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Gen's upcoming kids' series will be the next Yu-Gi-Oh! anime.
The franchise has overall been fluctuating from "dark for the most part, with undertones of The Power of Friendship" (DM/original manga, 5D's before episode 65) to "light with dark undertones that may take over the series eventually" (GX, Zexal). Dark as they may be, however, the series (the later ones, anyway) are ultimately intended for kids, being Merchandise-Driven and all that. If this pattern keeps up, then the fifth series will take place in a dystopia (like 5D's) and the protagonist will be an Anti-Hero and/or Guile Hero (like Dark Yugi and Yusei's original portrayal). Urobuchi could very easily be given the job of writing this series, given his past work (also, Les Yay aside, it was The Power of Friendship between Homura and Madoka which allowed the Madokaverse to become somewhat brighter).

And, if it gets dubbed, then Cake Planet will become reality!

  • Probably jossed, as he's been announced to be working on Kamen Rider Gaim now.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V is in fact not being written by him, instead by the 5D's writers (And, while it is lighter than 5D's start, it already has some rough undertones and has the potential to be decently dark), but there is always Arc 6. But don't forget the target audience, there is a reason that Digimon Tamers, written by the Lain guy, was followed by a very light hearted series.

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  • Should Urobuchi get the chance of writing the seventh entry of the franchise, then he and Konami will not pull anymore punches and let themselves loose this time: by turning the series in question into a Darker and Edgier series with a different art style, lots of graphic violence (complete with blood), and very serious mature themes.

Gen has some say in the selection of seiyuus for anime written by him.

Gen will write a new Gundam anime.
Since he's known for Deconstructions, subversions, Grey and Grey Morality, Straw Nihilism, having him write a Gundam show that's even darker than SEED, 00, or even the recent Iron-Blooded Orphans is probably a good idea.

Gen will write a new Digimon anime.
Bonus points if its a sequel to Tamers.

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