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The anime and games exist in the same universe, but years apart.
Tact and his crew from the games became legendary heroes in an already industrious and celebrated military. However, after the wars ended, everyone was at peace, and there was less and less need for an Angel-tai, until it finally degenerated into an odd job force. All the useful Lost Technology was recovered in the time of the original Angels, so many years later, all there is left is useless and strange things. The new Angel-tai, with their run-down equipment, was tracked down by Colonel Volcott because their abilities to pilot their ships would run in families, not to mention having the (identical) descendants of the original Angels would justify the existence of the Angel-tai. (In many episodes, he struggles to keep the useless "elite" squad from being disbanded, so this would make sense. It also explains why the origins of Milfeulle and Forte are different in the anime, as well as why they are all exaggerated versions of their game selves: they're not the same people.)
  • At least one set of official materials from before the English releases (which so far have included almost everything except the games) says about as much - except in a completely different direction, setting the anime two years before the manga. The Angel Troupe STARTS as an odd job force, picking up Milfeulle on the way. Two years after the events of the anime, according to these materials, is when the games take place. This is reinforced by the Emblem Frames showing up, not at the start of the Anime, but as it progresses. Their personalities significantly mellow out over time, and sometime during proceedings, Chitose disappears into her own plotline, captured and used by Noa. However, this is rather thoroughly Jossed by Chitose's presence - she is not recognized by any of the Angel Troupe, and no one event in the anime quite comes across as erasing their memories, at least not as far as this troper recalls. Unless they just boozed it up way too much. Wouldn't be the first time.
    • But then, why do game!Milfeulle and Ranpha have a shared backstory as best friends in the military academy when anime!Ranpha hadn't even heard of her before meeting up with her on the resort planet?
    • Because it's Galaxy Angel, and there is no causality. Ever.


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