unknown God looked like Kiana, there are theories suggesting that the Genshin Archons will also be look-alikes of their supposed Honkai counterparts, even way before they are properly introduced in the story. For example, this theory convinced both HI3 and GI fans to use Mei's HoT form as a stand-in for Baal's appearance even before the Inazuma region was announced.
    • In the Act VI - Snezhnaya segment of the Storyline Preview Chapter, Pulcinella, the fifth Fatui Harbinger, has their upper body and face covered in the shadows. Perhaps this could be a hint or a reference to Ana Schariac, the Herrscher of Ice, whose Herrscher form also has her upper body and face covered in pitch-black?
      • At first, some thought that the character in the trailer was the Tsaritsa herself, although it was quickly debunked due to the description of the trailer clearly labelling the character as Pulcinella. Despite this, there's another theory suggesting that both the Tsaritsa and Pulcinella are going to be look-alikes of Ana Schariac, or would share the same color theme as her. But among the two, Tsaritsa is thought to be the more plausible Expy since she's the Cryo Archon while Ana Schariac is the Herrscher of Ice.
      • Another popular theory from HI3 fans suggests that the Tsaritsa might be an expy of Bronya Zaychik, one of the three main protagonists of that game alongside Kiana Kaslana and Raiden Mei. Since Snezhnaya is the Fantasy Counterpart Culture of Russia, it might make sense because Bronya is a Russian. Bronya's Herrscher of Reason form is also thought to be the template that might be used for the Tsaritsa's appearance. On top of that, Snezhnaya is much more technologically advanced than the rest of nations in Teyvat, possibly referencing Bronya's tech-savvy characteristic.
  • Scaramouche's design is too similar to Raiden Mei's Danzai Spectramancer battlesuit; they have the same dark blue hair color, blue eyes, and both have bold red eyeliners. Their outfits also share a similar color theme of red, black, dark brown with a little bit of gray.
  • Judging from the similar names alone, the nation of Fontaine might possibly reference something from St. Fountain, the city where "A Post Honkai Odyssey" from HI3 takes place.
  • Lastly, if in case the Multiverse concept is explored in Genshin, it might still take a long time, or a dozen or so major version updates before that happens. Finding the Traveler's twin comes first, unless if that main plot gets repeatedly sidelined. It's also highly likely that an in-game Cameo of a Honkai character should happen first within the main story quest (Archon Quest) of Genshin before this revelation or concept takes effect.
  • In the miHoYo forums, a user named Majesty made some in-depth write-ups regarding the connections between miHoYo's games, including Genshin. Those also covered some details already mentioned above.

Gameplay elements in Honkai Impact 3rd that miHoYo might later implement in Genshin Impact
Obviously they're from the same developer, so there are plenty of things that this game might still use from what miHoYo did in their previous game.
  • So far, the following are post-launch Genshin content that resemble certain content from HI3:
    • "A Thousand Questions With Paimon" - Weekly Quiz
    • "Vishaps and Where to Find Them" - Dorm Errands
  • Genshin might have the following stuff in future updates simply because these had been in HI3:
    • A Dorm system, an interior-decorating feature, or perhaps something that would render the characters into Chibi avatars wandering around in a room, interacting with other Chibi avatars or objects.
    • Hidden treasure chests - The Sakura Samsara and A Post-Honkai Odyssey open-world maps in HI3 had "invisible" chests that would only appear if the player taps a button or ability that gives True Sight. Just imagine if the Elemental Sight ability allows the Traveler to discover new chests in the open-world as well.
    • Vehicles - The Schicksal HQ open world map in HI3 has mechs that can be piloted by the playable characters, including a "helicopter" that allows a fast aerial travel.
    • Quick Time Event - A.K.A. the "playable cutscene" trope. This had been in the Part 1 Finale of "A Post-Honkai Odyssey" in HI3 and got implemented in the later main story cutscenes as well.
    • Dorm Supply - An alternative and cheaper gacha banner that is more likely to give you a new high-rarity character thanks to its safety net or pity mechanics... Not to mention that the gacha currency cost is also cheaper, which would greatly help the starting F2P.
    • Memorial Arena - A challenge mode where players can face off against a selection of 2-3 challenging bosses from certain events each week. You have to beat them under certain time limits to score points, the faster the better. Each time when these bosses defeated, there is a difficulty increase, which nets more points when you defeat them.
    • Bounty Mark - A Coop Multiplayer game mode where the host player purchases a "boss ticket", then said player has to team up with other players to beat the boss under a time limit. The prizes are "fragments" of gacha-exclusive equipments that you can use to craft said equipments. The higher rank the boss ticket is, the more materials you can possibly get after beating the boss.
    • Resin replenishment - In HI3, stamina is automatically stored when you exceed your stamina count limit. Depending on how many stamina limit you have and you decided to don't want to play for a day, the stamina will store it in the Dorm's stamina storage. Genshin should implement this feature so that Resin is not wasted, even if you don't have much time to login.
    • New weapon types:
      • Handguns. Kiana Kaslana is miHoYo's mascot after all, and the very first Valkyrie whom you control in HI3 is a dual pistol wielder (Although what region in Teyvat is going to manufacture guns poses another question).
      • HI3 also has "Gauntlet" and "Scythe" wielders and weapon types, so perhaps Genshin might have fist-fighters/kung-fu warriors and scythe wielders in the future updates?
      • HI3 also has katanas, and some Genshin players also speculate that Inazuma might contain Katanas, given that the region is the Fantasy Counterpart Culture of Japan, although it's still a mystery if they would get lumped into the same category as the Swords, gameplay-wise.

Who Paimon really is
There are discussions about the real identity of our traveling companion, Paimon.
  • This Reddit post in particular opens up the theory that Paimon is actually the Unknown God from the prologue, with various hints like Paimon's hairclip and black scarf being respectively similar to the portal and the collar of the Unknown God.
    • Besides, miHoYo fans already got used to the company using Kiana Kaslana as the Mascot character/app icon for their games. So if the other theory above implies that the Unknown God is Kiana Kaslana/Herrscher of the Void, while this theory implies that Paimon is the Unknown God, link the two together and it would make sense why Paimon is the mascot character/app icon for Genshin Impact... her real identity could be Kiana Kaslana.
  • The alternate fan theory suggests that Paimon may not be the Unknown God herself, but her servant who acts as a spy on what the playable Traveler is doing in Teyvat.
  • In another Reddit post, Paimon might be The God of Time/Chrono Archon, supported with lengthy details or perhaps foreshadowing, including the idea that pausing the game and speeding-up the in-game clock are Paimon's abilities.
  • Paimon has a floating circlet/halo above her head, and her hairclip is shaped into a four-pointed star. Overlapping with the above-listed comparisons with miHoYo's other works, there's a character in the Honkai media who is also depicted with an angel halo and a four-pointed star on her head - Herrscher of the End.
  • Paimon might be related to the Abyss Mages because they are some of the few beings who can freely float.

The Travelers aren't just sent somewhere else (to Teyvat) by the Unknown God after the prologue, they're also sent to the past.
One theory that's slowly popping up on October 2020 is the idea that it's not just dimension travel that's involved, but also time travel.
  • The Unknown God probably has space-time manipulation powers overall, the game doesn't just tell the "time manipulation" part yet because it's still too early.
  • The playable Traveler cannot remember how many years have passed since they met the Unknown God because it's a side effect of confusion. The world has changed so much ever since they woke up from a Nightmare Sequence (as mentioned in their first Character Story), but that's probably because the Travelers are from a different time era.
  • Somehow, this is also tied to the "Paimon is the Unknown God" theory, as there are Genshin players on-board with the idea that Paimon might be the past self of the Unknown God, hence why they have visual similarities. Why would she send the Travelers to the past is something that opens a lot more fan theories such as:
    • The Unknown God, being Paimon, might actually be waiting until the Traveler collects all Seven elements and take it from them to empower herself. Another possible theory is that the Unknown God is the end-result of Paimon having collected all Seven elements for herself already.
    • The playable Traveler's adventures with Paimon might actually change her into someone better, so there's a potential for the Unknown God to become a powerful force of good via a Character Development that happens in the past.
    • Other fan theories suggest that the Unknown God deliberately sent the playable Traveler in the past to create a Stable Time Loop in which the Traveler wakes up in Teyvat and meets Paimon -> Paimon becomes the Unknown God throughout their adventure -> The playable Traveler reunites with their twin -> the Unknown God meets the two Travelers and halt their journey -> The Unknown God sends the playable Traveler to Teyvat, and so on...

A symbolism of Paimon's relationship with the Traveler
In Ars Goetia, Paimon is a demon who is obedient to Lucifer, and has flight as one of his powers. This theory could be a series of minor coincidences, but this game's Paimon likes to fly all the time. It's a long stretch, but since Paimon is loyal to the Traveler, this probably means that the Traveler is an allusion to Lucifer. In the prologue, the twin Travelers have the natural ability to fly using metallic wings on their backs. But after their powers have been sealed by the Unknown God, those wings were never seen again and they had to rely on Wind Gliders while trapped in Teyvat. Losing wings could be a reference to how Lucifer "fell from grace" when he became Satan.

Other Religious and Mythological symbolism
There's an NPC character named Nimrod, from a biblical character, so perhaps other biblical concepts or names might have been used in this game as well.
  • The world is named "Teyvat". It might be based from "TEVAH" (תבה) - the Hebrew word for "ark".

The other twin is just manipulated by the Abyss Mages
As the Abyss Mages are the ones who manipulated Dvalin into rampaging against the citizens, it wouldn't be surprising if they found the other twin and manipulated them into working with them.

Diluc and Jean had a thing together when they were younger.
They act like exes who still have feelings for each other but broke up because their lives took different paths, and they have a lot in common, including both having pet turtles as children and having very similar personalities despite their different opinions on the Knights and the way the country is run.

Dainsleif is an alternate version of Aether and the second prince mentioned in the Gnostic Chorus.
In the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview, Dainsleif serves as the narrator and recaps/teases what will happen in all 9 chapters, suggesting he is already aware of what is to come. For his chapter, the Khaenri'ah Chapter, he says "We will defy this world using a power from beyond," which may mean another world and the power of outlanders like Aether and Lumine. Near the end, he tells Aether (male Traveler) to "show me you are worthier than I to rescue her (Lumine)." Afterwards, he says that nearly all of his memories have faded away, suggesting that this may be a cycle that has been continuing for a long, long time.

Khaenri'ah is a place where the concept of time doesn't exist
In the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview, Dainself describes Khaenri'ah with "In the perpetual meantime of a sheltered eternity" (although the trailer itself can be slightly confusing on this since the quote is said before the nation's name is revealed). This might mean that something's gone off with the concept of time in that place.
  • It's speculated to be the nation ruled by an Archon of Time, which is dubbed in theory as the "Chrono Archon", if fans go by the Greek naming theme for the elements.
  • Furthermore, the location of Khaenri'ah is speculated to be just very near to Mondstadt:
    • From the item descriptions of the Sacrifical Sword:
      On the cliff facing the eastern sea, the ancestors worshiped the masters of Time and Anemo together. The two are intimately related, as expressed in the saying, "Anemo brings stories while Time nurtures them."
    • The eastern shore of Mondstadt supposedly has mysterious backstories or landmarks that made some players speculate that those things, or perhaps the shore itself, is actually connected to Khaenri'ah. The entrance to the Spiral Abyss is one of them.

Khaenri'ah is a different world that Teyvat was built on top of.
Of the two known characters from Khaenri'ah, Dainsleif and Kaeya, both call Teyvat "this world" (Dainsleif in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview, Kaeya in his character stories), worded in such a way that suggests they are outsiders.
  • Star-shaped pupils seem to be a feature on those from Khaenri'ah, and they have the same shape as the stars shown on Genshin Impact's logo, on Paimon's hairclip, and Primogems (among other things).
  • The runes/text found around locked chests and through various ruins in the game are written in the Khaenri'ah script, which is stylized Latin (see this Reddit post) — just as modern Romantic languages are derived largely from Latin, the language on Teyvat may be descended from Khaenri'ah's.
  • In the We Will Be Reunited trailer, Lumine looks at fiery ruins in horror, which were presumably destroyed at the hands of the Unknown God. In the Teyvat Story Preview, Dainsleif says "buried in the depths of this world are smoldering remains."

Celestia will be The Very Definitely Final Dungeon of the Teyvat storyline.
It only seems appropriate that the domain of the gods be the final area in the game (or at least in Teyvat) to be visited. Also, it's a floating castle/city, RPGs love to have the final dungeons be floating structures.

The 11 Fatui Harbingers actually stole the powers of the Tsaritsa for themselves
When Barbatos i.e Venti said that the Tsaritsa granted the Harbingers god-like powers, he might've been mistaken - like how Signora could steal his Gnosis, it's likely that the Harbingers could find a way to steal Tsaritsa's own divine powers as well.
  • Jossed, the Harbingers are shown to be extremely loyal to the Tsaritsa.

The Twins were Evil All Along, and The Traveler has been subjected to Heel–Face Brainwashing.
The opening cutscene shows the Unknown God claiming to want to stop "the arrogation of mankind". "Arrogate" means "to take or claim (something) without justification". Since the Traveler is able to perform magic without a focus, and can even change their element freely, it's possible that the reason the twins came to Teyvat was to steal it's power. The traveler's memories could then have been tampered with as part of a Batman Gambit to teach them how wonderful Teyvat is.

The twins' fighting style is incomplete without the other, and the other twin might later become playable, allowing them to fight as one.
In the prologue cutscene, Lumine was shown to be wielding her sword on her left, while Aether on his right. If you pick Lumine as the playable twin however, she wields the sword with her right hand, hinting that she's likely ambidextrous. She still uses her elemental skills with her left hand unlike Aether who uses his right hand for both the sword and elemental skills. This might be due to the fact that Aether usually takes the front while Lumine moves around in the battlefield when the twins fight together, but without her brother, Lumine ends up using her brother's fighting style instead. Once the twins reunite for real, Lumine might start using her left hand for the sword again. This might also be the reason why the Traveler does not have a non-battle talent, as it is reserved for the tag-team gameplay mechanic.

Potential future crossovers or collab events

Guesses for the Traveler's future elemental abilities
  • Electro:
Elemental Skill has the Traveler shoot Electro energy in a straight line and have swords of electro energy surrounding them afterward, dealing elemental damage to any that approach the Traveler. Elemental Burst has the Traveler bring down thunder on themself and around them.

  • Dendro:
Elemental Skill has the Traveler cover him/herself in Dendro energy which will heal them and their party members. Flowers emmiting Dendro energy will grow under their feet. Elemental Burst will create a garden around the traveler that inflicts enemies with Dendro the moment they enter as well as increasing their health and elemental energy.

  • Hydro:
Elemental Skill has the Traveler fire a concentrated splash of Hydro energy towards their opponent. Can be charged. Elemental Burst has the Traveler create a whirlpool that drags opponents inside.

  • Pyro:
Elemental Skill has the Traveler cover their blade in Pyro energy much like Diluc, which deals Pyro on top of physical damage. Elemental Burst ups the intensity and heat.

  • Cryo:
Elemental Skill has the Traveler generate a second sword made of Cryo energy which deals elemental damage if the sword connects, increasing their attack speed and count. Elemental Burst has the traveler plunge his sword into the ground, freezing almost anything within their radius.

The twin Travelers' homeworld is modern-day Earth
While the game doesn't explicitly mention where the Travelers originated from before they arrived in Teyvat, there are various theories or pieces of lore that might imply them coming from Earth, or at least being familiar with Earth-like concepts that are alien to Teyvat.
  • Theories that tie this game to the Honkai Gakuen IP of miHoYO suggest that the twins are from the times when the Honkai Eruptions took place, and perhaps they've been sent to travel worlds (perhaps via the Imaginary Tree) under orders of a prominent Honkai figure such as Otto Apocalypse or Kevin Kaslana.
    • Their blonde hair might make them descendants of other blonde-haired Honkai characters like Otto Apocalypse or Durandal.
  • According to Noelle's voicelines, roses represent secrecy in Mondstadt, but love in the Traveler's homeworld.
  • When talking about Mondstadt's terrain, the Traveler mentions the word "nozzle", something that Paimon doesn't know despite being your traveling companion in Teyvat for a long while.

Alice is not from Teyvat
There are hints that Klee's mom, Alice, doesn't actually originate in Teyvat, which makes her someone who might have just been transported from another world.
  • She might be an elf since Klee has pointy ears, a trait inherited from her.
  • Barbara's character stories mention that the concept of an Idol Singer is a foreign thing, that "idols" singing to entertain others didn't exist before, that is, until Barbara herself became one after reading "Alice's Idol Magazine". This means that Alice perhaps came from modern-day Earth.
  • A common fan theory suggests that her name makes her an obvious or direct reference to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, perhaps the oldest and most popular story involving the Trapped in Another World trope.

Paimon is an Archon
Or at the very least, closely related to them.

As mentioned above, Paimon is named after a demon from Ars Goetia, and so are a few of the known archon, for example:

  • Barbatos, The anemo archon.
  • Decarabian, The former anemo Archon, who used to rule Mondstadt before Barbatos and their friend overthrew them, as mentioned in Venti's quest.
  • Baal, The archon of Electro, as Mentioned by Zhongli in the very last scene of the final Archon quest in Liyue.

One theory above mentions King Paimon as a flying demon loyal to Satan, but as Genshin Impact's Barbatos proves, it's probably just a theme naming and not a full on reference to the Ars Goetia, as these two Barbatos have nothing in common.

We'll have to wait for more information on the Archons, but it's safe to assume that Paimon is much more than a cute mascot/guide.

How the Fatui will get Raiden's Gnosis
So far the Fatui have attacked Venti for his Gnosis, and struck some bargain with Zhongli for his, leaving only 4 more Gnoses to go. And considering Inazuma is no doubt the next region in Teyvat, I like to believe Raiden will give up her Gnosis after experiencing the Traveler, who doesn't need a Focus for her project, which would fall to ruins somewhat. At some point during the Inazuma storyline, I feel like Raiden will fall from grace and develop feelings of self-loathing for failing to reach Heaven and thus renounce her Gnosis, most likely to the Fatui. This is only one of many possibilities, but I feel like we'll put a stop to whatever she's doing with the statue of the Thousand-Armed Hundred-Eyed God in some capacity.
  • Jossed, Raiden has given up her gnosis long ago, and Yae is the one to give the gnosis to the Fatui.

The "emergency food" joke will turn into a total Cerebus Retcon
From the moment the player meets Amber, they can introduce Paimon as "emergency food," which she's objected to each time they've introduced her as such. There will most likely come a point where they get stuck in a situation where the Traveler may die of starvation and just as Paimon is about to offer herself as the emergency rations that have been joked about, the Traveler would rather die than see their friend die.

Scaramouche is working with the Fatui in order to overthrow Baal
We know that Baal is a tyrant who's isolating the country, confiscating Visions, and keeping new people from having them at all. Scaramouche is an Inazuma native who managed to leave a country where nothing goes in or out and is working with an organization that 1) steals Archon gnoses, 2) is currently the only source of Electro Visions via Delusions, and 3) is the most powerful military in the world. It makes sense that Scaramouche would align with them, even if he fundamentally disagrees with their goals- which would explain his reputation as a temperamental dick among the rest of the Fatui. On top of all this, he doesn't seem to have a Vision stone even though he has multiple Electro symbols on his body, so it's likely he might had his confiscated. Maybe the Inazuma arc would also have the Traveler temporarily working with the Fatui (or at least Scaramouche) and other Inazuma defectors to take Baal down.
  • Jossed, Scaramouche joined the Fatui long before the Sakoku and Vision Hunt decrees, and he was said to be "found" by them.

The previous Dendro Archon died/was killed in whatever catastrophe happened 500 years ago.
According to Ganyu, the Dendro Archon is the youngest of the current seven Archons at only 500 years old. According to Venti, "a certain catastrophe" occurred 500 years ago that was apparently bad enough that the Tsaritsa cut ties with Barbatos. It seems likely that this catastrophe and the death of the old Archon are connected in some way.

Teyvat is just an artificially-simulated world
Part IV of the "Unreconciled Stars" event gives us a Wham Line from Scaramouche sharing his realization that "the skies are a lie" (to which Mona paraphrases as "fake skies"). How can it be possible that the skies turn out to be fake? It could mean that Teyvat is just a simulation, including everyone in it.
  • Players have also wondered why Paimon's name in the mail is spelled as "P-A-I-M-O-N", which suspiciously looks like an application of the A.I.-cronym trope (The second and third letters even obviously spell out "AI"). With the "Unreconciled Stars" event's revelation, Paimon's name being written in that manner is taken as a foreshadowing to this "simulated world" theory and the possibility that Paimon is an Artificial Intelligence that's meant to oversee Teyvat and/or the Traveler.

How we get into Inazuma
The next region is no doubt going to be Inazuma in the main storyline, but we don't know how we get in, as Baal shut down borders. Perhaps one of the ways we can get in is through Beidou, who not only has an Electro Vision, but is likely to help us out considering we allied with Ningguang, who is Beidou's friend, to fight off the ancient god defeated by Rex Lapis. And considering she's the leader of pirates in all but name, she could allow us a ride to sneak into Inazuma.
  • The map from beta has notes that mention the area with Beidou's ship is an infiltration point north of Inazuma, which further supports this.
  • Confirmed in the prologue to Chapter II.

The Oceanid is a giant Seelie
Although the Oceanid is a Hydro life-form, it does share some similarities with the Mysterious Seelie, from simple aspects like their appearances, and their ability to float. The Oceanid being angered to the point where it mentions "murderers" when we fight it might be similar to how Seelies, as mentioned in Volume 3 of the Drunkard's Tale, previously wrote a song for the "human savages". The appearance of the Seelies might have also been inspired by Sea Butterflies, thus probably sharing the Oceanid's similar concept of a "Hydro life-form".
  • Jossed, the Wishful Drops event focuses on the Lochfolk as a race, and shows that they are their own species.

Delusions will come to gameplay eventually
Based on what Tartaglia demonstrated in his boss fight, its possible for the people of Teyvat to use more than one element through the use of Delusions. As such, certain adventurers can equip certain delusions to change their elemental affinity other than the one granted by their vision. Skills may or may not change, but their element definitely does. (I.e. Diluc equips a Hydro Delusion and his skills become Hydro based instead of his usual Pyro.)

Klee's race matures slower than normal humans
While many of the texts mention her being a "child", she's apparently taught by her mother in bomb-making from a young age. It's more likely that her actual age may be that of an older teen or even young woman, i.e she's Older Than She Looks. Just that she doesn't emotionally mature as quickly as normal humans do.

The Legend of Shattered Halberd book series is meant to tie in to the Flowers for Princess Fischl series, but in an abrupt way
The final book for the Shattered Halberd has the divine halberd's name be called "Prinzessin der Verurteilung", Fischl's moniker from said book. That, and the odd way the final book is written, and suspicious additional note from Yae Publishing House at the bottom, suggest that some sort of behind-the-scenes serendipity - likely involving the publishing house - may lead "Mr. Nine" (the author for Shattered Halberd) to write the ending of the book in a particularly striking way.

The Dragonspine is preparation for the eventual release of Snezhnaya.
The Dragonspine has just released, and includes multiple other mechanics to keep track of, such as Sheer Cold. And considering miHoYo is eventually gonna send us to Snezhnaya, another possibly-cold area judging by how it's ruled by the Cryo Archon, I feel as though Dragonspine is preparing us for when we eventually go there.

The Sheer Cold mechanic will be transplanted to be its opposite in either Sumeru or Natlan
Incidentally, Sheer Cold is also a means of preparing ourselves for its thermal opposite, which we would witness in either the regions of Sumeru or Natlan, a possible Searing Heat mechanic similar to what you'd find in Breath of the Wild's Gerudo Desert or Death Mountain.
  • Somewhat confirmed—an environmental effect named "Blazing Heat" is present during the Narukami Island: Tenshukaku boss fight, Signora.

Childe will die
Between telling the player that they can't wait to introduce them to their family, missing his chance to say goodbye to his little brother, and the toll that his foul legacy transformation takes on his body, Childe seems to be on an express train to an early grave. However, with Celestia being the place that people with visions go to after death, it's possible for him to remain a player in the story even if he does die.

Fontaine will introduce diving mechanics.
Being the Hydro act, Fontaine could introduce underwater segments for certain areas while utilizing an oxygen-themed version of the Sheer Cold mechanic, like needing to reach pockets of air or bubbles to refill your oxygen, which can be offset by a scuba mask/some sort of breathing apparatus and maybe a new dish.

Tsaritsa is not evil.
In the English dub of the story trailer, she's described as "having no love left for her people" and implies she's cruel and seeks to destroy the other gods, hence why she wants to the gnosis of her fellow Archons. However, the Japanese and Chinese dub instead translate this line as "no longer loving her people", which instead implies she's too preoccupied with something else that keeps her from loving her people (such as plotting the downfall of the divine) rather than actively being apathetic to them. The Japanese and Chinese dub also translate her fight against the divine as a fight against "heavenly principles", certainly referring to the Unknown God, who Zhongli has stated in the webcomic is the Sustainer of Heavenly Principles, and we also know there are other gods outside of the Archons.It should also be noted that she is the God of Love, and it's not unheard of for Broken Birds to "harden their heart", as Childe says, to do the harder things in the name of love. Perhaps Tsaritsa wants to avenge the other gods that fell in the Archon War or what happened to Khaenri'ah or wants to prevent further tragedy from befalling them, blaming these tragedies on Celestia/the Unknown God.

What caused Vennessa to become a nomad
In the comic, while Venti claims that Murata, the Pyro Archon, was the "Lady of War" and that she had descendants called "the Muratans", Vennessa - the Muratan he met - claims that her tribe has been a nomad for as long as she can remember, and she knows very little of her own tribe's legends as the elders of her tribe didn't have the time to teach its young members about it.

Chapter 1 of the game reveals that the current Archons other than Barbatos and Morax are not the same as the ones who first founded the Seven, which includes the Pyro Archon.

Onto the guess: it's likely that Murata was overthrown by another god who took her position as the Pyro Archon, and then forced her people, the Muratans, out of Natlan. So the Pyro Archon that Venti remembers had been replaced by the time he met Vennessa.

Fontaine's advanced technology is due to a traveler from another world.
During one quest players can acquire a "kamera" that was recently developed in Fontaine. The primitive camera is at least a couple of centuries ahead of the present day technology of Teyvat, which strongly suggests that it was introduced from elsewhere. There's also the fact that Rock and Roll music supposedly originated in Fontaine. It seems highly unlikely that such a music genre would arise in a medieval fantasy setting, once again suggesting that it was brought to Fontaine by a traveler from another world.

Zhongli is a Composite Character of Fu Hua + Owl from Honkai Impact 3rd
Fu Hua's traits:
  • Being very old and wise
  • Acting as a defender of her own land (China-esque)
  • Having problems with her memories being "too good"
  • Having taken on multiple identities in the past

Owl's traits:

  • Being Herrscher of Earth
  • Giving his Herrscher Core to the Herrscher of Ice

They are all similar to Zhongli's traits, and it goes with how Venti (his fellow Archon) is a walking and flying Wendy reference.

Mounts will be introduced.
Taking a page from MapleStory and Terraria by having mounts in the forms of hogs, slimes, and (baby) dragons, for instance.

Upcoming playable characters.
  • Vennessa
  • Alice
  • Varka
  • Rhinedottir
  • Baizhu
  • Yunjin
  • Yaoyao
  • The other members of the Qixing
  • The other Yakshas (Boscacius and the other three)
  • The Unknown God
  • The Abyss Princess/Prince

Firearms will eventually be introduced as a new weapon type
Firearms already canonically exist in Teyvat in at least Snezhnaya, so there's no in-story reasons on why gun-wielding characters can't be introduced.

Similiar to the Manacasters of Dragalia Lost, each character could have different 'modes' of attacks, with some having muskets/rifles, high-velocity rifles/gatlings, and short-range shotguns, altough all three would share the same weapon graphics for simplicity's sake.

The eventual Sumeru update will add a "Sheer Heat" feature
Since Sumeru seems to be a mix of ancient Egypt and India, it's inevitable that a a "Sheer Heat" (Deadly Heat?) effect will be added to contrast Dragonspine's Sheer Cold.

This will likely not be in the entire region, but in specific parts of the map, like the obligatory sprawling desert. Standing under shade or finding oasis would bring down the heat bar, similiarly to standing near torches and fire in Dragonspine. Alternatively, or in addition, the game would require you to stock up on "Water Flasks" to periodically keep the bar from filling.

  • Somewhat confirmed—an environmental effect named "Blazing Heat" is present during the Narukami Island: Tenshukaku boss fight, Signora.

Baizhu is a Yaksha
Baizhu is said to be suffering from some mysterious illness. It could be that his illness isn't an illness at all but his Karma. It's also worth noting that Baizhu's eyes are very similar to Xiao's.

There will be a "sequel".
Seeing as the Story Trailer refers to the stories of the Traveler journeying through Mondstadt to Khaeni'riah as the Teyvat Chapter, maybe we'll get another "Chapter" of the game, be it another mega-expansion or a sequel, taking place outside of Teyvat. Also worth noting that Teyvat is only a continent and isn't considered to be the whole world.

The Legend of the Shattered Halberd series is loosely based on the Archon War, and Flowers for Princess Fischl is a sequel taking a similar approach to the fall of Khaenri'ah.
The Legend of the Shattered Halberd is about heroes who receive divine powers by giving up an eye and recalls the story of battles between heroes and deities over powerful superweapons. The specifics of the story are different, but it shares similar themes to the Archon War. Divine powers are linked to an eye, which ties into the symbolism behind Visions, and the bearers of the MacGuffins suffer mental degeneration similar to Delusions. There are also noted to be nine realms; it's possible that those nine realms are meant to be the seven nations of Teyvat, Khaenri'ah, and Celestia. A weapon bearing a fragment of the power of the fire realm is part of the story, supporting this.

As for Flowers for Princess Fischl, a few things worth are worth noting. One is that it is made explicit in Fischl's character stories that part of the storyline is the denizens of the Immernachtreich are transformed into monsters. In the context of Fischl's backstory, this is meant to tie into how threatened she felt by being ostracized, but it could also be based on the fall of Khaenri'ah. The description for the hourglass of the Bloodstained Chivalry artifact set recounts the fall of a kingdom and a curse transforming it into the Abyss. Note that Dainsleif who comes from Khaenri'ah is an enemy of the Abyss Order. This could be because he is among the Last of His Kind as a human from Khaenri'ah. Other small details support this: like Fischl both Kaeya and Dainsleif lack an eye, and Fischl is referred to as the "Princezzin der Verurteilung"-the "princess of condemnation." It's possible that while Fischl from Flowers for Princess Fischl is a fictional character, she is loosely based on the Prince(ss), meaning that Amy has been unconsciously imitating the Traveler's sibling the entire time. Also, like the storybook version of Fischl, the Prince(ss) has traversed countless realms. The similarities between the Immernachtreich, the realm of eternal night, and the land of Abyss, Khaenri'ah are too uncanny to ignore.

Baal has already lost her Gnosis.
Baal has only very recently begun hunting Visions in her nation, initiating the Vision Hunt Decree to seize all Visions in her domain and give them to a statue of the Thousand-Armed, Hundred-Eyed God. It is possible that the Fatui have already made their way to Inazuma and deprived Baal of her Gnosis, and her to gather a multitude of Visions is to use them to create a makeshift Gnosis.

  • Confirmed, kind of. Raiden Ei gave her gnosis to Yae Miko long before the events of the game, though the Fatui would not acquire it until Chapter II of the Archon quest.

5 Star Character EXP items and 4 Star Weapon EXP Items will eventually be added.

It seems like a logical progression of the game to add higher tier EXP Items, especially since the amount of EXP needed to level up every ten levels gets more and more expensive. It's likely 5 Star Character EXP will necessitate going above the current cap of Adventure Rank 60, while 4 Star and higher Weapon EXP will require materials in areas further in the game's story in order to craft.

Kaeya won't betray Mondstadt or the traveler
His backstory sets him up as a traitor in a way that feels excessively heavy handed, and he does seem to care deeply for Mondstadt, his deceased foster father, and those around him. Additionally, someone from Mondstadt with a decent amount of power - Diluc - already knows that he was meant to be a spy for Khaenri'ah; you can't effectively turn on someone if they're already ready for you to turn on them.This might kill him though, with some sort of situation where he has to chose one side or the other, and chooses Mondstadt, and that gets him killed somehow.

Chongyun can't remember anything he does in his heated state because he refuses to accept that part of himself
Essentially, Chongyun rejects his hyperactive Yang-energy side so hard that his conscious mind rejects the memories of what he does when he's in that state. If he acknowledges and accepts this side of himself, he'll eventually be able to settle into a more balanced, "lukewarm" state, with the help of his Vision.

The ominous letter to Barbara was from Bennett, not Albert
During the Windblume Festival, Barbara gets a strange letter saying something precious was stolen from her—but when you follow the map, it turns out to be just a gift box and another letter (partly apologizing for the first letter). Most people seem to assume it's from Albert, a Loony Fan of hers we met earlier, but there's reason to believe it was actually from Bennett (and probably Ship Tease).
  • The most obvious reason—Venti knows who sent it, and tries to sugarcoat it, saying it's a sincere and heartfelt message despite the "questionable methodology." He rejected Albert's own wacky plan to build a giant flowery statue for Barbara, so he probably wouldn't react this way unless he thought it was from someone else.
  • Rosaria realizes there's "nothing to worry about" as soon as she reads the scary-sounding letter, implying that she's also figured out it was from someone Barbara knows, not a stranger or random fan.
  • Bennett showed up at Venti's poem-writing class, so we know he wanted to write a love letter to an unknown person.
  • Bennett also appears when you first talk to Barbara about the weird letter, even though there's no reason (storytelling-wise) for him to be there unless he was involved somehow. When Barbara leaves, he inexplicably runs off to the Thousand Winds Temple, instead of going to the location on the map (which he recognized), implying that he knows what she'll find there and doesn't want to get dragged into it.
    • Jossed. Later event storyline indirectly reveals that Bennett hadn't written his love letter yet at the time and had been only able to find time to write them while trapped in a prison cell with Razor at Thousand Winds Temple. He's also genuinely mistaken said place to be where the author of the strange letter to have buried Barbara's precious belongings. Not to mention being extremely angry such situation led him to be trapped in the first place.

Paimon was a member of the Twilight Sword, or at the very least was close to Dainsleif
In Chapter 1-4, it was revealed that Dainsleif was a member of the Twilight Sword, the Blacksun Dynasty’s royal guard before Khaenri'ah fell and was cursed with immortality for failing to protect his charges. Judging by Paimon and Dainsleif’s eerily similar outfits and the fact that Paimon shares the starry eyes that the two other characters associated with Khaenri'ah (Dainsleif and Kaeya) have, Paimon might have been involved with the Twilight Sword (and by extension Dainsleif). She was cursed not only with immortality, but being stuck in a pixie-like form and losing her memories of her time in the Twilight Sword.

Skirk, Childe's master, is a from Khaenri'ah
Childe's skills were taught to him by a woman named Skirk. Childe's weapons and fighting style is eerily similar to a Hydro Abyss Herald's.

The Descension Equipment used to belong to Dainsleif
The color scheme of both the Sword of Descension’s 2nd form and Wings of Descension match that of Dainsleif, and the flavor text of the Sword state that it was once used against a great calamity, which can be said to be the fall of Khaenri’ah.

Abyssal Magic will be the eighth playable element.
This will be how Dainsleif and your sibling will become playable.

When/If the Traveler ever will reach Celestia, it will turn out to be a hi-tech base similiar to a space station.
This has completely no proof, so I'll go even a step beyond in absurdity: the "Celestial Gods" will turn out to be humans who literally control and observe Teyvat through a super computer, with the Unknown God being the only actual divine entity that works for Celestia.

Scaramouche is the Raiden Mei parallel, not Baal. Alternatively, there are tw Raiden Mei parallels, and they are both Scaramouche and Baal.
Note that Scaramouche and Raiden Mei have similar color schemes.

The true leader behind the Abyss Order will turn out to be Gold.
Gold, already holding a position as a Greater-Scope Villain due to their various backstory acts like creating Durin and the "shadowy monsters" 500 years prior to the start, will turn out to be the actual leader behind the Abyss Order, even above the Traveler's Sibling. Considering they're clearly linked with the Abyss and their status post-Calamity is unknown, it's not too improbable.

Bonus: They will also be refered to as the King/Queen of the Abyss Order, to signal their higher rank than the Prince/ss rank the Sibling holds.

The Abyss Order has a very subtle Chess theme
Out of all the units we have currently: Abyss Mages (and/or Hilichurls) are Pawns, Heralds are either Knights or Rooks, Lectors are Bishops, and the Prince/ss is a Pawn that got promoted to a Queen.

Harlequin/Arlecchino will be the true Token Good Teammate of the Harbingers.
In the Commedia dell'Arte, Arlecchino is one of the most popular and influential masks, and almost always has a heroic or at least amusing role in the story. Based on this, Genshin's Arlecchino will NOT be fought and will possibly be a Nice Guy and/or Lovable Coward who will help the Traveler.

Baal will try to recruit the Traveler.
We all know Baal is looking for Visions, as she believes Visions to be divine blessings. Once she finds out that the Traveler has the powers of a Vision without needing one, this Troper believes that Baal will not be antagonistic to our Player character, but rather, trying to convince us and persuade us into swearing loyalty to her and help her with her project. Naturally, we'll refuse, but that may not stop her from continuing to try.
  • Jossed. Baal doesn't want to recruit the Traveler since she sees them as a threat and wants to kill them.

Zhongli is washing his hands of Celestia
Zhongli has been asked to stay silent on the subject of Khaenri'ah and the Traveler's sibling. In spite of this, he nonetheless tries to squeeze out what hints he can by confirming that their sibling walked Teyvat in the past, and arrived at a certain truth that will provide the answers to why this is all happening. Evidently, the terms of his vows do not include the duty of trying to make sure it stays secret, as he chooses to not only stand aside for the Traveler but also push them to search for that dangerous secret in spite of the fact that he clearly knows how the last person known to have found it turned out. Pair this with his decision to trade away his Gnosis to the Tsaritsa, who's been hinted to be preparing her own rebellion against Celestia, and his actions of tidying up the affairs of the divine, and you have the possible explanation that he too is turning his back on Celestia, albeit in a way that will not break his oaths.

The Purpose of the Boss Trophies
So far, Tainted Blood and Monolith Fragment have no use. When all Archon Quests are completed, there will be at least 7 of these. Possible uses for the trophies may be crafting the Traveler's sword from the intro, restoring their power, or triggering end-game events.

The Grand Thief in Chapter I Act IV never actually died.
Even The Worf Effect has limits. The player can compare the Grand Thief to Alice, The Archmage of Teyvat thus far, without Liyue Branch Master Lan so much as raising an eyelid. It's difficult to believe that someone as competent as Alice would be killed after finding a corrupt Statue of the Seven, even if they were ambushed by an Abyss Herald. It'd be a major case of Show, Don't Tell, as they died before they had the chance to show off their skills, and thanks to something relatively trivial, at that. Even if they lack a Vision, a thief as renowned an adventurer as Alice should be more than capable of identifying when to turn tail and run and to not take too close a look at shady landmarks. If this hunch is accurate, the corpse we see is that of a decoy the thief sent to investigate the statue, and we will encounter this legendary Phantom Thief in-person later. Yes, they can also be compared to Stanley, but the Stanley we encounter in-game is explicitly the original's lesser understudy, so it's difficult to make judgments based on that comparison.

Mondstadt is a functioning anarchy.
Nothing's been said of an actual government since the aristocracy was overthrown and it fits very well with how important they hold freedom.

The masterless vision Kazuha has with him will become Scaramouche's vision.
This only works if Scaramouche is visionless but since he isn't obviously shown with a vision like the playable charcters and npc Baizhu it's possible. Maybe it activates partway through the Inazuma story and he helps take down Baal or he gets it as a reward for something else after he proves his worthiness.

  • Jossed. At the end of Chapter II, Kazuha places the masterless Vision next to his friend's sword northeast of the Grand Narukami Shrine, where it still remains following the conclusion of the chapter.

Yae is the original Electro Archon.
  • She's stated to be an old friend of Zhongli and Ganyu, two people who have lived for hundreds of years and also have a connection to the Geo Archon — Zhongli being Morax himself and Ganyu being one of his subordinates.
  • Morax and Barbatos are the only original Archons still left alive... or so do they think. Since the Dendro Archon is the youngest Archon with a 500-year rule, this means the transition between the two Electro Archons had to have happened over 500 years ago to after 2,000 years ago (when the Archon War ended, otherwise, when the seven elements and the original Archons were determined). Plenty could've happened during this time, such as Yae handing off her title to Baal and faking her death or disappearing.
  • The figure depicted in the Thousand-Armed, Hundred-Eyed Statue has a resemblance to Yae (namely similar hairstyles), just as the Statues of the Seven for Barbatos and Morax resemble Venti and Zhongli.
  • Venti and Zhongli both have "_ Dei" as their constellation names, while Baal's is "Imperatrix Umbrosa". Yae has yet to be revealed as of this writing. Perhaps "Dei" is reserved for original Archons, and they also wanted to withhold that until the Archon Quest revealing Yae's true status was revealed.
    • Jossed. The original Electro Archon was revealed to be Raiden Makoto.

Possibly going with the above, Yae is possessing Raiden or vice versa.
In her beta lines, Ayaka speculates that Yae is possessed by a spirit, a Mythology Gag to Honkai Impact 3rd when Yae Sakura possessed Raiden Mei and got her permission to do it again later. Maybe as a way to technically achieve immortality, Yae or Raiden has learned how to body-jump into the other to keep their souls alive while abandoning their old, weakening bodies.
  • Jossed, Raiden Ei keeps her consciousness in her sword.

Childe is being used by the Abyss
A lot of details about Childe are very suspicious, he has been to the Abyss and emerged a very different person than when he entered, and while using his Foul Legacy Transformation he both looks and attacks like an Abyss Herald. The latter is especially suspect given the monsters of the Abyss Order used to be humans. However, Childe mentions he dislikes subterfuge, so it’s possible he's being used as a sleeper agent of sorts, as it would likely be beneficial to the Abyss Order to have a Harbinger working for them. Additionally, Childe is known to be easily manipulated, so controlling him would probably not be hard.

Guest Fighters from other franchises
With Aloy announced as a playable character, any other characters are fair game now.

Scaramouche is a former Tenryou Commission member and former Kujou clan member
Scaramouche's hair doesn't have the glowing gradient that most archons seem to share and the full image of Baal shows her having that hair gradient while Scaramouche doesn't. Instead, his hair color shares a similar shade to Kujou Sara.So it's more likely that he's formerly of the Kujou clan of Inazuma before joining the Fatui, instead of being a clone of Baal.
  • Jossed. Omnipresence Over Mortals reveals Scaramouche is a clone.

Guoba is a deity
Xiangling met the strange bear when she took shelter on a cave with a strange shrine. Guoba appeared and ate spicy cornbread she was saving for later as he thought it was an offering to him.
  • Confirmed. Guoba is the God of the Stove, Marchosias.

Whatever exactly Yae is, Sucrose is the same "species".
Listen, all we have for both is downward fox ears and what doesn't seem like any tail. It's not much but it's a merited thought.

Baal's potential Heel Realization
In some leaks it's been revealed that Baal will be playable under the moniker "Raiden Shogun". In the past, we've had villainous characters made playable (Childe/Tartaglia), so it makes one wonder what would happen in canon that would result in Baal realizing her mistakes. I think it would have something to do with the Statue with the Visions she's been collecting under the decree. As of right now, she's collected 99 Visions to decorate the statue, with Thoma's almost becoming the 100th. Whatever and however it happens, I feel like something will happen, and Baal will realize the gravity of her Decree it has on the whole of Inazuma. Perhaps the mass accumulation of 100 Visions will cause some disaster across the islands that the Traveler has to stop, similar to what happened with the monster fight in Liyue?

Visions are Soul Jars.
Lisa had apparently discovered a dark secret behind Visions, but up until patch 2.0 we had no idea what that might be. Given that those that are deprived of Visions suffer Easy Amnesia and lose track of what was most important to them, it's possible that they're receptacles of a fragment of the bearer's spirit that sap on their emotional energy for power. Supporting this is that in a potential Mythology Gag this is similar to Herrscher cores in many ways.
  • Seemingly jossed; Ei says the people who broke down from getting their Visions confiscated simply used their Visions as emotional crutches for their ambitions.

Aloy's going to be in denial about a lot of things in Teyvat.
After a whole game proving her atheism correct at every turn, Aloy's gonna be really disinclined toward believing gods, visions, and everything else mystical in Teyvat doesn't have a hidden scientific explanation or that what the people believe is fake.

Fontaine will be another corrupt nation.
Dialogue tells us that Fontaine is the region of justice, but that concept is all too easy to twist and corrupt, perhaps resulting in a hostile environment of biased laws, though maybe the anatagonism will be to a subtler degree than in Inazuma and Snezhnaya. Maybe there could be references to the French Revolution in the idea of judicial messes as well given the hints that Fontaine is Teyvat's France.

There will be a public heroic Archon and/or a villainous hidden Archon.
Thus far, the archons with secret identities have proven benevolent yet detached, while the Archons who are publicly known have proven to be cruel rulers of their nations. Perhaps some of the remaining Archons will change that pattern by having a publicly-known Archon who is entirely benevolent or a hidden Archon secretly pulling the strings for dark purposes.

Dendro's playable dynamics
Currently, Dendro only manifests in enemies and its only visible property is weakness to Pyro, but when Sumeru inevitably makes Dendro characters playable, the element will probably be fleshed out more, and since it already has a specific elemental reaction with Pyro, it probably won't be an outlier like Anemo and Geo. Dendro may have a strength over Hydro, Pokémon-style (Absorb reaction?), and might be weak to Anemo due to wind being able to uproot plants, possibly creating a "Scatter" or "Uproot" reaction. Since Geo doesn't have a specific dynamic with Hydro to represent erosion, Dendro might not have any specific effect with it either, though perhaps it could bring Geo into triangular dynamics as well as Anemo to make those elements less outlying. Dendro and Electro doesn't sound like it would have a specific reaction, since real life electricity-plant interaction results in burning and that would be already covered by Pyro, and Dendro and Cryo are similarly hard to guess.

The gifts for the Rite of Parting are meant for Guizhong.
The perfect perfume (when a baffled Paimon wonders aloud if Morax is actually a woman, an amused Zhongli merely answers maybe), the perfect jewel (a representation of Morax), perfect flowers (in fact, they're Glaze Lillies, which were heavily associated with Guizhong), a kite representing the seven Archons (showing who won and survived the Archon War)… part of Zhongli/Morax's character is that he's actually humble and keeps things up for appearance (such as faking his death); rather than have the Rite of Parting grieve over him, he took advantage of it to instead serve as his goodbye to Guizhong.

Visions are how Celestia watches over Teyvat.
According to the English localization of Xiao's lines, Visions are given by Celestia. Lisa also discovered a dark secret about the Visions, Zhongli says that they're foci from the gods but never says which gods, and Ei is surprised to learn that new Electro Visions haven't been given out since she has no control over giving Visions.

Tsaritsa is the God of Love.
In the story trailer, all of the gods' major concepts are stated in their region's description by Dainsleif. "Love" is the only concept mentioned in Tsaritsa/Snezhnaya's description, even though Dainsleif describes Tsaritsa in the English dub as "having no love left for her people, nor do they have any for her".

Mondstadt is actually the North Pole/the "Arctic Circle".
In the Teyvat Travel Guides, Alice states Brightcrown Canyon is northeast of Cider Lake, even though the player's world map shows that Brightcrown Canyon is actually west of Cider Lake. Meanwhile, Alice describes directions in Liyue accurate to the world map.

According to lore, Mondstadt was a near-uninhabitable frozen tundra until the gods came and Barbaros became the Anemo Archon, turning the land into a prosperous land of fields. In real life, it was believed the British Isles were warmer than other regions on the same latitude despite their proximity to the North Pole due to warm air being brought in by the Gulf Stream. Though this has since disproven (the oceans absorb warmth), this may be an inspiration for Mondstadt's warmer climate.

Northwest of Cider Lake would then be the location of Andrius, God of the North Wind — perhaps Andrius is where the North Pole of Teyvat's world is?

Scaramouche has a Cryo Delusion.
Given that Scaramouche has an Electro symbol on his costume and the fact that he was a prototype for Raiden Shogun's puppet body, it's likely his prime element is Electro. Thus far, the Fatui Harbingers have wielded two elements that contradict each other, so it follows that Scaramouche's Delusion is a Cryo one, especially since the second element each Harbinger uses in their battles is the perfect counter to the first element they use.

Scaramouche won't be dispatched in Chapter 4.
Given that he's seemingly brought in as the Fatui's next huge threat in lieu of Signora, it would be surprising if he's done with by the end of the Sumeru story.

Dainsleif is a spy
The narration dialogue for Collected Miscellany videos is done by Dainsleif. He describes every character's skills in such detail as if he were explaining it to someone. While it may be the viewers, it is possible he is telling it to someone else. Whether it be the Traveler, Khaenri'ah or someone else is another question.

The Pyro Archon will give her Gnosis to the Traveler.
While the Fatui manage to nab the Gnosis of all of the other Archons, (Murata) will willingly relinquish her Pyro Gnosis to the Traveler after being defeated by them as their next destination is Snezhaya in hopes that they will put an end to the Tsaritsa's schemes and take the Fatui's influence away from Natlan at the same time.

The Elemental Hypostasis are fragments of the Unknown God’s Power
Their shape and structure should make it pretty obvious since the Unknown God’s Power manifested as cubes and the “We will be reunited” trailer has the Abyss Princess witness a whole bunch of cubes destroying Khaenri’ah. What’s to say that the Hypostasis are what is left over?

The Vision Sara took from Itto was a fake one
Despite being described as reckless, Arataki does know when it's better to play it save and seeing how losing a Vision affected others he let a fake vision be made and gave away that instead.
  • Ei said that the people who entered catatonia upon her Shogun taking away their Visions used them as a crutch for their ambitions. So maybe Itto's just that thick-headed.

We will get an android character at some point
Ruin Guards and their various brethren being scattered across Tevyat drives home the point that magitek robots can exist in this world. The existence of the Raiden Shogun (and by extension Scaramouche) and possibly Katheryne even more so, as those ones are explicitly human, as opposed to the bipedal [Guardian/shifting mass of rock and energy/Perverse Puppet look the latter have going for them. As for how the thing itself could become playable, maybe it could involve it learning beyond what it was designed to do and becoming its own person, thus catching the eye of whatever system's in place to give out Visions.

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